Author's Notes: I cried while writing this one. ;_; Yes, I'm very attached to my characters. ;_;

The Chronicles of Obsession: Desire

Chapter 2 - Sleep

By Jiji Kero

Ling narrowed her eyes at phone as it rang out a long dial tone. He hung up on her... she couldn't believe it. She let out a gritted growl as she tried to refrain herself from throwing the phone to the floor and stomping on it. A long, frustrated grunt rolled off her throat while she gripped the phone tightly in her hands. Ling finally let out a short yell and yanked the phone book into her hands. The Chinese girl flipped through the pages roughly, ripping every other one that didn't contained what she wanted. Once she found the correct the page, her fingers flowed quickly over the buttons of the phone. As the phone began to ring, she pulled the phone to her ear, pressing buttons to get through the directory of options until she finally was connected to one of the sale representatives.

"Hi, may I help you?" The voice asked casually.

"Yes, I wanted to change flight schedule." Ling said as she tapped her fingers furiously on her dresser, waiting for a response.

"And your name?" The person inquired quietly with a hint of tiredness.

"Xiaoyu, Ling." The Chinese girl replied, a tad irritated. The person clicked away for moment before returning to the caller.

"And what is it you wanted to change?" He said in a monotone.

"I want to cancel my flight to Korea and I want the next flight to Tokyo, Japan." The Chinese girl stated sternly, exhaling an angry sigh, she was still trying to keep her temper under control. The employee ignored her negative attitude and continued to work on the keyboard.

"All right, you are aware of the charges for canceling so close-"The man tried to state, but was cut off by the ever growing impatient girl.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know." Ling said with an exhausted scoff.

"All right," The operator replied, "And there appears to be a flight going to Japan in 3 hours, however, the only seats available are first class." Ling could detect his snobbish tone and gritted her teeth at it, slightly baring her teeth.

"I'll take it." Ling tried to say calmly... Silence.

"... Ma'am, are you aware that first class seating on this fare is 1747$?" The man asked in that pretentious voice of his. The Chinese couldn't contain her anger anymore.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! I wouldn't care if the 1700$ 1st class coaching connected to the Bermuda Triangle! I want to go to Japan and I WA NT TO GO NOW!!" The mad fury of the girl roared. The voice at the other cowered as he immediately complied with the girl's wishes and tapped madly away at the keyboard. Ling slammed her fist into her dresser as she clamped her teeth brutally together.

Just you wait, Hwoarang, the girl growled in her mind, If you won't go to Jin, then I'll bring Jin to you!

Ling skipped through the school hallways, weaving through the mass of people rushing to their classes. As she trotted along, she hummed merrily along her way and stopped at the crowded intersection of the hallways. She waited patiently against the wall and nodded her head cheerfully to the beat of her humming. Just then, from the corner of her eye, she saw Jin passed right by her who continued walking down the hall. Ling blinked a few times as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

"JINNY-SAMA!!" The girl cried happily, running after him and wrapping her hands around his arm. A few female spectators glanced at the Chinese girl and sneered at her with disgust. Ling only stuck her tongue at them and turned her attention back to Jin.

"I MISSED YOU!!" Ling said joyfully, clinging to him like plastic wrap, "And Hwoarangy missed you too!" The girl twittered with delight, waiting for Jin to reply.

"Oh." The Japanese said plainly. The smile on Ling's face drooped into arched frown.

"Oh?! That's all you have to say?!" The Chinese girl said in voice mixed with frustration and a laugh. The Japanese said nothing. A concern look swept across face as she read the emotions from the Japanese face.

"We've been worried about you! And all you say is OH?!" Ling said, pulling Jin to a stop.

"There's not much to say." Jin stated carelessly.

"Um, hello! You could say "Wow, I'm touched! I missed you guys too!" or "Sorry, I'll catch you later Ling cuz Hwoarang and I are going have some kinky sex!" Ling joked with a hint of sarcasm... she got no reaction out of the Japanese. The girl slightly narrowed her eyes, slightly hurt at Jin's responses.

"We've really been worried about you. Hwoarang even tried to call you several times." Ling said softly, unconsciously loosening her grip around his arm. The Japanese closed his eyes with sigh and slightly turned away.

"I know." He replied bluntly, pulling his arm out of her embrace and walking away. Ling stood there stunned for a moment, he never done that to her before. A growl emitted from her throat before she stormed after the Japanese.

"You know!? Why didn't you call him back?!" Ling demanded, following closely behind him.

"I've been busy." The Japanese retorted. The Chinese once again froze and stared, bewildered at the Japanese. She couldn't believe this was same Jin, but she shook that thought from her head and focused back on the situation at hand.

"Busy?! Now hold on a minute!" Ling growled, darting in front of him, blocking his path, "Hwoarang's been worried sick about you! You disappear for two weeks, not letting anyone know where-" The girl roared, shaking her wildly, trying to comprehend this strange Jin.

"He shouldn't concern himself like that, he has better things to worry about." Jin interrupted, standing coldly in front of the girl. Ling's eyes gaped widely at the Japanese as her jawed dropped.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" The girl yelled, tossing her hands in frustration. Jin let out another tiring sigh and glanced away, slightly tilting his head at the bothersome runt.

"It's been fun, but that's all there is to it. Life isn't just fun and games and it's time to be serious about it." Jin explained coldly, pulling his handbag over his shoulder, continuing his walk to his classroom. Ling paused for a third time as Jin passed her by. She just still couldn't understand what was going and what changed Jin... Jin, the shyest, kindest guy she had ever met.

"I have better things to worry about." The Japanese added over his shoulder as he resumed walking down the hallway. Those words began to shatter her image of Jin, but she closed her eyes tightly, not losing hope just yet. She whipped around and snarled angrily.

"HEY!! You're not going anywhere just yet!" Ling screamed, rushing after the Japanese with her arms swinging heavily at her sides. The Japanese stopped suddenly and sneered raging over his shoulder, baring his teeth, the flaring of his nostrils, and the mad glee in his eye.

"I am the heir to the Mishima bloodline, and one thing we don't do is associate ourselves with trash!" The Japanese declared furiously, slamming his foot a step in Ling's direction. The Chinese girl stopped in shock of the enraged Japanese. Ling gasped a terrifying gasp and cautiously took a step back, cowering slightly.

"I am better than that and I don't have time to play games with you two." Jin said in a condescending, agitated tone. For the first time, Ling didn't know what to do. The Jin she knew began to fade away and there was nothing she could do, but stand helpless, at the mercy of this transformed Jin. The Japanese scoffed at the sight of the girl and turned back around to the empty halls.

"Do me a favor and tell Hwoarang it's been fun, but a street rat is a street rat." The Japanese commanded, walking away from the pitiful girl. Jin took only a few steps before he realized Hwoarang was standing a couple of feet in front of him with arms crossed.

"No need for that." The Korean stated, glaring at the Japanese with arched eyebrows, "I can hear you fine from here." The two stared quietly at each for a few moments. Hwoarang looked deep into the Japanese's cold, lifeless eyes, not flinching a muscle and the Japanese returned the glare with conceit before he continued pacing down the hallway. The two stayed locked on each other's eyes as Jin passed by the Korean. Once the Japanese had disappeared from the corner of Hwoarang's eye, he let out a soft, annoyed sigh and closed his eyes casually.

"I don't know what I was expecting from a spoiled Japanese brat." The Korean said with spite, piercing the clothing on his arms with his nails.

"And I don't know what I expecting from a Korean Whore's son." The Japanese replied harshly. Hwoarang's eyes flipped open in rage at those words and swiftly whipped around, turning his body into a attack stance. Just as the Korean was going to attack the Japanese, Ling grasped her hands around his waist, pulling the enraged Korean back. Hwoarang roared furiously at the Japanese who was inches from his grasp and struggled violently to break free. But Ling held onto the Korean tightly, holding him close to her with all her might. Hwoarang bellowed in a deadly voice, thinking of nothing, but wanting to kill the Japanese and roared as he slammed Ling against the wall. The girl collided into the wall with slam and felt her skin clamped between the concrete and her bones. The Korean grew even more insane and began smashing the girl violently between himself and the hard surface, hurling her as if she was a doll. In one last final determined attempt, the Korean used all of his strength and crushed Ling savagely into the concrete. A shatter sang through the hallways as glass sprinkled to the floor.

Hwoarang stood hunched over panting uncontrollable, trying to calm himself down. He glanced down slowly and saw that Ling's arms were still clenched tight around his waist. His eyes widened at the sight and looked over his shoulder at Ling... who was streaming tears down her cheeks. The Korean's breathing recuperated at the sight of the girl, but now, his mind was in shock of what he had done to her. A soft hand gripped Ling's arms lightly and pushed her away gently. Ling rested against the broken window silently, overwhelmed with all that had happened. The Korean winced sadly at Ling, ashamed of himself, and glanced at scattered pieces of glass... he was lost.

"He... he didn't mean that." Ling finally said in disbelief, wrapping her hands around her ribs. She couldn't feel anything, her body wasn't acknowledge the searing pain. Her mind was completely disconnected from her physical form.

"He couldn't mean that... he had to be manipulated or something!!" The girl tried to tell herself, but Hwoarang refused to believe it.

"Maybe he was, maybe he was threatened..." She convinced herself, still gripping his ribs softly, "Yeah that's it... he was threatened." The girl said in a ghostly, eager voice. A voice, that was willing to believe anything at this point. Hwoarang, however, couldn't be persuaded and began to walk away.

"Hwoarang, if he was threatened then he doesn't mean-" Ling attempted to say, looking at the Korean.

"YOU DON'T GET IT, DO YOU!?!" Hwoarang screamed, rushing up to the startled girl and grabbed her by the shoulders fiercely. Tears began to well up in the Korean eyes as he tried to fight against with all his might. The Korean forced himself to deal with reality and strained as he turned his love into hate. All of his memories transformed into regret and remorse as he allowed his anger to take control of his affections and devotions. He made himself deal with it, but why... why couldn't she deal with it. It angered him, how Ling refused to accept the truth.

"Jin, no..." The Korean growled as his feelings dwindled, "Kazama... Kazama screwed us over! They did threaten him! But, they gave him the choice between us or money, a lifetime of security, or whatever the fuck it was!" The Korean screamed into the girl's face, his fingernails penetrating her skin.

"And he chose money! He chose money over us!" The Korean cried as the tears began to flow, but Ling just shook her head doubtingly.

"No..." She said, still in disbelief. Hwoarang exhaled a crying sigh and pulled away from the girl.

"No... you're wrong. You're wrong!" Ling protested, staring Hwoarang directly in his eyes.

"I'll prove you're wrong!" The girl cried as she ran away, leaving the lifeless man. She slid to a stop at the intersection and glanced around all the three ways. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Jin turning down another hallway and rushed after him. It felt like the time slowed down, trying to restrain her from the Japanese, but she fought against it. She was determined, she was sure it couldn't be over. Once Ling caught up with Jin, she stopped in his way again.

"Jin..." The girl cried with tears flowing softly, "It's not too late." She tried to smile and stepped closer, reaching weakly for him, but the Japanese only narrowed his eyes at her.

"Why?" Ling sobbed, clasping her hands around him, gripping onto his uniform.

"Why are you doing this?" The girl pulled on his clothes as she buried her tear-covered face into his chest. She sobbed quietly against his shirt, gripping the Japanese even tighter into her arms, scratching her nails into his back.

"You always wanted Hwoarang," Ling cried as her tears brushed against the still Japanese, "You always wanted to be near him." The girl looked up into the Japanese unlit eyes, begging with each beat of heart that the real, loving Jin would come back.

"You wanted nothing, but to be in his arms." And in that moment, in Ling's mind, she asked Jin to come home, to choose them over the worthless material things in life.

Come back to your love.

"Who..." Jin said softly, glaring down at Ling with his dead eyes, "Who would want a chosenjin like him." (chosenjin: racial slur the Japanese use to call Koreans during the colonial times)

Ling stared at Jin in silence as her hand unconsciously lifted itself in the air. Her hand struck against the Japanese's cheek, slapping his face to the right, nearly throwing him off balance. Ling's eyes narrowed more and more with each passing second as her teeth scratched against each other.

"You're... a monster." She said in shock and anger. In a moment, she was glaring at him with a driving hatred and rose her hand a second time. The second slap was even hard and echoed through the hallway.

"A monster!" Ling screamed in pure chaos. A couple of passing hall monitors heard the girl and rushed towards the two when they saw her raising her hand again. Ling slapped Jin again, with a stronger force than before, but he was still standing... and staring at her with no feeling at all. Ling couldn't stand it any longer and gripped her hand into a fist then drove it into the Japanese's face with no hesitation. The Japanese toppled backwards, but kept his footing and stared at Ling again with his still, dead eyes.

"STOP IT!!" The girl screamed, feeling her mind going insane from the sight of his eyes. She couldn't stand it, she couldn't stand it at all, but all she wanted was that monster to die and yanked Jin's hair into her grip. She could still hear it in her head, echoing loudly, chosenjin. Ling went insane hearing those words etching into her mind and kept clawing at the Japanese, slitting his cheek with nails. In moments, she was pulled off the Japanese and disappeared into blackness with a scream that resonated throughout the school... she could still hear it.


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