Summary: Will has healed physically from his wound, but not mentally. Dreams of that day haunt him at night. Once more, Jack is out to help him past this.


Chapter 3 - Nightmares

By The Golden Brett

Will awoke with a start, bolting upright in bed. Breathing heavily, he looked around wildly. Sweat ran down his forehead as he clutched his stomach. His gunshot wound was throbbing steadily.

Jack sat up beside him, "What's wrong?" he asked.

Will turned his head quickly, startled by Jack's voice. "Nothing," he breathed.

Cocking his head he studied Will. In the eight days since they'd gotten back together, Will had slept every night in his bed; and every evening, without fail, Will had awoken in one of two ways. Either he stumbled out of bed to vomit. Or was completely terrified and covering his bullet scar. Jack's eyes wandered down, noticing Will's hand grasping his stomach, before looking back to his face.

"Nightmare?" he asked.

Will hesitated, then nodded; embarrassment causing him to look down. Jack's hand covered Will's, while the other rested low on his back. Will's eyes met his, "It's alright you know. To have dreams about it."

Will shook his head, "You're just saying that."

"No. I still do, sometimes," he said kissing Will's shoulder.

Will laced his fingers through Jack's, before running them up his arm. His fingers came to rest on the two gunshot scars adorning Jack's chest. "How did it happen?" he asked.

Jack brushed his fingers through Will's hair, which was matted with sweat. "Not tonight."

"Tell me," Will insisted.

Jack shook his head. "Not tonight," he repeated.

Will opened his mouth to argue but Jack leaned in and kissed him before he could even form the words. Will's fingers slid up into his surprisingly smooth hair as he accepted Jack's tongue into his mouth.

Jack's other hand wrapped around Will's waist, turning his body to face him. Will moaned quietly as Jack's arms folded around him. Though he knew in his mind this was Jack's way of changing a subject he didn't want to drop, he let it go.

Jack pushed him gently down onto his back and Will wrapped a leg around his waist. Jack broke off their kiss and Will reached for his hand, bringing Jack's fingers to his mouth. He smirked up at him.

"You want to go again?" Jack asked with mild surprise.

Will raised his eyebrows and pulled Jack's fingers into his mouth, curling his tongue around them.

Jack's lips curved into a grin; before using his free hand to spread Will's legs.

This was going to be the first time Will had had the strength to go at it twice in one night. Jack was more than happy to oblige his request, pulling his fingers from Will's mouth then covering it with his own.

Oh yes, this was going to be a wonderful night.

Jack awoke the next morning, half on top of Will, their fingers laced through one another's. He pushed himself up on his left forearm, squinting into the sunlight pouring through the window in the corner. Will stirred, mumbling something before rolling over so he was pressed against Jack. Looking at Will's sleeping form, Jack smiled; then leaned down and pressed a kiss to his forehead. He crawled out of bed quietly and proceeded to dress. Before leaving, he pulled the covers around Will and gently kissed his lips.

The Pearl was supposed to have docked last night in Port Hoya, a large island that was originally settled by the French but overrun by the Spanish, who lived with the natives in peace, some years later. When he emerged from his room and made his way leisurely toward the helm he was happy to see that everything had worked out quite well. They were indeed docked.

Jack leaned on his elbows onto the railing, looking out at the landscape before him. It really was one of the more beautiful islands he'd ever been to. He enjoyed being there so much, that he'd never pillaged it. Finding no reason to destroy this place. Unlike Tortuga, Port Hoya was not an endless party. The natives were genuinely kind hearted, and a few of the women were said to have the power to see into the future.

He ran this piece of information over in his mind again.

Maybe one of them would be able to tell him what he could do to help Will get past his nightmares.

He decided that as soon as his business was taken care of, he would head out in search for one of the fortune seeing women; and hopefully find what he was searching for.

Only a few moments later, he felt someone's hand on his back. He turned his head and smiled, seeing Will there. He stepped up to the railing and leaned on it as well.

Jack reached over and ran his fingers through Will's hair; palm then cupping his cheek. Will turned into the touch. "Feeling better?" He asked.

Will nodded and whispered, "A little sore though."

A grin broke out on Jack's face.

"A little tired too, you really wore me out."

Still grinning Jack whispered back, "You're really going to have to improve your stamina love." He glanced around, not anxious for any of his crew to hear their conversation, "It'll hurt less and less as time goes on. Besides, it was you who tempted me this time."

Will too did a survey of their surroundings. When he was certain that no one was paying attention to them, he leaned over a pressed his lips to Jack's. After a moment, he went to pull back, but Jack's hands on the sides of his head held him in place as his tongue invaded Will's mouth.

Will moaned and met Jack's tongue with his own before coming to his senses, "Jack," he breathed pulling away, "not here, someone will see." But his hands betrayed him as they ran into Jack's hair as the mouth that was once on his, traveled it's way down his throat, planting kisses as he went, "Jack please. Stop." But he couldn't bring himself to pull away. He moaned loudly as he felt Jack's hand slide between his legs.

Will couldn't help it when he grew hard. He wanted Jack to stop. Needed him to stop. This couldn't happen out here. But when Jack's fingers loosed the clasp on his breeches, he accepted it all willingly. How could he not want this? A firm hand grasped him, pulling a groan from deep inside his throat, "Jack," he whispered.

Jack's other arm pulled Will closer to him so their interaction was less noticeable.

"Please, Jack, not here." His eyes were shut, sweat beginning to form on his brow, "Please... your room."

"No, Will," Jack hissed in his ear. Will whimpered, Jack's hand increasing it's pace.

His hands crept onto Jack's shoulders, bracing himself. Will was getting close. His hips pushing forward towards Jack. He was panting heavily, his whole body tense and eager to come.

Jack's thumb swept over the leaking head of his erection; he shivered violently, "Jack." Will leaned into him, unable to support himself on his own; he was going to come.


Jack's hand stilled, "Don't move." He whispered to Will, who was frozen; eyes wide.

"What is it, Tommy?" He asked, still gripping Will's erection. Tommy had approached from behind Will, so it was unlikely he could see what was going on. It just looked like Jack was embracing him.

"There's a problem with the Spaniards, sir. Apparently there's a bounty on the Pearl."

"What?" Jack asked, pulling his hand from Will's breeches, "Placed by who?"

"Captain Madden, sir."

"Madden?" Jack asked looking a bit stunned.

Tommy nodded, "Apparently she's been looking for you for quite a while. It's not safe to depart from the ship, sir. It's asking for trouble."

Jack cocked his head to the side, "I live for trouble, Tommy."

"Then it's okay to let the men go ashore?"

"Yes, but tell them to be back by sunset, we won't be staying."

Tommy nodded and departed, leaving Jack and Will alone on the deck once more. As soon as Tommy was out of ear shot, Jack burst out laughing, Will looked like he was ready to pass out, "A little scared there Will?"

"Excuse me, Jack, if I don't want one of the crewmen catching us with your hand down my pants." Will said, a heavy strain in his voice.

"Oh come now, Will," Jack said with a grin, pulling the still nervous looking Will towards him, "We can finish this later."

"Not here we won't," Will said.

Jack nodded. "Sure." He left a last kiss on Will's lips before heading off, "But if you ask me, I think you want to finish it out here." He winked and walked away, leaving a shocked Will behind.

Once Jack had departed from Will and made it to the island, he went about his business; sending supplies back to the Pearl. He then anxiously searched out one of the fortune seers. It only took a little asking around and a little bribery to locate one of them.

It wasn't far off the coast, but out of the way enough that it took him well over an hour's hike to reach the wooden hut. He almost hesitated to knock, but remembered that the reason he was here was to help Will past his fears.

He was beckoned in by a girl of no more than 12, whose hair was done entirely in braids, and arms were covered in tribal tattoos. She nodded at his request of meeting with the fortune seer and lead him through a beaded curtain to a room covered in, what appeared to him to be, pagan religious articles. The girl bowed and left without ever speaking a word to him.

Jack looked around, his eyes landing on a doll set upon a wooden table against the wall. He stepped over to it and looked down. It looked as though it's arm had been ripped off and blood was seeping from the socket. His brow furrowed and he reached out his fingers to touch it.

"Stop." A voice suddenly commanded from behind him. Jack jumped at the sound and almost knocked the table over. He spun to see who had joined him in the room. Near the beaded curtain he had entered through was a short, thin woman of about twenty. Her hair was cropped and spiked, what looked like pieces of bone hung from it; an unsightly piercing adorned her nose. "You must never touch that which does not belong to you." She said as she kneeled upon a straw mat on the floor.

Jack almost snorted, "I'm sorry,"

"It is alright. Come," She said motioning to another mat on the floor across from her, "join me."

He stepped to the middle of the room and kneeled on the mat.

"Please disarm yourself." She said.

He nodded and reached for his sword, placing it on the floor, along with his gun.

"Your dagger as well."

Jack looked at her, stunned, how did she... oh. He reached for the knife he kept hidden inside his belt and looked expectantly at her.

"What is it you wish for me to do?" She questioned.

"Shouldn't you already know that?" Jack asked.

She shook her head, "It does not work that way. It will not come to me unless I ask it to."

He nodded, partially understanding, "I have a friend, Will, and he was injured about a month ago."

"Gun wound," she said softly.

"Yes. And he... hasn't been the same since his recovery," Jack told her, wondering if she knew the true nature of their friendship.

"His behavior troubles you." She closed her eyes a moment, "His dreams."

He nodded, "Yes, he has nightmares and when he wakes up startled-"

"In between his dream and reality."

Jack nodded, "It frightens me. It's like I can't do anything to help him." He sighed.

"You care for him."

"Yes." He conceded.

"You care for him deeply."

Jack could only nod, fearing where she was going with this.

"He sleeps in your bed." She commented.

Jack felt his stomach tighten, "Yes."

She was silent a moment before she reached over and placed a hand on his heart. Suddenly Jack felt warm, like someone was holding him. It spread throughout him and he felt the presence of another inside his body. He panicked and made to move away from her.

"Remain calm," she said, "Do not fight me."

Jack did as he was told, though he was anything but calm. He felt her moving inside him; feeling his feelings, seeing his thoughts, probing his mind. It was uncomfortable to be this exposed to someone. He wanted her to get out of him.

Finally, her hand pulled back and he released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

She sat back on her heels and opened her eyes to him. "You love him," She said, no trace of doubt in her voice.

Jack didn't like the fact that she probably now knew everything about him. Everything he'd done. Every time he'd been with Will. What Will looked like when he was inside him; bringing him to completion. He felt a surge of anger at this thought. He was supposed to be the only one who knew how Will looked at that moment. That was something that was particularly special to him. If he could have hidden anything from her, it wouldn't have been the past nights with prostitutes, those murderous rampages, the plundering and pillaging... but the way Will looked at him, held him, felt to him when they were making love.

"Do not be angry," she said, "some matters are kept sacred no matter what."

Suddenly, Jack was extremely thankful to this woman for knowing that he wouldn't want to share those memories and thoughts with anyone. And more so, that she had respected it. But enough of this. That was not why he had come here, "Is there anything I can do to help him?" He questioned her.

She thought a moment, closing her eyes. Bringing her hands to her face, she covered it; obviously deep in thought. After a minute or so she spoke, "He doubts."

"Doubts what?"

"You're commitment to him."

Jack was dumbstruck. Will doubted their love?

"That he does not doubt."

He forgot she could read his thoughts.

"He loves you and knows you love him. But others who have loved him before you have also betrayed him. He fears that the call of the sea will overpower your feelings for him. If he knew that you would give him up for nothing, then he would heal faster and more completely."

"How?" Jack asked, clearly not understanding.

"Knowing he is cared for will help. Never underestimate the power of love. It can be the greatest healer. Let him know he does not have to face this alone." She took his hand, "He fears being a pirate now. He thought with you he was invincible, but knows now that he is not. Fear is what is holding him back." Jack swallowed, he felt the sting of tears, "I'll do anything to help him."

She nodded, "I know you will. Be with him, love him, and together, you two will get through this."

Jack expressed his gratitude, paid the woman and left. The hour trek back to the Pearl offered him the time he needed to think. He wasn't one to talk much about his feelings. Which was probably why Will hadn't expressed his anxieties and fear to him in the first place. Will didn't know for sure if he was going to be abandoned for the sea; which was obviously scaring him. Well that was all going to change tonight. Will would know before the sun rose on the next day that Jack loved him, was committed to him, and wasn't going anywhere. He made it back to the Pearl when the sun was beginning to sink below the skyline. He quickly made sure his men were accounted for and set out for the ocean again. Jack found out from Tommy that Will hadn't left the ship today; he had spent the entirety of their shore leave sitting alone with his thoughts on the deck.

Jack sent the crew below deck for a celebration; knowing the call of alcohol was to strong for them to resist. Of course he was right in this assumption, which left him alone on the deck now with Will. Jack stood looking at him; sitting with his legs through the railing, over the side of the Pearl.

He approached silently, not even a loose deck board betraying his presence. Will felt he was no longer alone though and turned his head to find Jack walking up behind him. He smiled then returned to gazing out at the water. Jack lowered himself into a position mirroring Will's, placing a hand on his leg. Will looked at Jack's hand and set his atop it.

Jack's fingers laced through his, bringing a smile to Will's lips, "What troubles you Will?" Jack asked softly, "Why do you hide from me?"

Will turned to him, "I'm not hiding, I'm right here."

"But your mind is not. Tell me why you dream."

Will looked away, "People dream, Jack."

"Not like you. Your fear fuels your nightmares. What is it you fear? What is it that keeps you so distant to me?"

Will turned back, surprised at the sheer emotion in Jack's voice. Probing his eyes for any sign of a jest and finding none, he sighed and relented, "I fear losing you, Jack. I wonder sometimes if your love of the sea overpowers your feelings for myself." Will squeezed his hand, "I love you, Jack."

Tears began to run down his face and he attempted to turn away, but Jack's hand on his cheek stopped him. "I love you, Will Turner. I love you more than anything this world has to offer. You are everything to me. And I would never leave you. Not for the ocean, not for the Pearl, not for my life. I need you, and nothing is ever going to take you away from me." The tears were flowing more heavily down Will's face as a pained smile formed on his lips, "I love you. Nothing will ever change that."

Will bowed his head and allowed his tears to take control of him. This was exactly what he needed. He was so amazed that Jack had come forward with his feelings, so grateful. He threw his arms around Jack and sobbed into his neck, "I love you, Jack... so much."

Jack's arms went around him, rubbing his back, "I know, Will." He rocked Will in his arms, "I didn't do this to make you cry." He said.

Will pulled back and wiped his eyes on his sleeve, "I know. I'm just so relieved."

Jack held him a while longer, the two of them speaking quietly of small nothings; Jack's fingers running through Will's hair. Soon, though, Jack turned his head and captured Will's lips with his.

Will moaned and grabbed Jack to him, his passion quickly overpowering any other emotions he was feeling. He was so happy and thankful to Jack; he wanted nothing more than to be one with him. He pulled back before Jack had a chance to invade his mouth and stood up, offering his hand.

Jack took it and stood up, "Let's go." Will whispered.

He shook his head and pulled Will to him again, kissing him hard on the mouth, "I seem to remember you not finding your pleasure this morning." He kissed Will again, his hand roaming down to the front of his breeches, "Right here as a matter of fact."

"Jack," Will whimpered, quickly becoming hard under his palm, "Not here."

Jack shook his head and kissed him, "Yes here." He whispered before his fingers moved to unbutton Will's shirt.

Will quickly gave in as Jack's hands moved to loosen the clasp on his breeches; using his own hands to do the same to Jack. He groaned gently as Jack's fingers brushed against his heated skin. Jack's hands slid down the back of his pants, pulling a moan from him. "Jack." Will whispered in a last effort to persuade him to move this somewhere else.

Jack shook his head, "No Will." He said tugging Will's breeches down to his knees; causing him to flush. from embarrassment or passion he didn't know.

"Turn around." Jack breathed into his mouth as Will's hands finally loosened the clasp of his pants.

Will hesitated but did as he was told; Jack pushing him up against the railing. He took Will's hands, "Hold on there." He said as he placed Will's hands on the wooden rail, before leaning over his shoulder and kissing his lips. His mouth then moved on to kissing Will's neck; pressing himself tight against Will, allowing him to feel just how excited Jack was. Will opened his mouth as Jack pushed three fingers against his lips. He curled his tongue around them, covering them well with his saliva.

After a moment Jack moved away a little as his hand swept down Will's back, brushing over the swell of his backside. Will arched into the touch before Jack used his hand to spread his legs. Will braced his feet as he felt Jack's wet fingers pushed against his opening.

He allowed his body to relax as Jack's fingers probed him; his head fell forward, he was beginning to enjoy it when Jack did this to him. He moaned the loss as Jack's fingers slipped from his body. Will felt Jack's knees press against his as he covered Will's hands with his own.

Will hissed in a breath as Jack entered him. His head fell forward, panting heavily. The first few seconds were always the most painful. But Jack helped him to forget about it as he began kissing along his neck; fingers tightening around his. Again leaning over Will's shoulder, Jack pressed his lips to Will's. Their tongues moving along one another's.

Jack pulled his hips back and thrust forward again. Will closed his eyes and stopped kissing him, "Hurt?" He asked Will.

To his surprise Will shook his head, "Feels good." He slurred. Jack smiled and pulled back again.

With every thrust, Will was driven harder against the railing. Jack was touching places inside of him that he had never reached before. "Jack." He moaned into the night.

"Will," He responded, thrusting harder, "You feel so good."

Jack's words drew another moan from him, he was already close; remembering how he hadn't reached completion earlier. "Touch me." He gasped as the erection moving inside him hit that secret spot only Jack knew about.

Pressing himself even harder against Will, he reached down and grasped Will's erection. Running his fingers over the stiff flesh that pulsed at his touch. Jack loved knowing that it was him who caused Will this pleasurable agony. That it was only him who had ever held Will's hardened erection in his hand. The only one who had ever driven him over the edge by pushing his own pulsing length inside him.

Jack groaned heavily as these thoughts flooded his mind, tugging hard on Will's cock. Probably harder than he should have. But Will cried out at the sensation, thrusting back against him.

"You're so hard, Will," Jack whispered into his ear, causing him to whimper, "So beautiful."

"Jack," Will moaned, thrusting into the offered fist.

"Come for me, Will." He said delivering a few hard, shallow thrusts and a lick to Will's ear lobe.

Will gratefully let himself go, pouring out his essence into Jack's hand with a deep cry; while Jack continued to thrust inside him. Just as always, he let Will ride out his orgasm.

Jack continued to pump away until he felt Will's muscles clamp down around him. He cried out, biting down on Will's shoulder as he came in quick hot spurts.

Will felt the familiar warmth fill his stomach as Jack let go inside him. Every time Jack reached orgasm in his body, he felt cleansed. He loved that feeling.

Jack stilled and fell forward onto Will, who was supporting them on shaking arms. After a moment, Jack lifted his head and kissed Will's shoulder where he had bitten him, "Sorry." He whispered.

Will shook his head, "I'm not." He mumbled sleepily.

Jack pulled out and worked his pants back up, before replacing Will's around his hips. He placed his hands on Will's shoulders, turning him into a kiss. Their tongues met and ran over each other's in a slow and gentle manor.

"I love you, Will." Jack said as he broke the kiss, looking into Will's eyes.

Will swallowed, "I love you, too, Jack."

Jack's hands cupped his face, "I will never leave you." He whispered before kissing Will's sweaty brow.

Will's eyes teared up and Jack pulled him into a hug. "Come on." Jack said after a moment, "Let's you and me go to bed."

Will nodded against him as Jack kissed him on his lips again before leading them away to his room.

That night, Will's body was cleansed once more as Jack reached completion inside him; this time between the sheets of his bed. Jack held Will to him, speaking words of love and devotion that lulled Will to sleep with a smile on his lips.

He knew now that Jack Sparrow love him more than anything in the world, and he would never be abandoned. He loved truly and in return was truly loved. William Turner never again had another nightmare, about the day he was shot, for the rest of his life.

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