Chapter 1 - Wounded

By The Golden Brett

Scourge of the Seven Seas? Unlikely. The greatest pirate ever? Possibly. But this is only the un-for sure. If nothing is certain about what he is, then what is to be known? He is captain of the Black Pearl, the man who has saved my life so many times. One of the only men to match me in swordsmanship, the man that taught me how to be a pirate, the man whom has become my partner, my comrade, my friend. He is Jack Sparrow.


The sea was deadly calm. The sky shone a brilliant blue, the water was crystal clear and the sand was a deep sopping red. Captain Jack Sparrow stood under a palm tree, leisurely wiping the blood from his sword; a sadistic smile playing at his lips.

"Captain!" someone yelled. Jack turned to see Tommy, one of his men running towards him.

Tommy came to rest in front of him, panting; not realizing he had stopped standing atop a dead man's arm. "Hey! Have you no respect for the dead?" Jack said pushing Tommy to his right, the smile even more evident on his face.

"Captain, sir, it's Will."

Jack's smile dropped instantly, "What of him?" Tommy continued his attempt to catch his breath. "What of him?!" he yelled grabbing him up by his shirt, pulling him to the tips of his toes.

"Wounded, sir."

Jack felt his breath catch. "Where is he?"

"Already aboard the Pearl, sir."

"Gather the crew, we're leaving. Now. Go!" Jack yelled sheathing his sword and setting off at a dead run for he sea line. There he found a boat waiting to take him back to his ship and Will.

The ride back seemed to take hours, his heart beating rapidly in his chest and his foot tapping anxiously. "God Will, please be all right!" he pleaded silently. The moment Jack's feet connected with the dock of his ship he ran towards Will's quarters; shoving his men out of the way and sending several to a close encounter with the wooden planks below them. He flung Will's door open so hard that it rebounded off the wall and slammed shut behind him.

The few people in the room jumped. One of his men sat wiping Will's forehead with a damp cloth, while the ships medic sat on his thighs, leaning closely to sew up Will's stomach. Will's eyes darted to his and Jack quickly stepped to his side.

"Give me that," he said harshly while snatching the cloth from the man who was wiping Will's forehead. Will's eyes remained locked with his, even though they closed in pain every now and again. "How did this happen?" Jack asked, almost to himself.

Will shook his head slightly, winced as the medic finished sewing him up, and mouthed with a breath, "Jack."

"Is he going to live?" Jack asked the medic outside Will's room, his arms folded in a defensive manor, while giving he demeanor that he couldn't care less if Will was to live or not.

"It's going to take a few days to tell, he was brought back quickly so as far as healing goes, time is on his side. But nothing else is, the wound is deep. He's lost a lot of blood."

"So what are you saying?"

The medic sighed, "Captain, I doubt he'll live through the night."

Jack walked back into Will's room, closing the door behind him. They were already setting sail and night had fallen. Will opened his eyes and once again locked his with Jack's. They stared at one another for a solid minute before Jack became uncomfortable and broke the contact. He leaned back against the door, looking out of the window on his right to the cloudless night.

"I'm sorry, Will," he said, voice barely above a whisper, still not looking at him.

When he chanced a look back he saw Will pat the bed under him with his left hand. With great hesitation, he pushed himself off the door with his foot and walked very slowly over to the bed.

Without looking at him, Jack sat gently.

"Jack," he whispered softly. He took a deep breath and turned to Will, "I should have watched you more closely. There were to many of them; to many."

"No, Jack, I should have been careful. But when I watch you," he paused and closed his eyes a moment, his breathing very shallow, "when you fight, it's just amazing. I tried to be you, Jack. I tried to be you and I failed. I'm sorry."

"God, don't say that! This isn't your fault!" Jack snapped making Will flinch.

Will's eyes held a pained expression he could no longer look at. Instead he pulled Will's covers down so that they barely covered him; and looked at the gunshot wound on his stomach. His fingers traced the outlines of his defined ab muscles and around the wound itself. But Jack failed to notice the way his breath hitched and his eyes widened when he pulled the sheet down. He also failed to feel the sensation that flickered through Will when his rough fingers traced his form as his stomach muscles clenched.

"You need to rest now," Jack said rising suddenly and hastily making for the door. His hand just grasped the handle when Will called, "Jack, don't leave."

He let his hand drop. Taking a deep breath he walked back. Bracing one hand on either side of Will's head, he leaned in close, very close. "This is going to be OK, Will. Don't stop fighting." He spoke intensely, his warm breath was on Will's face, he was so close to him, and he suddenly felt warmth spread through his lower body and pool between his legs. To his terror he realized just how much this situation had him feeling warm below his now desperately low sheet. He swallowed hard and his eyes widened slightly. Jack noticed. "What is it?" he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Im tired," he covered lamely. Jack nodded and stood up straight. He looked at how pale Will was; he looked as though he were holding hands with death.

"Please don't leave."

Jack looked at Will, not understanding him, but nodding, and moving to rest in a chair near the window he had been gazing out of earlier. Will still looked at him worriedly.

"I'm not going to leave. Rest."

Will nodded and turned to look directly at the ceiling before letting his eyes flutter shut.

Jack sat staring at him for a long while before he realized that Will was shaking with cold. He rose and covered him with his blankets; tucking them under his sides. He looked at the flawless face before him, and couldn't help it when his fingers, though shaking, touched Will's lips. He gently traced them. They were perfect. Smooth. Delicate. Wonderfully shaped. And before he realized it, he had leaned in close, as though to kiss those perfect lips.

He jolted up and stumbled backwards; falling into his chair, half hard and confused.

After a long while he drifted into a light, uneasy sleep. Which was quickly ended when he heard Will's voice calling to him. He opened his tired eyes. Blinking a few times and stood unsteadily. "Jack," he said again.

"Will, you're alive!" he said with genuine shock.

"Did you not wish for me to survive?" Will asked, brow furrowed.

"Of course I did." Jack responded, smiling at Will. When he returned Jack's smile, he felt something stir inside him.

Three days later Will was walking again, with the aid of Jack, who had spent every night in Will's room. In the same chair.

One day ten Jack could noticeably tell that Will's wound was healing. He still slept in the chair where he could hear Will. Just in case he needed anything.

Three weeks later Will's wound seemed nothing but a scar and a bad memory.

It was night and Jack stood at the foot of Will's bed, "Well, I suppose you wish for your privacy once more, and I believe your well enough not to need me to sit with you any more."

Will's face dropped the smile it had worn but moments before. "Of course, but would you please stay? Just one more night?" Will stared at his hands, "Please, just, I need, just one more night."

Jack's face carried a grin. "You're repeating yourself, Master Turner." He sighed, "I can brave one more evening in this old chair I suppose," he said walking towards the chair.

"Actually," Will broke in, "I was thinking; that chair can't be very comfortable. You could sleep in my bed."

Jack looked confused. "Where then would you sleep?" Jack noticed the dark red that stained Will's cheeks.

"Also... in... my bed," he finished quietly; blushing so hard that his ear tips were even tinged pink. Jack said nothing for a moment, trying to figure if Will had something in mind. And from the way he was blushing, Jack was fairly certain that he did. "I'm sorry! It was a stupid idea, really!" Will suddenly burst out, still not looking at him.

Jack's confused look left him as realization dawned. Will was still babbling as Jack made his way over to the bed and climbed on it. Will tried to hide his shock as Jack crawled over him.

"I think it's a fine idea," Jack said, quietly. Will swallowed hard as Jack wasted no time crawling under the covers with him. "Sleep naked do we?" Jack said with a smile as he let his body press upon Will's. Will's eyes went wide and a darker flush took control of his face then before. Jack pulled the covers down as he had done so many days before, so that they barely covered him, though this time he was beginning to get hard and was sure Jack would notice.

But Jack just let his fingers run across the fading scar on his stomach. This time he felt the muscles contract. He smiled, letting his fingers crawl up to his chest, over his throat and into his hair. Without a word Jack lowered his lips onto Will's. He tensed in shock for a moment, but then ran his hands up Jack's spine to pull him down on top of him.

Jack licked at Will's closed lips. He eagerly parted them, but when he felt Jack's tongue slide along his, he pulled back breathing heavily.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked, fearing he had made a mistake and Will wasn't interested in him.

"Just... just nervous."

"Don't be. It's just me, Will."

Will nodded and Jack lowered his head again, taking those sweet lips in his again before they opened to his probing tongue again. Jack gently held Will's head with his left hand and let his right wander down to his waist and lower.

Will groaned when Jack's rough hand wrapped around his erection, and kissed him harder. Jack moaned gently and began to stroke the hot, hard flesh in his hand. When Will's back arched off the bed and he thrust his hips forward into Jack's hand, he felt his cock hardening rapidly and his pants quickly became too tight.

Saliva began to drip from the corners of Will's mouth as Jack put his tongue to work under his own. All the while stroking the now pulsing length in his hand. Harder and harder he rubbed, feeling the tip begin to leak as he brought Will closer and closer to release.

"Oh God," Will moaned when he broke away from Jack's lips. "Oh God, Jack." He was panting heavily as sweat began to form on his torso.

Jack moved his head down to lick at the sheen of sweat on his chest, then curled his tongue around Will's nipple. "God, Jack, please. Uhh, please." He moaned as Jack increased the speed of his strokes, the entire time making his cock drip even more. Will's fingernails dug into his shoulders and Jack felt himself grow even harder; his erection now straining against his pants.

Will's eyes rolled back and he arched off the bed as he was brought to the edge; but didn't cross over. Jack's hand had stilled. Will's eyes shot open in outrage and disbelief, "Jack, please,"

"Shh..." Jack soothed, brushing the sweaty black strands from his forehead, "Soon, Will, soon." Jack quickly unbelted his pants and yanked them down and off. His erection sprung free and he didn't miss Will's groan as he noticed. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and moved to kiss Will again.

He crawled on top of Will's perfect body and maneuvered between his legs. He broke off their kiss and placed his hands under Will's knees and made to pull them apart; but found them tightly closed. "Will?" he asked, "Is this not what you want?"

Will's face flushed again, "Yes, I do; but, I've never..."

Jack rubbed his thighs soothingly. "Will, I'm not a gentle man. I like it rough, hard, and if I get my choice; very, very loud." Will laughed, Jack's joking making him feel more at ease. "I won't hurt you, Will," he said sincerely. "I'd never hurt you. But, this tends to, uh, burn."

Will loved that Jack was being honest with him and not just promising pleasure. Jack felt Will's thighs loose their resistance and gently he separated them.

Jack braced his knees under Will's thighs and ran his hand along his body until it met with those perfect lips. His first two ringers traced his mouth; Will was uncertain of what he was to do. "Open up," Jack breathed as the throbbing in his groin became more than insistent.

Will's lips parted and Jack's fingers slid in. "Suck them," he commanded, both becoming even harder from his words. Will's lips closed around Jack's fingers as he began to suck. After a few moments Jack groaned, pulled his fingers out and sloppily kissed him. Will tensed when he felt Jack's fingers pressing against the entrance to his body. When they pushed through to stretch the way, Will drew in a sharp breath and stopped kissing Jack; who pulled back and looked him in the eyes, "Relax, Will." His fingers stilled. "Relax," he whispered, kissing along his neck. As his fingers began to move again he felt Will shift uncomfortably under him. "Relax," Jack whispered in his ear once more.

"I'm trying," Will said moving his hips when Jack pushed a third finger inside him.

"Jack..." Will said with a whimper in his voice. Jack moved his head up and looked him in they eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered as he pulled his fingers out of Will's lean body. He nodded and received a quick kiss on his lips as Jack sat up and positioned himself. "Will, look at me," he said, moments later, wide brown eyes met his. "Do you trust me?" Jack asked.

Will nodded, "Yes."

And Jack smiled. Will was unprepared when Jack began to push into him and his eyes snapped shut as he gripped the bed sheets. Will realized one thing as the man over him tried to gently ease inside of him, Jack was big.

Tears began to form between his closed eyelids. He was instantly filled with fearful regret when a whimper of pain left his lips. Jack stilled and Will feared he would pull out and that would be the end of it. His eyes squeezed tighter before opening when he felt Jack take his hand. He stared at the tanned fingers as they laced through his own. His eyes fluttered to Jack.

"Do you want me to continue?" he asked, voice shaking. A moment passed and Jack feared he would say no.

"Yes, Jack."

A breath escaped him and smiling he began to push forward again. When Will's hand tightened around his own and his breathing became heavy again, Jack paused once more.

Will's eyes caught his and a pained smile formed on his lips. Jack was thrown off when Will's ankles locked behind his back and began to pull him forward. "Oh God..." he moaned as he was finally sheathed inside Will. He was plunged into incredible tightness and delicious heat like nothing he had ever felt before. He smiled at Will and shakily spoke, "God, Will..." he breathed heavily through his nose, "You feel wonderful."

Without warning he pulled back and shoved forward again. Will cried out and began to writhe under him. Jack found he couldn't stop and repeated his actions again and again. Will's eyes shut and he grasped Jack's hand in his. To his comfort, he felt Jack's other hand take his and raise them above his head; pinning them to the bed together. Jack began to worry he was only inflicting pain on Will, looking down at the pained expression on his face, when he heard a quiet voice, "Faster, Jack." Slowly his eyes opened and Jack began to throw himself into Will's now receptive body.

He rotated his hips and delivered a few short, hard thrusts, causing Will to gasp and arch off the bed, "You're so damn tight," Jack said through gritted teeth as he continued to thrust.

"Harder, Jack, harder." Clenching Will's wrists to the bed, Jack held nothing back as he began to slam into Will. The bed creaked as he let loose inside the heated abyss he had found. Jack let go of Will's hands to better brace himself, as he looked down to watch them move against each other.

He quickly caught Will's hand as it reached between their sweat-slicked bodies, "God, Jack, please. I need it."

Jack smiled and thrust harder. For the first time, he looked at Will. His writhing perfect body under his; begging to find release; flushed with need and perfectly hard. Jack caught his other hand as it reached for his cock. Will groaned in frustration. "Touch me, Jack." He heard escape those perfect lips.

"Beg me, Will, beg."

"No," he groaned and thrust upwards, attempting to find release any way he could.

"Beg, Will," he repeated.


Jack suddenly stilled, "If your too proud to beg, then I'll assume you don't need me to finish this," he said, pulling out.

Will"s eyes went wide, "No! Jack, please! Please!"

"That's better," he said as he fell back into his thrusting rhythm again.

"Please touch me, Jack." Will whimpered as his member throbbed; leaking steadily. Jack kissed him and held both his hands above his head in one of his own. The other skimmed the lightly tanned skin before it grasped Will's pulsing cock and began to stroke.

"Oh God, Jack."

The hand fisted him roughly until he couldn't take it any longer. With Jack's name screamed though the room, he came hard; spilling himself into Jack's hand. Moaning with relief and exhaustion. Will's contracting muscles caused Jack to cry out and release himself into the willing form below him. Will held him close and stroked his back until the jerks subsided in Jack's body and he stilled.

Panting heavily as Will's legs fell from his waist, he looked at Will. His sleepy eyes bore into him, he felt Will's arms wrap around him, pulling him closer. They kissed, soft and slow. Their eyes connected when their lips broke.

"You're beautiful," Jack whispered simply as he brushed the sweaty strands of hair from Will's face.

"I love you, Jack."

A moment passed and Jack smiled, "And I you."

They kissed again and Jack lay his head to rest on Will's shoulder. Pulling the covers around them, Will snuggled under his sleepy lover as Jack's arms tightened around him.

Both were truly happy as they drifted to sleep in one another's arms. They were thankful not only for one another and their pronounced love, but for the lock on the bedroom door as they faintly registered someone trying to open it.

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