Author's Notes: The End of Innocence…

The Chronicles of Obsession: Innocence

Chapter 7 - The And

By Jiji Kero

"My God, Ling, I didn't think you still had these pictures!" The Korean said with a laugh as he shuffled through the pictures carefully.

"What? You think I would throw them away? I keep everything about my bishounen!" Ling said, twittering away at the other end of the phone, "Besides, we promised that all of us would be always together forever, remember?" Hwoarang's breathing stopped at those words, and his eyes drifted to the concrete floor... he couldn't think of anything to say...

"Hwoarang?" The soft voice asked, mixed with concern and worry, "... What's wrong?" The Korean remained in silence, thumbing through the pictures slowly, watching the photographs coming to life as he tried to refrain himself from remembering every passion, scent, and texture he felt that time... But with every new picture he saw, a familiar emotion, feeling grew inside of him. He stopped at the photograph... of when the Japanese and himself were engaged so deeply with each other. As he thought more about that day, it seemed that in that very moment, their two souls intertwined into one. The Korean lightly gazed his thumb over Jin's face, feeling that same delicate skin he loved so much.

"Together... forever, huh?"

A black, sleek limousine traveled along the smooth paved path etched into mountain's side. The sun was beginning to end it's journey in the sky as it settled above the horizon. Dark, ominous cloud quickly gathered together to cover the sky with a blanket of shadows. The ebony limo wove its way through the forest, seeking the end of the road while it's passengers remained quiet and civil in their metal cage... or so they thought.

In the metal beast sat two young boys with a lazy girl stretched out like a cat, bathing in the sun. The boys snickered to themselves, grinning evilly at their defenseless perpetuator.

"You almost done there, Jin?" Hwoarang said chuckling through his words, while he remained fumbling underneath the girl's plaid skirt. Jin gave a bright smile and pulled the Chinese girl's buttoned up blouse over her chest.

"Finished!" The Japanese stated proudly, placing the cap over his huge black marker. Hwoarang's smirk stretched to the edge of his face at those words and continued to doodle on the girl's inner thighs.

"I'm almost done with her and.… " The Korean retracted the nib of the pen and tossed it on the other side of car, "And I will never end up in a girl's skirt again!" Hwoarang collapsed against the leather seat and rested his head tiredly.

"I don't think I ever had my head between a girl's legs for such a long, frickin' time." Hwoarang exclaimed, closing his eyes as he leaned his head back at the top of the seat. Jin slightly blushed at that comment as his eyes shifted across the car. Hwoarang sensed the Japanese’s discomfort and peered open his eyes slowly at the roof. The Korean didn't budge from his spot, his eyes remained slightly opening, gazing slyly, yet longingly at the Japanese. Jin felt Hwoarang's eyes watching his every movement and shuffled shyly. The Korean knew Jin was aware, but he waited for the Japanese to look up at him. Once Jin glanced up directly to Hwoarang, showing his uneasiness, the Korean just smiled slyly and closed his eyes once again.

"Don't worry about it, I've never been with a girl." Hwoarang said softly, reassuring the distress Japanese. At that moment, the dividing window rolled down to reveal the driver.

"Sir, we have just passed through the entrance gates." Jin nodded politely and the chauffeur rolled the window up.

"Well, we should wake her up." The Japanese said, scratching at his head as he looked at the deadweight of the girl in their laps.

"No problem." Hwoarang stated and shoved the heavy girl onto the floor. The Japanese gasped as Ling rolled off the boys and collided with the floor with a thud. She was awake the very instant it happened.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?!?" The Chinese girl roared into the Korean’s face. Hwoarang just yawned and reclined against the leather seat with his side, as if he was going to sleep. But the Chinese girl wouldn’t have that and grabbed his ear, yanking and twisting it to her direction. Hwoarang groaned with every tug she made and tried to struggle out of it, but her grip was too great.

"Da, da, daa, daaa, yamero!" (~, stop it!) The Korean yelled, grabbing her wrist tightly.

"Are you going to be a good boy?" Ling asked, slightly turning his ear a little more.

"Arrrhhhh! Yes!" The Korean was finally able to manage to squeeze out between his teeth. Ling gave one more tug at his ear, waiting to hear

"Yes, what?!" She demanded violently.

"YESSS.." The Korean grunted as he sunk a new low with the words that would be coming out of his mouth, "HIME-SAMA!" (PRINCESS!) Hwoarang growled as he pulled his ear out of her hand and covered it defensively. Jin placed a hand on the Korean’s shoulder and moved closer to him.

"Are you all right-" As soon as Jin nearly finished his sentence, Ling cut him off.

"Oh, by the way, Jinny, I’m going to need some help carry my purse, backpack, and bags. You will help out, won’t you?" The dominating girl asked turning her head up in the air as a proud stallion. Jin laughed uneasily and tried to shrug it off.

"So desu yo!" (Of course!) Jin replied cheerfully. Ling slammed her fists on his thighs and glared angrily into his eyes.

"Nani so desu yo!?!" (Of course, what?!!)She growled with her clenched teeth and lowered lip.

"SO DESU YO, RIN-SAMA!!" (OF COURSE, LORD LING!) The Japanese cried, trying to sound happily.

"Chotto matte!" (Now just a minute!) The Korean said, pulling Ling off of Jin.

"Nani o shiteru!?!" (What the hell are you doing?!!) He exclaimed, locking her wrists together in the grip of his right hand, "Jin wa kimi no dorei-nai!!" (Jin is not your slave!!)

"Ha! Iie! Anata to Jin wa watashi no bichu desu!" (Ha! No! You and Jin are my bitches!!) Ling said, laughing as she shook her pigtails wildly, nearly flapping Hwoarang in the face.

"Don’t make me kick your ass!" The Korean replied, yanking the girl into his face at that comment and growled, baring his teeth at his challenger.

"Oh, please! Like you’d ever hurt a girl! What would your mother say?!" Ling said, teasingly.

"Leave my mother out of this!" Hwoarang snapped back.

"Now, Hwoarang! It’s all right!" The Japanese interjected and smiled warmly, "I don’t mind carrying her things." The sincere look the Japanese gave to Hwoarang nearly made him his heart race. The Korean quickly glanced away with rose blushed cheeks with his eyebrows arched downwards.

"You’re such a push over, Jin." The Korean uttered, still looking away with his eyes closed off from them. Jin laughed softly to himself and sighed with content at the embarrassed Korean.

"Maybe, but there’s less trouble when I go along with it. It only creates more trouble if you fight it." The Japanese said, slightly bracing himself on the armrest while the vehicle started coming to stop.

"Sounds like some people we know, huh, Jinny?" The bouncing girl taunted as she stuck out her tongue and pulled down her lower eyelid.

"LING!" The Korean thundered, reaching for the little runt. Ling just crackled at his feeble attempt and swung the door open while it was still moving, hopping gracefully out of the car. Hwoarang growled as he struggled to crawl out of the car and jumped onto the pavement with a slid. The perky kid just giggled, which ceased when she saw the Mishima family’s bathhouse.

In the middle of this luscious, green forest, laid something like a Japanese Temple. It had the same structure as a temple with white walls, many gray tiered roofs, but there was a stone wall surrounding it. As Ling squinted her eyes to inspect closer, she realized there were ornamental statues at the edges of each tiered roof. The girl blinked even more when she realized she was just staring at the grand gate for the bathhouse. As Ling continued to study the structure, Jin had just stepped out of the stopped vehicle, holding a purse and a backpack.

"Okay, are we staying at a bathhouse or a pagoda?" Ling said with a raised eyebrow.

"Grandfather’s architects got carried away." The Japanese replied with smile and a shrug of the shoulders. Ling sighed with a scoff and walked over to limousine.

"Your family sure likes to flaunt their stuff, while the rest us are the ones working hard on it." She stated with her arms wrapped behind her back. The poor Japanese’s shoulders drooped at those words.

"I can’t help it if my family’s well-off, Ling!" Jin tried to say in defense.

"That’s an understatement," The Chinese said, rolling her eyes as she passed by Hwoarang who was still glaring at her, "Oh, speaking of workers, Hwoarang!"

"WHAT?" The Korean demanded with his arms folded across his chest. Ling just made a smile as she faced him and waved her hand as if she was saying hello.

"Be a gentlemen and get my things." And with that, she whipped around and continued to walk towards the entrance.

"NO." Hwoarang said bluntly. All of sudden, Ling stopped in her tracks and her hands balled up into fists, growling. But then a lightning bolt of an idea came into her mind. She twirled around on her right foot and started patting her bra.

"Gasp! What’s this?!" She exclaimed as she pulled a picture out of her laced underwear and held it up in the sky, "Why it’s a picture of you and Jin having fun at the arcade! I wonder much this would sell for on eBay." The Korean raised his hands in frustration and grabbed his hair, yanking at you.

"One of these days, Ling. One of these days, karma’s gonna come back and kick you in the ass!" Hwoarang yelled with a pointed finger and stormed over to the trunk of limousine.

"And then karma’s gonna remember that-" Ling tried to reply, before Jin came behind her and covered her mouth.

"Now, now, children, let’s all get along!" The Japanese said with a forced, uneasy laugh, but the Korean just grunted irritably as he smash kick the trunk open. Hwoarang glanced inside, but quickly slammed the trunk closed, or at least tried to close the damaged trunk.

"What’s wrong?" Jin said with a blink.

"I AM NOT CARRYING YOUR BAGS." Hwoarang looked dead serious too, but all Ling had to do was wave the picture around before the Korean was forcing himself to open the trunk.

"If you need help some, Hwoarang-" Jin offered, which was quickly accepted.

"THAT’D BE GREAT, JIN!" Hwoarang said happily with great enthusiasm. The Japanese walked over to Hwoarang with a bright smile and took a look inside.

"Why don’t I just let you have this one to yourself and I’ll go open the gates!" The Japanese suggested as he quickened his walking pace towards the grand gate with a sweat drop at the side of his face. Hwoarang’s head sunk as he proceeded gather all of Ling’s belongings in one trip to her room. After much shuffling and organizing, the Korean pulled himself out of the trunk, decorated with luggage. He was holding 2 handbags on each of his arms, another handbag around his shoulder, and four of the heaviest, largest suitcases he had ever carried in his hands. Hwoarang actually couldn’t be seen from the front view because the suitcases went a good two, three feet over his head. When the Korean finally turned to his side to see Ling, she burst out laughing. Here was this hot orange haired Korean, wearing a black wife-beater with safety pins along the seams of the shirt and gray cargo pants covered in zippers and pockets… carrying the Hot Pink Hello Kitty Luggage Set. Hwoarang was growling underneath his breath, but was interrupted by a sudden flash of light.

SHE DIDN’T, the Korean thought to himself. When his eyes finally adjusted, he saw Ling with that goddamn camera.

"Tee-hee! Hwoarang’s not only gay, HE’S SUPER GAY!" Ling blurted out as she twirled her purse around her finger.

"Shut up!" The Korean roared as he walked towards the gate, "Being gay, and having your masculinity threatened are two different things!"

"You keep telling yourself that." Ling said as she hopped along beside him. The Korean stormed even faster towards the entrance hoping to get away from his torturer, but the little Hello Kitty freak kept up with his pace. Hwoarang tried to sigh calmly and continued walking while Ling hummed. It wasn’t long before he realized she was humming the Hello Kitty theme.

"Or climbing a mountain of ice cream and candy, having a friend like you comes in handy!" Ling emphasized, clinging to Hwoarang’s arm. The Korean just drew out a sigh and resumed walking.

"Hwoarang…? Is that you under there?" Jin’s voice asked that somehow traveled over the mountain of luggage.

"Yeah… sadly." Hwoarang replied, listening to the Japanese chuckling to himself.

"Do want me to get your things?"

"Yeah, that’d be great. It’s just a black duffel bag." The Korean turned to his side for a better view of where he was going to walking and saw the ever pleasant Japanese smiling at him.

"All right, I already turned off the alarm system so go ahead and get settled into your rooms," the Japanese explained as he passed by them.

"Oh, and you have a lot to choose from!" Jin added with a holler. Ling glanced around the dark, solid walls of the entrance and saw a long hallway that lead to the bathhouse. The Chinese girl slipped from the Korean arms and started strolling to the end of the hallway, humming the sadistic song of Hello Kitty. Once she hopped to the other side of entrance and saw the jungle like hot springs, she gave a cheerful shout.

"OH, YEAH!!!" She cheered, clenching her fists together. The entire place was a replica of beautiful, tropical jungle. . Enormous trees hovered over the entire place, leaning from outside of the stone walls. The walls were made of coarse, gray rocks, covering in voluptuous green vines and exotic colorful flowers. Even the black, granite tiles enhanced the environment. Luscious plant life crawled across the red tiered roofs of the buildings. Water sprouted from the walls, creating a waterfalls over the rocks it crossed over as it made it’s way to the hot springs pools. Lily pads and other water greenery lived in the corners of the pools.

Ling struggled, trying to figure out which pool she wanted to try first. There was a large pool that resided at the northeastern walls and there were two other ones below it. One that was placed on the right, which seemed to be a lap lane and the other one was the size of a spa that rested on the left, next to the eastern wall. While the girl contemplated to herself, Hwoarang who was lagging behind finally caught up to her. He couldn’t see a damn thing, but did feel the intense humidity filled in this place.

"Did we walk into the Amazon Forest or what?" Hwoarang asked, still buried underneath Ling’s luggage.

"Oh, right!" Ling said, remembering her luggage and glanced around for a building that resembled a guesthouse. The Chinese girl immediately spotted one on her right and noticed a huge tree covering up nearly three-fourths of the building. Ling inspected more carefully and realized that the tree was actually from outside the wall that had collapsed on the building. At that moment, Jin came up behind them, holding Hwoarang’s black bag in his hand.

"So, what do you guys think?" Jin asked, not noticing the huge tree that crashed on the guesthouse.

"I know you Mishima guys like to make things extravagant, but isn’t that a bit much?" Ling asked, pointing to the crumbled building. Jin blinked a few blinks and saw what Ling was talking. After Japanese stood there, gaping for a few seconds, he managed some words.

"I’ve got to call, grandfather!" Jin cried.

"Call him for what?" Hwoarang’s voice mumbled passed the suitcases. When Hwoarang didn’t get a reply, he simply turned to his left to get a better view.

"Oh." The Korean said, answering his own question. Jin shook his head several times and darted towards another building. Before a few seconds passed, the Japanese popped behind from the wall.

"Go ahead and choose your rooms… well, ones that don’t look like they’re going to collapse." And with that, the Japanese disappeared around the corner. Ling and Hwoarang stared at each other… then at the guesthouse. They looked at the top floor, which was completely gone except for one room, but even some of the walls on that one had crumbled. The only rooms that were left were the two on the bottom floor, which were untouched by the massive tree on the left.

"… I’ve got the room on the right." Ling stated, leaving Hwoarang and Jin with the room closest to the tree.

"Thanks, Ling." Hwoarang replied sarcastically and walked to the door of Ling’s room. The Korean looked at the shoji screen and slide it open with his foot carefully before throwing all of Ling’s luggage into her room.

"Hey!!!" The Chinese girl ran over to her room and saw her luggage cluttered on the floor, some popped open with her things scattered around the tatami mat. She glared at Hwoarang for a few seconds who returned the look. She gritted her teeth at the Korean then kicked him in the shin and ran into her room, sliding the door shut.

"You little brat!" The Korean grunted as he rubbed his shin. Another cry of distress filled the air as Jin came dashing towards them.

The phones are disconnected and there’s no food! No bath towels or any towels for that matter!!" the Japanese cried to Hwoarang. Ling’s door flew open at Jin’s report and she stood in the doorway with her hand on the wall.

"What’s the problem?" The girl growled.

"There’s absolutely nothing here!" The Japanese wailed once again. Ling sighed with disgust.

"So?! Why don’t you get your chauffeur to get you the things you need like you always do?!" The Chinese thundered, waving her free hand around.

"Because I sent him home and he won’t be back until tomorrow noon!" Jin sobbed, covering his face.

"You did bring some clothes or towels or something didn’t you?" Ling asked, blinking a few times in irritation. The Japanese’s eyes shifted around, before staring at the floor.

"…No…" Jin replied, slightly scared.

"WHAT?!" Ling roared, stomping up to him.

"I thought everything I need would be here!" Jin tried to say in his defense, cowering at the madwoman. Ling let out a groan and turned to the Korean.

"Hwoarangy! Please tell me you have something!" She demanded with her directed finger. Hwoarang’s eyes shifted to the left, to the right… to the left... then to the right.

"I brought a clean pair of clothes…" He finally answered.

"And towels?" Ling asked, taking one step closer to him.

"I thought they would have towels here! A bathhouse should have towels!" The Korean screamed in frustration.

"OH, MY GOD!! NO WONDER GOD MADE WOMEN BECAUSE IF HE DIDN’T, YOU GUYS WOULD HAVE DIED ON THE SECOND DAY!!!!" The Chinese girl exclaimed as she smacked her forehead.

"Oh, what?! Were you expecting this?!" The Korean growled back. Ling’s eyes narrowed at her attacker before she stormed into her room. A few seconds later, a suitcase slammed into Jin who barely caught it. The Japanese raised an eyebrow as he clicked the lock off, which sprung the suitcase open. Hwoarang glanced inside to see an entire suitcase filled food. Chinese Fried Rice, Japanese White Rice, Steams Buns, Fried Dumplings, Rice Balls, and many more were stored in plastic containers which was kept warm from a tiny portable heater in the suitcase.

"How did you-" Hwoarang glanced up, about to ask Ling a question who was holding up one more opened suitcase filled with Japanese Snacks & Drinks like Melty Kiss, Pocky, Gummi, Yan-Yans, Ramune, Jelly Cups, Koala Cookies, Soft Cake and all the colors of the rainbow.

"Mommy said always be prepared!" Ling said with a bright grin as she placed the suitcase down.

"I was carrying your food this entire time?!" Hwoarang cried, glaring at the several six packs of the Ramune soda.

"Uh-uh-uh! Our food!" Ling said shaking her finger. She peered around the mountain of her of luggage and fished around for one of her handbags, judging the one she wanted by its weight. Once she found the one she was looking for, she lifted up carefully and walked over to Hwoarang.

"And I think you’ll especially like this!" She said with a cackle, holding out the pink Hello Kitty handbag. Hwoarang arched an eyebrow at it before pulling the strap around his shoulder as his hands fumbled to flip the flap open. The Korean glanced around inside and pulled out a thick bundling of clothing. Unraveling it cautiously, the fabric peeled off exposed a sake bottle.

"Ling… did I ever tell how much I love you?" The Korean said, gazing lovingly at the bottle labeled Kira. Jin gave the bottle a curious eye.

"Is that... alcohol?" The Japanese asked with a worry. A grin slipped across Hwoarang’s face as he placed a hand on Jin’s shoulder.

"Ever had some?" Jin’s eyes grew wide and tried to force a smile.

"Uh, no…" The Japanese stammered and looked to Ling for some support or guidance, but she just gave a cheesy grin and slid her door shut. The Japanese chirped a low squeak at his abandonment and gripped the suitcase even harder. Hwoarang’s hand slipped off the Japanese shoulder, tracing his finger along the Japanese’s tender back. The Korean hands lightly tickled the Japanese’s spine and gripped his neck lightly as the Korean moved in close enough for the Japanese to feel his breath on his ear.

"I certainly love to take away your virginity, don’t I?" The Korean whispered softly against the Japanese’s ear. At the mention of the word "virgin", Jin dropped the suitcase, sending tupperware flying across the floor.

"Iwouldactuallyliketokeepmyvirginity,reallyIwould!" Jin quickly blurted out, taking one step back with his hands raised in defense. Hwoarang burst out laughing and sighed contently.

"I’m just messing with you, Jin! I’m not planning to take your virginity." -Anytime soon, the Korean added in his mind.

"Not unless you want him to!" Ling hollered from other side, which automatically made Jin blush. Hwoarang laughed a sigh and gazed serenely at the Japanese.

"Look, if you don’t want to drink, it’s all right. It’s no problem, it’s just that Ling and I all want the three of us to be on the same level of incoherency," The Korean said with a laugh, "Besides we won’t let things get out of hand and if it does, we’ll call it a night." Jin looked at Hwoarang then at the bottle and stared off to the side as he thought about it. A tender hand was held out to the Japanese and was also greeted by the Korean’s warm smile.

"Do you trust me?" Jin stared intently at the gestured hand, the same hand that had caressed his cheek. A sigh escaped from the Japanese mouth as he closed his eyes dreamily. How could he not trust him? With that in mind, he reached for the Korean’s hand and gently embraced it. The Korean flashed a smile and yanked the Japanese into his arms, nuzzling his forehead softly against Jin.

Their tender moment ended abruptly when a hand ripped through the shoji paper and tore the door open, sending it sliding off its tracks. In the doorway stood the Chinese girl, holding a bundle of towels in one hand and… wearing nothing, but her white, lacy underwear. At this point Ling, didn’t care that she was naked in front of the boys, she was more "preoccupied" with the writings she had found on her body when she changing. The writing that stood out the most was the "OPEN 24 HRS." which was scribed on her stomach and had an arrow pointing downwards to her panty. The words, "Free First Trial" that were written on her inner thigh were also irritating. Hwoarang just eyed the enraged girl curiously before speaking.

"Victoria Secret Spring Catalog, Page 36?" The Korean asked with a quizzical eyebrow. His face was quickly greeted by a mass of towels.

"KAR-MA." The doodled girl said plainly and with that, she swiftly returned to her room. Hwoarang just shrugged and pulled the towels off his head. When the Korean tossed a towel, he noticed the towel was quite… small. Jin held the towel at full length and whimpered at the size of it as he placed it in front of his private area.

"LING!!! What the hell?! These will barely cover our asses!" The Korean roared as he glared from behind the doorway. A ramune soda bottle whipped right through the doorway, almost nicking Hwoarang before it smashed against a rock.

"KARMA!!!" The girl screamed psychotically. Jin and Hwoarang exchanged a few looks then glanced down at their towels.

"These will be fine!" The Japanese said in a merry voice as he walked to the next room. The Korean uttered a low growl and pulled his shirt over his head as Jin stepped into their room. As the red head gripped the towel tightly in one hand, he began unbuckling and unzipping away at his jiggling pants.

"Fine my ass!" Hwoarang yelled through the shoji wall while hopping around, trying to get out of his pants.

"If you go and see something dangling, don’t say I didn’t warn you!" The Korean snarled, quickly wrapping the towel around his waist. Shortly after Hwoarang had… dressed, he was quickly joined by a near naked Jin whose "basement" was only covered by a small white towel.

"You look… good." The Japanese commented with lightly rose colored cheeks. Hwoarang laughed a little and sighed.

"Yeah, just reminded me not to bend over." The Korean stated, scratching at his head.

"Or to pick up the soap!" Ling said, hopping out of her room wearing a long towel and a cat grin. The grin disappeared in a microsecond though, when she saw her two bishounen. The towels she had provided them barely went halfway between their knees and hips, which revealed more of their firm thighs. Their bodies were sleek from the humidity in the air, dripping sweat over their hard muscles and from their lightly damp hair. The fading light from the setting sun made their hot bodies glisten gold, enwrapping with the dark shadows developed by their slick skin.

"Karma’s a beautiful thing!" Ling said with sparkles in her eyes, holding the camcorder in her hand and another hand held bag in the other. The Korean sighed as he rolled his eyes and started walking towards the hot springs with his favorite handbag tucked underneath his arm.

"All right, Ling, we’re gonna play karma they way it was meant to be played," the Korean said as he paused for a moment, waiting for Jin to catch up with him.

"Ha, bring it on! Karma will always side with me!" The girl replied confidently, walking by her rival. When Jin saw that Hwoarang was waiting for him, a mellow smile came across his face. Once Hwoarang was within arms reach of Jin, he began walking again. Jin meekly followed the Korean until he gathered enough courage and slipped his hand into Hwoarang’s. A soft chuckled could be heard from the Korean as he lightly squeezed Jin’s hand and pulled him gently next to him.

"So, how about it? Ready to play a game of I Have, I Have Not?" The Korean asked, pulling his hand out of Jin’s grasp and wrapping it around the Japanese’s broad shoulder. Jin blinked a few times, glancing up at the handsome Korean.

"I Have, I Have Not?"

"It’s a drinking game. Basically, one person goes at a time. He or she says something that they have done and if the rest of people who are playing haven’t done that, they take a shot. Or they can say I haven’t done something and those who have take a shot. Then they usually tell the story of when, where they have or haven’t." The Japanese thought about it and lightly placed his hand around the Korean’s hip.

"It sounds interesting." Jin wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. The Korean grew a playful grin and lightly embraced his broad shoulders.

"Wait until you play it!" The Korean said, nuzzling his forehead against the Japanese.

"What are you two girls whispering about?!" Ling shouted with her hands on her hips as she loomed over the smallest hot spring that was more like a Jacuzzi.

"Girly stuff!" Hwoarang replied with a laugh. Ling gave a mischievous grin and hopped into hot spring, snuggling into a comfy spot.

"Ta-Da! Tonight’s party will be held in this spa wanna-be thing!" She declared, switching her camera on.

"Oh, yay! We’re all gonna get it on camera." The Korean said with a fake enthusiasm as he stepped into the spa, carefully making sure he wasn’t going to flash Jin or Ling… especially Ling. Jin followed Hwoarang closely by and made his way into the hot spring as well.

"Ahem! Okay, who’s going first?" The girl asked as she started pulling glasses out of her small bag, handing a bottle opener to Hwoarang.

"That would be me!" Hwoarang exclaimed, popping the sake bottle open as soon as the opener was in his grasp. Ling started giggling like a schoolgirl and handed Hwoarang two glasses. All eyes were on Hwoarang as he poured the liquid halfway full in each glass. These were rather large glasses, Hwoarang was probably pouring about the equivalent of two shots, but he wasn’t too worried. They were drinking hard liquor after all.

"Ling, I need your cup." Hwoarang said, waving the sake bottle.

"I don’t want that Kira crap!" The Chinese girl retorted.

"We’re not going to open another bottle because you’re picky!" The Korean cried, slamming the bottle on the edge of spa.

"Yes, we are! And besides I bet Jin will like Ozeki Nigori better than Kira!" Ling voiced, looking directly at the Japanese.

"Oh, yeah?!" The Korean growled back.

"If you don’t mind, I’d like to try both." Jin said, finally managing to speak up. The Korean let out a long sigh and fiddled around in the handbag looking for her special sake. Once he found it, Ling held out her glass joyfully.

"Just because of that, you’re going to drink up." The Korean declared, opening the other sake bottle.

"Only if I have or have not!" The perky girl stated as her drink was being poured.

"All right!" The Korean said, reclining back into the sloped seat. He gave Jin a wink before he glared evilly at the finicky girl.

"I have had sex." The Korean stated. Ling eyes grew wide in realization that she was gonna have to drink up.

"DAMN IT!" The Chinese cussed to herself as she slammed her drink. Hwoarang crackled happily and glanced over at Japanese… who was having a stare down with his sake.

"I’m sorry, Jin, but you’re gonna have to drink it." Hwoarang commented, giving Jin a pat on the back. The Japanese took a deep breath and swallowed the whole thing in one gulp. As soon as that sake hit Jin’s throat, he was making a dry gagging sound.

"Am I the only man in this hot tub!?" Hwoarang cried, slapping his forehead. Ling crawled over to the choking man, snagging away her prized sake form the Korean.

"Here, Jin! This is a lot better than that crap." She said as she poured the Ozeki Nigori into his glass. The Japanese let out a whimpering groan while he watched Ling pour the burning liquid into his cup. The Korean moved closer to the traumatized man and lightly massaged the Japanese’s neck.

"You did good, bad… but good." Hwoarang said with a soft chuckle, nuzzling against the nape of the Japanese neck, trying to get a giggle out of him. The Japanese laughed as Hwoarang cuddling on his shoulder like a cat purring for affection. Once Hwoarang saw the smile on his companion, the Korean laid his head on Jin’s shoulder.

"Okay, who goes next?" Hwoarang asked curiously.

"How about Jin goes so we’re going in a clockwise circle?" Ling said, holding a finger in air.

"Sounds good to me!" The Korean replied, giving the Japanese a nudge with his knee. As the Japanese went into deep thought, Ling whipped the camcorder back into her hand and focused on Jin.

"Okay… I have…" The Japanese trailed off trying to think of the perfect statement then looked at Ling… and found it, "…Kissed a member of the same sex!" Ling stared at Jin for a few seconds behind her camera before releasing the right response for the situation.

"You bastard!!" She yelled, pouting as she poured her drink.

"Yeah, drink your medicine!" The Korean taunted as she downed her drink once again.

"Oh, you want medicine?! I’ll give you medicine!" The girl growled as she rummaged around in her handbag before pulling out a huge clear bottle written in Katakana (Japanese Alphabet used for Foreign Words).

"What the hell is that, Ling?" The Korean demanded to know as she uncapped it and dripped it into Hwoarang’s glass, making it three quarters full.

"Something someone as twisted as you would love." The girl snarled.

"Oh! Sounds good already." The Korean pulled the drink underneath his nose and took a sniff. He quickly shook his head when the vapor of the liquid attacked his nostrils. Jin could see Hwoarang perfectly mouth the words of "What the fuck?!" as he looked at the alcohol puzzled.

"All right! My turn! And I have been a virgin for over 16 years!" The Chinese girl declared proudly as if a bright, neon light was blinking "Virgin" above her head. The Korean snorted a chuckle.

"Well, that’s not me!" Hwoarang said between his laughter. The Korean tossed his back, letting the alcohol stream down his throat. All of sudden, a sharp, flaming feeling ripped through the Korean’s body as if he could feel the alcohol making it’s way down to his stomach. In another second, his breath was taken away from him, but he was determined to finish this drink in one gulp before anything else. Once the alcohol scorched it’s way down to his stomach he pulled himself forward, feeling the blazing liquid ripple through his circulatory system. Once that feeling had left his body, he finally remembered to breath and took a deep gasp of the air.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU GIVE ME?" The Korean demanded to know, still trying to remember the idea of breathing.

"Something that will get you drunk really fast!" The girl said, being quite vague as she poured the same toxic liquid and her sake into Hwoarang’s drink. The Korean stared in disgust at the alcohol and tried to the shake the feeling it gave him. Whatever it was, this shit could knock him on his ass in three more drinks if he wasn’t careful. Hwoarang was going to have to avoid drinking, which he didn’t like to do, but he wanted to be able to take care of Jin. That wasn’t going to happen if Hwoarang was passed out on the floor. The Korean’s thoughts were disrupted by the Japanese timid voice.

"Um, if you weren’t a virgin when you were 16… How old were you when you… lost it?" Jin asked softly. Hwoarang sighed, turning his away from his friends. He wasn’t stupid, he knew whatever answer he gave was still going bother Jin. If it had been Ling, he even think about telling her, but… this was Jin and the one thing Hwoarang did not want to do was to start the relationship with a lie. The phrase caught between a rock and hard place had a whole new meaning for the Korean. After some pondering, the Korean finally decided to tell the truth.

"… …12." Both Ling and Jin nearly dropped their drinks in the water.

"WHAT?!?! What and why were doing such a thing at such an age?!" The Chinese girl said, storming into the Korean’s face.

"That’s none of your business." Hwoarang said coldly.

"Well, I’m making it my business!" Ling growled.

"I’m.Not.Telling.You." Ling saw something in the Korean’s eye that she had never seen before. There was something mysterious… and dark… something very dark deep within the soul of his eyes that actually scared her a little. Ling backed off silently, without any questions. She stared blankly for a while until she forced herself to return back into her normal the perky, yaoi obsessed girl she was.

"Uhhh, well, it’s your turn Hwoarang!" The Korean just stared absently, looking at nothing as her words sunk into his head. That was first time in a while she had called him by his real name.

Perhaps, it would be best to play along… the Korean thought to himself as he glanced over at Jin. The Japanese was obviously lost in his thoughts.

"That’s right, huh?" The Korean said with a forced smile. He tossed his feet on the edge of the spa as he considered his next statement.

"I haven’t received any grade below an A in my entire life!" The Korean proclaimed. Jin raised an eyebrow at that, but Ling would be the first to voice her opinion.

"That’s a load of crap!!!" The girl cried in disbelief.

"You can check all of my transcripts, I’ve never gotten a B or anything below that." Hwoarang stated confidently. The Japanese let out a sigh and held the glass firmly in his hands, getting ready to drink it.

"Now wait a minute, Jin! You’re not gonna actually believe him are you?!" Ling said, climbing into Jin’s face.

"I don’t think he was Salutatorian for nothing." Jin replied with a bright smile… the alcohol was starting to work on him. Meanwhile, Hwoarang was eyeing Ling suspiciously.

"You told him, didn’t you?" The Korean said, tapping his fingers on a hard surface.

"No…" Ling eyes shifted around the place, looking for a place to hide. Hwoarang just grunted and tossed his hand in the air.

"Drink up!" The Korean demanded with arched eyebrows. Ling stuck her tongue at the Korean and slammed her third drink for the night in less than two seconds. Jin, however, carefully took a small sip, to get a taste of what he would be dealing with.

"Wow, this actually tastes good!" The Japanese said in amazement.

"You damn people and your damn sissy sake!" The Korean scoffed.

"It’s not sissy sake! It’s a dessert sake! That’s like saying you don’t like cheesecake!" Ling retorted.

"Whatever, hand me your glass." The Korean demanded. The delirious Ling handed over her glass without giving a second thought, she was still try to shake off the surge she had gotten from her sake. Hwoarang grinned at the mind-slipping girl and quickly poured in her evil elixir. The Korean glanced up to see the girl staring off into the starry sky and seized that opportunity to snag her Ozenki Nigori. As the Korean filled her glass up with her sake, he kept a watchful eye on the Japanese who was drinking slowly.

"How are you doing over there?" Hwoarang asked.

"Mmm-kay, is all right if I take my time with finishing this? I’ll make sure it’s gone when it’s my turn to drink again." The Japanese asked shyly, slightly nibbling on the edge of his cup.

"Sure, there’s no need for you to be a drunk like this one over here." The Korean said, eyeing the drunkard as he filled her glass to the top.

"I’m not a drunk!" The Chinese girl blabbered, pulling her head forward.

"I said Jin’s a hunk!" Hwoarang retorted.

"Oh, whoops! My bad!" Ling said, snorting giggles while her head rolled around in a complete circle.

"Here." The Korean said as he pulled up Ling’s hand and placed her drink in it. Hwoarang sighed as he plopped down next to Jin and leaned against the Japanese’s shoulder.

"Well, it’s your turn, Jin." The Korean said laying his head on Jin.

"Okay, umm… I have been to Korea." Jin said, taking a small sip of his drink.

"Really?! I’ve been there too!" Hwoarang joked. Ling narrowed her eyes at the Japanese suspiciously.

"When?" Ling said in a low tone, eyeing Jin’s every movement.

"I think I was five or six. My mother had some close friends who were extremely devoted to Tae Kown Do and she wanted to visit them. I don’t remember much, though…" the Japanese said softly,

"Probably because everyone was speaking Korean and I had no idea what was going, but at least I got to chase some bunnies!" Jin smiled happily and took another taste of his sake. Ling released a low growl from her throat and drank her fourth drink. Before any of the liquid when down to her stomach gagged at the heated sensation that touched her tongue and had to cover her mouth to prevent it from coming up. The Chinese girl’s attention quickly turned to Hwoarang, still clasping her hands over her mouth. Her eyes darkened at the Korean as she mumbled or tried to scream some words at him.

"Did you like your medicine?" the Korean asked, pulling the deadly bottle into his hand.

"Or should I say, your E-VU-KU-I-RU?" (~ Everclear) Hwoarang added, annunciating every katakana syllable. Once Ling had forced herself to swallow the flaming poison, she swiftly pulled herself to her feet and stood with her shadow looming over the Korean.

"You little-" Ling managed to say before her foot slipped when she tried to take a step. The Chinese girl lost her balance and ended up falling right into the Korean’s arms.

"Whoa there!" Hwoarang cried, pulling Ling into his embrace before she toppled against the spa. Jin nearly tossed his glass to the side and rushed over to Ling’s side.

"Ling! Are you all right?" Jin asked with a worried face. Ling immediately tore herself out of Hwoarang’s arms and brushed her hair back.

"Of course I am!" The girl said firmly. Hwoarang raised an eyebrow and looked at Jin… they both didn’t buy it.

"Well, we better play a different game." The Korean said, putting the Everclear away in the handbag.

"NO WAY!!" Ling cried, jumping into Hwoarang’s face.

"But you could hurt yourself, Ling, " A hint of concern could be detected in Jin’s voice.

"Come on, it’ll still be fun! Truth or Dare is actually more fun than I Have, I Have Not." The Korean said, placing his glass aside and pulling the Kira bottle into his hand.

"I guess so." Ling replied, grumbling under her breath.

"Look, I’ll prove it to you, Truth or Dare, Ling?" The Korean asked, reclining into his seat.

"MMmmmm, DARE!" Ling decided instantly.

"All right, you have to stay out of the hot springs for two rounds." The Korean said casually, taking a sip of his sake.

"WHAT?" The girl’s voice was very low.

"I told you it would be fun… for me!" Hwoarang cackled evilly as Ling pulled herself out of the hot tub and sat on a rock with her legs cross. The Chinese girl crossed her arms in front of her chest, holding and hide her eyes underneath her lowered eyebrows.

"Don’t get so pissy about it, besides you can pick on me or Jin." The Korean said, giving Jin a pat on the back.

"I’d rather have fun with Jin, thank you!" The Chinese stated, holding her nose high in the air.

"Oh, Jinny!" Ling sang sweetly.

"Wha-What?" Jin replied while bracing himself for the girls’ deviant mind.

"TRUTH… OR DARE?" A mischievous grin swept across her face as she spoke those words.

"Uhh… " Jin said hesitating on his final answer, "Tru.. th." Ling’s smile grew even bigger at that response.

"He-hee! How big are you?" Obviously, she was prepared for both truth and dare.

"Big? I’m 5’ 11"." The Japanese replied, confused.

"I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about him!" Ling explained by pointing to the Japanese’s crouch.

"Wha- I don’t know how big-" Jin paused for a moment, giving it something thought, "I don’t know how big he is!" Ling whipped her camera right in front of her eye, placing her other hand on her hip while recording this event.

"Then you’re gonna have to found out!" Ling stated, holding out her palm flat. Jin just stared at her hand, he had no idea what it meant.

"Come on!" The camerawoman encouraged, motioning Jin to come closer. The Japanese sighed and walked to the other side of the hot tub. Ling held her hand up again as if she was going to give Jin a high-five, but all she got was a dense look from the Japanese. A long scoff rolled off the girl’s tongue and she began to imitate the movement of her hand making a high-five. The look of realization crept across the Japanese face.

"Oh!" Jin exclaimed with a smile and placed his palm against Ling’s. The Chinese studied Jin’s hand carefully and compared to her own before giving her synopsis.

"Okay, your hand is eight inches, use that as your ruler!" Ling concluding, quickly withdrawing her hand away from the Japanese. Silence reign the moment while the Chinese girl tapped her fingers on her hip.

"NOW?! WITH MY HAND?!" The Japanese said, nearly gasping. A growl escaped from the irritated girl as she pulled both of her hands to her hips.

"Oh, come on, Jin, its not like you’ve ever touched yourself before!" Ling complained.

"… " All the Japanese could do was slip his hands between his knees and lowered his head like a child.

"You’ve never touched yourself?" Ling asked seriously with a blank stare.

"Of course not!" The Japanese replied defensively.

"NO.WAY!" The camerawoman yelled. The camcorder nearly fell out of her hand from the shock Ling was in, but was swiftly saved by the girl’s fast reflexes.

"Fuck! You are a virgin, Jin!" Hwoarang blurted out. The Korean sighed to himself… he really was going to corrupt poor, innocent Jin. The Japanese meanwhile, turned to a beet red.

"Well, okay… that’s strange and unnatural, but you’re still gonna have to find out because I demand an answer!" The Chinese girl whined. The Japanese sulked in his corner and hung his head,

"Okay..." Jin said with a whimper. As Jin took a deep breath of preparation and exhaled a long sigh while Ling hummed away.

"Ling." Hwoarang said sternly.

"What?" Ling said, sounding innocently. The Korean motioned his finger for her to turn around so she couldn’t watch the Japanese.

"Oh, come on!!" The Chinese girl rolled her eyes and turned her back to Jin as she began to pout. Every now and then, she could be seen taking a quick peek over her shoulder. Hwoarang respectfully looked away, still enjoying his Kira. After some splashing had occurred and a shuffle of stillness, Jin finally spoke up.

"… Eight… nine… inches." Hwoarang whipped around with his mouth gaping at the Japanese.

"Holy shit, Jin!" The Korean cursed loudly, which made Jin turn to a darker red.

"Wha- Is that a good thing?" Ling asked with a confused face.

"Yeah! He’s well above average you could say!" Hwoarang claimed, waving his sake bottle around. Ling closed her eyes tightly as she grinned widely, hopping behind Hwoarang.

"He-heh! How about you? Are you well above average?" Ling asked, poking at the Korean’s shoulder.

"Tsh, I wish, I’m above average, but not as much as Jin." Korean said truthfully, taking a long sip from the sake bottle.

"Ha-ha! Jin’s more of man than you!!" Ling laughed, pointing her mocking finger at the Korean. Hwoarang spitted out the alcohol he was drinking at that comment. Jin turned even more red.

"Hey! It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it! That and girth is more important!" The Korean replied defensively, wiping his lips dry.

"Girth? What’s girth?!" Ling yelled with a frown, frustrated with her lack of "experience."

"I think if we continue this conversation any longer, Jin’s gonna pass out from all the blood rushing to his head." Hwoarang said, eyeing the Japanese with a smile from the corner of his eyes. Ling looked over at the maroon colored Jin and tried to stifle her laughter, but she couldn’t hold back. The Chinese girl laughed at the Japanese’s misfortune. Jin cowered in his corner, covering his crimson face in his hands. The Korean sighed softly at the Japanese and leaned closer to him.

The Korean quietly whispered to the Japanese before returning slyly to his seat. The Japanese’s eyes peered up and glanced over at the Korean who was smiling at him. Jin grew a warm smile and look at the snorting Ling.

"Uh… Ling!" The Japanese managed to say. The Chinese girl chuckled herself to a stop and looked up, wiping a tear from her eye.

"Kawaii desu yo, Jinni-Chan!" (You’re so cute, Little Jin) The girl twittered to herself. Jin slightly frowned at that nickname and exhaled a sigh.

"Truth or Dare?" Jin asked.

"After what I did to you, truth, of course!" The girl chortled in reply. She paused for a moment after her answer then snapped her attention back to Jin.

"No, wait!" Ling said, holding her finger in the air, "I’m not scared of you! Dare!" Jin could only smile, it amazed the Japanese that Hwoarang knew Ling would chose "truth".

"Give me your towel AND your camcorder." The Japanese demanded, holding out his hand. Ling narrowed her eyes at the Japanese’s hand and looked up into his eyes.

"" Ling said with a sharp, low tone.

"Your birthday suit?" The Korean teased. A camera came flying at Hwoarang’s face shortly after he made that comment. Jin quickly snapped the camcorder into his hand and held out his other hand to Ling. A growl passed through the girl’s gritted teeth and in a split second, she dragged the sake handbag into her hands.

"Hey! What do you think you’re doing with that?!" The Korean said, being defensive about the alcohol. The Chinese girl ignored him while she slipped off her towel and hunched behind the Hello Kitty handbag with her legs uncrossed, and firmly together. The Japanese shortly afterwards was greeted by a wet, cold towel. Hwoarang lifted an eyebrow at the towel that was draped over Jin. The Japanese peered from behind the cloth and shrugged as he placed her electric gear on the side of the spa.

"You do realize that that towel was wrapped around her ass, don’t you?" Hwoarang stated, tipping his head back as he took another drink of his sake. The Japanese stiffened at those words and slowly peeled the towel off of him with a shocked look on his face.

"HWOARANG!!" The girl screamed, clenching the bag tightly in her hands. The Korean looked up calmly at the girl as a smirk appeared across his face.

"TRUTH OR DARE?!?!" Ling roared, ready to pounce and rip the red head apart.

"Are you crazy?! Truth, of course!" The Korean answered with his hands in the air as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. A smile seeped into the girl’s lips, she was expecting that answer.

"Your call," Ling warned while lacing her fingers together on her lap, resting her elbows on her knees.

"How many people did you sleep with an-" The Chinese girl attempted to say until Hwoarang cut her off.


"And you should have thought of that when you answered Truth!" The Chinese girl retorted. A fierce growl shook inside the Korean’s throat. Hwoarang released a heavy sigh through his nostrils and rose up two of his fingers.

"ONLY TWO!!?!?!?" Ling stormed, slamming her hands on her thighs.

"What?! It’s not like I hump everything in sight!" The Korean yelled back with his shoulder raised and his hand waving around.

"NOOOO, but you’re always acting like the Korean Don Juan Casanova Mac Daddy Player!" The girl roared, moving her body to the motion of her words as she placed her hands on her hips.

"NOOOO," The Korean mimicked, "People treat me like one, but I never acted like one. They, be girls or men, came to me acting whorish, NOT VICE-A-VERSA." Hwoarang explained carefully, exhaling a tired breath. Ling’s eyebrows tightened around her eyes as she glaring directly at the Korean.

"Who were they?" Ling asked her in coarse voice with her head turned slightly to the side.

"You used up your turn already, LING!" Hwoarang was on the verge of strangling that girl just to make her shut up. Ling rolled her eyes and she sighed tiredly.

"No, I didn’t, you cut me off before I could finish my sentence, which is and was: How many people did you sleep with AND who were they?" Ling was on the edge of her rock, tapping her fingertips madly on her legs.

"You are a bitch." Hwoarang said, staring dead straight into her eyes.

"Who. Were. They?" Ling asked, moving her finger to the syllables of her sentence like she was humming a song. Another sigh was released wearily from the Korean as he leaned the back of his head on the side of hot tub.

"Ikari… and Ren." The Korean said softly. Ling blinked a few times, trying to place the names in her memory.

"Ikari and Ren? …Ren? Ren? REN? REN?! YOU SLEPT WITH REN?!?!" Ling screamed, leaning over her legs.

"Why don’t you scream it a little louder, I don’t think the far corners of the EARTH HEARD YOU!!!" The Korean thundered, baring his clenched teeth.

"Who’s… Ren?" Jin said with a faceless expression, sounding like a faint whisper.

"Ren is Hwoarang’s roommate!" Ling blinked at her own words as a sudden thought came to her mind.

"YOU’VE BEEN GAY THIS ENTIRE TIME AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TOLD ME!" The enraged girl screamed, wildly shaking her pointed finger at the Korean.

"I WONDER WHY!!!" The Korean replied at the hysteric girl, grabbing at his own hair.

"You’ve soooooo gotta tell me about this!!" The girl begged, clasping her hands together. The Korean stopped, thought about it keeping the girl in suspense and still gave his original answer.

"Like hell I do!" Hwoarang retorted.

"Please, please, PLEASE!!" Ling pleaded, falling to her knees.

"NO!" The Korean replied stubbornly and looked away, but Ling wouldn’t listen. She crawled into the hot tub and clung to Hwoarang tightly as she continued to whine.

"PLEEEAAAASE, HWOARANGY!!!" The Korean’s eyes grew wide at the fact he was being groped by a naked girl. The Korean tried to pry the girl’s arms off of him, but her arms were wrapped securely around his waist.

"GET OFF ME!!" Hwoarang yelled, striving to push the girl off of him. The two struggled through the water, they both were equally headstrong and obstinate. During battle for freedom, the Korean lost his footing and collapsed into the water, Ling was still clinging to him underwater. The Korean gargled violently in the water as he successful pushed Ling off of him. The Korean seized the opportunity and pulled himself to the surface, gasping for air and realize he was facing a red Jin who was only inches away. Hwoarang glanced down at his previous location and found out he was on Jin’s lap… again.

"Déjà vu?" The Korean asked the blushing Jin with a raised eyebrow. A few seconds later, Ling finally yanked herself out of the water.

"HWOARANG!!!" The girl growled, standing at her full height with her hands balled into fists at her side. Jin stared wide-eyed at the sight of Chinese girl with his hair standing up on end. Meanwhile, Hwoarang, who was still in Jin’s lap, gaped and pointed at the state of the girl.

"Ling…" Hwoarang attempted to say.

"WHAT?!!?" Ling stormed, splashing some water as she stomped her foot.

"You’re very… naked." The Korean finally managed to say. Ling slowly looked down, her hair flaring outward as she grew more aware of her naked state. A scream echoed throughout the forest, which even frightened away the birds. The Chinese girl flustered around in the water looking for cover as the shock-induced boys tried to snap back to reality. Hwoarang shook the image out of his head and turned back to Jin. Jin attempted a smile, but it faded softly away. Hwoarang nearly winced at the sight of him and moved closer to the Japanese.

"Jin… are you okay?" The Korean asked with a hint of concern in his voice. Hwoarang gazed into the soul of the Japanese’s eyes, but Jin looked away. The Korean sighed gently, he knew it was about Ren and he knew he had some explaining to do, but right now all he wanted was to see Jin happy… Just the look on Jin’s face alone hurt his heart.

"Hey…" The Korean placed his hand delicately underneath the Japanese’s chin and gently pulled Jin to face him. Hwoarang smiled tenderly when their eyes met and gently caressed the Japanese’s silky lips. A delicate hand lightly traced around Jin’s smooth lips and softly stroked the Japanese’s gentle throat. Jin could feel the Korean’s sincere concern flowing throughout his body from Hwoarang’s gentle touch and felt his sad smile drifting away. His lips breathed out a contented sigh while he closed his eyes, thinking they were the only two people in the world. However, their moods were disrupted once again by none other than Ling.

"Hey, Lover Boy!" Ling shouted, splashing some water on Hwoarang. The Korean’s mood quickly matched that of his damp hair and glared over his shoulder at the little nuisance. Hwoarang’s scowl stared right at Ling as if it was saying "WHAT?" but the Chinese girl just stuck out her tongue at that expression.

"It’s your turn!" The girl sang cheerfully, clenching a bag to her chest. A growl escaped from the Korean as he dragged himself away from the Japanese.

"Fine!" A hint of irritation could be detected in the Korean’s tone. Hwoarang plopped back down in his corner and dwelled on what he should do with his turn. A sudden idea struck the Korean and quickly turned his attention to Jin.

"Jin, truth or dare?" The Korean asked with a coy grin. Jin’s eyes grew wide at the expression on Hwoarang’s face, something inside him had sensed that Hwoarang wanted him to chose dare, but the Japanese was slightly scared of what the Korean had planned for him.

"Uhhh… dare?" The Japanese said, unsure of his answer. The smirk on Hwoarang’s face grew bigger at that response and slowly spread his legs apart.

"I want you to sit here for the rest of the game." Hwoarang demanded, pointing down at his lap. Jin turned instant red and stopped breathing when he stared at the Korean’s lap. When the Japanese gathered enough courage, he began to slowly walk over to the Korean. Jin could feel a gulp developing in his throat the closer he got to Hwoarang. Hwoarang flashed a smile.

"Come on, I won’t bite… hard." The Korean teased, holding out his hand. Jin stretched out his hand nervously as Hwoarang pulled him into his lap. The Japanese sat between the Korean’s legs with his back to him. The Chinese girl sat there with amusement while Jin settled down.

"Nin’ chi- hao`’, Hwoarangy!" (Bon appetit, Hwoarangy!) The girl said with a mischievous grin. Jin gave a bewildered look at Ling, he had no idea what she said. Hwoarang, however, understood every word and smiled slyly over the Japanese’s shoulder. The Korean slipped his chin over the nape of Jin’s neck and nibbled on the Japanese’s ear.

"Hao`’ chi- ji’ le!" (De-li-cious!) The Korean whispered seductively against the Japanese’s ear. Hwoarang felt Jin tensing up and cowered slightly into a ball at his comment. Hwoarang let out a laugh.

"Don’t worry," The Korean said, draping his hands around the Japanese, "It’s not like my hand’s gonna slip into the wrong place." Hwoarang smile turn into a grin as one of his hands slipped of Jin’s firm abdomen and lightly gazed his fingertips against the Japanese’s inner thigh.

"Hwoarang!" The Japanese cried out, clasping his legs together, cringing more into a small space.

"I’m just messing with you, Jin!" The Korean said with a bright laugh, wrapping his arms around the Japanese’s sides, placing his chin on Jin’s shoulder. There was still a red streak across the Japanese’s cheek, but Hwoarang only smiled and nudged his head against him lovingly.

"Oh, oh, OH, OH!!! I wanna go next!!" The girl suddenly pleaded. Hwoarang lifted himself off the Japanese’s shoulder, glaring at Ling.

"You just went!!" The Korean retorted.

"I wanna go again!!" The impatient girl screamed.

"NO!" Hwoarang said stubbornly. Ling started splashing the water wildly as she whined.

"I wanna go, I wanna go, I WANNA GO, I WANNA GO, I WANNA GO!!!!" The girl’s cants filled the air, she wasn’t even taking breaths between her words. Soon, her cant turn into a whining, nagging scream that repeated her words over and over again. Hwoarang could bare it no longer.

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JIN, LET HER GO!!" The Korean wailed, slamming his head on the base of the Japanese’s neck.

"All right!" The Japanese cried, wincing at the girl’s high pitch shrieks. Ling instantly transformed into a giggly schoolgirl.

"HE-HE!! Dare or Double Dare, Jin?" The deviant girl posed. She got a blank stare.

"Umm… isn’t it truth or dare?" The Japanese asked.

"Not anymore!" Ling replied, shaking her head wildly like a mustang.

"I guess, dare," The Japanese said, not knowing the difference.

"You have to go three rounds without a towel!" Ling indicated, holding up three of her fingers. Jin gaped at the corrupt girl.

"WHAT?!" The Japanese cried, locking his knees even tighter together.

"That’s no problem!" The Korean, whipping the towel off the Japanese in a flick of a wrist and tossing it into oblivion.

"HWOARANG!" The Japanese screamed, quickly wrapping his arms around his shoulders and crossing his legs firmly together. While the Japanese curled into his own little space between Hwoarang’s legs, the Korean was giving Ling the thumbs-up and mouthing words of appreciation. Hwoarang turned his attention back to the Japanese and sighed a laugh as leaned over the Japanese’s shoulder.

"Come on, Jin. Have some faith in me, do you really think I would take advantage of you?" Hwoarang asked, resting on Jin’s shoulder. The Japanese shook his head gently and glanced at Hwoarang from the corner of his eye.

"It’s not that, it’s just, well… it’s embarrassing." Jin shuffled nervously, still hugging himself tightly.

"Hehehe! Jinny’s insecure about his body!" Ling giggled.

"Ling!" The Japanese said with a blush. No matter how hard the Japanese tried, he couldn’t shake that feeling of nakedness.

"I’m just not comfortable really with-" Jin stopped mid-sentence, he couldn’t figure out to put his thoughts, his feelings into words.

"I don’t see what you have to be shy about." Hwoarang said, slightly nuzzling into the Japanese’s silky hair, breathing in Jin’s sweet scent.

"Yeah, you’re a hunk of meat, Jinny!" Ling stated happily.

"Just be glad that Ling doesn’t have her camera anymore." Hwoarang added with a laugh, sliding his hand softly over the Japanese’s broad shoulder. The Korean’s fingertips tapped lightly on Jin’s hand, trying to snuggle underneath the Japanese’s palm. Jin managed a smile and looked over his shoulder as he slipped his hand softly over Hwoarang’s.

A pleasant smile crept across the girl's tipsy face, happily watching her two bishounens nuzzling each other. The thought to ruin the moment had crossed her mind, but she was in love with the sight of her two cuddly friends. Ling closed her eyes peacefully and gently tossed her head back. Her eyes drifted slowly open to reveal the snowy field night. White snowflakes sailed through the sky, covering the landscapes and buildings with a white blanket. Ling raised an eyebrow and sighed a quiet laugh, she didn't even realize it had been snowing for a while. The Chinese girl turned her attention back up to the sky and watched the snowflakes float by, listening to the laughs of her friends.

"Okashii desu ne." (It's strange…) Ling whispered with a smile. The Korean and the Japanese heard her faintly and glanced up at the girl.

"What is?" Hwoarang asked, resting on the Japanese shoulder. Ling continued looking up at the sky as words flowed through her.

"How you two can be so happy together." The girl replied softly, gazing at the contrasting clouds with her eyes slightly closed, "All your doubts… insecurities… sadness, they all fade away when you two are together." She pulled herself, leaning barely over the water and watching the water sway upon itself.

"The way Jin's fears drift away just from looking at you," Ling grew a bright smile and clenched her eyes cheerfully as she continued, "And you've guys only been together for two weeks." Hwoarang smiled warmly, interlocking his fingers into Jin's, glancing lovingly at the Japanese. As Jin blushed shyly, Ling exhaled a laugh and pulled her knees to her chest like a child.

"Just seeing you two… being with you two, makes me so happy." Ling said gently, resting her chin on her knees. Her eyes wandered off to the side, skimming over the sheet of snow, still in a dream like state.

"I don't think I've ever been so happy… and I'm in a strange place with a couple of guys I barely know." The Chinese girl rested her cheek on his knees, breathing in deep sighs.

"The same is here." Jin said happily. The Japanese glanced at the crouched girl then over his shoulder at Hwoarang, smiling meekly.

"I've only met the both of you a little over a month ago, but it feels like I've known you two for an entire lifetime." The Japanese added in a quiet, timid tone, holding Hwoarang's hand even tighter. A heavy sigh slipped from the Korean's lips as he spoke his thoughts out loud.

"I don't know what the future holds for me…" Hwoarang said in soft voice, "But nothing would make me happier to know that both of you are in it." The Korean smiled happily

"It's like we complete each other. If I lost one of you… I don't know what I would do." Jin whispered sadly, pulling Hwoarang closer. The Japanese gazed teary eyed at the Chinese girl and tilted his head delicately.

"I don't want to go back… to China… I just want to be with you guys always." Ling murmured, hugging her knees tightly as she buried her head in her wrapped arms.

"Zutto…" (Always…) The girl cried with a tone of sadness, gripping her legs tensely.

"Issho ni." (Together.) The Japanese said faintly with a tear scrolling down his cheek while he held out his hand to sobbing girl. Ling gripped his hand firmly, not looking up as Jin pulled her to them. The Chinese girl collapsed into Jin's open arms, welcomed warmly as her cries turned into tears of joy.

"Eien ni." (Forever.) The Korean added softly, hugging the Japanese and the Chinese girl into his tender arms. The three of them held each other close, and cried their tears of appreciation, happiness, and love. As they wrapped themselves more and more into their loving embrace, they felt their world grow more beautiful as scarce moments passed. The night celebrated in their joy, dancing lively among the snowflakes and sailing through the emotions, the aura they imprinted upon the land. The world closed around them with its dark shadows, they thought of nothing, but each other… dreaming of a beautiful future.

"Zutto… Issho ni… Eien ni."

The And.

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