Yuki is my character I made him up though I did steal the character name from Gravitation. OCxSquall coming up. You guys on Adultfanfiction put me off doing a threesome, at least in this fic but I want to do one eventually, besides I started getting greats ideas for Squall this character that I made up.

Want Me, Have Me, Crave Me

Part 2

By Purple Penguin

The brunette winced at the murder that went on in front of her, the hotdog massacre as fangs repeatedly impaled poor defenceless hotdogs, little pieces flying in all directions it was like a horror movie.

"Whoa, Zell man you need a shield or something to sit near you." A male cadet chuckled as he walked nearby.

He gestured to the little pieces all over the table causing the little blonde to blush.

His friend grinned and ruffled his hair receiving a distressed whine. "I've only just re-spiked it since..." He trailed off, starting to straighten his ruined hair when a hand landed on his shoulder he froze.

Selphie instantly glared at the tall figure behind her friend who was shadowed by two other smirking figures.


Lips brushed Zell's ear and warm breath tickled his skin. "You okay Chickie?" He caught Zell's ear lobe between his teeth teasing him. "Walking okay are you?" He smirked.

Fujin rolled her eyes and walked past their table to get a free one, Raijin obediently followed her.

"W-What'd you want Seifer?"

The blonde seemed satisfied with the little stutter and catch of breath in his lover's voice. He pushed a little folded piece of paper into Zell's hand, curling the little blonde's fingers around it before glancing up at Selphie.

"Are you done?" She asked.

"For the moment." He smirked, moving away from the table and turning to blow Zell a kiss.

The little blonde looked at his hand where Seifer had put the piece of paper, uncurling his fingers to unfold it.

Selphie leaned across the table as soon as Seifer had gone. "Why the hell do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"That! Let him- intimidate you like that, you never used too."

"It's different now I can't just beat him up I'm sleeping with him."

She scoffed. "But that's all it is right? I mean you don't love him or anything do you?"

Her friend snorted. "Hell no!"

"Well then fight back, stick up for yourself."

Zell just muttered something under his breath.

"Well? What does it say?"

"Huh? Oh." He remembered the note suddenly, opening it up to read it. "Um...."


How about a shower? 0230 hrs.


"Well?" His friend prompted.

He shrugged and handed it over.

She scowled. "Please tell me you're not going."

He shrugged again.

"You know just because one decent guy dumped you-"

"Because I wasn't good enough!"

"That doesn't mean you have to put up with that asshole!" She sighed. "Maybe you should come out with us one day, we'll find you a nice boyfriend... you don't have to be Seifer's latest plaything you know."

"Who's us? Irvine's not here remember?"

"Well me, Quistis, Nida, Rinoa, Squall and maybe Xu if she'll come."

"Oh good, a night of watching Squall sulk and listening to Rinoa's whining, that's just what I don't need."

"Oh come on don't be like that, it'll be fun!"

"Maybe." He folded his arms.

Fujin followed her friend's gaze, looking over at Zell's table and shook her head. "WHY BOTHER?"

"Yeah you know, you can do better than the Chickie you know."

"Maybe I don't want better, Chickie's cute, and he's my cute bitch."

Fujin rolled her eyes, watching Seifer watch Zell.

Zell's little friend looked serious for once, probably over him, for some reason the little heroes weren't too keen on him, couldn't think why.

Selphie had her Trabia reasons, Squall was his rival and they had tried to kill each other several times, everything he wanted Squall got, except one small thing of course. He knew before the war the brunette lusted after his Chickie, well too bad he got there first and after Rinoa he didn't think Squall was interested in anyone anymore. That girl could put you off boyfriends/girlfriends for life, she was like some sort of curse. Sure she was fun for a little while but she wasn't Chickie, she wasn't good enough.

The young cadet used a heavy sword to hack away at the large T-Rexuar that threatened him. The 17 year old youth was topless, wearing just black jeans, heavy black boots. He paused his attack to catch his breath, sliding back across the solid dusty dried out ground. His lips moved as he chanted a spell, eyes dark focusing on the target. Sweat ran down his bare chest, he had muscles from a lifetime of training with a heavy weapon. A flare spell exploded from his fingers to surround the monster, finishing it off, the creature roared the fell down dead.

Jet back hair fell into green eyes as he glanced over his shoulder with a grin. "How was that?" He yelled at his instructor.

The brunette in question was having trouble breathing, eyes gazing at his cadet's body. Trying to remain professional, and suddenly wishing he was training a girl they did nothing for him. The cadet in front of him was breath taking and his mind couldn't help creating images of this beautiful man taking him right there in the training centre. Since Rinoa Squall had discovered that men fascinated him, he'd had a few guilty visits to the showers instead of using his own private bathroom in his dorm to watch the other guys in there, if anyone asked he said his shower was broken.

He'd only been training Yuki for a few days but they met right in the middle of his sexuality crisis confusing him even more, this guy was fast becoming the main character in his dreams. Even Irvine and Zell had made guest appearances from time to time.

He suddenly remembered he had been spoken to.

"Huh?" Was the intelligent answer he came up with.

The green eyes god chuckled, picking up his sword and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand before strolling up to when the brunette sat on the ground, leaning against the trunk of a tree.

"I asked if you thought I was any good, commander." He thrust his sword into the ground and dropped to the ground in front of Squall, sitting side-ways on to the commander and stretching out over the ground, cracking his sore neck in the process. His chest rose and fell, as he panted stormy eyes watched his every move causing a soft whine to escape those pale lips, too soft for the cadet to hear.

"You're the expert and all." Green eyes snapped open to look at Squall, turning his head to the side. "Was I any good?"

The brunette dropped his head against the tree. "You just like to hear people tell you how good you are."

"Well yeah!" He grinned. "So?"

Pale lips twitched. "That was... adequate."

The cadet scoffed. "It was better than that, he barely got the time to even touch me!"

"Don't get cocky."

He chuckled, shutting his eyes "Don't worry I know I'm good, you're better." He opened his eyes to view Squall's reaction.

The brunette looked like he might smile again but he never did, a shame really he was sure the commander had a nice smile.

"We should spar one time."

"Huh?" Squall asked.

"Us, spar, one time, maybe."


"What's the difference? You leave the bullets out of your gunblade and it's a sword right?"

Squall stared at the floor. He'd had lots of dreams of them sparring together most of them ending in them putting their energy to some other use when they had put down the weapons. What if he got a little too into it? What if he got hard through being close to the other man? What if Yuki noticed? So many what ifs that all would be bad, so bad.

"So, how about it? I promise to go easy on you." He added, laughing at the frown he received.


"Really? Cool, mind if a couple of people watch?"


"I have this friend, I swear she's like obsessed with you or something."

"Squall blushed.

"She goes all girly when you walk past, god knows what she'd do if you ever spoke to her." He laughed. "But I told her that you're not into girls and everything."

Squall choked. "Y-You told her- What?!"

"That you don't swing her way, that right yeah?"

"Err-" Squall blinked. "I-I think so." He flicked a pair of confused eyes up into bright green ones. Maybe you should find out for sure. Squall's traitorous brain thought, for a moment he could have sworn Yuki was having the same thoughts because those eyes flicked down to watch Squall lick his lips then back to his eyes again but then quickly broke the contact getting his feet with a bright smile again.

"So we on for tomorrow? Sparring I mean?"

Squall nodded.

"Great, I could really use a shower, I must look terrible." He laughed, turning to walk out.

"You look pretty good from where I'm sitting." The brunette muttered, watching the cadet leave then breathed a sigh of relief leaning his head on the tree.

This was insane he shouldn't be lusting after his student, he had to be professional. He was the commander after all and I lot of people looked up to him. Although on the other hand he wasn't an instructor or anything he never used to train people it was just because Yuki had asked specifically for him as their weapon was very similar. It was more like they were just training partners really and there was no problem with him lusting after friends.

He shook his head to clear it, a shower sounded quite good to him too; he walked back towards the dorms and wandered into the showers out of habit. The brunette striped down quickly, grabbing a towel and took up one of the small stalls, the walls weren't very wide so it was easy to peer around the edge into the next stall.

As he reached for the water a throaty groan startled him, he turned on the water then gingerly peered into the next stall.

His eyes nearly fell out of his head at the sight before him with the most unlikely couple ever. Seifer hands on Zell's hips roughly fucking him into the tiles, the shower was on so their slick bodies moved together.

This would be the fuel for hundreds of dreams to come, Zell had played a part several times but never Seifer but he had a feeling that after this that would change. The taller man moved a hand to Zell's chest, holding him up. The little blonde lolled his head back on his lover's shoulder. The pace looked rough but Zell didn't seem to be complaining.

Squall unconsciously moved his hand to his own hard cock, stroking in time with Seifer's thrusts, eyes fixed on the couple, watching his best friend bite down hard on his bottom lip that was between his teeth as if to stifle any sounds he was making. Not that it was working the little moans and gasps that the little blonde make went straight to Squall groin, he hid his own moans, desperate not to let the blondes hear him.

Were they lovers? Or was this a one-off? He thought he would have heard about it if they were together.

Seifer nibbled along his lover's neck, biting down hard when he came hard inside the little blonde with a groan. He wound a hand around Zell, stroking his leaking cock till he too came with a cry, arching his back and throwing his head back.

Squall straight after Zell, watching his cry of ecstasy was enough to send him over the edge too. The little blonde's legs gave out and he sagged in the strong arms that caught him before he slid to the floor, his propped himself up with his arms against the wall, both just standing together breathing heavily till they were ready to move.

Squall hid farther into his shower stall as Seifer walked out of the showers and into the changing area completely naked. He grabbed a towel for himself and threw one back into the showers for Zell after his lover had switched of the water.

The taller man stretched like a cat with a yawn. "I needed that." He smirked at the smaller man who followed him into the changing area.

Zell winced as he walked out after his lover. "Selphie better not want to walk to this fucking club later."

Seifer chuckled. "Did I hurt you Chickie? Funny cos I never heard you complaining."

The other man just scowled.

"Why you going anywhere with Selphie anyway?"

"She wants to find me a nice boyfriend." He scoffed.

"I thought she knew about us."

"She does but she thinks you're an asshole."

Seifer laughed. "And why does she think that?"

"Because you are an asshole!"

He chuckled. "Oh yeah I forgot." He eyed his lover. "I see you haven't invited me to this little club with you and your friends."

"I don't think they'd like that."

Seifer snorted. "And heaven forbid we upset the heroes of the world right?" He pulled on his pants, sitting down to reach under the bench for his socks and shoes. "I don't know if I want you shaking your little chicken ass for a bunch of guys who aren't me."

Zell shrugged. "Fine, come if you want but keep out of sight, Selphie would kill me if she knew I told you."

Seifer smirked. "Don't worry I'll be a good boy." He stood, shirt on, smoothing down his collar on his trench coat as he put it on.

He blew Zell a kiss as he turned and walked out the door.

His hair was still wet from the shower by the time Yuki walked into the cafeteria, he had stopped at his dorm first and had got caught by his roommate who was forever confessing his undying love for him. By the time he got to the showers he found Squall half dressed. He had the sudden urge to kill his roommate if he'd been there sooner he'd have seen Squall naked and wet.

The brunette jumped when he walked in.

"Where've you been? Thought you'd have been and gone by now." He said quietly, sitting on the bench to dry his feet, still topless.

The taller man removed his shirt again, setting down his towel. "I got caught by my roommate, he loves me."

"He?" Squall looked up sharply.


"And that doesn't bother you?"

"Well yeah it bothers me but not because he's a guy, he's just not my type."

"Guys are your type?"

"Yeah." He looked down, risking a glance at Squall's face. "Does it bother you?"

"No." He all but whispered.

They just looked at each other for several minutes before Yuki broke the contact, looking away to finish getting ready for his shower. He didn't miss seeing the brunette blink and quickly look away as he undid the button on his pants letting them fall to his ankles then stepping out of them. He draped them over the bench and slung the towel over a shoulder as he turned his back to Squall to removed his boxers, in mid step he stopped and glanced back over his shoulder with a smirk.

"You know it's a shame you're all dressed, I could do with someone to wash my back for me." The smirk widened at the bright red colour that stained Squall cheeks, he chuckled as he walked into the showers.

He still laughed quietly to himself as he collected lunch.

"What's so funny?" He jumped out of his thoughts when an arm slid round his waist.

"Nothing, just thinking." He told his friend.

The guy beside him had a curtain of blonde hair that half hung in his blue eyes, he had a slim build and although he was shorter than Yuki's 6:1 he was still slightly taller than Squall. Toby was a friendly guy, he forever had an arm around friends but for some reason he was terrible about dating and relationships, that's how you could tell if he liked someone, his words came out as gibberish. He had told Yuki when they'd met that he had fancied him but then they just became such good friend that they would never be anymore than that.

"So how are you getting on with commander sex-on-legs then?"

He laughed. "Fine."

"Just fine huh? So you haven't jumped him yet then?"

"No! Give me some credit, I am a professional you know." He paused. "Though it was touch and go there for a minute."

His friend laughed. They both got lunch and went to sit with two friends, a short red head with glasses who worked in the library and a taller black haired girl, who was Trepie 28.

The taller girl waved. "Selphie's invited me to go with them to a club later, you should some Yuki, you'll get the chance to dance with Squall in a non killing way."

"He's going?"

"Yep, but he's not keen and we both agreed that he'll be much more willing if he knows you're going."

He grinned. "In that case, I'm in."

She smiled. "Great."

"And this has nothing to do with you wanting to go to be closer to your beloved?" Yuki asked.

She looked sheepish. "Of course not, I-err- never even thought of that."

The two boys traded a doubtful look.



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