Want Me, Have Me, Crave Me

Part 1

By Purple Penguin

One thing he'd learnt about Seifer was that the guy liked it rough. The little blonde knelt on his kitchen floor his knees pressed into the hard tiles. A hand gripped the back of his hair tightly forcing his head back. The taller man pressed his hard dick into the prone boy's mouth. Zell opened his lips to allow the rigid cock to slid past his teeth and down his throat. He had had learn to deep throat on their first time together, the older man had straddled his face until he got into it.

The cock kept pushing until Seifer's balls cradled the shorter man's chin. The hand on the back of his head moved to get a better grip to hold him in place as he started to roughly fuck Zell's mouth, slamming his cock down his throat.

The little blonde closed his eyes listening to the moans of his lover. When the taller man came he forced his dick down Zell's throat again holding them in place, stilling as he rode his orgasm with a hand on the back of Zell's head ignoring the slight struggles and protests the shorter man made as he tried to swallow his lover's come.

The cock was suddenly pulled from his lips when the other man was done, Seifer stuffed him back into his pants and smirked back down at the naked boy on his knees. Zell reached out to use the counter as an aid to get back up to his feet, his own cock was so hard between his legs that it was making walking difficult.

His lover grinned at him as he approached. "Would you like some help with that Chickie?" He cupped Zell's dick in his hand, squeezing lightly.

His lover let out a whine of need, Seifer chuckled and ran a finger along the entrance to his body.

Zell instantly stiffened. "Hey! We had a deal remember?"

He had admitted that gay sex turned him on when he had started this- thing he had with Seifer but the thought of having another guy's dick up his ass was not a part he liked the sound of.

"Oh come on Chickie, you'll like it." His fingers retreated, stopping at the sink that was behind them. A slick finger covered in pink liquid soap from the dispenser pressed again Zell's puckered entrance, the little blonde rose to his tip toes to avoid getting penetrated.

Seifer chuckled and wrapped a strong arm around his, ignoring the struggles he pushed his lover back down and onto his fingers that slid easily past the ring of muscle.

Zell swallowed. "Seifer! I told you I didn't want you anywhere near my ass!"

"But you have such a pretty ass Chicke."

The finger kept pushing until it was in up to the knuckle.

Zell stiffened, it didn't hurt much but it felt weird. The digit moved around inside him, hitting something that make his gasp and shudder.

Seifer looked smug. "Like that do you Chickie?"

The finger pulled almost all the way out then came back with a friend. Zell winced at the feeling of being stretched. Seifer made a scissoring motion with his fingers, adding another one quickly, his patience was starting to run out fast. He withdrew his hand, not missing the whine that escaped Zell's lips.

He smirked and coated his cock with soap from the dispenser.

Zell's eyes widened. "Your dick's not coming anywhere near my ass!"

"Actually I was thinking of coming in your ass." He smirked, picking up the struggling blonde throwing him over his shoulder. The shorter man kicked his legs franticly till he was dumped on the bed. Zell tried to rise to crawl away but then Seifer's weight bared down on him. The little blonde's face was pressed into the covers and his cock rubbed against the blankets making a friction that made him moan. The taller man slid back to sit between Zell's legs, which he spread with one hand while the other hand remained between his lover's shoulder blades to pin him to the bed.

"Seifer!" Zell yelled, stiffening at the finger stroking his entrance. "God dammit Seifer! You better not hurt me or I swear to god I'll beat the shit out of you tomorrow!"

The older man just laughed. "Don't worry Chickie." He leaned against his back to whisper in an ear. "I'll be very gentle."

The little blonde could just feel the smirk. "Just get the fuck on with it then!"

Hands slipped under his hips. "Up." He commanded.

The shorter man rose to his knees, face still buried into the blankets, flinching when the head of Seifer's dick pressed against his ass. He shut his eyes tightly, expecting it to hurt.

Hands gripped his hips and the head of Seifer's cock pushed inside him, the little blonde gripped the sheets in fists, it fucking hurt.

His lover moaned when he was fully seated, his balls cradling the shorter man's ass. Zell opened his eyes that watered slightly.

"You fucking bastard, you said you'd be gentle! It fucking hurts!"

"You'll get used to it."

"I don't want to get used to it!"

Seifer pulled out almost all the way then pushed back in harder this time.

The little blonde kept his fists and teeth clenched, hoping Seifer would up and get this over with.

His lover shifted, directing his thrusts to the place that made Zell moan and pant, the head of Seifer hard cock brushed his prostate over and over. The little blonde started to pant like a bitch in heat, moaning almost continuously.

A hand reached round to grip his own rigid cock and stroke it in time with the thrusts. Zell started to push back into the Seifer's hard thrusts and into his lover's hand. It didn't hurt anymore, he knew it would later but right now it felt so good.

He pressed his forehead into the blankets, feeling himself get close to the edge, biting his lip, knowing the walls of the dorms were far from sound proof. Seifer's hand stroked him faster and he cried out as he came all over his lover's fingers.

The taller man fucked him harder when he felt Zell come, desperate for his own climax. The little blonde calloused on the bed panting, feeling Seifer's cock drive into his ass until his lover came too coating his insides then falling on top of him, breathing heavily.

They lay like that for a moment to catch their breath in silence. Seifer was the one to move first, he had too really because his large body was pinning Zell to the mattress. His now soft cock slid out of his lover's body and he lay on his back on the bed. Zell rose up on an elbow.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Seifer smirked. "I didn't hear you complaining anyway."

Zell grabbed the other man's wrist, bringing his fingers to his lips.

The taller man watched his little lover lick his own cock from his fingers. "Jeez, are you trying to give me another hard on or something?" He pulled back his hand and kissed the other man, tasting come on his lips. He broke the kiss to pull up his pants that pooled around his ankles.

Zell turned to see Seifer pull out a cigarette from his trench coat pocket.

"Hey!" He pointed a finger at him. "You can't smoke that crap in here!"

The taller man reached for his lighter an headed for the door, now dressed again. "It's been fun Chickie, I'll see you."

The little blonde dropped his head back to the bed when Seifer had gone, he was going to be sore in the morning. He lifted his head in thought suddenly. What time was it?

He looked at the clock.


Shit! He was supposed to meet Selphie for lunch because Irvine was on a mission and she was lonely. He jumped up off the bed with only a slight wince He looked around for his clothing when he felt something wet on his thigh, he glanced down with a grimace.

Essence of Seifer, there was definitely time for a shower first. He headed for the bathroom.




There will be plot later.... Somewhere honest! I not sure how to continue I was thinking maybe adding Squall to the mix. I'm never written a threesome or a SquallxZell so it'll be interesting.

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