Want Me, Have Me, Crave Me

Part 3

By Purple Penguin


"But Squall-"

The commander turned away from the annoying short girl. "You want to take Zell out fine but don't involve me."

"Rinoa's going!"

Squall winced. "All the more reason for me to remain here then."

She sighed, having to run to keep up on her short legs. "But- a huge group of us are going not just me, you and Zell, please Squall you like clubs."

"No I don't."

"But you've been before!"

"Only when blackmailed or drunk."

"So you're just going to sit in your office and sulk?"

"Yes actually." Well no not really, when all the paperwork had got too much the pull towards the internet had seemed tempting and so had all the porn sites full of guys, naked guys, guys on top of other guys.... And then maybe a bit spot of spying in the showers would be the perfect end to a perfect smutty evening. He sighed, thinking maybe he was becoming a pervert in his old age.

He stopped when he noticed he was walking alone, Selphie had given up, thank god.

He mentally smiled.

"So you're saying I'm not good enough for the commander?"

"I-I-I-I didn't say that." The girl in front of Yuki twitched nervously, he may only be a cadet but he was a lot taller, bigger than her and I little scary. "A-All I said was t-that I'm not surprised you feel that way about him who doesn't? But don't get your hopes up if he didn't want someone as beautiful as Rinoa then I-I-" She trailed off again looking afraid. "N-Not that I'm saying that y-you-"

"Oh forget it!" He waved a hand in the air dismissively, walking away from her and her friends, regretting that he started talking to them in the first place.

Maybe going out with his friend and Quistis and everyone was what he needed either to get close to Squall or to forget about him. He snapped out of his thoughts with a grin as the object of his affections walked up the steps towards the lifts.

"Hey Squall!"

The shorter man had seemed to be a trance of his own and at first it looked like he didn't hear him then when he sunk in he turned to look in his direction. "... Yuki?"

The cadet took the steps two at a time to reach his friend. "You going out with Selphie and that tonight?"

The brunette frowned. "How'd you know about that?"

"I'm going."

Squall blinked. "You are?"

"Yeah Quistis invited my friend, she's a Trepie and she asked if I wanted to tag along, so you going?"

Squall narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Did Selphie put him up to this to get him to go? "I-err- haven't decided yet."

"Oh well, it'd be good if you did go, I don't know that group too well so it'll be good to have a familiar face."

Squall nodded, turned towards the lifts slowly seeming a little out of it.

Yuki bent his head to study the brunette's face, he placed a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?"

Maybe it was the light but it looked like a blush crept up into Squall's cheeks.

"I'm fine, I'll -err- think about it." He ducked his head from the other man's gaze and shrugged off the hand, quickly getting into the lift when it could down.

"Okay I might see you later then." Yuki quickly called before the doors closed.

The cadet stood there for a moment confused and a little hurt being brushed off so easily.

Selphie grinned at the little group of people, more than she thought had turned up. Quistis, Nida, Xu, Zell and even Squall. Trepie 28 who was called Astra and her friends were meeting them inside.

Selphie knew Astra was hot for Quistis and Yuki wanted Squall and she was always up for setting up her friends, especially Squall to deserved to be happy for once instead of avoiding people.

The group filed into the club with Selphie bringing up the rear with Zell, she started pointing out guys to him on the way in.

"What about that one?" She yelled over the loud dance music at the little blonde who walked at her side.


"There, the cute one at the bar!"

"Err- I don't know he's a redhead, I'm not really into-"

She sighed. "Okay what about that guy?" She pointed to another one standing near the door. "He's blonde and I know you like them so no saying you don't!" Even through the darkened room she could see him blush.

The group moved to a couple of corner tables where Yuki, Astra and a blonde guy sat waving them over. Squall flinched, eying the arm that the blonde had around Yuki's shoulders. The taller man grinned when he saw Squall gesturing to the empty seat next to him at the circular table.

Squall hesitated, studying the pair who were obviously a couple, the blonde guy did drop the arm when Yuki seemed more interested in Squall than him though but still....

Yuki's expression fell when Squall coldly turned away from him heading instead towards the bar. He felt a hand drop to his shoulder and saw Toby's sympathetic smile. "He'll come around." He gave his friend a slight shove. "Go after him."

The long haired cadet got up to follow the object of his affections to the bar.

"Where's everyone going?" Selphie asked, suddenly looking up and noticing that Quistis, Astra, Squall and Yuki had disappeared,

"To have fun?" Nida swivelled round from looking out at the dance floor to glance at Xu behind him. "Dance with me?"

"But you're gay."

"Xu I'm asking you to dance with me not marry me."

Toby looked up. "I'll dance with you!"

The brunette blinked. "I don't know you but okay."

The pair left the table too leaving just Selphie, Zell and Xu.

Xu sat at the back near the wall looking angry, Selphie and Zell sat opposite. The petite girl suddenly thrust her arm out in front of Zell's face, barely missing hitting him. "What about that one?"


She pointed harder. "There! The one that looked a bit like-" She trailed off in shock, leaning forward to study the figure.

Xu also looked up. "Is that Seifer?"

"What is he doing here? How he know that we were-" He stopped and slowly turned her head to stare suspiciously at Zell, who fidgeting nervously.

"You told him?!"

"I-I didn't mean to! I was just talking to myself and he happened to be there, that's all!"

She folded her arms. "How are you supposed to move on with him here? No one's going to want to touch you in fear of getting murdered by your homicidal- err- fuck buddy!!"

"Sorry Selphie but you know I never was that keen to move on in the first place."

"But it's the healthy thing to do."

"Fuck healthy!" The little blonde slapped a hand over his mouth as soon as he said it as Selphie's eyes widened, knowing he shouldn't be afraid of her but for a short, cheerful girl she was scary.

Someone laughed. "That's my boy Chickie!" Hands landed on his shoulders from behind smirking at Selphie.

"Selphie how nice to see you here."

"Fuck off, Seifer."

He chuckled. "I feel like dancing." He tugged Zell up to his feet with hands under his lover's arms. "Come on, Chickie, let's dance!"

The little blonde was dragged away, calling apologises back to his friend. "Sorry, Selphie, I'll be right back."

Seifer pulled the shorter man against himself out on the dance floor, moving to the techno music his hands sliding instantly to their favourite place; his lover's ass. Zell's raised his arms up, loosely linking them around Seifer's shoulders.

One thing he loved about being with Seifer was that the other man was able to make him feel sexy just by looking at him that way.

He smirked, feeling happy with his outfit choice for the night. Tight black jeans and a loose navy shiny dress shirt that had the top two buttons undone and the bottom few so his belly button was visible.

Seifer never dressed to impress and wore the usual. Those green eyes practically undressed him with his eyes as he danced.

Lips attached themselves to his neck, teeth nibbling lightly. He moaned into Seifer's ear knowing they were close enough for his lover to hear him over the music.

Hands disappeared under his shirt, undoing the buttons in the process.

Lips met his own, Zell's fingers gripped the taller man's hair none to gently but Seifer never was very gentle with him so this was pay back. The older man growled slightly at the rough treatment to his hair, teeth biting down hard on his lover's neck receiving a cry that was only half pain. Zell liked it a little rough.

A knee pushed between his legs to his growing arousal in his pants.

Zell pulled back. "You want to get out of here?"

"Smartest thing I've ever heard you say Chickie."

The frown on Selphie's face deepened when a certain mis-matched blonde couple half stumbled, half ran out of the club with hand all over each other.

She folded her arms, suddenly feeling depressed for Zell's sake. She blinked when Xu stepped in front of her. "Hmm?"

"If you're going to look miserable then.... I'll go with you to dnace."

"Really?" She jumped to her feet. Xu never danced she usually sat there and looked angry.

The red head winced. "No bouncing, no shrieking, no being overly cheerful."

Selphie saluted. "You got it, no being cheerful for me!"

Xu rolled her eyes. "Let's get this over with."

"Okay dokey!"

The red head winced again.

When Yuki had approached the bar Squall was just knocking back a glass of.... Something.

"Hey!" He yelled over the music in greeting.

When Squall didn't seem to hear him he dropped a hand to his shoulder causing the other man to jump, turning and relaxing when he saw Yuki if scowling slightly.

"You okay?" He asked, leaning in to talk into Squall's ear.

The brunette shuddered at the warm breath that ghosted over his skin.

"Did I do something to upset you? If I did I'm sorry."

The brunette remained silence, ordering another drink.

The cadet continued on anyway despite the silence. "I'm glad you came." He ran his eyes over Squall's slight change of outfit.

Tight leather pants as usual, deep blue shirt with only a couple of buttons done up to reveal the black vest underneath.

"You look hot by the way."

When the brunette turned to look at him sharply in shock he added. "I am allowed to say that right? To the commander of Balamb garden?"

Squall blinked in confusion. "But aren't you-"

"Aren't I what? Are you okay? You've been acting funny all day, like at the lifts today, what was that?"

Squall blushed. Oh yeah, there was something about thinking about someone while jerking off in the shower then walking into them that had unnerved him. He glanced out at the dance floor to see that blonde guy going to dance with Nida, he frowned.

"Aren't you mad that-" He pointed to the pair.

"Mad? Why? We're not a couple, I mean we're close but not that close." He grinned suddenly in realization. "Oh! Is that why you walked off?"

"No." Squall answered quickly, throwing back the next drink in an effort to hide the blush.

"Well as you're talking to me again, do I get a dance?"

"Umm-" A dance with the devil? The sexy devil sitting in front of him?

"Come on, I always imagined you'd be a sexy dancer." He grinned. "Can I see if I was right?"

"I don't think I'm drunk enough for dancing yet."

The cadet pouted. "Please." He whined.

Squall studied these mischievous eyes, knowing Yuki was playing with him. He sighed. "Okay then."

He received a wide grin in response.

"One dance and that's it."

The pair had headed for the far corner to avoid the others who were now dancing in a big group. The taller man had a hand flat on Squall chest and the other teasing the bit of visible skin above his belt., stilling grinning at him. The brunette was having trouble controlling the perverted thoughts again, raising a pair of fingers to brush the long hair back from the cadet's eyes, running them along the side of his face and down his neck. Yuki arched his head up allowing the other man's fingers to travel all the way down his skin until his got in the way. Squall hand settled on his collar, clutching the material.

The other man leaning in to talk to him, lips brushing his skin to get the other man to hear him. Squall shivered causing the taller man to smirk.

"Do I make you nervous?" He asked.

Squall blinked and shook his head.

"Why do you jump when I touch you?"

The younger man peered closely at the brunette's skin as a blush crept up his neck, raising an eyebrow. Squall was beautiful most of the time even more when embarrassed, it seemed odd for the commander and hero of the world to go shy around him.

Selphie had found them after half an hour, getting in Squall's way as usual, the group floated over to them getting them to join in, breaking them up, though Yuki linked fingers with the brunette smirking at him, keeping their hands together.

Squall looked over the group. What happened to Zell?



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