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Truth or Dare

Chapter 14

By LaughingWolfGirl

The others just stood around, not knowing what to say, or who to look at. Seifer and Squall both had their arms wrapped around each other, Seifer looking a bit smug, while Squall looked harried and guilty, neither wanting to look at the other. Zell decided to take the initiative, since it looked like no one else would. He walked over to Rinoa with a smile plastered on his face, arms slightly outstretched as if he was going to hug her.

“Rin, how ya feelin’, didn’t think Dr. Kadowaki would let you out for the rest of the afternoon or evening? Wow, you must be healin’ pretty fast there huh.”

Rinoa looked at Zell, opening and closing her mouth several times, seeing as how Zell had taken the wind right out of her sails temporarily, but then she looked over his shoulder and saw the smirk on Seifer’s face and Squall’s close proximity to the scarred blonde and remembered what she had witnessed when she first came in.

“Zell get out of my way, I ‘m still waiting for an answer Squall, that looked like more than a quick kiss for a game, it was worse than when you disgustingly kissed Irvine!”

“HEY!!! My kiss wasn’t disgustin’ I’ll have ya know, it was the epitome of kisses, many kisses aspire to be like mine, never coming close, why-“

“I think we get the picture Irvine,’ Quistis said sardonically.

“Yeah well, just makin’ sure, a guy’s gotta take care of his rep ya know can’t have everyone thinkin’ that my kisses aren’t that great!”


“WELL!!! Darlin’ I’ll make sure never to give you any kisses!!!” And with that he swept out the door, bruised ego and all, with his duster swinging behind him.

“I think you really hurt his feelings there a bit Rinoa.” Selphie said while still looking towards the door, almost expecting Irvine to walk back in with a smile on his face.

Rinoa with a huff answered back “Do I look like I care at the moment Selphie!”

“Rinoa, you don’t have to take it out on the rest of us, we didn’t do anything to you, but I think I’m leaving, before I say something I might regret later, Fuu, want to come with me, we could go get something to eat in the cafeteria.” Selphie looked questioningly at Fujin, with hope in her eyes.


Both girls walked around Rinoa who still was near the door, and Selphie sniffed as she walked by Rinoa, as if she smelled something bad, and Fujin looked contemptuously towards her. Quistis and Raijin both stood up, and looked towards the other giving each other a slight nod.

“I think I’ll get goin’ now, got some computer stuff to look over, hey um… Quistis wanna come with me, I got this cool program I think you might like, and it would help ya with your classes and all.”

“I would like that Raijin; I think this game is about done as it is. I’ll talk to the rest of you tomorrow.” Quistis said, while giving Squall a quick sympathetic wink, feeling bad for the situation he was in, but knowing that he would come out of it all right.

“See ya later Seifer man, hope it all works out!”

Quistis and Raijin walked out the door calmly, but could be heard laughing slightly once they were away from the door a bit.

Rinoa looked over towards Zell, who was still standing between her and her prey. He looked as if he wasn’t about to budge, and as if he were enjoying himself in some way, the perverse creature that he was. “Zell, move out of my way, don’t you have to go somewhere, maybe eat a hot dog or something?”

“Nope, nothing goin’ on right now got all the time in the world.”

“Zell, move out of the way now,” came the softly cold command from behind him.

“Sure thing Squall, anything you say…didn’t know I was in the way,” He said while stepping to the side, trying to look innocent, but failing miserably because he couldn’t quit grinning, which was returned by Seifer, who still had his hands on Squall’s waist.

“Well do you think you can get your hands off each other and give me a satisfactory answer, sometime this year?”

“I don’t know Rinoa, what you think of satisfaction and what I think are two different things there, it might take a while!” Seifer arrogantly smirked at the sound of gnashing teeth and the color suffusing her cheeks.

“Seifer stop, Rinoa calm down, otherwise we’ll get no where!” Squall stated in his usual cold manner while moving slightly away from Seifer, causing the other to frown.

“Sure Squall whatever you say!” Seifer sneered at him slightly.


“If you insist in screaming, I’ll be forced to answer in kind Rinoa, Calm the FUCK DOWN!” Squall nearly roared as his patience, or what was left was quickly leaving him.

Rinoa stood immobile for a moment, not believing that her Squall had actual raised his voice, and in anger even, at her. Her of all people, this was not possible, her Squall never talked to her like that.

“Now if you like we can discuss this rationally, or we can let it degenerate into a scream fest, which one will it be Rinoa?” Squall asked her in an emotionless tone.

Rinoa gulped and attempted to think of something appropriate to say, but when she saw the look of impatience cross his features she hurriedly nodded and said, “Talk rational, definitely.”

“Fine then come over here and sit down, I don’t want to have to talk to you while you’re across the room.” Squall told her tiredly while running his left hand through his chocolate locks.

“Rinoa, you know we’ve talked before, several months ago in fact, I told you I don’t love you the way you want me to, remember-“

“But Squall you didn’t mean it, I know you love me, I mean we are the perfect couple everyone wants to be us you know, how could you not love me, I make your life better!” Rinoa spoke to him as if she was explaining something obvious to a child, which was not endearing her to Squall at all.

Seifer rolled his eyes at Zell, who was doing the same and coughed something that sounded remarkably like “bullshit” though when Squall and Rinoa looked his way he was sitting there with a straight face, while Zell had to turn away to conceal his grin.

Squall looked at the two blondes with disgust, their humor not helping the situation any. He could feel his head starting to pound, and was beginning to lose whatever numbness he had while drinking earlier. The way he felt at the moment he was ready to tell them all to go to hell and leave him alone, but he knew that that wouldn’t resolve anything, and probably make it worse, but just for a second, that tiny fantasy made him feel better.

Seifer saw the flash of pain that came and went across Squall’s face and looked over towards Zell who had also caught the look, and wanted to go over and chase everyone out of the room and take Squall into his arms and just lay there with him and soothe him in some way. Though no one would believe that he had what it took to give comfort. It always amazed him that people thought he was an asshole 24/7; he had to sleep sometime.

Rinoa was oblivious to what the other’s in the room were feeling, caught up with her fanciful daydreams of Her and Squall being together, going shopping, him buying her whatever she wanted, them getting married, it being in all the papers, and them living happily every after, though if she had looked closely into her head, she would have seen a sulking, cold Squall throughout the whole process.

“Rinoa, I do love you, just not romantically, it’s more like a brother- sister type of love, I’ve tried to tell you, haven’t you noticed we haven’t been hanging together or going out or anything lately?” Squall said tiredly, while trying not to hurt her feelings very much. He wanted to get the point across, but not leave her in hysterics; he didn’t think he could take that kind of scene in the mood he was in.

Both Seifer and Zell sat there nearby, Seifer nearly sitting on his hands and biting his cheek to keep from going over to Squall and pulling him into his arms, and to keep from telling Rinoa off to force her to get the point. He also was hoping and praying that Squall would admit that he was in a relationship with him, hell at this point he just wanted Squall to say he was in a relationship, he didn’t have to say with whom…just to admit he was. Gods, all this pining for the beautiful scarred brunette was driving him insane, he would never be his bad-ass self again, at the rate he was going he was liable to turn into a full blown wuss!

Zell was amazed at how eloquent Squall was being, he was purposely talking nicely to her trying to convey his feelings, though by the looks of it the girl wasn’t getting’ the picture. He liked Rinoa and all, and did feel sorry for her a bit, but if Squall wasn’t happy and she was living in a fantasy world, then the whole thing would become a major disaster soon, with both of them hating each other. He didn’t want to see that happen, they were both good people, just not good together. After seeing Seifer and Squall sitting there kissing and having watched them through out the game, he felt they would be good together, they had more in common, and could be together on so many different levels. He just hoped it all worked out for the best, though he wasn’t too sure he wanted Seifer to have a complete happy ending, the prick needed some angst. Naw, but that would be at Squall’s expense, so it had to all turn out ok.

“Squall, what are you saying, why are you saying this, you know we belong together, you can’t be serious, what can you be thinking? “ She said while beginning to get emotional, her voice all quivery as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

“Rin, I’m telling you that we haven’t been a couple for some time now, you just didn’t want to see it, and I’ve let it go on to long, it’s not fair to you, and not fair to me and not fair-“He stopped suddenly when he realized what he almost let slip, causing Seifer to sit up straight in anticipation of what Squall nearly said.

Rinoa heard nothing else that Squall said, except that there was someone else and latched onto that as if she was a shark chewing on a surfer. So that was what was going on, someone else was attempting to move onto her territory, well they wouldn’t win, if fact it was probably that blonde bimbo Quistis, always eyeing her Squally-poo, well she would show her a thing or two, no one beat Rinoa out and took her man, no one, there wasn’t a female born who could compete with her.

She got a determined look on her face and pretty much threw herself into Squall’s arms upsetting his balance so bad that he was thrown off the bed and landed on his back with her on top of him.

“Rinoa wha-“

“Squall I demand that you tell me who the hussy is that is trying to steal you from me!!! You tell me this instant! Can’t you see that, how could you do this, who ever she is she’s not good enough for you!”

Zell was attempting not to laugh and ended up coughing instead, while listening to Rinoa go on and on about the hussy trying to steal her man, not knowing that said hussy was Seifer, and Seifer himself wasn’t doing so hot either, growling in his throat at what she was saying and the fact that she was laying on top of Squall. Zell had to reach over and keep Seifer from going over and pulling her off none to nicely.

“Rinoa get off of me, I can’t talk to you like this!” Squall said angrily, while trying to push her off of him.

“Squall,” She whined at him, “I demand you tell me what girl is trying to steal you from me!”

“Rinoa there is no girl!! There is no one trying to steal me away from you, because we aren’t together, I told you already over and over, we haven’t been a couple for months!”

“Squall, you better tell me, its Quistis isn’t it, that bottle-dyed blonde thinks she can just steal you away, she’s got another thing coming!”

“Rinoa, I told you! There is no other female!!! No female is trying to steal me!!!” He said exasperated, starting to loose his cool at her obtuseness.

“So if it’s not Quistis, then that could only mean that it’s Selphie, she’s always been jealous of me, because I’m prettier than her, I’m right aren’t I its Selphie isn’t it, that funky-haired hyper geek!”

“Rinoa…stop it…I told you-“ Squall said angrily.

“Squall, it won’t work, you might as well tell me who she is, I’ll find out sooner than later, and I told you I’m the best thing for you, you can’t get out of it, I’ll get you to-“

“DAMN YOU RINOA, I’VE SAID IT WASN’T A GIRL, FUCK, ITS SEIFER IF YOU MUST KNOW, DAMN, YOU JUST WON’T LISTEN TO ME WILL YOU, NO MATTER WHAT I SAY!!!” He shouted while standing up and towering over her, while she stood in disbelief.

Seifer felt as if he had won a lottery or something, he couldn’t believe Squall had actually admitted out loud that he was seeing Seifer. He had wanted Squall to tell others, hell even just him if possible, but now that it had happened he couldn’t believe it, and by the looks of it, neither could Rinoa, she sat there shaking her head negatively.

“It can’t be Seifer, your not gay Squall, I mean you’ve been with me, you don’t date guys, but especially not Seifer, you and he barely get along, you’re just trying to cover up for whatever girl your seeing behind my back!”

“Rinoa you gotta believe Squall, he-“ Zell started trying to talk to her only to be interrupted by Squall.

“Stay out of it Zell I’ll take care of it.”

Zell nodded his understanding and would sit back, though it was actually kind of painful to watch. He could understand Rinoa not wanting to realize that she was bested by Seifer. It was easier for her to think it was another female rather than Seifer.

“Squall you don’t mean what you say…it’s NOT POSSIBLE, YOU CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVE A THING FOR SEIFER, I WOULD BELIEVE ALMOST ANYONE OVER SEIFER, YOU HATE HIM, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, MAYBE ZELL, OR EVEN IRVINE, BUT NOT SEIFER!” Rinoa said while screaming and crying at the same time, playing up to her audience.

“Why is it so difficult to believe Squall could have feelings for me, what am I some kind of freak or something, he could have a thing for Zell, or even Irvine but not for me, is that right?” Seifer said in a very low deadly voice, while standing up and putting his hands on his hips, his regard totally focused on Rinoa, who seemed to not realize the danger she was actually in.

Zell hurriedly stood up in case he needed to jump in to stop any violence, he didn’t believe that Seifer would actually hurt Rinoa, but he wanted to make sure of it, just in case.

Squall looked over at Seifer’s face and saw the anger, but also saw the slight hurt on his face as well, though it was buried deep in his eyes. Rinoa unknowingly had hit a very vulnerable weak spot. For years Seifer had felt unlovable and unloved, and lashed out at all others, it was one of the reasons they had fought so much when they were younger, because Seifer felt that since no one loved him, he must be unlovable, a freak for some unknown reason. He had outgrown that belief after the Ultimecia fiasco, but a small kernel of doubt remained and that was what had him standing there challenging Rinoa. Squall knew if he didn’t do something fast this could get very ugly very quick.

“Rinoa, the person I’ve been seeing is Seifer, I don’t know what to do to make you believe that but it’s true…shit, and I’ve been having sex with the guy regularly, what more can I tell you!”

Rinoa continued to shake her head, not willing to believe, to see what was before her eyes. Squall losing all patience went over to Seifer and pulled his face down and began to kiss him passionately, hoping that this would get her to open her eyes finally.

Seifer pulled Squall tightly to him, letting his hands roam over Squall’s body, and finally clenching his ass pulling Squall’s hips against him, causing them both to groan from the contact of their cocks rubbing against each other between their clothes. The kiss became even more deep, tongues swirling together running over teeth, feeling each other’s moist heat.

They had temporarily lost track of anything but each other again, forgotten that Rinoa and Zell were still in the room, just lost themselves in each other and the kiss, that is until Rinoa screamed at the top of her lungs, since none of Zell’s “excuse me”, “pardon me” and coughing hadn’t been doing any good.

Zell had his fingers in his ears and was looking toward Seifer and Squall in bemusement, not knowing what to do or say to either of them.

Seifer and Squall broke apart and were in the process of regaining their breathing when Rinoa walked over to Seifer and slapped him across the face and then turned to Squall and did the same to him and burst into tears. Seifer was about to get after Rinoa for the slap when he caught the look on Squall’s face and instead stayed silent.

Squall deeply regretted any pain that he had caused Rinoa, but she just wouldn’t get a clue, nothing he had said had gotten through and he had been a cold-hearted bastard to not have made her understand sooner, rather than using her as a cover up. He sighed and reached over and took the crying girl into his arms, trying to sooth her in some way. Not really knowing how, he awkwardly patted her on the back, letting her soak through his shirt with her tears.

Once he was sure she was nearly done crying he pulled her back to look into her face. “Rin, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, you know, but I can’t help how I feel, and you would be miserable with me in the long run, I’m not going to change. We are just too different. But I do like having your friendship, and I’m hoping that that will not change.” He looked into her eyes with a slightly hopeful expression, (or as hopeful as you can get, this is Squall we’re talking about.)

Rinoa pulled away from Squall slightly trying to see if maybe she could win him over in some way and seeing nothing in his look that would work to her benefit, she decided to bow out gracefully. “I know, Squall, I think I’ve known for some time, just didn’t want to face it, but I think I would like to be your friend still. Though I don’t know about you Seifer!” But then she smiled at the taller blonde and laughed at his expression.

“We’ll see, Rin, we’ll see,” was all Seifer would accede to, wanting to make a few cutting remarks but wanting to keep the peace for Squall’s sake.

Zell walked up to Rinoa and took her arm and smiled warmly at her and the others. “So since everyone is all ok now, what say you and me go down to the cafeteria Rin?”

“Sure thing, Zell, but I’m not eating hot dogs, I’ll leave that to you!” She giggled as they walked out the door leaving Seifer and Squall alone in the room.

“So, Squall, we are finally alone, and I finally got you to admit to having a thing for me!” Seifer smirked while stalking Squall and taking his shirt off slowly.

“Seifer, you’re an ass, what the hell do you think your doing? The door isn’t even locked!”

“I’m gonna fuck you senseless, Squally-poo!” Seifer smirked at the grimace on the other boys face.

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