Summary: Will has healed physically from his wound, but not mentally. Dreams of that day haunt him at night. Once more, Jack is out to help him past this.


Chapter 4 - Burning

By The Golden Brett

It was hot. In all the time since Will had re-joined Jack on the Pearl, it had never been as hot as it was now.

Will was below deck with Tommy, lounging in his room. It was by far, the coolest place on the ship. Tommy lay on his bed, and Will sat, reclining in a stuffed chair. Of all the crew-men onboard, Tommy and Annamaria were the only two who knew of Will's relationship with Jack. (He had walked into Jack's room at a very in-opportune moment, about two weeks ago.) It wasn't that either Jack or Will was ashamed of their being together, but they weren't about to jump up and down and yell it out loud. Who knew how everyone would take the news. So they just kept it quiet.

"So, have you ever been with a girl?" Tommy asked. Obviously fascinated by Will's sexual life.

"Yeah, one." Will responded.

"One time or one girl?"

Will sighed, ever since Tommy had walked in on him and Jack, the questions were coming non-stop from Tommy. "One girl."

Tommy nodded, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling. "Didn't you like it or what?"

Will shrugged, "Sure I liked it, but being with Jack is much more enjoyable."

At this Tommy propped himself up on his elbow, looking at Will, "What's it like?"

"What's what like?" Will asked, a little confused.

Tommy rolled his eyes, "You know, being with a guy?"

Will's face flushed a dull red, "Just like being with a girl, only... more intense."

Tommy could tell that Will was growing uncomfortable, so he let the subject drop. Laying back down, hands back behind his head he stared at the ceiling once more, "I didn't mean to pry, I just wanted to know."

"It's alright. It's just that I don't fully understand our relationship myself, so I'm having a hard time trying to put it into words."

Tommy nodded and was silent for a few minutes. "Just one more." He said.

Will couldn't help but smile, "Sure." "Have you ever done it to him?" Will's brows knitted, "Done what?"

Tommy leaned back up on his elbow, "You know... fucked him?"

Will's face blushed an incredible shade of red and he immediately dropped Tommy's gaze, staring at the floor, "No." He whispered.

With a small laugh from Tommy, Will excused himself; highly embarrassed for a reason un-known to him.

Will returned to Jack's room, and spent the remainder of the day laying on the bed, thinking.

As soon as the sun started it's trek to the Western skyline, Will left the room he now shared with Jack. Wandering slowly about the deck, he watched at the sun sank below the line of the sea, leaving the Pearl with a calm and cool night.

Before the stars began to dot the night sky, Will made his way over to Jack at the helm.

A bright smile lit Jack's face as his eyes spotted Will approaching him, "Hello, love." He said with a grin as Will stepped up to him, "What brings you up here?"

Will slid his arms around Jack, before tucking his head under Jack's chin.

Jack was taken aback, removing his hands from the wheel, he placed them around the body that was clinging to him, "What's wrong Will?" He asked softly, running his hands up and down his back.

Will was silent and shook his head.

This wasn't good.

Jack continued to hold onto him with one arm, using the other hand to tip Will's chin up, "What's wrong?"

Will allowed a pained smile to form on his lips, those black eyes were full of concern for him. His heart filled at the thought, "Nothing." He whispered. "Just feeling a little down I guess."

Jack's hand slid around, playing absently with a strand of the soft brown hair, "Anything I can do to make you feel better?" He asked softly.

Will just stared at him. How he loved Jack. This man had saved his life, cared for him, and loved him. He didn't deserve any of it. Without a word, he reached around. Taking a firm hold on the back of Jack's neck, he pulled him forward, pressing their mouth's together. Jack gasped lightly but quickly returned the kiss with equal fire.

Will tilted his head to the side as Jack's tongue demanded entrance to his mouth. He gladly opened and met his tongue, pushing his own along it. Moaning softly, Will continued to push for the back of Jack's mouth, fighting a daring battle with the other tongue.

After a few moments of this wordless sparing, Jack pulled his mouth from Will's. Grabbing onto him, Jack shoved him back against the wheel.

Will's breath left him in a gasp as his back came into contact with the helm of the ship. In a matter of moments, Jack was pressed up against him, smashing their mouths together again.

Will grasped onto Jack's shoulder with one hand while the other worked it's way, quickly, down between his legs. Jack groaned into his mouth as Will's hand cupped the growing bulge in the front of his pants. He moaned as Will's palm pressed down and began rubbing over his hidden erection.

Holding the side of Will's face and neck with one hand, he used the other to push himself slightly away from the body he had pinned against the wheel. Leaning forward on his forearm, he used the hand that had pushed him away from Will to run down his side, to his thigh. Hooking his hand in the crook of his knee, he pulled up, forcing Will's legs apart.

Will got the idea and curled his leg around Jack's waist, giving him better access to his throbbing dick. "Jack." He gasped quietly, as he was pushed back against the wheel; this time with Jack between his legs.

He moved his other foot out to give himself better balance, and groaned as Jack began to move against him.

His erection pulsed as his stomach tightened. Removing his hand from Jack's groin, he placed it on his hip, pulling Jack harder against him. Jack complied and thrust hard, pushing Will up onto his toes with the force of his thrust.

There was no real rhythm as they rubbed up against one another; they just pushed for release, and it was quickly rushing up on them.

For the first time since the two had been together, Jack came first. Bucking hard against Will's own erection, he exploded with a loud moan. Will clung to him as he shook with the force of his climax, holding him upright. Once the spasms in Jack's body calmed, Will picked up the movement again; quite determined to get off. Jack pressed against him and joined the motion, moving with him until he suddenly stilled. With a hoarse shout, he too came.

Both were panting heavily as they pulled apart. "Feeling better?" Jack asked with a smirk, breathing not yet returned to normal.

Will grinned back, "A little."

"'A little'?" Jack said with faux shock, "Well just what would make you feel entirely better?"

Will looked innocent as he pondered and responded, "Maybe you inside me... fucking me..."

Jack's eyes darkened with desire at that statement. "Yeah?"

Will nodded before pulling Jack down into another kiss.

His erection was back. Throbbing against the front of his, now soaked, breeches; as if he hadn't found his blissful release mere moments ago. With a heavy groan, Jack pulled himself from Will, "Come on then. I can't have you moping around now can I?"

Will grinned while maintaining a sultry look.

Jack took his hand and led him across the deck of the ship to the quarters they shared.

Closing and locking the door, (neither were eager for a repeat of Tommy barging in on them in the middle of their... escapades.) Jack quickly unbelted his pants; watching as Will did the same. Pulling his shirt over his head, he grabbed Will to him. Jack began kissing him deeply, while Will still struggled with his shirt. His arms were stuck in it behind his back, and being kissed so passionately by Jack was doing nothing to clear his mind enough to rid him of the damn thing.

But as far as Jack was concerned, he could struggle with it all night, as long as the rest of his body was free, he didn't care where his hands were.

At that moment, Will's shirt slid over his hands and met the floor. Eagerly, he reached between their bodies and grasped Jack's erection. With a groan, Jack decided that he would strike his previous thought, about not caring where Will's hands were, from the records.

Nudging Will back towards the bed, he was careful not to move to fast. After all, what kind of a mood would there be in the room if Will suddenly fell over?

When the backs of Will's knees came into contact with the bed, he allowed himself to be pushed backwards onto it; bringing Jack with him. Letting go of Jack's erection, he pulled the older man over him, then back down for another kiss. Jack quickly worked his way between Will's legs, all the while continuing their passionate kiss. Will spread his legs and hooked them around Jack's waist, giving him easy access to his entire body. Jack's mouth left his, traveling down his jaw to his throat. There, he began to suck. Will moaned from the sensation and could feel his flesh tighten even more. He was quickly nearing the point of being too hard.

"Jack, please." He gasped.

With an audible sound, Jack pulled his mouth from Will's neck. Quite proud of the large purple bruise taking form there. With a grin, he brought three of his fingers to Will's mouth; which opened to meet them. Sucking the fingers into his mouth, Will could feel his stomach tighten in anticipation; he was absolutely on fire with need. Jack's fingers were pulled from his mouth and Jack's lips were quickly covering his again.

Will couldn't help sucking in a breath when Jack's fingers pushed against his opening. It wasn't the most pleasant feeling in the world, having Jack loosen him up; but when Jack's tongue invaded his mouth, he quickly forgot his discomfort and allowed the intrusion without protest. A moan escaped him as Jack began to rub him from the inside; and he arched his hips to meet the questing fingers.

"That's it Will." Jack whispered throatily as Will began to thrust lightly against his fingers. After few moments of this, Jack withdrew his fingers and was met with a frustrated moan. Jack briefly pressed his lips to Will's, "Shh..."

Jack moved into position, took one of Will's hands in his and began to push forward. Will's eyes fell shut as Jack's stiff flesh breached him, sucking in a breath. When Jack heard the noise, he slowed his movements and pushed on as gently as he could. Both let out a moan of relief once Jack was buried fully inside him. Leaning up, Will captured Jack's lips with his, kissing him slowly.

When Jack released his mouth, he used the hand not holding Will's, to brush sweaty strands of hair from Will's face. "Okay?" Jack asked, a little out of breath. His answer was a silent nod.

Still holding onto Will's hand, Jack pulled his hips back and shoved them forward in a quick, sharp movement.

Will hissed in a breath as Jack began to thrust in and out of him. Keeping his eyes closed, he concentrated on the feelings inside his body. Jack's face was close to his, he knew, studying his every movement for the slightest sign of discomfort. One hand was clenched in his, the other was reverently touching every bit of his body it could get at. Jack was murmuring, speaking softly to him in incoherent, incomplete sentences; speaking platitudes of his love. Their sweat-slicked skin rubbing together as Jack continued to thrust in and out of him.

He would never tire of this.

Unexpectedly, he felt his stomach tighten, his climax quickly approaching, "Jack." He gasped, opening his eyes.

Somehow, Jack understood exactly what he was asking, and wrapped his hand around Will's dripping length. With quick, rough movements, Will was easily brought to the edge. Jack watched him through half-lidded eyes. Watching as Will writhed in passion under him; body rocking up and down from the force of his thrusts.

How he loved Will.

Leaning down, he brought their lips together again as he jerked hard on Will's erection, causing the younger man to cry out into his mouth. Spurts of hot liquid hit his stomach as Will reached his peak, crying out for him.

Just as always, he held himself back, allowing Will to ride out his orgasm and reap all the feeling he could from it. Will grabbed onto his backside, forcing him further inside him. Thrusting hard one last time, Jack exploded deep inside Will's warm body.

He groaned deeply and moaned Will's name; still thrusting shallowly.

Slowly, the shakes and jerks subsided in his body and Jack lowered himself down onto Will; gratefully collapsing into his arms.

After a minute or so of heavy breathing, Jack leaned up and caught Will's mouth with his. Kissing him softly yet passionately.

No words were spoken as Jack withdrew from him and rolled onto his side. For a moment, Will was left with a feeling of abandonment; shivering. All thoughts of such were quickly replaced when Jack's arms went about his body and pulled him up onto his side. Will moved over, so he was safely wrapped in Jack's arms, pressed firmly against him, head tucked under Jack's chin.

He felt a kiss press into his hair and Jack began to slowly stroke his back.

"I love you Jack." Will whispered.

Jack smiled. He didn't deserve Will's love, and he knew it. Nothing he had ever done in his life warranted such a beautiful relationship.

Tightening his arms about the body in his arms, he whispered into the night, "I love you too, Will."

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