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Sensus Contact File // Ward Zabac
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Ward Zabac
d.o.b. ::   February 25
origin ::   Galbadia, R-FFVIII
current age ::   43
gender ::   Male
eye color ::   Blue
hair color ::   N/A
bloodtype ::   A
height ::   Unknown
occupation ::   Advisor to the President of Esthar
affiliation ::   Esthar; formerly Galbadia, R-FFVIII
class ::   Former soldier in Galbadian Army
special status ::   None
weapon ::   Harpoon

± Personal File ±

history ::   Age 25   Accompanies his friends Laguna Loire and Kiros Seagill to Centran continent, to investigate what the Esthar army is doing there. His vocal cords are slashed in the fight against the Estharian army, and remains mute to this day. Zabac was separated from his friends after the battle, and wound up working as a janitor in the D-District Prison after being released from the Galbadian army, and he had recovered from his wounds.
  Age 26   After joining up with Laguna and Kiros, the three of them manage to get into Esthar and rescue Ellone. They later go on to defeat Sorceress Adel, and Zabac remained in Esthar as one of his advisors when Laguna was appointed president.
combat abilities ::   He received the standard training as a Galbadian army recruit, and uses a huge harpoon nearly as tall as he is as a weapon.
family ::   Unknown.

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