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Chapter 16 - Hatred Within

By Chlover

"What are you doing here?"

Hwoarang leaned against the doorframe as he casually assessed his rival. A dangerous look of hostility clouded his Korean face, curling his lip in a frightening smirk. His dark eyes flicked over the bare Japanese chest, and down to the petite jeans decorating the floor. It was obvious that he knew. From the looks of the rain soaked man, he had known before he had even arrived.

Normally, the way the red hair was darkened and wild from being tossed around in the wet wind would be attractive, but at the moment it only made him look more psychotic. The black wife-beater was torn and clinging, while the faded blue jeans appeared to be a few sizes tighter then usual.

Jin put down the book he was reading, and got up, positive that he would have to defend himself. The anger of the Korean was a typical thing, but at the moment, it was bordering insanity. "It's, uh, not what you think."

"Seems to me, it's exactly what I think." Hwoarang sauntered closer, his eyes gleaming. "Now I wanna hear all about what happened. Give me all the raw details. How did you fuck her, man?" He wrapped his hands around his rival's neck and slammed the man against a nearby wall. For a few seconds the Korean just studied his rival's face. Jin half expected to be the miserable owner of a black eye any minute, but his eyes never met a fist. As if he had been pushed, Hwoarang's lips came down hard on Jin's. Though, the hands gripping the Japanese neck did not loosen. If anything, they tightened, sending the message that the scene was no laughing matter

As soon as the Korean's lips moved down away from Jin's, and down the neckline, Jin spoke up, "Hwoarang." He tried to get out of the redhead's grip. "Hwoarang, cut it out."

Instead of obeying, Hwoarang pushed the Japanese man down to the floor, and continued caressing his rival. "Did you make it romantic for her?" He breathed between nips, "She likes romance. You know, the whole satin-sheeted, dim-lighted, sweet-worded scenario?" He started undoing Jin's pants. "I just know you'd fulfil all her fantasies."

Jin did his pants back up, trying to squirm away. "Stop it." His breathing grew heavier as the Korean reached a sensitive spot on his neck. "Hwoarang… Hwoarang stop it." When the angry, quick fingers undid Jin's pants again, Jin finally roughly shoved the leaner man off of him. "Would you just back off??"

"What's a matter, Kazama? Too worn out from earlier?"

A knock came at the door. Jin, who was more then happy to get an interruption, stumbled to his feet and pulled the door open. Without honoring Jin with so much as a word, Kazuya walked in and straight toward Hwoarang as if his son did not even occupy the same planet. There was a thick tension between the two as the Korean pushed past his older lover and started out the door, only to be stopped by Kazuya grabbing him by the wrist.

"Hwoa-kun, please." Kazuya said in a whisper. "Don't go."

Hwoarang lowered his head and asked, "I'm flattered you would pass up a chance to do your non-brother just to follow me around, but we talked about everything that needed to be said earlier. Let go of me."

"I want to apologize," The older man said, releasing his grip, "I have no place trying to interfere with you and Zekkai. As much as it bothers me that anyone would have that thing on a pedestal... I do not trust it, but that's not any of my concern."

Jin watched the scene with great interest, trying to figure out what had happened by what they said. He wasn't about to come right out and ask, because neither of the parties seemed to be in the mood for questions. It was all a matter of deciphering the code of conversation. Most of it was obvious, but he found it hard to believe that Hwoarang would snap just because Kazuya disapproved of the demon's involvement. There had to be more to it.

The Korean growled and punched Kazuya in the jaw. "You're fucking right it ain't your business! Just because your so much older then me, doesn't mean you need to treat me like a dumbass adolescent! If you really want to father someone, your son is right here! I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

"I'm sorry," Kazuya said, rubbing his jaw, "but there's one thing I need to know before I leave."


Kazuya stepped closer, "I need to know what you want."

As if he had been struck down, Hwoarang fell to his knees. His face was hidden by a screen of dripping dark red locks, and his catlike body was incredibly tense. His voice came out quiet and clipped as he said, "I want all this bullshit to just stop. I can't take it anymore." He looked up at Kazuya and smiled bitterly. "Eryx Danas wouldn't have died if it wasn't for me. He wouldn't have been in trouble. His blood is on my hands."

"Hwoarang," Jin said, finally, "I knew the Danas brothers, personally. Eryx had been one of my body guards, and even though he tried to kill me, I have no doubt that his suicide was Heihachi's fault alone."

Hwoarang hesitantly allowed his rival to help him up. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to defend myself in there. I might still be in there." He paused and lowered his head, "I need to talk to Zekkai." When no response came, he turned around and shoved the older Mishima. "I need Zekkai!"

"No," Kazuya said, standing firm.

"No? What do you mean, no?" Hwoarang shoved Kazuya again. His lip was curled in a scowl as he demanded, "Give him to me. When I punch him, I want to know he feels it."

"Hwoa-kun," Kazuya said quietly, "This isn't about Zekkai right now. This is about you. I would like to speak calmly about this, if you would just step back."

The Korean's face displayed his intense rage as he took a swing at his older lover. Before his blow could land, he doubled over, a fist in his stomache, and a hand on his shoulder, preventing him from falling. It wasn't much of a shock that Kazuya would fight back, in fact, Hwoarang was amazed it took so long for that to happen. He rested his forehead on Kazuya's arm, as he tried to breathe through the pain.

Hwoarang finally pushed himself away and laughed lightly. "Every now and then I completely snap, but you know, it's hard to keep it together. How the fuck could I possibly maintain my sanity when I have lost all control over this situation? I can't make you stay. I can't make Zekkai continue not hating me. I can't stop Jin and Julia from fucking! In order to stay strong in my shoes would require something that I don't have. I don't even know what it is that I don't have."

/I think you've upset him, my pet./

Kazuya glanced at the demon's reflection in the window, and shook his head. "You always get lost in this vicious cycle of self-pity, and undeserved redemption." He looked back to the Korean with a disappointed sneer. "How many times have we been through this? Do you intend to keep going in this direction until you hit a dead-end? The Chang never fooled anyone. We all knew she wanted my son, and you even knew that, so why all this fuss? Now, allow me to be real with you for a moment, Hwoa-kun. I've told you before that Zekkai didn't have any legitimate feelings for you, and I will say it again. I'm aware that he is positive that the feelings exist, but that's one of the side effects to sharing a body. He can't help but have some of my feelings for certain people, as I have acquired some of his."

/Now, you know that isn't completely true. You are beginning to upset me, my pet. It's not a choice I would recommend./

Lightning flashed with a loud crack, and the power went out. Even though Hwoarang was not the one possessed by a demon, the two Japanese men were almost positive that the young Korean was capable of things that they could not even imagine. It was not very often that an ordinary man could frighten a Mishima. Then again, that fiery redhead was no ordinary man.

"I ain't buying that. If that were the case, it seems like you're the one borrowing feelings about me from him! So that leads to another question, like: How the fuck do you explain his hatred toward Lee, when all the while, you've decided to take a liking to your frequent bonding experiences?" Hwoarang shoved the Mishima once more, and asked, "Wanna know what I think?" He grinned devilishly. "I think you're just using this feeling exchange shit as an excuse to explain why you're such a cold-blooded bastard."

Jin frowned and decided to speak up again, "Hwoarang, the devil gene is something very complicated. A lot of symptoms that it results in cannot be explained, while things that should happen, don't. It's possible the Devil gene made my father a bastard in general without sharing it's hatred for my uncle."

"That's bullshit!" Hwoarang laughed, "You're father's a bastard, and his father's a bastard, and I bet it was the same way with all your forefathers! Hey, I know I'm a jackass, a prick, and a stupid son-of-a-bitch, but at least I have the balls not to blame it all on someone else! Kazama, You're a bitch because you're a bitch! The devil gene didn't make you a bitch, you're just a bitch! Same with Kazuya! Obviously Zekkai didn't steal his free will, so he still has control over what he does and how he acts." He turned toward Kazuya, and grinned through the darkness, "I'm dead serious, Mishima-sama. I've had enough of you blaming all this shit on Zekkai. You have two choices, man. Either own up to what and who you are, or stay the fuck away from me."

Kazuya started out the door, "You say that as if there's anything to consider."

Hwoarang glared after the barely visible outline of his lover's back. "Jigoku ni ike… Okama."

"What did you say?" Kazuya stopped, mid-stride, and glanced back, his eyes beginning to flare dangerously. He already knew what was said, but needed to hear it again out of the Korean's mouth.

"I said, Go to hell, fag! Need me to spell it out for you?"

Kazuya spun around, and charged his younger lover with a powerful uppercut. He growled as he watched the younger man fall to the ground before Jin could catch him. The older Mishima waited for the redhead to stagger to his feet before unleashing a flurry of punches, and finishing the combo by turning on his heel and kicking into a spin, landing his foot on Hwoarang's side, launching the younger man into a table. The Korean hit the table's corner at such an angle that the table didn't move even an inch. Instead, the corner was rammed into his upper abdomen, and a drop of blood trickled down the corner of his mouth as he pushed himself off, and slunk into a heap on the floor.

A startled Jin rushed to his side, and laid him so his back was straight against the solid floor. When he wasn't paying attention, the door slammed, and Kazuya was gone.

The sun rose the next morning, after having rained for nearly 24 hours. The air was fresh, and moist. Birds were happy and singing. Squirrels were chattering and playing. It was a beautiful day, but something evil boiled beneath the surface of all that sunshine and happiness. Hatred itself was stalking angrily across a quiet street, hidden only by the hood of its jacket. A dog that had been wagging its tail and slobbering over complete strangers began barking and growling madly as the epitome of hatred walked past. All the trees nearby were soon void of any life, birds or squirrels, or even insects. While all the people in the area were either completely oblivious, or baffled at the sudden disappearance of life.

The freaked out dog started running after the hooded figure, until the man normally known as Jin, turned and growled quietly at the creature, "Urasai!" And it ran in the other direction, yelping.

His eyes started to flicker red, and then back to their original colour as he walked into the hotel. The staff watched him until he walked into the elevator, as if he was carrying a gun or some weapon. The flickering red eyes watched the numbers light up as he came closer to his destination. He already knew that the man he sought was aware that he was nearing. The Demon's aura grew stronger and more magnetic by the second.

As the elevator doors slid open, the sight of his father met him. The man stood against the wall, waiting, and smirking. "I've been waiting for this day to come, longer then you can even imagine."

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