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For The Love Of....

Chapter 2 - The Clean Team

By Chlover

“I have no friends. Everyone is a loooooooser,” Hwoarang sang to himself as he walked down the hotel hallway, “Pauly want a cracker! Pauly is a CRACKER! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Paul walked up and tackled Hwoarang to the floor, “I’ll break your face!”

“Hey! You’re not Craig!!!!! CRAIG! SICK ‘EM!”

Suddenly Craig came out of nowhere and attacked Paul, snarling and barking. They disappeared into a cloud of dust and suddenly hugged and skipped off into the sunset, which unfortunately meant they had to leap out the 3 story window, since there was no sunset inside.

Since the scene had no actual point but to just start off the story, Hwoarang continued walking and rambling as if it had never happened. He made it to the 5th floor, somehow and tripped over Lee who was licking the carpet.

“What are you doing, dude?”

Lee coughed up a hairball, “Christie’s been bullying me. She said I had to clean the hotel with my tongue.”

Suddenly, (ok I use suddenly a lot) The ghost of Jun Kazama appeared and she coughed up a hairball too, “I finished the 13th floor.”

“How big is this hotel?”

“It goes up into infinity.”




“Who is talking?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who am I?”

“Dear god I’m nobody!”

“OH NO!!!!!!!!!

“You didn’t close that quote.”

“Who didn’t?”

“Oh I’m sorry. OH NO!!!!!!!”


Then Lee and Jun and Hwoarang just stood there staring at each other. The sun setted completely and rose again before Jun burst into flames. Lee squealed and leaped into Hwoarang’s arms, who fell backwards out a window, and they landed in a pool.

Christie pulled Lee out by the hair, “I don’t see you licking!”

Lee desperately starts licking the air, whimpering as he did so. Christie rolled her eyes and dropped him back into the pool, and walked away a few feet and started to make out with Steve for no apparent reason.

Hwoarang climbed out and started freaking out over his leather gloves, “THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET WET! YOU BASTARD!”

“I’ll fix them!”


Christie shoved Steve in the pool and walked up to Kazuya, “Kazuya, darling, will you be a doll and go fetch Julia for me?”

“Ok!” Kazuya grinned really happily like a puppy so happy to do something for their master, and he ran away on all fours.


“Simmer down!”

“MY GLOOVVVVEESSS!!” Hwoarang sobbed, hugging Christie, “I’ll need to provide a proper burial for them.”

Christie blinked, “Unnecissary touching. Don’t touch, don’t touch!”

Hwoarang stepped back and stared at her, “But I like hugs!”

“What kind of street punk are you?”

“Ask Chloe. She’s making me really out of Character, isn’t she?”


“Oh WELL!” Hwoarang giggled and hopped around in a circle.

Christie’s eyes widened and she pulled Lee out of the pool, “I have an idea! We should be detectives!”

Lee got all excited, “Does this mean no more cleaning?”

“Yes. We must figure out how to get Hwoarang back in Character.”


“OK!” Hwoarang agreed

Suddenly… something happened… Oh lets just say… Heihachi came in dressed like Barbara Streisand. (Don’t ask because I don’t know) He came in on his tippy-toes and with a microphone, singing:

“Don't tell me not to live
Just sit and putter
Life's candy and the sun's
A ball of butter
Don't bring around a cloud
To rain on my parade

Don't tell me not to fly
I've simply got to
If someone takes a spill
It's me and not you
Who told you you're allowed
To rain on my parade.”

Lee stared at Heihachi then asked, “I’m out of character too. Why don’t people care about me?”

“Shut up or I’ll make you clean again.” She pulled Lee after her by the hair, “Come on let’s solve the bugger.”

Hwoarang helped Steve out of the pool and they both shrugged. Heihachi was on a chandelier that was hanging off of… nothing since they were outside… so he fell, I guess.

Then Jin came up to the, a tiny red handprint on his cheek, “Hwoarang I need your help.”

“What is it, Kazamamamasboy?”

“Uh… I broke up with Xiaoyu because I fell in love with Julia. How can I get Julia to notice me? I’d ask my grandpa but… well… look at him. I’d ask my dad, but my dad… well… he’s nuts. I’d ask my mom, but her ghost died. I’d ask my uncle, but he’s currently Christie’s bitch, and Christie would eat me alive if I went anywhere near her.”

“Looks like the gene pool needs a little chlorine.”

Jin rolled his eyes. “Please Hwoarang.”

“FINE! Ok all you have to do is hang with us and you’ll be irresistible.”

Steve blinked, “Us?”

“Yeah. We’ll be like, The Clean team!”

Suddenly Hwoarang appeared in a Listerine costume, Steve appeared in a toothbrush costume, and Jin appeared in a dental floss costume. Steve and Jin blinked.

Meanwhile, Christie and Lee were searching for answers. They both appeared in FBI costumes. They walked up to Lei Wulong, and Christie said, “Hello Mr. Wulong. If you don’t mind, we’d like to ask you a couple questions.”

Lei quirked a brow, “Impersonating an FBI agent is a serious offence and you could be put away for 300 years.”

“Uh… Have you been noticing anything strange lately?”

“Like what?”

“Like your roommates rival acting strangely?”

Lei laughed, “Like I give a damn about my roommate’s rival! You’re wasting my time!”

Christie abrubtly started foaming at the mouth and she leaped on Lei and started clawing and biting and just all round whooping his ass! Lee started cheering and a crowd began to form around them. Julia came and leaped into the fight, holding a sunflower in one hand.

Julia shrieked and ate the sunflower, “Fruit the size of my Nephews HEAD!”

Everyone went silent and stared at her. Tumbleweed rolled by. The clean team ran in and Jin and Julia started Making out for some weird reason that nobody cared to ask about. Christie stared at the clean team and started laughing, “Why the hell are you guys dressed like that?”

Steve frowned, “I wish I knew.”

“We’re here to battle the evil gingivitis!” Hwoarang got into fighting stance, “We know he’s here!”

Christie nodded and pointed at Lei Wulong, “Yep. He’s right there.”

Suddenly Lei Wulong appeared in a germ costume, “What the…”

Hwoarang shrieked really loud. Every piece of glass in the whole universe shattered, and so did Dr. B.’s Dentures. Hwoarang ran away shrieking about big bad scary germs and all the costumes disappeared, and it was all a dream… Or was it?



A/N: Short? I know, I’m sorry…

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