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Site Information

name :: Bella Donna

meaning :: It's not really meant to have some grand euphamistic meaning. Really, just plucked it out of the air. What does mean? - well, it's an incorrect spelling of 'belladonna' a.k.a the (deadly) nightshade, which is a poisonous plant. Use of the plant in pharmeceuticals is pettering out because of the side-effects it produces.

OR, you could take it as Spanish for 'Beautiful Lady'. Dunno, this didn't occur to me until I was watching some foreign movie... oO

maintained by :: Necromage (Mage)

founded :: 26 September 2003.

brief history / facts :: Launched 26 September 2003 with 4 authors and 20 fics.

The poster boy is of course Captain Jack Sparrow, since he's the reason the admin went to see the movie multiple times. Couldn't possibly be anyone else... well, not yet at least.

Bella Donna is a sub-site of the main site Noire Sensus, and a sub-archive of the main fanfiction archive, Sensus Fanfiction Archive a.k.a the Bookshelf. The primary maintainer of Bella Donna is Necromage, mainly because she's the one who insisted the archive be built.

Notably, Bella Donna is the first fanfiction archive created in Noire Sensus since its initial opening back in 2000, that didn't begin as one of the child-archives of the SFA (e.g. Gramarye for Harry Potter, or Hithaeglir for Lord of the Rings). It started all on its own, with no other basis throughout the site - the main cause for anxiety with its maintainer.

layout / design :: v.one » bella donna » 26 September 2003

The layout (since it was approached as only being a 'temporary' layout until finalised) came together rather quickly. There were only two false starts this time, opposed to the last archive which required going back to the drawing board ten times.

The only problem was the colours - started off with a white background with oranges/reds/yellows. That idea quickly sank, and was redone with olive tones. That didn't work either, and this was final product - although it turned out with two renditions, referred to as the 'psychadelic colours' and 'graveyard' versions.

Created with CuteHTML, Adobe Photoshop 6 - and no image maps for the first time ever!

Brushes are from Annika von Holdt. Com. Images from god knows where. Official site, mayhaps? Fonts used were Porcelain for the main title, and Silkscreen for all subscript.

Designed for screen resolution 800x600+, CSS and basic javascript capability.

Have any questions? Why don't you refer to the FAQ first.

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