You Don't Know

Chapter 2 - Plan B

By Purple Penguin

I looked up from my place on the bed when someone knocked on the door. It was early morning, I didn’t think anyone else was up yet. Seifer and I get up early to train, I saw him in the training centre this morning acting strangely. I was going to act but then I spotted Zell come out of the training centre looking nervous, he followed Seifer out of the training centre and I decided I really did not want to know.

I pushed off the bed and answered the door, there was no one there but a white rose lay on my doorstep. I frowned and looked down the hall for someone who might have left it. I picked it up and went back inside, there wasn’t a note. Why would someone give me a rose without telling me who it’s from?

My lover’s away on a mission he could have sent it here but wouldn’t he had told me?

Hmm, I sat on the bed, it was worth asking him just in case. I picked up the phone and dialled his mobile number that I had memorized.


“Hey it’s me. Are you busy?”

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“Did you send me anything? Like a rose?”

“No why? Should I have done?”

I smiled slightly. “No but I got one on my doorstep this morning and I wondered who left it.”

The another man chuckled. “Has my Squally got an admirer?”

“Don’t call my that?”

He laughed again. “Just make sure this guy knowing that you’re mine.”

“What’s makes you think it’s a guy?”

“It a guy thing to do isn’t it? The whole flowers and chocolates thing. Although if it’s a girl I’ve got nothing to worry about. Do you any clue as to who sent it?”

“No, everybody’s got someone.”

“Zell’s single isn’t he?”

“I think he and Seifer might be together.”

My lover choked on that information. “What?! Zell and Seifer?!”

“They’ve been acting really strangely lately, hanging around together, not fighting, whispering and making eye contact, and you don’t want to know what I saw this morning.”

“Oh I do, what?”

“I saw Seifer in the training centre outside the secret area, then Zell came out trying to straighten his ruffled hair and they left together, and from the wicked grin Seifer gave me I can guess what they were doing.

My lover chuckled. “Yeah that sounds like Seifer. What was Zell thinking when he got involved with him?”

“I don’t know.”

That morning in the training centre.

I stared out at the beautiful morning view, the sun wasn’t up yet but it’s glow shone through the trees. Seifer said he’d meet me here after training, how long did he take? Knowing Seifer he’s probably found a pack of T-Rexuars and wants to kill them all.

We would be working on plan B, I had it all figured out I’m sure Squall would love a nice gift, something he’d really love.

I wasn’t sure if all this was going to work, I was going on what I would like Seifer to do if he liked me, whereas Squall didn’t love Seifer we were working on that. I already loved Seifer, if he wanted me he wouldn’t have to bother with any of this I’d be his in a heartbeat.

Finally I heard footsteps behind me. “You took your time.”

“He’s here.”


He rolled his eyes. “Who’d you think? Squall.”

I nodded.

“So Plan B?” He looked at me hopefully.

I pulled a white rose from my jacket pocket.

“I can’t give Squall this! He’ll kill me!”

“No, you put it on his doorstep and don’t leave a note the first time.”

“First time? You mean there’ll be another time?”

“Yes but not more flowers it has to be something he’ll really love.”

He nodded then frowned. “Like what?”

I smiled. “You have to choose it yourself, but I’ll come with you to Balamb if you want.”

“Deal.” He ruffled my hair. “Thanks chicken.” He walked out and I followed, trying to re-spike my hair that he had just ruined. I stopped at the door surprised to see Squall standing there. Seifer smirked at him then left. I glanced nervously at Squall who was looking at us in the strangest way.

“Zell hurry up.”

I ran after Seifer.

In Balamb picking gift 2.



“No more flowers.”


“Not unless you want to blow all your money.”

Seifer through all the shops in Balamb.


I gave him an odd look.

“Okay maybe not.”

“What about jewellery?”

I smiled and nodded.

He headed into the shop while I stared in the window. For almost a year they’d had this pendent that I adore, I’m saving up for it but for a level 10 SeeD I don’t get paid much. I did go up 12 levels for the war but I lost them for sleep walking into the cafeteria and stealing 20 hotdogs. It wasn’t fair, that’s my fault, I could have my pendent by now if it wasn’t for that.

Seifer came out empty handed.

“No luck?”

He smirked. “I’ve just had a brilliant idea.”


He shook his head. “It’s a surprise.”

He looked at the pendent then back at me. “You like that huh?”

“Yeah I’ve been saving for ages. Anyway tell me what the surprise is.”


“Tell me!”



I jumped off the sofa at Squall’s yell. Seifer came in from the bedroom glancing at me nervously.

“What the hell?”

Seifer looked sheepish. “I guess he didn’t like my surprise.”

“You gave that to him already?”

Squall thumped on the door. I ran up to the door with Seifer.

Squall stood fuming. His fave tee shirt was ruined, all ripped and covered in dog drool. He held a Great Dane puppy under one arm.

“What the hell was this thing doing in my room?!” He shoved the dog into my arms.

The puppy looked round fearfully with his eyes wide. I glared at Squall. “You frightened him!”

“Look what it did to my shirt! What the hell was it doing in my room?!”

I putted up the dog and walked to the sofa, leaving Squall and Seifer to argue over it.

The animal curled it’s self into me, trying to escape the noise.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with it?” Seifer hissed at Squall.

“Hey I think it likes me.”

The two gunbladers turned round to see the dog curled in Zell’s arms, it’s head on his shoulder.

“I think you just found your answer.” Squall said before leaving.

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