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Summary of Archive: This section of the Library Archive, organises all the stories from R-FFVIII according to the pairings featured in the story. Since some fics feature various pairings, those fics are listed in more than one sub-archive. Note that the majority of these pairings are yaoi.

Yaoi Pairing Index
  :: Seifer X Squall Updated   :: Squall X Zell   :: Irvine X Zell
  :: Seifer X Zell Updated   :: Squall X Irvine Updated   :: Nida X Squall Updated
  :: Seifer X Irvine Updated   :: Laguna X Squall Updated   :: Nida X Zell
  :: Seifer X Laguna   :: Kiros X Ward   :: Nida X Irvine
  :: Raijin X Squall   :: Kiros X Laguna   :: Martine X Irvine
  :: Ward X Squall New   :: Kiros X Squall New

Yaoi Group Pairing Index
  :: Seifer X Squall X Irvine
  :: Seifer X Irvine X Zell   :: Seifer X Squall X Irvine X Zell
  :: Seifer X Squall X Zell   :: Squall X Irvine X Zell   :: Raijin X Squall X Seifer X Nida X Zell
  :: Seifer X Squall X Laguna    

Guardian Force Pairing Index
  :: Quistis X Shiva   :: Selphie X Shiva   :: Bahamut X Irvine

Yuri Pairing Index
  :: Quistis X Selphie   :: Rinoa X Selphie   :: Fujin X Selphie
  :: Quistis X Fujin    

Mixed Pairing Index
  :: Irvine X Squall X Rinoa   :: Seifer X Squall X Rinoa

Pairing Index
  :: Squall X Rinoa   :: Irvine X Selphie   :: Seifer X Fujin
  :: Squall X Quistis   :: Irvine X Quistis   :: Seifer X Quistis
  :: Squall X Fujin   :: Irvine X Rinoa   :: Seifer X Rinoa
  :: Zell X Quistis   :: Laguna X Julia   :: Cid X Edea
  :: Zell X Selphie   :: Laguna X Edea   :: Kiros X Quistis

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