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Chapter 17 - That's What I Get

By Chlover


"No," Kazuya corrected, "You are no son of mine." He stepped forward and backed his son into the corner of the elevator while his eyes slowly turned Blood red. "That Kazama blood makes you strong, and the Mishima blood makes you cold and detached, but you yourself, are weak."

Jin stifled a panicked gasp as he realized he couldn't go back any further. There was no way out of that corner. The only way he could possibly escape would be to defeat the demonic man. Though, it had been his original intention in the first place, it was harder when he was already cornered. "Zekkai," He responded, not able to hide the anger in his voice, "I had actually begun to believe that you cared about Hwoarang. If you did, then how could you let Kazuya do that to him?"

Zekkai stepped closer; it's eyes soft and cold. The elevator doors closed behind it. When it reached back and pulled the red emergency stop, Jin couldn't help but grow even more afraid. Being trapped in that situation was enough to make him slightly claustrophobic. The Demon grabbed his wrists and pushed them against the wall over his head. Struggling only caused the grip on his wrists to tighten to a bruising extent.

The panic nearly caused Jin to forget that his legs were free. After a moment, he kneed Devil in the stomach, and scrambled to the middle of the Tiny Elevator, and into fighting stance. Devil didn't even bother going into a stance of his own. Instead it just smirked and stepped toward the younger man once again. When Jin threw a punch, Devil caught it. When Jin kicked, Devil pushed his leg away. Soon, Jin found himself backed into a corner once again. This time Devil Held his Wrists, and pinned the rest of Jin's body against the wall with its own.

Angry Demonic lips grazed Jin's neck, causing him to struggle harder. The younger man soon found his Jacket torn from his body and hitting the Blue and black tiled floor. The hungry demon found its way to Jin's mouth, only to have Jin's head turn in the only way he could think to reject the demon. Though, the rejection only deepened the cocky smirk.

"Get the hell off me," Jin ordered.

Zekkai grinded its hips further into Jin's. When it didn't get a response, it pulled the boy away from the wall and shoved him violently to the tiled floor. As the young Japanese attempted to get back to a standing position, a boot nailed him in the stomach, harder then he was used to. It took a moment for him to be able to breathe again, and when he did, he started coughing. The demon kicked him again, only this time in the jaw before kneeling down beside him. It successfully stole a kiss before mounting the younger man.

Jin struggled uselessly as his pants were removed. He couldn't think straight, and he could feel loose teeth within his bloody mouth. He coughed and spit a piece of a tooth out of his mouth before attempting to speak. "You can't do this. We're of the same blood." He paused to spit again, "You don't want to do this. You don't really want to prove everyone right do you? Prove that you're a disgusting crude creature. That you're a devil and that's all you ever could be."

"My dear boy," Zekkai smiled mockingly between nips to the younger man's shoulder. It Sat up straight and started unzipping its own pants. "I am a disgusting crude creature. I am a devil and that is all that I would ever wish to be. I'm quite satisfied with what I am, and so is our friend the blood talon, so it seems."

Steam rose off the water as it showered down on the lean Asian body. It was almost scolding, but not quite. The hotter it was, the better it was to ease the tension in his shoulders. Lee Chaolan rinsed the rest of the soap out of his hair with a tired sigh. As he reached for the bottle of conditioner, a knock came at the door. It was obvious who it was, since there was only one other person in that apartment suite with him. Without bothering to turn off the water, or even get out and cover himself up, Lee called out to the guest, "It's unlocked."

The door opened and a weak looking Korean stepped into the bathroom. He leaned against the sink beside the shower and frowned down at the floor. "How long was I out?"

"Nearly 36 hours," The older man replied, coating his hair with cream rinse as he let the water beat down on his chest. He tugged the curtains open slightly to peak out at the redhead. It was a sad sight. "Jin said he'd be back tonight with more pain killers. Think you can last? … How are you feeling?"

"Like shit."

Lee put his back to the curtain as he pulled it open more, so that the Korean couldn't see him. He said with less of an arrogant tone then usual, "Get in here."

Hwoarang glanced up and eyed the opening with curiosity. He considered it for a moment and finally straightened up and walked inside. He watched the other man pull the curtains back closed. Someone had removed his shirt while he was unconscious, though he couldn't remember whether he was wearing a shirt before hand, but the water was making the sweats someone put him in heavy. They were nearly falling off his hips, so he grabbed at them, holding them up, while trying to keep his bare flesh away from the direct spray, and receiving an amused smirk from the other man. It was too hot.

Finally noticing that the older man didn't quite look like he usually did, Hwoarang's mouth dropped open. How could he have ever guessed that Lee could be anything other than Lee? But with the steam rising off the man, water pouring down on the finely toned muscles, his hair in dripping silver locks, and that heart breaking smirk, he was much more then Lee. He was attractive. Very attractive. Almost irresistible.

Lee pulled Hwoarang under the water, and held him there from behind. "You'll get used to the heat. Just relax. It'll make you feel better," He assured softly.



The Korean lowered his head, letting the water trickle down to his back. Quietly he said, "I think you'd better let me go before I start something we'll both regret." He turned around to face the other man and pleaded, "Don't let it happen, Chaolan. Please don't let me do it."

Finally realizing what the young man was on about, Lee pushed the Korean against the wall, under the showerhead. During his attempt to weigh the situation before making a move, somehow the young lips found their way to his. He almost felt bad for letting it happen, the boy being in a very vulnerable condition mentally and physically, but the boy wasn't the only one had been trying to fight the urge.

Hwoarang scaled down the lean Asian body before him, placing heated kisses along the way until he finally came to the erect 'limb'. It was almost nice to be on his knees again for standing required too much energy and focus. Not in the mood to tease, he got right to the point. Lee moaned quietly as a mouth closed around his length.


The workers stepped into the small elevator to find a young unconscious Japanese man naked, and lying in a pool of what they suspected was his own blood. At first they were sure the man was dead, but then his chest rose suddenly, as if struggling to breathe. Two of the older, more experienced workers rushed in, and to his side, while ordering the younger ones, "Kyukyusha! Hayaku!"

The dark Japanese eyes fluttered open. Jin winced as he tried to turn his head to look at the men at his side. Taking a moment to gather his strength he muttered something in a language they did not recognise. He frowned, realizing that he didn't recognise the language himself, and figured he must have hit his head pretty hard. He, once again, attempted to speak, "Kudasai…"

"Dou Shita no?"

"Kudasai… help…"

The man felt Jin's forehead before shouting back at the men at the phone, "Hayaku! Hayaku! Tameguchi kitten ja ney o!"

Jin looked himself over while the workers screamed insults at each other. He was surprised to find himself still alive. Did Zekkai take the demon out of him without killing him? No. He could still feel it bubbling under the surface of his soul. It was growing stronger. It wanted to come out. He knew he had to get out of there before anyone got hurt. But how could he get out when he could barely even move, not to mention his obvious lack of clothing. His torn clothes were nowhere in sight.

He growled at the sudden realization of what had happened that morning, assuming it was the same day. How could that have happened? Was Kazuya even disgusted? Zekkai and his human host had to be stopped. There were no two ways about it.

Slowly, Jin got to his feet. His eyes were fading to a red, and markings started appearing across his body and face. Large black feathery wings shot out of his back as he crouched with his head lowered, and fist planted firmly in the ground. The workers fell silent, staring in awe and terror. The demon Jin shoved one out of its way and ran, crashing through a window and pushed himself into flight.


Hwoarang leaped out of the bed at the unexpected voice, covering himself with a pillow. He rubbed his eyes with his free hand and looked upon the demon once more. Never before had he seen hatred so intense from Zekkai's eyes. Never, since that day in the nook of the whore-infested streets, had that anger ever been directed at him. He looked down at Lee, who also seemed quite startled and amazed at the look the Korean was receiving from devil.

"Koro shite yaru…" Zekkai snarled, lunging at the young redhead. "I'm going to kill you!"

The Korean dodged, sending the demon flying on top of Lee. It turned its head to glare at Hwoarang before launching itself off the bed and pouncing on the boy much like a lion would pounce on a mouse. It punched its young lover in the gut where he had been injured earlier by the table, drawing a loud pained cry out of him. Out of uncontrollable rage, it punched him again in the same spot.

Hwoarang started choking, and spitting up blood. His eyes were squeezed closed, and his muscles were tense as he tried to ignore the pain. Once he could breathe without inhaling blood, he spoke one word, "Zekkai…" The only word that came to mind. It couldn't be Zekkai doing that to him. It had to be Kazuya. But the red eyes were there. He had never felt so alone and abandoned since the day of Doo San's death. If he didn't have Zekkai, who did he have?

The devil grunted as it was knocked to the side. Lee, who had somehow found the time to put on a pair of leather pants, stood over the fallen demon, and proceeded to kicking it numerous times in the chest, and stomping on its side. "It takes a very large coward to attack someone when they're already badly injured." He grabbed Zekkai by the hair and pulled it to its feet before adding, "Shame on you."

As Lee attempted to present the demon with a punch, it was too late. Zekkai grabbed his arm and with a powerful yank, the tearing of ligaments and tendons could be heard. Lee howled in agony, falling to the floor, and cradling his arm. It was already beginning to swell.

Once again, Zekkai lunged at Hwoarang, this time knocking him back onto the bed where he was trying to push himself up so he could defend himself. The red eyes narrowed in accusation as it growled, "You whore. First it was Julia, then Kazuya, Then Jin, then Lee, then Danas, then Heihachi, and now you're fucking Lee! Who's next? That man who attacked Kazuya in Nebraska? Or his hippie girlfriend? I will not allow you to drag me along any longer! I will not be one of your many meaningless fuck buddies! I have put up with far too much from you!"


"SILENCE!" Zekkai backhanded the Korean. "You will not soften me with your pitiful pleas." It shuddered and got off the boy. "I'm far to disgusted by even the sight of you, to continue your punishment. Maybe the Chang was right. You are sick you filthy whore."

Hwoarang coughed again, rolling over to his side, clutching his stomach. He fought back tears of his own rage. Of course he was aware that the demon would be angry, but he never imagined that such a scene would take place. Zekkai knew perfectly well that the Korean had other relations, and it never bothered it much before, aside from some jealousy that it seemed to keep hidden very well. Why would it lash out so suddenly?

The two injured men watched as the demon stalked out the door, before Lee got up and rushed to the redhead. "I need to get us an ambulance."

"I don't need no fucking ambulance," Hwoarang coughed. "I ain't no pansy ass wimp. I can walk this off."

Lee rolled his eyes and sighed. "Funny, for some strange reason, I thought you had matured."

"That's because in the peak of your mid-aged crisis, a ten-year-old would appear mature if it had a pretty face," Hwoarang remarked, wincing when he moved to sit up. "That sick fuck. I'll bet he's gone to jerk off outside some hot chick's window. That's what I would do if I was half devil."

"What on earth did I find so attractive about you?"

Hwoarang shrugged, coughing again, before frowning at the older man, "Yeah, what the fuck got into you?"

"Me?" Lee scoffed in disbelief, "If I recall correctly, it was you who brought the issue to the table, and it was you who begged me not to let you do it, and it was you who kissed me first! Maybe that demon was on to something when he mentioned you being a whore."

A grin covered the Korean's face as he responded, "Come closer, Chaolan."

Lee grinned in turn, still cradling his arm, and leaned into a deep kiss.



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