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Q u o t e s

I've tried to structure this into a conversation, for a summary and explanation of what they're going on about, go here. However, I suggest that you don't read it until you've finished reading their conversation.

"I. love. hot dogs. You know, the ones that're always SOLD OUT."
"Great. I've got a chicken-wuss and a guy who just reached puberty in my squad."
"Huh? Hey... The lights went out..."
"It must be fate!"
"You think I'm BS-ing, don't you?"
"We could skin this little fella and wear him as a disguise!"
"Yeah, I guess the things I say'll bring out the worst in people."
"This is the part where you swear your undying hatred for me."
If you come'll find me. I promise."
"A sigh of love?"
"... Squall... being sensitive?"
"You're the best looking guy here, dance with me."
"Up yours!"
"Know-it-all-Zell to the rescue, baby!"
"Why don't we just fire like crazy and BOOM! Make a big hole!"
(... What a shameful sight)
(to Squall) "Why don't you talk to me? Might make you feel better, Or would you rather go talk to a wall?"
A speech...? Forget it. Cut the mic!"
"You're-going-to-like-me. You're-going-to-like-me. Did it work?"
"BOOM! We'll blow it to smitherines!"
"Teamwork means stayin' out of my way."
...And what is your department?"
"Guns and women, of course."
"If there's a door, we go in! If there's anything we can break, we break!"
(I dreamed I was a moron.)
"Sorry Squall, I only play cards with girls."
"...Squall, did you put me on this team because you hated me...?"
"And in the end, we blow this place to smithereens!"

Summary: Okay, this may not have made sense to you, but in the beginning, Zell is just telling everyone he loves hot dogs, Squall doesn't care; Seifer makes his usual sarcastic remark ("Great. I've got a chicken-wuss and a guy who just reached puberty in my squad.") but then could be plausible innuendo as they lights go out moments later. Irvine tries to take advantage of the situation, claiming it to be fate.

Zell continues to defend his love for hot dogs as the others make fun of him; Seifer dares Irvine to tell him how much he hates him. Squall, thinking that Seifer was talking to him, murmurs a reply that we all know so well. The others are shocked and amazed, joyous to say the least...

[Enter Rinoa]

Of course, being the person that she is, she comes on to Squall, Selphie develops a spontaneous obsession to blow Rinoa to smitherines as she continues to insist continuously during the remaining conversation. Our brave young SeeDs rush to rescue Squall from the evil Sorceress Rinoa while Quistis tried to console him, shoving a microphone in his face for his reply. Everyone bands together to kill the evil, bewitching lady as she tries to cast her dark magic on our young Commander.

Any questions? ^_^

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