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Sensus Contact File // Rinoa Heartilly
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Rinoa Heartilly
d.o.b. ::   March 3
origin ::   Deling, R-FFVIII
current age ::   17
gender ::   Female
eye color ::   Dark brown
hair color ::   Black
bloodtype ::   A
height ::   161 cm | 5'3 1/2"
occupation ::   Member of resistance faction 'Timber Owls'
affiliation ::   Timber Owls, R-FFVIII
class ::   none
special status ::   YES [click to view]
weapon ::   Blaster Edge

± Personal File ±

history ::   Age 4   Her mother, Julia Heartilly, dies in a car accident just before her 5th birthday.
  Age ?   Becomes a member of the resistance group Timber Owls, and eventually becomes one of its leaders.
  Age 16   Meets and goes out with Seifer Almasy, who teachs her a little about fighting so she will be more capable of managing her resistance faction in Timber.
  Age 17   Goes to Balamb Garden the night of the SeeD graduation with the intention of hiring some SeeDs to help the Timber Owls. Meets and manages to dance with Squall Leonhart, who later becomes one of the SeeDs Cid Kramer assigns to her resistance group.
combat abilities ::   No professional training, but received some basic training from Seifer Almasy. Her pet dog, Angelo, also helps her fight.
family ::   Her mother Julia Heartilly is deceased. Her father is General Caraway of Galbadia. No other siblings.

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