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The Chronicles of Obsession: Innocence

Chapter 6 - First Kiss

By Jiji Kero

Hwoarang lied on his bed, gazing at the hole in his room as he thought of the carefree days. He pondered on how much things have changed since then. Jin, Ling, himself… weren’t children anymore. Hwoarang tried to hold on to his view of life, but it proved to be difficult when he was world was falling apart and being drafted into the army. The Korean had to learn once again that life wasn’t just fun and games. It seemed more similar to a dramatic play, one Greek tragedy after another. He hadn’t completely given up his belief though, it just seems that now isn’t the time. Not yet anyway. Maybe when Ling comes back, she’ll be able to help him to remember how to be himself again.

He sighed as he pulled himself off the bed and began to rummage around in his army duffel bag for Ling’s letter. Once he had found the pieces of paper, he whipped out Steve’s cellular phone and dialed away. As the phone ringed, waiting for an answer on the other line, Hwoarang realized it was passed midnight. He knew Ling wasn’t much a night owl, but more of a frickin’ morning bird. She always was bugging and pouncing on him at 6am. Not even the sun is completely up, how could anyone be awake at that time in the morning? He exhaled in frustration, reminiscing all the times she came hopping on his bed and dragging him to her school.

“Moshi-moshi!!” (Hello?) a perky girl cried happily at the other end of the phone. Hwoarang blinked for a moment, did he have the right number?

“Ling?” the Korean asked in a strange tone, he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

“Hwoarangy?! Is that you?!” Hwoarang sensed the girl’s excitement and could just picture her hopping like a grasshopper all over the room.

“Yeeessss,” Hwoarang said with a hint of hesitation, “but what the hell are you doing up at this time of night?” The Chinese girl giggled at his comment and hummed joyfully over the phone.

“I’m planning our trip to Japan, of course!” Hwoarang laughed a little, he had a feeling she was still in China.

“Well, it kinda helps if you’re actually here, Ling.” The Korean got a long pause.

“You’re… in… Japan… already….?” She said in a cold, restraining tone. Uh-oh, I’m in a deep shit, Hwoarang thought to himself.

“HWOARANG, YOU JERK HEAD!! WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE GOING TOGETHER!!” The mad fury of a Chinese girl screamed over the phone. Hwoarang pulled the cell phone away and stared at it as she continued to send angry vibes. Once she had finished, he brought the cell phone back to his ear and listened to Ling’s pants, fuming over the phone.

“Done yet?” the Korean asked once the girl regained her breath.

“Grrrrrr.” Hwoarang sighed with a laugh, he knew he wasn’t going to get much of a reply.

“Well, Ling, you can punish me as usual once you get back. But I really don’t think the army would have allowed you onto the base and walk off with me.” Ling grunted slightly at that remark.

“I guess so… but that means it’s gonna be a week before I see you again. I was going to go to Korea and pick you up in 2 days.” The Chinese girl said with a pout.

“Don’t worry, its not like I’m going to walk off the face of the planet again. I’ll be waiting at the warehouse where I’m always am and if anything goes wrong I’ll call you before you leave China, okay?”

“All right, I’m trusting you!” Hwoarang chucked a little, but stopped shortly. He could sense that Ling was smirking about something.

“Oh, by the Hwoarangy, the number you called is a cell phone number, which means that you have no excuse to not call me!” The Korean blinked at that comment and tried to say something in his defense, but was cut off, “I’ll be expecting you to call me 2 days from that, considered that your punishment!” Hwoarang’s head dropped as he let out a groan.

“Awww, man! Ling, it isn’t cheap to call by cell phones, you know.” The Korean said trying to pry himself out of Ling’s sentence.

“No excuse!” The girl started laughing as she thought to herself, “Like you would ever buy a cell phone! You’d yank it before ever buying one!” A boyish grin came across the Korean face, he knew that she had him down from head to toe.

“Why, Ling, I’m shocked and ashamed that you would ever think I would stoop to such tactics!” He said in a soft, coining voice. He could hear the Chinese girl rolled around with laughter.

“Of course not! Miss Salutatorian stealing? Who’d thought? It only says "Steve Fox" on my caller ID!” Hwoarang frowned at that nickname as Ling continued, “Oh, by the way, I’ve got a present for you. Well, actually I had this present for a long time. It was suppose to be giving to you two years ago before you went MIA. Anyway, when you get back to your pimp pad its in your top dresser drawer.” Hwoarang grew a big smile and hopped off his bed, walking over to his dresser. Ling twittered at the other end and said in a singing tone, “Hwoarangy likes presents!”

“Of course I do and especially from you!” The Korean said as he tried to pull open the drawer.

“Hey, that rhymes!” Ling said as she interrupted him. Hwoarang rolled his eyes and gave the drawer a good yank that let off a high pitch screech as it slid open. Ling yelp at the noise and it even made the Korean wince. After he shrugged it off, he peered inside and looked around for his. Hwoarang’s eyes grew wide at what he saw and nearly dropped the phone. He stammered, trying to find words that explain how he was feeling.

“Wha-wha-wha-how? When? Wha-?” He said, fumbling for words.

“I take it you found them.” Ling sighed with content, it had been a long time since she’s shocked the red head. Hwoarang reached for the photographs and pulled them into his hand as he continued to stare at them. A smile grew across his face and he started to laugh. He didn’t know if he wanted hug Ling or strangle her.

A Japanese boy rested comfortably in his school uniform, sinking into the leather chair of his limousine. He peered through the black strands of his hair that dangled in front of him, watching the people on the sidewalks. He was late and he knew Ling was going to scream at him for that, which really wasn’t pleasant. Ling was always harsh on him, she was like the driving mother who was never satisfied. Jin knew that she meant well though, she just had an odd way of showing it. He felt the limousine turning to the right and saw the school grounds. The limousine came to a sudden halt, which put the door right in front of Ling. The Japanese slowly turned his head right to see a very upset Chinese girl, tapping her foot on the sidewalk. Actually, it didn’t even look liked Ling, but a rather a demon who possessed a girl that sent raging aura throughout the air. Jin gulped and braced himself, he was started to think it would have been better not to come at all. The driver rushed over to the passenger side and bowed as he opened to the door for Xiaoyu. The girl stepped into the vehicle and sat next to Jin with her eyes closed and head high in the air.

“You’re late.” She stated firmly as the driver closed the door. Kazama let out an uneasy laugh and smiled a little.

“I know, I didn’t think my grandfather and I would have been taking so long.” He looked at Ling for some sort of sign of forgiveness, but got no response. The driver returned to his seat and began to head towards their destination.

“Excuses,” she retorted angrily. The Japanese lost his smiles and drooped his head in shame.

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re not going to meet Hwoarangy for another hour!” She said in her most cheerful tone. Ling grinned and wrapped her arm around Jin’s neck, pulling him down to her side. The Japanese struggled in her grip and laughed softly.

“I’m glad that you planned ahead.” He gave his warmest smile and lay in her lap.

“Of course! You and Hwoarangy will be together in no time thanks to me!” She cried joyfully while holding her fist in the air as if she was already triumphant.

“That reminds me, Ling, did you tell Hwoarang that was I coming with you to the arcade?” He looked up to her and watched her blink her eyes in thought. A few seconds later she put on her cheesiest smile with a nervous laugh. Jin gaped at her as an exasperated look came across his face.

“You didn’t tell him, did you?!” The Japanese exclaimed in horror.

“I did too! Well... Sort of. I told him I was bringing a friend,” she tried to say in her defense. Jin exhaled a groan as he plopped into her lap, before she could get another word in, “Oh, come on! Hwoarang knows I only have two friends and that’s you and him! If he can’t figure that out then how the hell was he Salutatorian?!” She said, attempting to explain to a hopeless Jin.

“I guess its better than nothing.” The Japanese let out a sigh as he allowed his arms to dangle over the edge of his seat.

“Of course it is!” She nodded eagerly with her pigtails bobbing up and down. The Chinese grinned down at the tall, dark, handsome Japanese in her lap and pulled on his shirt in joy. Her smile dropped like an anvil though when she held his shirt in her hands. She looked down to see the emblem of their school gripped in her palm, he hadn’t even changed his clothes and school had been out for 2 hours.

“Why are you still wearing your school uniform!?!?!” She screamed in ear that sent him cowering against the side of the limousine. A panicked look came across his face, he had totally forgotten that Ling was very serious about one’s appearance.

“I didn’t have time, I was talking to my grandfather and-“ Jin cut himself short as Ling towered over him with eyes that looked like they glowed red, “-and I were-and-and- I’m feeling really scared now.”

“How do you expect to play Dance Dance Revolution in those?!? And how are you going to get Hwoarang to notice you if you keep wearing the same clothes he sees every day?!” Ling roared at him.

“I was going- I was- I thought, well-“ The poor Japanese stammered, trying to finish his sentence. Ling glanced up from Jin, she saw something that her eye.

“Stop the car.” She demanded. Jin looked up at her, not knowing what to say to this ticking time bomb.

“But… doesn’t it take-“ Kazama was interrupted by Ling being pressed against his face.

“STOP THE CAR NOW!!” She said with her screams vibrating the windows.

“Its stopping, its stopping now!!” The boy cried, yelling desperately into the intercom and fiddling for the door handle at the same time. The vehicle came to a screeching halt just as the door flung open with a terrified Japanese scrambling for safety. The belligerent Chinese girl stepped out after him and watched him cringed beneath her presence.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Come on!” She said with a degrading tone in her voice as she grabbed him by the wrist and began to drag him along the sidewalk. Kazama struggled to get to his feet as Ling continued to hold him hostage by his wrist. She came to an abrupt stop that almost made the tall, dark Japanese stumble over her and released from her command. Jin glanced over at Ling who stood smiling before a building, he could sense the wheels turning in that head of hers. He glanced towards the store to see that he was right in front of a Gucci brand name store. The confused Japanese looked at the woman who stood at the entrance, she was the attendant for the store. The lady greeted the strange couple with a bow and opened the door for them. Ling hopped happily into the store as the attendant held the door for her, leaving Jin to tag along after her. Jin followed after the skipping girl, skimming his eyes across the vase variety of clothes.

“Ling, what exactly are we doing?”

“What do you think, silly?” She said, turning around and jumping on him with a hug, “We’re gonna get you clothes!” She exclaimed as she snuggled into his school sweater. “And preferably the ones that will drive Hwoarangy crazy!” Jin laughed a little and looked down at Ling who was grinning mischievously at him.

“Well, where do we start?” Jin asked. Ling dripped away from the Japanese boy while she begun to bury herself in deep thought. This was something that wasn’t to be taken lightly for her and required her best concentration.

“Hmmm… let’s see. That shade of blue looks really suits you and if Hwoarang was having a hard time control himself with you wearing that yucky school uniform….” She folded her arms in determination, trying to figure this out like it was some sort of math problem, and in her case, there really is only one answer. Jin watched her eagerly, awaiting whatever future she would create for him. That and… well, it was the first time he had every seen her look so serious. In all of a moment, the very fabric of time was disturbed as Ling cried out, “That’s it!”

“That’s what?” Jin said obliviously as he followed the Chinese girl trotting over to one the tables. She had them to a long table covered with a variety of blue sweaters in different shapes and sizes. Jin held back a groan from the sight of sweaters, he knew firsthand that DDR and sweaters do not go together. Ling ignored Jin’s sight of agony and wasted no time to rummage through the pile of clothes. Jin watched in shock as Ling began tossing the sweaters off the table one by one.

“Ling! What are you doing?!” Jin said in a panic as he glanced around the store for cameras. Ling disregarded the flustered Jin and continued to name the rejected sweaters as she threw them away.

“Baby blue, turquoise, blue jay, cyan-blue, navy, indigo, cobalt, sapphire, no, no, no, no, no, no!!” she cried in frustration. She had started to lose hope until she came to the bottom of the collection and spotted the perfect sweater. It was silky blue with a dark shade of gray mix in with it. Ling clung to it for a moment and held it up with pride for Jin to see.

“Ta-da! Mysterious Butterfly Blue!” The look of horror did not fade from Jin’s face.

“A sweater?! It’s going to be hot in that if I play DDR!” Ling frowned at his comment.

“It’s not a sweater! It’s a loose-fit, lightweight, long sleeve polyester shirt!” She said, strongly defending her grounds. Jin just looked at her with a slight growl on his face. Whatever she spouted out did not change his situation.

“… It’s still going to be hot.” Ling let loose a snarl and put her hands to her hips, which left the MBB sweater dangling at her side.

“Okay, if you’re going to be whiny, rich boy about this then I’ll just ask the manager to jack up the air conditioning, okay? Now, put it on!” she demanded, holding the sweater in front of him. Jin stared at the hot-consuming sweater in discouragement.

“But Ling! I’m going sweat like a waterfall after one song!” Sadness swept across the Chinese girl’s face as her eyes shifted to the floor. She held in it her hands, fiddling with softly. Jin sighed at the look of her, this girl’s emotions constantly changed more than the history of the world. He often thought there was an angel and a devil inside of the Chinese girl that were always pulling each other’s hair out.

“Well, yeah… but… you know, it’s awfully cold outside and you want to keep warm, but you sort of forget that we’re going to the arcade…” Her hands slowly dropped to her side as she hide her face from the world to emphasize a hint of grief.

“Sooooo… you’ll have no choice, but to take it off!” she said laughing up a storm. Jin’s eyes gaped at that comment and a slight blush came across his face.

“LING!” But that didn’t stop the giggling girl.

“Take it off, take it off!” she crackled as she swung the sweater around a la stripper style. Jin turned to a bright red and held his face in his hands at the sight of the disturbed girl. Ling grinned evilly, she loved to embarrass Jin in public.

“Oh, don’t worry about it! Here, try it on. You’ll see it’s not as bad as you think.” Ling tossed the sweater on Jin’s head and he finally decided to show himself to the world again. Jin sighed as he pulled the MBB sweater off his head and glanced over it one last time. Ling grunted at Jin who was taking his time. The impatient girl walked over to him and pulled his head down as if he was bowing in a right angle position. Jin let a surprised cry as she then precede to yank off his school uniform in one swift movement, leaving Kazama topless in everyone’s eyeshot.

“We don’t got all day! We still have to find you pants!” She explained to a horrified, naked Jin. Ling blinked for a moment, realizing that a bare-chested handsome Japanese was before her eyes.

“BIDANSHI DESU!” (It’s a beautiful man!) She cried before she pounced on the helpless boy, sending them both onto the store floor. Jin sighed with a laugh as he plopped his head against the carpet floor while the Chinese girl cooed like pigeon against his chest. Ling continued to purr until she saw something from the corner of her eye. She sat up on top of Jin and looked to see a row of evergreen cargo pants hanging behind her. She squealed for joy as she yanked one of the pants off the hanger and looked inside for the size.

“34W x 38L” She murmured to herself as she looked at Jin, who had an eyebrow raised at her. She tapped her fingers against her chin, trying to remember Jin’s size. Ling growled after a few seconds passed, she couldn’t remember his size and she knew Jin would know his own size. That’s what happens when you don’t even buy your own clothes. She sighed as she tossed the cargo pants onto her shoulder and stuck her hand into Jin’s pants.

“LING!!!!” Jin screamed as Ling’s hand rummaged around his pants. Once again, Jin’s cries went unheard as Ling tried to find his pant’s tag. She let a victory gasp and pulled the tag up enough for her to see.

“34W x 38L, perfect! I knew it!” She said as she pushed the tag back into Jin’s pants. She pulled the cargo pants off her shoulder and held it in front of her with a smile. She had successful found the perfect outfit for him. Jin, however, was not impressed.

“LING, DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!” The violated Japanese boy cried. Ling sighed tiredly and rolled her eyes.

“Oh, come on! You know that I would never feel you up!” Jin exhaled with exhaustion, she did have a point, but he had more surprises and exhilaration than he could handle in one day.

“Well, at least give me some sort of warning next time.” He asked as he sat up, holding the troublemaker of a girl in his lap.

“Why?” Ling said with a blink, before she answered the question for herself in her head, “Ohhhhhh, I see! Were you thinking of Hwoarang?” She said with a wide grin. The Japanese’s face turned instant red at the question.

“LING!!” Ling let out a slight laugh and smiled with her eyes closed.

“Well, you’re avoiding the question, so it must be true.” She stated as she placed her hands on her hips.

“No, its not! I wouldn’t never think like that in public!” Jin said, trying to defend himself against this perverted girl.

“Well, of course, we all wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean our bodies will.” Jin hung his head in shame, hoping that a black hole would suck him away from yet another embarrassing moment. Ling patted him on the head and hopped to her feet.

“Come on! You know I was just kidding. Besides there’s nothing to be sad about, we’ve got you an outfit!” Jin looked up at the happy girl. Where the does she get all that energy, he wondered to himself. He thoughts were interrupted by a sudden scream.

“Ack!! We’ve only got 40 minutes to get to the arcade!!” She shrieked as she scrambled to collect his outfit.

“Well, we can go as soon as I try on this clothes.” He replied as he stood up, holding his school uniform in one hand.

“No time! Give me your credit card and I’ll buy these while you get your clothes back on then head for the limo!” She demanded as she held the clothes in a bundle in hand while holding out her other hand to him.

“But don’t I have show my ID and sign the credit card slip?” He said confused, pulling out the plastic card and placing it in her palm.

“Let me handle it! Get a move on!” She shouted as she darted like a bat out of hell towards a register. Jin let out a soft laugh and pulled his uniform back over his head as he lightly trotted back to the limousine. Meanwhile, Ling ran up to the cash register and tossed the clothes over the tabletop.

“Wo`’ xiang`’ mai`’ zhei` ge!” (I want to buy this!) she declared. The salesperson looked at the clothes then at the impatient girl. The gentleman slowly separated the clothes and took his time unfolding the clothes then at more to his leisure, he delicately wrapped them back into their proper shape.

“Hey, Vogue Reject! Could you hurry that up?!!” Ling said as she tapped her foot violently on the floor. The young man cleared his throat and sighed as he delicately placed the clothes in a plastic bag. He lightly tapped on the register, ringing up a total.

“That’ll be $1672.37.” The salesman said in a monotone. Ling eyes blinked several times.

“Duo- shao`’ qian`?” (How much?) She asked, thinking that he had somehow added an extra digit.

“$1672.37,” he retorted in an upstart voice. Ling’s jaw dropped at the price.

“HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?!!?” she said horrified, “That’s more than what my parents pay for rent!!” The proper gentleman covered his mouth as he yawned.

“Ma’am, the Aft Balenciaga Cargo Pants alone could pay your parent’s rent. It is fortunate for you that they were on sale.” The Chinese girl felt her eye twitch at the bastard’s comment.

“Sale?! Why that’s- Grrr! God, you know what?! Here!” She said in a rage as she flipped Jin’s credit card at the snob. He exhaled tiredly as he ran the credit card through and looked at the name on the card.

“Jin Kazama?” he said with a raised eyebrow. Ling swiped the card out of the man’s hand and put it in her breast pocket.

“Wow, congratulations, you can read!” She said with a fake enthusiasm as she clapped her hands. The salesman let out a groan and ripped the credit card slip off the machine.

“Just sign it and please exit the store once you’re finished.” He placed the receipt in front of her and watched her sign the piece of paper as she grumbled. Once she was finished she snatched the bag away from spoiled brat and walked away. She stopped after a few feet and glanced into the plastic bag as a grin appeared across her face. The Chinese girl glanced around to make sure Jin was nowhere in sight before she pulled two small items from her pocket and slipped them it each of AB cargo pants pocket. An evil cackle came from her lips as continued along her way. The little mischievous girl then pulled out her lipstick from her pocket and held it at her waist as she scraped it against all the clothing she brushed against.

“Put this is on sale too, asshole!” She whispered harshly as she ran toward the door. Once out of the store, she saw Jin waiting beside the limousine with the door open and like a suave young woman, she stepped into the limousine gracefully as possible. Jin followed after her and closed the door behind them, waving to the driver to continue on.

“Sha`’zi! Zhuo’ zhuo-! Baka! Aho!!” (Idiot! Crude! Stupid! Asshole!!) Ling was still obviously pissed off at the salesman. Jin looked at her as she continued to spat out some more colorful phrases until she tossed the plastic bag to him.

“Feel better?” Jin asked once she finished. The Chinese girl took a deep breath and exhaled all of her anger out.

“Yep! I didn’t think lipstick could be so handy.” She said with a slight grimace while Jin sat there dumbfounded. As Jin contemplated what she meant, Ling pulled the clothes out of the bag and tossed them unto the Japanese’s lap. Jin just looked up at her then back down at his new pair of clothes.

“Here?” He whispered in a confused voice.

“Well, duh! We’re going to be late getting to the arcade and Hwoarangy’s gonna already be there! He doesn’t need to see you in your school uniform again!” She stated as Jin scratched behind his neck, looking away.

“But, but-you’re-you’re a- I- I’m going to be only in my boxers!” he replied with a slight blush on his cheeks. Ling grew a huge grin.

“I don’t mind!” Jin sunk even lower into his chair as he felt himself becoming very uncomfortable before Ling burst out laughing.

“I’m just kidding! Don’t worry! I won’t look!” she said as turned around to face the driver, to further prove her word.

“Okaaaay,” he said with a hint of caution in his tone. A close eye was kept on the conniving girl as she fiddled around with her purse and he began to strip down to his boxers. He watched Ling carefully as she sighed and placed her arms on the head of the seat. He deemed the situation safe and pulled the sweater over his head. Then, the cargo pants were slipped, making Kazama feel like he was in the safe zone from the Chinese girl. After he had finished dressing, they made their way to the arcade. The rest of the ride was peaceful and the two exchanged some laughs, the Japanese boy was free of Ling’s torture… but not for long. As soon as the arcade was in sight, Ling gave certain directions to the driver, which lead them behind the building. The driver dropped them and drove off into the distance. Jin turned around to see nothing, but a tall 4-story building with one metal door right in the middle. He further examined the door and realized there were no handles of any kind.

“How are we suppose to get in?” he asked, looking to Ling for an answer. The girl struck a pose once again and held her hand in the air.

“Leave it to me!” She declared as she walked up to the strange door and started banging on it like a wild animal. Not even a few seconds passed before the battered beast of a door creaked open. A head popped out from behind the stainless steel and grinned at the sight of Ling.

“Ni`’h`’ao,” (Hello) he said with a smile as the young dark haired Chinese stepped out onto the sidewalk.

“Hei’ ger- menr!” (S’up!) Ling replied happily. The young man smiled at her response, she rarely greeted in him in such a familiar manner. He glanced over at Jin and raised a curious eyebrow. The Chinese man turned back to Ling and pointed at Jin, but Ling answered him before he could pose the question.

“Zhe` wei` shi` Jin!” (This is Jin!) Jin smiled a little and made a little wave as Ling wrapped her arms around him. The man laughed a little and held out his hand to Kazama.

“Jian` dao` ni`’ hen`’ gao- xing`! Ni`’ ye`’ hui` shuo- guang`’ dong- hua` ma?” (Glad to meet you! Do you speak Cantonese also?) Jin’s stare at the man was more than enough to answered the guy’s question.

“I’m sorry about that, I thought you knew Chinese,” the unknown man said with a slight laugh before he continued, “I’m Kong Tiannu.” He held out his hand once more to the Japanese with a cherry smile.

“Kazama Jin, nice to meet you Kong-san.” The Japanese replied, giving Kong a soft handshake. The Chinese man chuckled a little as he shook his head.

“Please, call me Tiannu. There’s no need for pleasantries here,” Tiannu said, waving his hand as a gesture, “Well, Ling, Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix has been modified and is ready whenever you guys are.”

“Sweet! We’ll be in there in a minute!” Ling emphasized by jumping up and down like a little kid.

“All right, you kids have fun, I’ve got to get back to work.” Tiannu waved a goodbye and disappeared behind the metal door, which was wedged open by a brick.

“Xie` xei`, zia` Jian`!” (Thanks, Goodbye!) Once Ling said her goodbyes, she began to twitter like a schoolgirl and faced Jin.

“Everything is in place and now all that’s left is for Hwoarangy and I to have a dance off!” She crackled as she tapped her fingers together while Jin tilted his head at her.

“Why are you going to have a dance off with Hwoarang?”

“Do you think I’m going to let you walk away without a kiss today? I think not!” She stated as she firmly placed her hands on her hips and tossed her head back.

“A kiss? How’s that going to happen?” Although Jin had been dreaming of that moment he could touch Hwoarang’s soft lips, he just couldn’t imagine it happening so soon.

“Hehe, I’m going to make a gamble with him and I know Hwoarangy can’t resist a challenge when it comes to DDR.” She said cunningly, rubbing her hands together with a mad glee in her eyes.

“That’s great, but how do you make a bet using DDR?”

“You silly! You use the grading system the game rates your performance on after every song!” She replied with a grin as she grabbed ahold of his hands.

“How so? Do you use the grade it gives you? Like the E, D, C, B, A; E being the lowest and A being the best?” He asked as he held up Ling’s hands, glancing over her palms while he thought about the gamble.

“Nope, we count the steps you have in the song.” She said as she watched him trace the marks in her palm with his finger.

“Could you elaborate a little more?” Jin asked with a smile, he knew that Ling was going to question him.

“… You do understand the concept of the arrow, right, Jinny?” The Japanese laughed softly.

“Of course, when you get an up arrow then you step on the up arrow on the dance pad with your feet.” He said as he pointed up for an indication of his comprehension.

“All right, I was scared there for a moment. But just to be safe I’m going to use an example song like “Paranoia Rebirth”. On Maniac mode, the song has a max of 433 steps. At the end of the song, the machine tells you how many perfects, greats, goods, boos, and misses you get.”

“Oh, right. You get “perfects” when you step just right to the beat, vocal, offbeats or whatever the arrows go to with the song. Then you get “greats” when you got it, but you could do a little better. Right?” He said with a brilliant smile as Ling acknowledged him with a nod.

“Right! And the machine gives you credit for trying even though you were off the beat a little when it gives you “goods”. “Boos” happen when you are so off of the song and you get a “miss” because you sucked so much that you didn’t even try to step on the dance pad’s arrows.”

“Right and you use how many perfects and such for the bet?” Jin asked.

“Yes, whoever has the most perfects after one song, wins.” The Japanese smiled lightheartly at the response, he finally understood how the gambling was going to work. However the look faded when another thought came across his mind.

“But what a minute, didn’t you mention once that Hwoarang was better than you at DDR?” A growl came out of the Chinese girl.

“Yeah, little Miss Salutorian always gets S, SS, and SSS’s on his songs!” She said with a hiss. A light frighten look appeared on Jin’s face, he had another question to ask.

“What’s an S?” The Japanese asked nervously. Ling gave him the look of death.

“You never got an S on a song before?!” The hyper Chinese girl screamed into his face.

“No… should I have?” Jin asked, cowering once again before the mad fury of a girl.

“Sigh, you really are clueless. You get an S on a song when you get only perfects and greats, however you had more greats than you should have. You get an SS with only perfects and greats, but you had very few greats. Then you get an SSS for having only perfects.” She stated wearily as if she was a professional technical advisor for the game.

“I’m guessing it’s very rare to get those scores then.” He said with an uneasy smile.

“Hwoarangy’s the only one in the world right now who can get SSS’s on maniac level songs. I know, I checked on the Internet.” Ling exhaled a quiet sigh. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Hwoarang was superior to her in DDR. Jin’s jaw dropped in fear.

“What?! Then how are you going to beat him with a bet?!” The high strung Jin managed to squeak out. Another grimace came across the wicked girl’s face.

“Because, I’ve been secretly practicing and he doesn’t know how much I have improved. Hehe, his own favorite song is going to be turned against him.” She cackled. Jin sighed tiredly after he attempted to comprehend all the thoughts that ran through the girl’s mind.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Ling grinned happily and gripped her hand into a fist.

“Of course I do! If you think I have an ordinary yaoi complex then you got another thing coming for ya!” She declared, pointing at him before she continued, “Besides you two are going to look so cute together and I’m going to assume full responsibility for making a perfect match!”

“You think so, huh?” Jin said with a warm smile. The Chinese girl smirked and ran up behind then started to push towards the main entrance which was on the other side of the building.

“Well, we’re not going to find out if we stand here all day, so go and meet up with him!” She said with a giggle as she continued to nudge the Japanese down the sidewalk. Jin grew a friendly smile as he looked over his shoulder and fixed his feet firmly on the ground.

“But what about you?” The Chinese nearly face-planted into him when he stopped and tried to make him by using both of her arms, but nothing was happening.

“What do you think I’m going to be doing? I’m going to be watching you two from inside!” She said with a slight growl as she started to use her whole body to try to push him along.

“I’m going to talk to him all by myself?!” Jin flipped around to face once he realized what Ling was planning. Ling let out a laugh and stood stubbornly before the tall Japanese.

“Oh, don’t be such a scaredy cat!” She said as she folded her arms over her chest.

“But isn’t Hwoarang still in that “Ah! Testosterone! Must Claim Back My Masculinity/Revenge” mode?!” Jin said, hunched over Ling for answer.

“He won’t be once he sees you in that sweater!” Ling proclaimed with a grin. The Chinese looked up at the Japanese who was huddling over, she could see that he was still concerned about Hwoarang’s state of mind. Ling smiled sincerely as she closed her eyes and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him “Don’t worry, if things start going downhill, I’ll come in!” Jin sighed with relief; that was all he needed to hear. Even though he had wanted this day to come for so long, he still was a little afraid of confronting Hwoarang alone. The Japanese turned around and began to head off to the main entrance, gathering up every ounce of courage he could find.

“Knock his socks off, sekushi!” (~,sexy) Ling shouted before she disappeared behind the metal door. As Jin walked, he focused on his breathing, taking deep breaths to calm himself down while he contemplated on how to greet Hwoarang.

“Nice day, isn’t it?” The nervous Japanese said out loud to himself as he crossed his arms over for warmth. Jin looked up at the sky to see that it was murky and cold, it was clearly not a nice day. He groaned as his first suggestion was shot down and continued to think of some more phrases until his head started to hurt. He hung his head in shame as he walked closer to the entrance.

“This is ridiculous. I’m more insecure than Ling and she’s a girl.” Jin sighed deeply and concentrated one more time, clearly his mind of any doubts. He finally let out a smile and held his head high.

“I’m trying too hard. I’ve just got to believe in myself and let it come natural.” Jin smiled cozily as all of his fears and qualms began to be erased from his mind.

“I’ll never know if I don’t try.” He told himself and with that, he walked with confidence towards the front of the arcade where Hwoarang waited. As soon as Jin passed around the corner, he could see Hwoarang resting against a cement pillar. The Korean was wearing a white, unbuttoned collar shirt tucked into his pants with his cuffs undone at the end of his hands. His shirt was open to reveal his bare, naked well-toned chest and his soft, smooth stomach. As if that wasn’t enough, the cold wind swept across his body to define his hard, perked nipples. Jin had to do a double take at the sexy sight of the Korean and nearly had his breath taken away from him. The Japanese was far done from scanning Hwoarang’s body, he was going to enjoy this moment before he engaged in any conversation. As Jin studied the great and beautiful entity known as Hwoarang, he saw that the Korean was wearing tight, jet-black leather pants that formed over his strong, muscular legs nicely. Jin found himself doing a triple take at the handsome Korean and continue to look over him. The Japanese focused on Hwoarang’s soft and tender face that hid behind the strands of the Korean’s silky crimson hair that flowed in the wind. With the wind effect that Hwoarang was getting, it made him look like even more desirable. The Korean was for a lack of a better word, perfect, in the eyes of Jin.

God, even his hair looks good, Jin thought to himself. The Japanese shook his head to clear his mind again, Hwoarang was quite the distraction. Once Jin had prepared himself, he began to walk towards the Korean. As the Japanese stepped closer to the entrance, he saw that not from were Hwoarang was sitting, were the glass doors… with a Chinese girl drooling all over it. Jin laughed to himself and wished he were in her position.

Hwoarang muttered to himself in Korean as he fumbling around his pocket for his cigarette pack. After a few seconds of fiddling around, he finally managed to pull out his trusty Camel pack and his favorite yin-yang zippo. The Korean wasted no time as he whipped out his nicotine stick and flipped his zippo open. They were late, but he sort of expected that with Ling. His sigh slipped passed the cigarette that was held his lips and lit the other end. He snapped his zippo closed with a metal clang and put his things back into his pocket. Before the Korean could take one drag, he saw Jin walking towards him. Hwoarang blinked a few times before he found himself observing the tall, dark Japanese.

The first thing that Hwoarang noticed was Jin’s tender, mysterious face that was wrapped n the warmth of his smile. The Japanese’s raven hair glistened in the wind that attempted to cover his deep and intense brown eyes. The Korean found himself gazing at the nape of Jin’s neck, which gave him a nagging urge to gnaw on it. Hwoarang glanced over the Japanese’s delicate collarbone and gaped at smooth blue sweater that draped over Jin’s built body.

Goddamn it, they know my weakness!, the Korean said to himself, but that didn’t stop him from gaping at this foreign beauty. Hwoarang watched the light, silky sweater fold over Jin’s muscles and became more in rapture as the cloth overlapped over the Japanese arms. The Korean was so engaged in Jin that he had forgotten about the cigarette in his mouth, which slipped out of his lips. Hwoarang came back to reality when he saw the flickering of ashes below his eyes as the cigarette dropped into his shirt. The Korean yelled when the cigarette burned against his body and fished around in his shirt for it. He finally pulled the bastard out and flicked the cigarette away.

“Little fucker!” He whispered harshly. Hwoarang dusted the ashes off his shirt as the Japanese approached him.

“I told you those are bad for you.” Jin said with a gentle smile. The Korean looked up at his greeter and laughed as he shook his shirt free of anymore debris.

“That was just one of those rare instants. Besides cigarettes aren’t bad.” Hwoarang crawled to his feet and brushed off the dirt off his pants.

“Oh, really?” Jin raised eyebrow as he glared jokingly at Hwoarang for an answer.

“Yeah, they make you appreciate air.” The Korean replied with a grin.

“Then you must really appreciate air when you’re playing DDR.” Jin said with a soft laugh.

“After every song.” The Korean’s grin grew wider as he slipped his hands into his pocket before he continued, “No, I’m not that bad. Playing DDR isn’t a problem because I don’t feed my body crap!” Hwoarang yelled to Ling who was still panting like a dog behind the glass doors.

“So… I’m guessing we’re on friendly terms for Ling’s sake today.” The Japanese said with a light smile growing on his face. Hwoarang glanced over his shoulder and slightly hide his face underneath his hair.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that...” The Korean turned around to face his longtime nemesis and pulled his hands out of his pockets.

“Since Ling is still punishing me, I’m gonna be seeing you nearly every day until the tournament…” Hwoarang began to scratch the base of his neck and shuffle his feet on the floor as he attempted to continue, “and I thought we might as well call for a truce.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” The Japanese said as he stepped closer to the Korean and held out his hand, “Until the tournament then?” Hwoarang breathed a tender laugh and sighed.

“Yeah,” The Korean replied and shook Jin’s hand. Hwoarang slipped his hand out of the handshake and grinned as he glared the Japanese, “Don’t get me wrong, I still have every intention to defeating you, Kazama.” Jin’s smile faded away at those words while he exhaled quietly with his eyes closed and his head hung low. Hwoarang then turned his back to the mournful Japanese and began to walk away.

“I plan to kick both your asses at the tournament,” The Korean stated as he headed for the glass doors, “But… that doesn’t mean we all can’t be friends.” Jin looked up as he watched the Korean walk away and a sigh of relief came from the Japanese’s lips. The Japanese followed after the Hwoarang and noticed that the Korean stopped dead in his tracks. Jin glanced over Hwoarang’s shoulder to see what was holding them up and saw Ling… collapsed on the floor with her leg convulsing in the air. The Japanese glanced over to see the Korean’s eye twitching at the sight of the corrupted Chinese girl. Jin exhaled a sigh and closed his eyes at the embarrassing child.

“I don’t even want to comprehend what she’s thinking now.” Jin said as he opened the door and attempted to pull the spasm like girl into his arms.

Probably the same thing I am, Hwoarang joked to himself with a laugh. The Korean leaned stepped passed the glass doors and leaned over Ling. The Chinese girl slowly came back to reality and glanced up to see two handsome over her. In one swift hop, she wrapped her arms around the boys’ neck and hung in mid air.

“Two! Two bishes in one!” (Bish: short for Bishounen... Bishounen: Hot Young Guy) The happy girl cried as the guys struggled to hold her weight.

“Linnnnggg.” Hwoarang said in a stern voice as he peered down at the Chinese girl. Ling gave a lop-sided grin then climbed to her feet and started hopping alternatively on her feet.

“Well, now that you two are ready, let’s go play some DDR!” She declared with her hand in the air as she marched off into the grand arcade. Jin and Hwoarang looked at each other for a moment and stared at Ling as she stumbled all over the walkway until they let out some laughs. Together, the two followed after the girl, who was digging around in her courier bag.

“Hey, Hwoarangy!” Ling said as she turned around to face them with her trusty video camera in her hand.

“Hey what?” He replied, looking at Ling suspiciously with an arched eyebrow.

“Wanna see a naked Jin?” The Chinese girl smirked evilly as she tapped her fingers on her electronic companion. The Korean blinked a few times before he could finally answer.


“LING!!” The tortured Jin cried, interrupting Hwoarang before he could finish his word, “How did you-why-when did you-?” Ling giggled at the nervous wreck of a boy as she placed a hand on her hip and shook her finger in the air.

“You should never change in front of a bishounen-yaoi obsessed fan girl!” The Chinese girl exclaimed, leaving Hwoarang gasping at the Japanese.

“You changed in front of her?!” Hwoarang said in a shrill voice.

“She had her back turned, I thought it was safe!” Jin sobbed as his head hung low once again.

“There, there,” Hwoarang comforted with a pat on the Japanese back, “We’ve all been a victim of this sick girl’s demonic mind.” Ling stomped her foot at the Korean’s comment and stormed up into his face.

“Hey! I resent that! I am not demonic!” She growled with a snort and turned to Jin with a cheerful smile, “And don’t worry Jin, I’ll make it up to you, I’ll just show you the tape of Miss Saluta-”

“LING. Your very life depends on you if you finish that statement.” Hwoarang said grimly, cutting her off. The smile on the wicked girl transformed into a sly grin and her eyes narrowed at him.

“Miss Salu-” The Chinese girl attempted to say.

“Don’t even.”

“Miss Sa-”

“Okay, now I’m just gonna have to kick your ass.” The Korean took one step towards the threatening girl before she squealed and darted off to the dancing machine.

“Don’t worry about it. The only person who’s gonna watch it is her.” Hwoarang said, trying to assure the red cheeked Jin.

“That’s what I’m worried about.” The Japanese replied with an uneasy laugh. A horrid look came on Hwoarang’s face.

“Ugh! If that’s the case, then we’re both screwed.” The Korean started to head towards the gaming machine, but stopped after he noticed that Jin hadn’t budged.

“Come on, don’t let it get ya down. I’ll save face for you by kicking her ass at DDR. She can’t stand that and us victims have got to stick together, you know.” Hwoarang gave a thumbs-up and began to wander in the direction of the machine.

“All right.” Jin chuckled softly and followed after the Korean. They hadn’t walked far before several shrieks filled the air, which made them stop dead in their tracks.

“AAAAAAHHHHhh! MIMASU! HWOARANG WA KOKO NI!” (Look! Hwoarang’s here!) The flock of fan girls screamed as they rushed towards the Korean from all directions.

“Oh, Dear God in Heaven!” Hwoarang cried in a panic as he tried to look for an escape.

“What is… going on?” Jin looked around nervously, watching the girls surrounding and appearing from all around.

“Hold me!” The Korean said as he clasped his arms around Jin’s neck and cowered against the Japanese chest. Kazama looked down at the frightened boy then glanced up at the herd of girls closing in on them.

“Why do you have fan girls every-!?” Jin managed to cry before several girls pounced on them. In a few seconds the two men were swallowed up by the other bishounen obsessed girls. Jin had thought he was violated before, but all this grabbing and prodding gave a whole new definition to that word. Meanwhile, Hwoarang wondered why in Hell the Iron Tournament had to post his practice routine on daytime TV. Apparently, the split-level kicks Hwoarang performed in only his Tae Kown Do pants made he quite popular among the girls. The Korean was kicking himself in head for doing something so stupid or he wished he could at the moment. After a near minute of the fan girls begging for dates, his phone number, and… favors, a dark, voice vibrated through the air.

“NaNi O sHiTeRu??” (WhAt ArE yOu DoInG?!) A low, fierce husky voice bellowed at the crowd of girls. The girls stopped and slowly turned around, frightened to see who was growling at them. Before them was enraged woman with eyes raging like brimstone, as if it was the fires of Hell itself. Her dark hair frilled violently in the air and her hands were gripped in a fist that made all the muscles in her arms bulge out. The schoolgirls gazed in horror at the sight of purgatory reincarnated in this young Chinese girl.

“SoRe OtoKo wA WaTaShI nO MoNo!” (ThOsE mEn ArE mInE!) The guttural voice roared.

“SaRu!!” (LEAVE!!)The girls began to cautiously creep away from the Japanese and the Korean, keeping their eyes at the delirious woman. However, the furious Chinese girl wanted their pathetic presence out of her sight instantly.

“IMAAAA!!!” (NOW!!) The girls scattered away like insects to reveal the two battered, disheveled boys. Ling walked over to them, still in her monstrous form and glared at any other female whom dared to catch a glimpse of her “possessions”. Jin peered tentatively at this alternate form of Ling and hesitated to try to communicate with her.

“Umm… Ling?” The Japanese asked, cowering against Hwoarang for safety. The beast suddenly disappeared to show a happy, perky Chinese girl.

“Haaaiii, Jinni-Sama!” (Yes, Lord Jinny!) The estatic girl wailed as she clasped against the Japanese’s chest. A confused, exasperated look came across Jin’s face, everything about Ling was just bewildering. Hwoarang on the other hand, tapped his fingers against his pants.

“Ling, you are by far, the most bipolar girl I have ever met.” The Korean stated. In an instant, Ling’s eyes narrowed and Hwoarang’s leg was greeted by a kick to the shins.

“Ling… you just proved his point.” Jin said with a slight stern look while Hwoarang grunted a little at the girl, but shrugged it off.

“Well, anyway, you are a freak, but thanks for getting rid of the fan-club.” The Korean sighed tiredly as he thought of how many girls were captivated by him and scratched his neck. Ling sensed Hwoarang’s weary thoughts and hopped over to him like a comforting puppy.

“Yes, they did seem to leave in a hurry when Ling came along. Although, I was getting ready to run for the door too when I saw Ling like that.” Jin commented as he glanced at the fawning Chinese girl.

“That’s this kid’s one good and only use.” Hwoarang said, plopping his hand on Ling’s head who was pouting already.

“I suppose, but why were they so scared?” Jin looked off to find any of their assailants, but none of them were in sight. Hwoarang laughed uncomfortably and grind his teeth together as he tried to look Jin in the eye.

“Yeah, well, Ling, uh… she kinda, uh…she kinda beat the shit out of them the last time they attacked me.”

“Ling!” Jin was overcome with shock, he never thought Ling would ever be that violent.

“What?! They were touching him! And Hwoarangy’s mine!” She said trying to defend herself as she wrapped herself around Hwoarang’s arm.

“Better than a guard dog, huh?” Hwoarang grinned and patted Ling on the head, who made a cute growl in agreement. Jin laughed a little at their brother-sister relationship and looked at Hwoarang with a slight smile.

“So, you’re a girl magnet?” The Japanese asked.

“Not because I want to be! God!” Hwoarang replied quickly with a disgusted look.

“Yeah, he’d rather be popular with the boys!” Ling exclaimed, sticking her tongue out. The Korean felt his eye twitch again and glared at Ling, who was still sticking her tongue out at him. Hwoarang took the opportunity to then smack the Chinese girl across the head.

“Oww, don’t hit me! Jinny, tell him not to hit me!” Ling said as she hid behind the Japanese and pushed him closer to Hwoarang. Jin stared at the Korean blankly, not knowing what to say.

“Well?” Hwoarang placed his hands on his hips and took a step closer to Jin, “Are you going to tell me stop hitting her?” The Japanese could feel the Korean’s hot breath and quickly looked away.

“I don’t know if I’m the person to tell you to stop doing anything.”

“Ha! Whatcha gonna do now, Ling?” The Korean taunted, peering over Jin.

“Well, ah, I’m gonna-I’m gonna play DDR, that’s what I’m going to do!” She said as she began to run for the dancing machine.

“Oh, no you don’t!” The Korean declared as he grabbed hold of one of the Chinese girl’s pigtails then tossed her to the ground and grasped Jin’s sweater, pulling him along, “Come on, Jin!” Hwoarang said as he raced for the machine, dragging Jin behind. The Korean finally let go of the Japanese and hopped over the machine’s bracing bar, landing on the metal dance pad. Hwoarang looked back to see Jin close on his tail and watched him as he stepped up to the machine. And not too far behind Jin, scampered the Chinese girl who immediately stood behind the two boys and stomped her feet solidly on the floor with her hands clutched into fists at her thighs.

“That was dirty, Hwoarangy!” The flustered girl roared with her one messed up ponytail bobbing up and down. The Korean sighed with a laugh and turned around to face the girl, leaning his arms over the dancing bar.

“And that’s just the way I like it!” Hwoarang said with a grin. Ling’s cheeks turned to a wine red and gaped at the naughty Korean.

“Pervert! Jinny, tell him play fair!” The Chinese girl said as she bounced like a hyper bunny in front of the Japanese. Jin just stared dumbfounded at the feisty, buoyant creature before him. Hwoarang raised an eyebrow and glanced over at the eccentric Ling.

“Hey! Quit treating Jin like he’s the a mother-figure!” The Korean yelled at the springing, nagging insect of a girl. Ling stopped leaping in the air and stomped on the floor as she turned to Hwoarang.

“Jin has a mind of his own, don’t you, Jinny? Now to tell him to play fair!” She hollered, quickly turning back to the Japanese. Jin sighed and leaned over the bar as well, smiling at the determined little girl.

“Now, Ling, all’s fair in love and war.” Ling’s jaw dropped to the floor at her sudden betrayal and stood there awestruck at Jin. Hwoarang roared up a laugh and propped his elbow on the Japanese’s shoulder.

“Now, that’s my man!” The Korean exclaimed, making Jin’s face turn to a soft rose pink.

“You two are so dead!!” The Chinese girl growled as she scurried off like a rat into the arcade. Hwoarang chuckled to himself and patted Jin lightly on the back.

“Well, come on, I’ll let ya choose the first song.” Jin smiled to himself and turned to the machine, flipping through the songs with the select button that was below the screen. Oddly enough, the Japanese could hear Ling’s voice echoing through his head.

If you and Hworangy end up on the DDR machine together then you have to choose “In the Navy”!, resonated over and over inside Jin’s head as if it was on repeat. Jin did feel a little guilty for not siding with Ling and thought perhaps he could make it up to her by choosing that specific song. The Japanese shrugged a “why not?” and selected the song. Hwoarang looked over at Jin with an arched eyebrow.

“That song’s gayer than Velvet Goldmine.” The Korean stated, peering at the Japanese. Jin smiled warily and laughed a little.

“But I really love the galloping part.” The Japanese said trying to defend himself. However, the truth was Jin was horrible at galloping, he just had a hard time skipping quickly from one foot to the other then slowly down and repeating the process. Hwoarang sighed and just held his hand in the air.

“All right, it’s your song. You could have picked Sung Suk, Ba Kkwo, Wa, or any other Korean song, but nooooo. You had to pick one that Ling makes me play every damn time!” The Korean said, placing his head in his hand as the song began to start. Jin closed his eyes and made another uneasy smile.

“I’m sorry.” Hwoarang snorted a sigh and braced himself for the song.

“Eh, don’t worry about. I’m just still upset that Ling is able to beat me at this song.” The Korean and the Japanese both, turned their attention to the screen and concentrated on reading the arrows that came scrolling up from the bottom on the screen. Hwoarang gave a tired sigh and started singing the song’s lyrics as he stepped to the beat.

“In the Navy! We want you… in the Navy! We want you in the captain’s crew!” Hwoarang sang, which resembled a lot like “In The Navy” by the Village People. But Hwoarang started to improvise the lyrics as soon as the galloping part came in.

“In the Navy, this song’s gayer than Nsync!” The Korean sung out loud as he began to prance around the metal dance pad as if he was a school kid skipping around. Meanwhile, Jin concentrated with all might to read and comply with arrows, making a decent struggle skipping from one foot to another. Then there was Ling, who was gazing in awe at the two handsome stretching their legs about the dance pad. The Chinese girl had always loved this game, but now… after watching a sexy Korean and beautiful Japanese flexing their muscular legs in the air and tightening their forms in teasing ways, Ling was ready to make Dance Dance Revolution a religion that was to be worshipped everyday. The girl just stood there, filming the entire event in one hand and taking pictures with her camera in the other, while drooling a waterfall on the arcade’s carpet.

The song was halfway finished when Hwoarang finally got into the spirit of the song and began to sing the lyrics for real. The Korean started to read the notes more carefully and found some spots where he could do some spins around the dance pad. Hwoarang took a quite glance over to the left at Jin who was studying the screen intently and grinned when he realized he was less than a foot away from the Japanese. The Korean wasted no time to perform a 360-degree spin in clockwise motion as he sang the chorus one more time.

“You can sail the seven seas! In the Navy!” The Korean sang, slapping Jin on the ass as he returned to his original position from his spin. Jin’s face turned instant pepper red as his concentration flew right out the window while Ling stood gaping with her mouth wide open at what she just saw. The Chinese girl was in so stunned that her camcorder and camera fell out of her hands while her hands hung at her side, reaching a state of overwhelming beyond words. The whole time Ling was in Heaven, Jin was still in as red as a beet and gave up on trying to continue to play. The Japanese just crossed one arm and held his crimson face in his hand. Hwoarang, however, never wavered from prancing around the metal pad. After a few moments, Ling came slamming back to reality and she scrambled for her camera to check the last picture she had took on the thing, hoping she had caught Hwoarang at the right moment. With a press of a button, she had learned that she had captured the exact moment. Her camera now was deemed priceless in her eyes as well as the shocked look Jin gave the Korean. As soon as the song came to an end, Jin was finally able to show himself to the world and saw he had gotten an “E”, meaning he had failed the entire song. Which was want the Japanese expected, who could concentrate after getting slapped on the ass by an arousing Korean? The Chinese girl came pouncing up like a tiger to the two dance pads, now was her chance to give Jin an opportunity he had always wanted. Ling tried to shake off the shivers she was getting from remembering that picture and glanced over Hwoarang’s score.

“201 perfects out of a possible 307. Wow, you suck Hwoarangy.” She said in a tad of a snobbish voice. Hwoarang blinked a few times and looked at her.

“Say what?” The Korean attempted to say calmly. Ling balled her hands up into fists and placed them on her hips.

“I said you suck big time.” The Chinese girl stated with a yawn, she knew she had hit a nerve big time. Hwoarang loomed over, trying to keep his temper under control and crossed his arms over his chest.

“And I suppose you could do better?” The Korean’s eye was twitching beyond control at the offending child. Ling just scoffed and placed her hands on the bars while she tilted her head with her eyes closed.

“Well, DUH. And I could do it slapping Jin on the ass ten times.” She said, looking away from him. Hwoarang actually blushed softly and glanced briefly at Jin before he started growling.

“ALL RIGHT! THAT’S IT! YOU AND ME! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!” Hwoarang said stomping his foot on the machine while pointing to the DDR screen. Ling’s eye lit up at the mention of those words and she grinned slyly. She peered over her shoulder at Jin, who was trying to read her mind. She gave Jin a quick wink and turned to face her all time DDR rival.

“Bring it on! 3 rounds based on how many perfects you get and the winner gets to make the loser do anything after each round!” Ling proclaimed as she held a finger to the Korean. Hwoarang smirked and looked down on her. They both knew who was superior to one another, but Ling was positive that if she believed in herself enough then she could keep her promise to Jin.

“You’re on.” The Korean said with a wicked smile. Ling returned the evil look back at him and held her hands on her waist once more.

“All right. If I win then you have to kiss Jin.” The Korean’s grin dropped to the floor and was replaced by a near blank look.

“What?” Hwoarang tried to say without stammering and blushing. Ling kept the stubborn look on her face and took a step closer to the Korean.

“You heard me, if you lose then you’re going to kiss Jin.” Hwoarang shook his head, trying to keep his mind out of the gutter and trying not to embarrass himself.

“Now-now-now wait a minute! You can’t suggest something like that! We can’t throw Jin in the middle of this!” Hwoarang quickly looked to the Japanese for some support, “Jin, back me up on this!” Jin skimmed over Hwoarang, trying to read his emotions. Unable to determine anything, the Japanese looked to Ling, thinking that it may be inappropriate.

“He may be right, Ling.” Jin said softly, which just made the Chinese girl even more fixated on this and she turned sternly to the Japanese.

“What’s the matter, Jin? Don’t want to lose your first kiss to a guy?” She said out loud for the whole world to hear as she held her nose in the air. Once again, the poor Japanese blushed instantly while his hair puffed out like a hissing cat. Hwoarang did a double take of Jin until he could be able to answer.

“FIRST KISS?!” The Korean cried, looking to Jin for an answer

“We agreed that the winner can make the loser do anything he or she wants!” Ling stormed, staying in her dominant stance in front of the Korean.

“Well, yeah, but-” Hwoarang tried to say, scratching his head, “But he’s a virgin!” he cried in a loud voice pointing to the direction of the labeled virgin, loud anything to catch anyone’s attention in the arcade. Ling blinked a few times at the Korean.

“Okay, what kind of kiss are you thinking about?” She asked, getting a glimpse of the red popsicle stick known as Jin.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!” the Korean stormed.

“Okay, so you’re backing out of a bet because of that?” The Chinese girl said interrupting him. Hwoarang gave her that look. This girl just knew where and how to hit Hwoarang’s spots.

“Well, no, but-!” He replied, trying to figure out a good argument against this.

“Well, then what’s it gonna be?!” Ling growled into his face, expecting an immediate answer. Hwoarang sighed and glanced over to Jin again, he just didn’t know what to say. Ling sensed his puzzlement and exhaled tiredly, stepping off the dance pad.

“I’ll let you think about it.” She said as she drifted off into the arcade, but not before she poked from behind a machine to say, “But only for a minute!” And with that, the Japanese and the Korean were left alone. Silence seemed to be there main conversation as they exchanged glances now and then. Jin watched the Korean, studying his every moment from his posture to his breathing. The Japanese could see Hwoarang was quite uncomfortable with the thought of kissing him and the reflection he could see in the Korean’s eye showed the inner turmoil. Jin exhaled a long sigh and looked at Hwoarang’s face with a sorrowful longing. As much the Japanese didn’t want to say, he had to. The last thing Kazama wanted to do was to force the Korean into this sort of situation. Even though it pained the Japanese to back away from his desires, if Hwoarang didn’t feel the same way then it would be in vain and it would make Jin’s affections even harder to deal with.

“You should tell her you don’t want to do this.” Jin gazed at the Korean as his rubbed his neck in thought and watched as Hwoarang dropped his hand to his side.

“It’s that I don’t want to-” Hwoarang stopped himself, realizing that he was about to say what he really felt. What the hell was I thinking?, the Korean told himself and shuffled his feet along the floor as he tried to figure out a way to explain this without his dying urge taking hold of his tongue.

“I mean, Ling and I always make bets with each other and neither one of us have backed down… I guess you could say this is how we strive for perfection. Neither one of us wants the other one to win and… I don’t want to break that tradition.” The Korean said, trying to clear Jin of any of Hwoarang’s real intended thoughts. Jin forced a small smile and sighed a soft laugh as he looked away.

“No offense, but it’s funny that someone who gets SSS’s on Maniac songs is afraid of making a gamble with someone who is inferior to them.” Hwoarang looked up at the Japanese as the statement began to make sense to the Korean. Hwoarang started laughing, chuckling louder as he continued.

“You know? You’re right! I never worried about consequences before, why should I now? I’ll always be better then her, so there’s no point to being nervous!” The Korean said as he slapped the metal bars of the machine and turned around lean his back against them. Jin smiled with a hint of joy, he was relieved that the Korean was in a better mood. “That’s good. So, what are you going to make her do if you win?” Hwoarang totally blanked on that question for a few seconds and remembered this is a 3 round bet. The Korean lightly slapped his forehead and lightly placed his hand into his silky hair.

“I haven’t even thought of that!” And then the most intense, evil grin came across the Korean’s face as he pondered the wagers, “How should I punish for the shit she’s made me done?” Hwoarang said as his other hand tapped against the metal with light pings. At that moment, Jin heard his mother’s philosophy echoing through his head; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Japanese chuckled a few laughs and turned to the Korean.

“I always believed that someone should always have a taste of their own medicine.” Hwoarang’s eyes grew wide with excitement as his grin became more wicked. The Korean wrapped his arm around Jin’s neck, pulling him into a grapple hold and rubbed his knuckles into Kazama’s hair.

“Jin, you’re a genius!” Hwoarang exclaimed as he leaned his arm on the Japanese’s shoulder and glanced around the room, “Now, who will be that lucky guy?” In the corner of his eye, Kazama spotted the perfect subject for their little experiment.

“How about that one?” The Japanese pointed to the bench where one man sat, trying to maintain consciousness. The Korean leaned over Jin and followed along the direction of the Japanese’s finger. Hwoarang grinned at the sight of the person, feeling the sweet taste of revenge.

“Oh, yeah! Payback’s a bitch!” The two boys smiled happily at each other and started laughing. Once Hwoarang stopped laughing, he realized he was just inches away from the Japanese’s gentle face. The Korean turned a little inward, trying not to be so obvious. Hwoarang glanced down, the fuzzy sweater was weight slightly off the Japanese’s shoulder revealing a bare collarbone. The Korean gritted his teeth together while his free hand dig into the bars, scratching lightly against steel.

He’s so close… it’s like I could touch him… Hwoarang blinked a few times then remembered he is touching him, the Korean still had his arm around the Japanese’s shoulder. Hwoarang felt like smacking himself for being so corny and tried to focus on breathing. However, when he took a deep breath in, he smelled the sweet, strong aroma of Jin’s cologne and found himself taking another intense breath, sighing dreamily to himself. Soon, the Korean was fighting himself from gnawing on Jin’s neck.

MUST.. CONTAIN.. THYSELF, the Korean stated firmly to himself. Why was it so hard for the Korean to tell Kazama how he felt? What was stopping Hwoarang from pulling Jin into his arms and napping on his neck? The Korean cursed himself for his pride, his stubbornness, but as much as he wanted to blame it on past’s feelings, the truth was he was scared. He was afraid of opening himself to someone else once again, frightened of the fact that he would trust that person with his heart. It had been so long since he felt safe with someone else, but Hwoarang still longed for that sense of security during these isolated years. If Hwoarang wanted that feeling again then he would have to leave himself defenseless at Jin’s mercy, but then again that is what it means to be free. To be completely open and naked to another person and they embrace for everything you are. Hwoarang wanted everything about Jin, his body, his mind, soul, bonds… love… everything. He could admit it to himself, but could he find it in himself to be free again? The Korean just gazed at the lovely Japanese as he continued to point out several people and sighed himself, clearing his thoughts.

Ling watched her bishounen from behind the arcade machines, observing their every movement. The Chinese hopped off the stool and prepped her video equipment while she hopped around happily to herself.

“Finally, all my hard work is going to pay off!” She squealed to herself as she slipped in a new memory card for her camcorder and placed it back in her bag.

“Oh, Ling is so happy!” She said as she balled her fist up together and jumped around. Ling looked down at her watch and decided she had given the boys enough time to themselves. Taking a deep breath, the Chinese girl focused on her breathing and her concentration. All the hours she had practiced on Hwoarang’s favorite song will finally be put to the test. And like a cheerful bunny, she pranced back over to her friends and clasped her hands together. She was thrilled that the two were getting along so well, everything was going according to plan.

“Weeeeeell, have you decided?” The girl said in a coy voice as she laced her fingers on top of the metal bar.

“Of course, you’d think I’d back down from a challenge? However, I suggest we get this over in two songs. You chose one and I chose one.” Hwoarang replied with a grin and looked at Jin, who returned a smile.

“Heh, easy enough!” The Chinese girl swung herself over the bar and landed on the dance pad. She performed her favorite, dominant pose with her hands on her hips and tilted her head at her DDR nemesis.

“Oh, by the way, Hwoarangy, you have to actually kiss Jin for 10 seconds and I don’t want none of that still life statue crap! You’re gonna be lip locking and sucking!” She indicated with her pointed finger. Hwoarang laughed and leaned his hand on the metal bar.

“All right, but keep in mind that you have to do that too.” The Chinese girl’s pose diminished into thin air as her mouth gaped open.

“WHAT?” Ling was still trying to comprehend what just had been said.

“It’s not fair that I’m the only one to give away free kisses, so if I win, you have to kiss the person I selected specifically for you.” Ling’s was overcome with shock. She looked to Jin for some sort of explanation, but he just smiled warmly and gave her wave. Hwoarang grinned at the girl’s misfortune and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Unless, you’re too afraid.” The Korean said with a shrug. In an instant, Ling gained back her fiery attitude and growled.

“I’m not afraid of nothing!” The Chinese girl slammed her feet onto the metal pad, commanding that they play. Hwoarang peered over to Jin and gave him a wink. The Japanese gave a happy smile with a slight shrug, trying to hide the hint of red coming over his face. Hwoarang grinned to himself; this was going to be riot. The Korean laced his fingers together and cracked his knuckles calmly, then faced Ling.

“Don’t…” the Korean said as he popped the bones in his neck, moving it around in a circle, “cry.” Ling snorted at him before leaping for the selecting buttons.

“I get to choose first!” Ling claimed as she started to flip through the song list until she spotted the perfect song. Hwoarang groaned at the sight of the song she had selected and held his head in his hand.

“What the hell is it with you and galloping songs?! Goddamn “Luv To Me!!” the Korean cried as he tossed his head in frustration. Ling wasted no time to start the song and hoped it would catch the Korean off guard. As soon as Hwoarang glanced up he saw the scroll of arrows flying up the screen.

“Oh, shit!” the Korean yelled on reflex, quickly gaining his balanced stance for the approaching steps. Ling grinned at Hwoarang’s response, thinking she had an advantage over him now. Jin watched the two hot heads slam their feet aggressively against the metal pad, he was sort of surprised that they hadn’t tried to push each other. However, Jin did know this was an important match… in a very strange way. Both of their honor and skill are being tested in this endurance jumping game, or rather sport. This was more than a game to them and the Japanese could see that with the determined looks on their faces.

Ling growled as the song came near then end and put all of her heart, mind, and soul in her last steps before she finally collapsed on the dance pad. Hwoarang glanced down at the panting Ling with a wicked a smile.

“Still breathing?” The Korean taunted with one hand up in the air and the other slightly tucked into his pants. The Chinese girl gave a little wolf growl, but her attention quickly turned to the screen, which was tallying up their scores. Jin crept up behind the two and hopped up between the metal bars as he read off the given scores.

“297 perfects against Hwoarang’s 324 perfects…” The Japanese said, as he tried to give a not so nervous smile to the Chinese girl.

“NANI?!!?!” (WHAT?!) Ling screamed as it echoed throughout the arcade. The Chinese girl started snarling ferociously and began kicking her feet nonstop against metal pad. Hwoarang and Jin watched in embarrassment as Ling threw a temper tantrum like a three-year old kid.

“Done yet?” The Korean peered down at the childish girl, who was pouting her lips at him. The Chinese girl stood promptly and firmly crossed her arms over her chest.

“FINE, pick the loser I have to kiss!” Ling said, looking away for her male companions.

“Now, Ling why do you have to be like that?” The Korean said in a soft voice that irritated the hell out of Ling as he placed an arm over her shoulders, “Just think of it this way, the person won’t be a loser anymore, well, because you were gracious enough to grant him a kiss.” The Chinese girl remained stiff and cold in the Korean’s slight embrace.

“Bite me.” Ling stated as she narrowed her eyes at Hwoarang. The Korean grinned happily and softly grabbed Ling’s chin in one hand, pointing her in the direction of her “loser” who was sitting on a bench.

“He’s looking rather lonely, don’t ya think?” Ling nearly gagged at the sight of person and whipped around to face Hwoarang, but before she could even get a response out the Korean pushed her off in the gentleman’s direction.

“Well? Get to it!” The Korean smirked as the girl stumbled towards the fortunate man. Hwoarang hung his arms over the metal bar, resting himself against the bar comfortable. Jin quietly stepped up behind the Korean and crosses his arms over his chest, holding his elbows in his palms.

“I don’t think she’ll ever forgive you for this.” The Japanese said with a soft laugh.

“Oh, she’ll live. What doesn’t kill her makes her stronger.” The Korean replied with a hand waving in the air.

Ling quickly glanced over her shoulder to see her two friends watching her every move then turned back to the person she had to kiss. She groaned at the sight of the pathetic man and felt her body go limp. The Chinese girl shook her head violently, trying to regain back her vibrant energy… she was going to need a lot of it for this. With strong and forced determination, she walked towards the male sitting on the bench. However, the closer she got, the more she wanted to run away screaming. The “gentleman” Hwoarang had chosen for her was a withered, old man. Every step Ling took, revealed another unattractive trait, but the one that bothered her the most was his skin that looked like a decaying wrinkled, sun-dried pear. Ling closed her eyes, hoping she could erase the image of the old fart, but his tattered, uncombed hair and sagging lips was enough to give her nightmares for life.

Oh, my God, he’s molding! Ling whimpered in her mind. She stood in front of him as she cowered at her fate. The Chinese girl took the deepest breath she could take and slightly let out a terrified shriek before swooping the sagging face in her hands. As she forced her lips to press against the shriveling prune lips, feeling every crack and wrinkle in his lips. Ling held in her breath as she squirmed against the surprised elder, afraid of smelling the decaying skin. It was enough already that she had to taste the mildew and not to mention the saliva that was started to creep to the old man’s lips. Jin and Hwoarang were watching from afar, leaning over the DDR bars with suspense, especially the Korean who was taping this entire event with Ling’s own weapon of choice, the camcorder. The boys snickered to themselves as the poor Chinese girl was stomping her feet wildly on the carpet to release her anger. Finally, Ling was facing the laws of karma for all the things she had done to the Korean and the Japanese. The mere sight of Ling struggling with her doom gave a sinister, yet pleasing sensation.

“7… 8… 9…!” Jin said with slight laugh. Before the Japanese could say “ten”, the two boys saw the old man’s hand slide up Ling’s skirt, grabbing her ass. As soon the two started gaping at the sight, a high pitch scream ripped through the entire arcade, traveling even to the upper floors. The Chinese girl came running at her two bishounen with her hands flailing around in the air… she was still screaming. The moment she was before her suppose friends, she was hunched over spitting and gagging at their feet.

“Dear God!” Hwoarang cried, hopping a step back away from the salivating girl. Jin just made a soft smile, which Ling quickly interpreted as a grin. However, that didn’t matter to the unfortunate child who could still feel the taste of the decaying old man on the tip of her tongue. In a instant, Ling pounced on the Korean’s shirt, holding it in her shaking hands, and dragged her tongue dry all over it.

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LING!!!” The Korean quickly ripped his shirt away from the violating girl and tried the shake the fabric dry.

“I HATE YOU, HWOARANG!!!!!” The girl roared angrily, trying to loom over him. Before Hwoarang could even answer, she whipped around, facing Jin and yanked his sweater into her hands.

“AND I HATE YOU, JIN!!!” She yelled at the Japanese.

“But I didn’t even do anything!” Jin replied, trying to defend himself against this mad woman.

“Now, now, Ling,” Hwoarang interrupted, pulling Ling’s hand from Jin’s lovely sweater before continuing, “You reap what you sow and it sucks to be you now because we’re starting Round 2.” The Korean grinned evilly without fear at the psychotic state of a girl.

“You wouldn't!” She hissed back, baring her fangs at the threatening Korean. Hwoarang gave a corrupt smile as he stepped out of the way to reveal his song of choice, which was one of the five most difficult songs on the entire 3rd Mix 45 song list machine.

“WHY ME, GOD?!?!?!” She cried, grabbing ahold of Jin’s mysterious butterfly blue sweater, shaking it wildly as her voice reached up to heaven. She collapsed against Jin, on the verge of sobbing. The Japanese winced as the helpless girl and lightly embraced with his arms. Even though she had put him through hell, it was hard for him to laugh at her misfortunate or anything cruel for that matter.

“Paranoia Rebirth really isn’t all that bad, is it Ling?” The Japanese said in a soft voice, patting her on the back. Hwoarang smile grew even wider at the mention of the song’s name.

“It’s my song!” The Korean gloated proudly and slapped the button to begin the second session of the DDR bet.

“Your song?” Jin asked, but before he could ask another question he saw Ling looking at him. She was grinning happily with her eyes closed and her tongue sticking out at him playfully. He eyes flipped open and she gave the Japanese a quick wink before hopping to the dance pad. In that moment, Jin realized that this was what Ling was talking and prepared about. In a few seconds the two were pounding their feet against the metal pads with nothing but sheer concentration on their faces. Jin watch his fellow companions studying the screen immensely and beating their feet to the rhythm of the song, seeing nothing but perfects and greats flashing at the top of the screen. The Japanese snapped back to reality when Ling broke the silence.

“FUUUUUCKKKK!!!!!” She yelled in utter frustration, and in that brief second Jin saw a good pop up on the screen. The Chinese girl started slamming her feet even hard and on the last step, she smashed the left arrow pad with all her strength. A light shatter singed the air and Ling foundered to the floor, showing the cracked on the clear plate. While Ling panted tiredly, Hwoarang gave his shirt a little shake and wiped off the small amount of sweats that collected along the sides of his head.

“I hardly broke a sweat!” The Korean said proudly as he leaned against the metal bar, waiting for the scores to be tallied up. The screen glowed brightly, revealing the scores, the future fate for the players.

“Let’s see here,” Hwoarang said with a cocky voice as he read of the scores, “And A for you and a SS for me.” Ling let a low growl at the mention of the word and preceded to pout on dance pad while he continued.

“Wow, Ling a 419 combo, to think you had only 14 steps left to go. Too bad you can’t be perfect like me.” The Korean taunted with a arrogant smile. The Chinese girl grunted and began to trance the dance arrow like a child playing in the sand.

“Well, I may not be perfect, but…” Ling said with a slight sniff and let an air of silence drift through before continuing, “…BUT AT LEAST I DON’T HAVE KISS JIN!!!” The hyper girl jumped to her feet and stuck her tongue out at Hwoarang while saluting.

“Wh-Wha-What the hell are you talking about?!” The Korean tried to say without sounding confused.

“HELLO! We’re having a perfect attack here, not a combo attack, Hwoarangy dear!” The girl replied, not hiding the sound of conceit in her voice. Hwoarang stared at her blankly for a few seconds before he could find words.

“But there’s no way, you could have beaten my greats!” The Korean’s face whipped quickly to the screen, reading over his scores again.

“I had 403 perfects and 30 greats!!” The Korean then peered over to Ling’s score and his jaw dropped at the sight of it.

“432 PERFECTS AND 1 GOOD!?!!?!?” Hwoarang’s eyes instantly turned to Ling, who was wearing the victory smile. Ling glanced over at Jin and grinned like the Cheshire Cat then focused back to Hwoarang.

“Pucker up!” The Chinese girl cried victoriously, sticking her tongue out at the Korean once again. Hwoarang grabbed the metal bar for support, trying to comprehend how he lost.

“No-Now, now, just wait a minute!” The red head protested, waving his hands in front of himself for emphasis, “I can’t kiss JIN!!” Hwoarang eyes widen at the sight of Ling. Her eyes had narrowed, showing only the dark, deep intense black that seeped from her eyes and her body arched , cringed angrily as she turned to face him.

“CAN’T… KISS… HIM?” A cold, chill went down Hwoarang spine as those words were spoken in a slow, morbid tone. The Chinese girl swiftly wrapped her hands around both of boys clothing and yanked them towards, making them face her wrath.

“I.KISSED.AN.OLD.MAN..THAT.ALREADY.HAD.HALF.OF.HIS.FOOT.IN.THE.GRAVE.. AND.YOU.TWO CAN’T EVEN KISS WHEN YOU BOTH HAVE GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE!?!?!?” The violent girl began to roar as her gripped tightened even more around the boys’ fabrics.

“THAT OLD MAN HAD HIS LIZARD TONGUE IN MY MOUTH!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT A TATTERED, LIMP TONGUE FEELS LIKE?!?!? AND NOT TO MENTION HE EVEN TRIED TO GET HIS HAND INTO MY UNDERWEAR!!!” In a flash, the girl yanked Hwoarang over the bar and slammed both of the full-grown men onto the floor. Her shadow loomed over the two as she stood with her chest puffed out and her hands clenched to her hips. The fury of the violated girl pointed her finger jaggedly with her fingernails lightly extended out like claws.

“If I can kiss the undead, it wouldn’t kill you two grown healthy, sexy men to kiss each other!!” She roared, stomping her foot for emphasis once again on the poor, shattered DDR pad. Hwoarang and Jin sat on the floor with their long, firm legs sprawled out on the carpet and their hands behind their back, supporting their weight. The two boys sat side by side as they tried to gain the courage to look at one another. Hwoarang finally brought the tension as he pulled himself up and hunched over his body. He glanced over at Jin who was staring meekly at the floor and took a deep breath.

“Okay… all right… We can do this.” The Korean said, trying to encourage himself as he edged slightly closer to Kazama. He looked directly into the Japanese’s eyes as he gestured his hand around in the air.

“All right, it’s just kiss, it’s not exactly like running through the street naked, right?” Hwoarang wasn’t sure if that was a rhetorical question or not, but Jin seemed to have nodded slightly at the notion. The Japanese felt his fingernails digging into the cracks of the carpet as Hwoarang moved closer and closer to him until he could the beautiful brush against him. A soft gulp grew in the Jin’s throat as the Korean crawled between his quietly shaking legs. Jin felt his heart pounding wildly against his chest as Hwoarang placed his hands over the Japanese’s legs and at his sides. As the Korean leaned in with his eyes closed, the nervous Japanese clenched his eyes shut and could practically taste the Korean’s hot breath on his face.

“It’s just kiss…” the Korean murmured softly to himself, but the Japanese heard every word and right when Hwoarang leaned in to kiss him, Jin ripped himself away. The Japanese quickly used his hands, scampering backwards, knocking Hwoarang’s hands out from under him, sending him on a crash course to Jin’s crouch. The Korean swiftly landed on his left elbow and prevented himself from coming face to face with the Japanese’s hot spot, but not shortly after Jin’s knee smacking into Hwoarang’s jaw which in turn sent the abused Korean to floor.

“What the hell, Kamaza?!?! I almost kissed your crouch!” Hwoarang thundered as he pulled himself off the ground. Jin, meanwhile was still crawling backwards slowly in a shaken state.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-” Jin cut himself when he felt his back bump against something. He whipped around to see that he had backed up across the room to a gaming machine. The Japanese eyes’ darted to his left and right, looking for the fastest escape. Jin attempted to turn over and get to his knees, but before he could do anything the Korean sneaked up between his legs and slammed his hands against the machine so that Jin was pinned between the two.

“Dammit, Jin! Quit making this so difficult!” Hwoarang said, trying to shout quietly. The Japanese squirmed underneath Hwoarang and turned his face away from the Korean. Jin gritted his teeth together and winced as he closed his eyes from the world. This wasn’t what he wanted, he didn’t Hwoarang to think of this as “just a kiss”, but Jin couldn’t bring himself to say it no matter how hard he tried. All Jin could think of to do was hide from everything and tried to by burying his burning face into his shoulder. Hwoarang sighed harshly at the sight of the Japanese and whipped Jin’s face right into his hand, forcing the Japanese to look him in the eye. The Korean waited, holding the Japanese’s chin in his hand until he was finally greeted with those deep, dark eyes. The look in Hwoarang’s eyes was different from before, if Jin didn’t know any better, he would say that… Hwoarang was serious about this. The same determination the Japanese saw when they first fought. Maybe this was a battle for them, a challenge for them to acknowledge their feelings for one another… but as before, Jin would not make the first move… Hwoarang was going and would always make the first step.

The instant Jin saw the Korean move in once again, he calmly closed his eyes and breathed one more breath before he felt the Korean’s soft, warm lips on his. The Japanese could feel his body burn with a new sensation, he felt like he was throbbing all over. His stomach raged with butterflies that burned into his sides as Hwoarang slid his knee closer to Jin’s crouch. The Korean loosened his grip on the Japanese face and brushed his hand lightly against the Japanese’s soft face before slipping his fingers through his hair. A slight creak came from Hwoarang’s leather pants as he pressed harder against Jin lips, delicately pushing the Japanese against the board. Jin could feel the Korean’s breath as he gracefully pushed his mouth open a little more as the Korean’s kisses grew fiercer. The Japanese began to natural move his smooth, wet lips to the rhythm that Hwoarang provide and started to taste more and more of the Korean. Hwoarang felt himself growing hard as he savored the Japanese eager lips, gasping quietly at every moment he felt his member throbbed painfully. The Korean pushed his leg hard against Kazama and glided his knee up and over the Japanese warm crouch, making Jin gasped. The Korean seized the opportunity and slipped his tongue lightly into the Japanese’s mouth, teasing Jin with dabbing kisses from his hot, moist tongue. Jin felt the Korean’s tongue enter his mouth and greeted it by gently sucking on it. The Japanese was overcome with instinct and gripped the Korean by his arms, tightening his hold every time the Korean brushed himself against the throbbing Japanese. Hwoarang took one last taste, licking and lightly tracing Jin’s silkly, trembling lips before tearing himself away. A small a trace of saliva tried to remain with the Japanese as Hwoarang pulled a half an arms’ length away. It felt like Hwoarang had only a glimpse of what the Japanese tasted like and he wanted more. His mind savored those moments that parts of him traveled along the Japanese anxious and welcoming body. It took a great deal of will power of restraining himself from pulling the Japanese to the floor and exploring every part of his rich, warm-toned body. The Korean exhaled a groan and watched as Jin tried to recover from the flush of emotions and fervent passion. The Japanese laid limp, trying to recover with every shuttered gasp and trying to calm the pounding of his heart. Jin was in a new world. Hwoarang could sense Jin’s exhaustion and traced the Japanese cheek with thumb as he leaned close.

“Jin…” The Japanese unconsciously glanced up at the mention of his name, still in a daze. Jin saw Hwoarang was looking over him with a warm smile and the most tender, pure eyes he had ever seen. And his smile, was so sincere… it made Jin even more dizzy.

All of a sudden a flash of light blinded them which was followed by curses.

“Damn, piece of- I told you no flash!!” Ling said, reprimanding her camera. Hwoarang was on his feet in no time, facing the Chinese girl with his feet apart, head hung low, hiding his face and his arms dangling at his side as if he was a possessed monster. He was pissed. Not only did she took advantage of situation, she ruined the moment. The Korean was more angry that she interrupted them, he could have stood there, gazing forever at the blushing Japanese, but no… this girl, this bitch had to put an end to that and Hwoarang was going to KICK HER ASS.

“Uh, Hwoarangy?” Ling asked nervously, noticing the strange demonic look in his eye.

“LINGGGGGGGG…” He replied back in a long, drown out growl. As soon as Ling started running, Hwoarang was on her ass like white on rice, tearing and clawing at just an hand’s reach away.

Jin laughed softhearted, clutching the burning butterflies in his stomach and regained his breath slowly, but surely. He smiled to himself as he heard the two running around the arcade and finally opened his eyes, seeing the world in a whole different light.

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