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Sensus Contact File // Ultimecia
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Ultimecia
origin ::   Unknown, R-FFVIII
gender ::   Female
eye color ::   Gold
hair color ::   Silver
occupation ::   None. Megalomaniac?
affiliation ::   None
special status ::   YES [click to view]
weapon ::   Magic
personality ::   Ultimecia was strong-willed, arrogant, direct and resourceful. She didn't let anything get in her way, and she didn't give up. She spoke with a harsh accent, reflecting the inner hate and anger which defined her existance.

± Personal File ±

history ::   Ultimecia was arrogant, but with reason: she was the most powerful Sorceress in history, especially after she achieved Time Compression and absorbed the powers of all Sorceresses throughout Time. The exact reason why is unknown; all we know about her is from those she possessed in the past: Rinoa Heartilly and especially Edea Kramer, whom she passed her powers onto.

After passing her powers on, Ultimecia lay low, hiding inside Edea's body for thirteen years before making her move. Once she gained control of Edea's body, she made a deal with Deling, the President of Galbadia, to act as Galbadia's ambassador for world peace talks. It was a front. Instead of keeping her end of the bargain, she recruited/brainwashed Seifer Almasy to be her Knight, and killed Deling during the parade held in her honour, where a group of SeeDs had been sent to assassinate her. The attempt failed, and she continued with her plans to eradicate all SeeDs.

Eventually, her hold over Edea was broken, and she moved on to Rinoa. After instructing her Knight to find the Lunatic Pandora and bring it to Tear's Point, she somehow anticipated (probably since she was from the future) that Squall Leonhart would take the comatose Rinoa up into space in an attempt to revive her, where Ultimecia in Rinoa's body could free the only other known Sorceress of this time, Adel, who was frozen in a tomb floating in space.

Ultimately, her enemies decided that the only way they could win would be to confront the Sorceress directly. To do this, they had to let her achieve her goal, and then travel through Time Compression to fight her in the future.

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