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The Things Nautical Series
by Tarnneth

Terms For A Cease-fire [Pairing] Jack/Norrington, with a few moments of Will/Elizabeth and some implied Jack/Bootstrap Bill
[Summary] James can't forget the one that got away, which makes his job and his life hard. The impending wedding only makes it worse. The real problem is, it's not Elizabeth he's pining for...
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon WAFF | Mild angst, mild language, mild alcohol use
[Added] 22 May 2004

-- // --

The "Too Tight" Series
by Gileonnen

Too Tight [Pairing] None
[Summary] Singapore--den of opium, iniquity, and tight corsets!
[Warning] PG-13 Prostitution
[Added] 25 December 2003

A True Story [Pairing] None
[Summary] Captain Jack Sparrow would never kill an innocent man, refuse a strong drink, or tell a true story.
[Warning] PG
[Added] 25 December 2003

Fitting the Hat [Pairing] Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will
[Summary] When the hat doesn't fit, naught can be done but to take it off and fit a new hat.
[Warning] PG-13 Mild angst
[Added] 25 December 2003

Bathwater [Pairing] Jack/Will
[Summary] Pirate or blacksmith--after a long day, everyone needs to feel clean.
[Warning] PG-13 Language, nudity
[Added] 25 December 2003

Join the Battle [Pairing] Jack/Will implied
[Summary] It's a mark of a man's pride, being able to make his own meals.
[Warning] PG-13 Language
[Added] 25 December 2003


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