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Sensus Contact File // Laguna Loire
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Laguna Loire
d.o.b. ::   January 3
origin ::   Galbadia, R-FFVIII
current age ::   45
gender ::   Male
eye color ::   Green
hair color ::   Black
bloodtype ::   B
height ::   175 cm | 5'9"
occupation ::   President of Esthar
affiliation ::   Esthar, R-FFVIII
class ::   Former captain in the Galbadian Army
special status ::   None
weapon ::   Machine Gun

± Personal File ±

history ::   Age 1 to 26   Early history unknown.
  Age 27   Loire was in the Galbadian army along with his two friends Kiros and Ward during the Sorceress War. He wasn't a very spectacular soldier, considering his periodic clumsiness did get in the way from time to time. He and his friends were sent to the Centran continent to patrol around where the Estharian army was excavating. He was injured in battle, and jumped off a cliff into the sea to get away from the Esthar army. He eventually washed ashore in Winhill.
  Age 28   He spent one year in Winhill recovering under the care of Raine, whom he eventually proposed to. When Ellone was kidnapped by Esthar, Loire set off with his friend Kiros to find her. To help fund their journey, Loire wrote articles for Timber Maniacs, something he had always wanted to do. They eventually did rescue Ellone, overthrowing Sorceress Adel, the ruler of Esthar in the process. The Estharians then made Laguna Loire the president of Esthar.
combat abilities ::   He received standard combat training while in the Galbadian army, and uses a machine gun as his weapon.
family ::   His wife Raine is dead, while his son, Squall Leonhart is the Commander of Balamb Garden.

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