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Fanart for Jeremy Chapter's PuPu's Saga.

Instructions: Click on the thumbnails in the galleries to view the full image. All images open in a new window which they share after the window's been activated, and require basic javascript to view. There's no need to close down the 'image' window when switching between archives.

Prologue: Rinoa standing over Squall
By Carina Edberg
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: PuPu wandering
By Carina Edberg
Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Laguna and Raine
By Tiny Tina
Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Laguna hugging Raine
By Zen
Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Mina from Squall's recollection
By Zen
Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Squall standing on Balamb Garden's Balcony
By Malla Kelly Barrie Tobuck
Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Quistis and Shiva
By Wingheart7
Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Squall and Diablos
By Leigh Bader

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