You Don't Know

Chapter 4

By Purple Penguin

“You’re coming home? Tonight? Really?”

I glanced around feeling someone watching me. I stood in the corridor, talking to my lover on the phone.

“The mission ended early, I’m coming home, meet me at the docks at 11:00 pm okay?”

“Okay bye.”

“Bye I love you.”

“Love you too.”

I hung up and glanced round again, no one was around I must be going mad.

I watched Squall hang up the phone and walk away. I stood from behind the large bushy plant. Squall had a lover? Why didn’t we know about this? Who is he? I had to tell Seifer, I hope he won’t be too upset.

I picked myself up off the floor. “Ouch, ow, cramps.” I think I was crouching for too long. I wobbled around awkwardly.

I jumped when someone pulled a leaf out of my hair, but my legs didn’t work so I fell on my ass.

I heard an amused chuckle. “Hyne Chicken Wuss you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.”

“Shut up.” I muttered as I staggered to my feet. “I was spying on Squall.”

He made a tsking noise.

“For you.” I added.

“So what did you find out?”

I walked down the hall a bit. “Come on, I need a shower.”

He crooked his finger in a ‘come here’ motion. “I’m not going anyway with you looking like that.” He started to pick the leaves and bits of twig out of my hair.

“That doesn’t matter.” I sighed. “You’re so vain.”

“Thanks Chicken.”

I folded my arms and tried to look annoyed even though I was secretly enjoying the attention. My spikes were now ruined so he ran his hand through my hair, pushing it back.

“There.” He stepped back, happy with his work.

I petted it with my hand.

“Hey don’t do that!” He grabbed my fingers.

I smirked. “Have you ever thought of going into the hairdressing business?”


I looked down to see he still hadn’t let go of my fingers, not that I was complaining.

“Oh sorry!” He pulled his hand away and scratched the back of his head nervously.

“A-Anyway what did Squall say?”

We walked together down the hallway. “He was talking to his lover on the phone?”

“Squall has a lover!?”

“Yeah and they’re meeting tonight.”

“Then we’re going too.”

I frowned. “Squall’s taken it’s over.”

“I want to know who got there before me.”

“You’re not upset are you?”

“Nah, but I want to know. Will you go with me to Balamb to see Squall’s mystery lover?”

I nodded. “Why me? You could take Raijin or Fujin with you.”

He winced. “They don’t know I’m gay, besides we’re partners in crime, right?”

I smiled. “Right.”

His gaze lingered on me for longer than needed he blinked and looked away. “So I’ll come get you 10 minutes before 11, okay?”

I nodded. “Right.” I turned to go to my dorm but he stopped me.



“Do you want to get some lunch first? We do have ages till nightfall.”

I smiled again. “Sure okay.” We walked together to the cafeteria for lunch.

I rubbed some shampoo into my hair; I had 20 minutes till Seifer got here. We spent most of the day together it was amazing. We didn’t talk about plans to get Squall; in fact I don’t think Squall was mentioned. I guess my charms are working, huh?”

I leant back on the wall and thought of my Seifer, well hopefully he’s soon to be my Seifer. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased than when I heard Squall say he had a lover. Seifer had to give up on Squall and if he was upset then I’ll be there for him.

I pushed off the wall and raised my hair free of the shampoo. I switched off the water and wrapped myself in a big fluffy towel. Hyperion wagged his tail at me when I pulled some clothes from my drawers to wear. I shivered in the cold air and rubbed my skin dry. I got half dressed then feed the puppy, who happily tucked into his food. I heard a knock on the door and ran to open it.

“Ze-” Seifer stood on my doorstep, he seemed in a hurry but he paused and I watched his eyes trail down at naked torso. I blinked and looked away from me. “Squall left early, we have to leave now!” He pulled me out of the door and down the corridor.

“But-but Seifer!”

He clamped a hand over my mouth when we saw Squall walk past the directory towards the front gate.

“Shh come on.” He whispered.

Despite the goosebumps prickling my skins I kept my mouth shut and followed him.

Once outside the night air was bitterly cold. I clutched my naked torso tightly, trying to keep in as much heat as possible.

“What’s that noise?” Seifer asked.

“W-W-W-What noise?”

He turned to watch me huddled on the ground, hugging myself, my teeth chattering continuously. I heard him sigh then a warm trench coat was put around my shoulders.

“Thanks.” I slid my arms into the sleeves and did up the buttons. It was a bit big, the collar stood up but I wasn’t in a hurry to put it down it was keeping my neck warm and there was a nice Seifer smell that I could easily become addicted to.

“Come on.”

We moved to a dip in the ground and crouched down. I fell down because the coat got under my feet.


“Yeah I know.” I whispered.

We waited until Squall had moved away.

“Right, let’s go.”

I put my first foot forward, stepping on the coat and feel flat on my face.


Seifer crouched back down. Shit! He’s coming this way!”

I rubbed the lump on my forehead.

“Quick act casual!”

“Casual? We’re sitting in the middle of nowhere and I’m wearing your coat!”

He smiled. “I’ve got an idea.”

“Uh oh.”

“Take the coat off.”

“What? No, it’s cold.”

“Take it off chicken”

I grudgingly took off the coat. “So what’s the big plan?”

Seifer pushed me to the ground and kissed me. I was so shocked that I just lay there.

What the hell was he doing?”

“Seifer? Zell?”

The blonde raised his head to smirk at Squall who was staring at us. “If you don’t mind Leonhart, we’ve kinda busy.” He showed off my naked chest.

Squall shook his head then walked off. Seifer leant down and kissed me again and this time I didn’t just lie there. I knew this was all for Squall’s benefit but there may not be another time when I get to touch him and kiss him like this. I eagerly kissed him back; he was reluctant to give a real open mouthed kiss so I helped him out a bit. Soon he was as in to it as I was. He had one hand in my hair and the other moved over my chest. I parted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, wanting to be as close to him as possible.

It was amazing and I never wanted it to end.


I saw Squall’s disgusted look and I turned to kiss Zell again. I was surprised when he kissed me back, he willingly opened his mouth to me but I didn’t want to get too involved in it. I was really shocked when he took the incentive and before I knew what I was doing I had one hand in his hair and the other on his muscled stomach. He tasted really good and I never wanted it to end, but when his legs wrapped around my waist I knew it had to stop.

Very reluctantly I pulled back and he lay beneath me panting, he smiled that cute little smile.

“Wow.” He said.

“Yeah.” I whispered.

He leaned up to kiss me again but I pulled back no matter how much I’d liked kissing him, I couldn’t. I was afraid I’d end up taking him right there and he deserved better than that.

I avoided looking at him; I didn’t want to see to hurt that I knew was there.

Instead I stood and handed him my coat. “Come on, he’s getting away.” I walked towards Balamb not looking back.

I stopped after a while I had expected to hear his footsteps as he followed me but I looked back to see my trench coat on the ground and he was gone.

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