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Truth or Dare

Chapter 15

By LaughingWolfGirl

Seifer continued to stalk his prey around the room, while slowly removing his clothes, all the while smiling wolfishly at Squall.

“Where ya going there baby, you know you can’t get away from me, I’ll have ya sooner or later,” he said while hopping on one foot to get his pant leg off.

“Seifer put those back on, I told you, the door isn’t even locked, stop this, this isn’t a game!” Squall told him, in what he was hoping was a commanding voice, but not doing so well, seeing the skin and body that was being bared before his eyes. It just wasn’t fair; he thought to himself, the site of Seifer’s gorgeous, tantalizing, sculptured body always did him in. And was proving that this was not going be the exception, he could feel his temperature rising, while still trying to keep out of his lover’s hands.

Seifer could see Squall’s eyes had darkened to a deep dark blue, signaling the high emotions that Squall was under; soon he would have the slimly muscled, alabaster-skinned body in his arms and he would be able to play all he wanted.

“Squally…no one will dare come in, and hell you know Zell and Rinoa couldn’t keep any kind of secret to save their lives. We didn’t tell them not to say anything.”

Seifer suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked Squall in the eye and asked, “You still don’t want anyone to know about us, do you?”

Squall was going to agree with this statement until he looked into Seifer’s eyes’ and saw the hurt that Seifer was trying to keep hidden and knew that he couldn’t cause this man more pain. “No Seifer it doesn’t bother me if others know.” He was amazed at how easy that was to say, and how much Seifer’s eyes brightened with happiness though his facial features never changed.

Squall walked over and took Seifer’s face into his hands and started to kiss the nearly naked blonde with everything he had, conveying all his feelings into the kiss. Trying to show Seifer how much he meant to him.

Seifer felt himself drowning, and not wanting to be saved. He ran his hands up and down Squall’s sides and chest trying to pull off Squall’s shirt while not breaking the kiss, wanting to feel skin against his own. Finally giving up, knowing he wouldn’t get any clothes off with out stopping; he pulled back and tugged the shirt off roughly.

“In a hurry are you? “

Seifer stopped and looked into Squall’s eyes and snorted, “you’re kidding right, you actually have to ask, I’m standing here in just my boxers, and you don’t think I’m in a hurry, what, think this tent affect is just for kicks or something?” He growled at his lover.

Squall found himself nearly laughing out loud at Seifer’s statement, though he was able to keep it in. He couldn’t believe how much looser he felt, it had to be the drinks from earlier, he was acting so contrary to himself. Watching Seifer standing there with an obvious erection in his Metallic- silver silk boxers was getting him more aroused by the second. He could feel himself “tenting his pants, not wearing underwear himself, and “tenting” in leather was actually painful.

“Seifer, I thought you said you were going to fuck me senseless, you know, I always did think you were full of hot air.”

“Oh that sounds like a challenge to me…prepare yourself there Leonhart, I’m about to rock your world! Again!” Seifer literally pounced onto Squall causing him to fall back on the bed, flat on his back, with Seifer on top of him.

“You are lucky that we were close to the bed, otherwise that could have really hurt asswipe!” Squall growled out to his lover.

“Ya ya…you talk too much!”

Seifer aggressively tore open Squall’s pants and roughly took Squall’s hardened cock into his hand and began to pump it mercilessly. As soon as Squall started to moan, the blonde swooped down and took the moans into his own mouth while hungrily kissing Squall.

Squall laid there and enjoyed the feeling of Seifer’s hand on him, while his hips humped on their own following Seifer’s rhythm; but he wanted more, so much more.

Seifer moved down leaving a wet trail where his tongue ran from Squall’s neck to his collarbone, down further to the chocolate colored nipple that had pebbled. He lightly blew on it, causing it to pebble even more, he then bit it softly, smiling to himself when he heard Squall moan loudly.

He continued his trek down, towards the navel where he ran his tongue around it and then plunged it in, while tightening his hand on Squall’s cock, causing the brunette to gasp and jerk upwards. His tongue finally had arrived at the base of Squall’s cock and was buried within the dark- silky curls; he could feel Squall’s anticipation building.

Squall could feel every bit of his blood pooling into his throbbing member, just waiting for Seifer’s attention. He knew though, that no matter how much he asked, begged, pleaded, Seifer would take his own sweet time about it…enjoying the fact that he could tease Squall. He could take no more and pleaded his voice rough with desires unmet.

“Sweet Hyne’s middle toes, Seifer, quit torturing me, and blow me already!”

“Never heard of ‘Patience is a virtue’, thought you had that in abundance Squally” Seifer snickered softly

“Ya well who ever said that never had to deal with you!”

Seifer looked up at his lover’s twisted face full of yearning and looked back towards the weeping cock in his hand and voraciously took the whole of it in, or as much as he was able. He worked his lips tightly around it in a vacuum of wet heat, while swirling his tongue around the head, tasting the saltiness of the tears it was shedding.

Squall’s hips rose off the bed of their own violation, all the air left his lungs, and he felt himself falling into an abyss of pleasure.

/This is what Seifer does to me; he gives me a safe place to loose myself completely. / Squall thought to himself before all coherent thoughts flew out the window.

Seifer continued to move his lips up and down while using his hand to massage Squall’s cock tightly in the opposite direction of his mouth, causing the body underneath him to buck and shudder. He nearly smiled at all the loud moans and near screams that Squall was emitting. How he loved to hear Squall lose his vaunted control.

“Seifer…oh...gods…I’m… I’m...gonna...explode…”

Upon hearing that Seifer increased his pace and tightened his lips even further, Squall grabbed at Seifer’s hair tightly, nearly pulling it out in chunks when he came, filling the blonde’s mouth with his essence. Seifer took it all and swallowed it, making sure not to miss a drop. He then crawled up and kissed Squall, letting him taste himself.

“That was mind-blowing!” Squall told his lover in a near whisper, feeling as if he was going hoarse from all his moans and screams.

“Ya well, I think I’ve got bald spots now…think you could keep from pulling out my hair next time?” Seifer grumbled while rubbing his sore head and making sure there was still hair there.

“Oh sorry about that…got lost there for a moment.”

“We’re not done there baby...the best is yet to come.” And so saying he reached across Squall and grabbed the lube out of the top drawer, where Squall always kept it. He then, moved between Squall’s thighs and began to rub some of the lube on himself, feeling the friction of his hand, enjoying it. He then coated his fingers in the stuff and worked his hand down between the globes of Squall’s ass to the puckered hole and slowly worked his finger in.

Squall arched himself up slightly, enjoying the feeling of first penetration. Soon Seifer moved onto two fingers and then three. He used one to push up against the soft spongy spot, which caused Squall to buck in pleasure, the vibrations going through him like an electric current.

“Squall baby…hold on tight…I’m gonna give you the ride of your life…I can’t wait anymore.” Seifer told Squall in a gravely tone.

“Hurry up and do it then, quit talking about it,” he replied huskily, “and you say I talk too much.”

Seifer then put himself against the entrance and slowly pushed in while Squall pushed out; once the head was in, he thrust himself in, in one fell swoop. Both moaned loudly at the sensations they were feeling.

Seifer pulled nearly all the way out and then plunged just as deeply as before…doing this for several times, enjoying the feeling of the tightness and the heat holding him and everything in between. When he began to lose all control his thrusts became harder and faster. Squall’s hips continued to move up to meet Seifer’s thrusts, wanting more, needing more.

Soon Seifer was nearly pounding into Squall, giving everything he had, feeling his climax drawing nearer and nearer, he reached between their sweat-coated bodies and pumped Squall’s cock in time with his thrusts.

Squall felt the pleasure crest, wrapped his arms around Seifer pulling him in close and bit his shoulder drawing blood, as he came. This created an incredible tightness around Seifer’s hardness as he impaled himself within Squall, feeling himself spurting his essence, his life within his lover, and grunting from the bite Squall had given him.

Seifer collapsed on top of Squall, who took the weight with pleasure, licking at the blood that leaked from his bite. Seifer roused himself enough to pull himself off of Squall and roll to his side, pulling Squall with him.

“So the Lion cub, decided to show his teeth, never realized you were a biter there Squall?” He chuckled softly.

“Never knew it either Seifer, but I couldn’t help myself there. That was completely intense.”

“Well I think my job is done, I’ve rocked your world…twice in one day even…oh wait...did it earlier as well...hell I’m a sex god…did it three times today!” Seifer crowed arrogantly as only Seifer could.

Squall snorted and answered, “Seifer, you’re amazing …you’ve got enough conceit for the whole damn Garden, I can’t believe you sometimes.”

“Ya well, that’s ok, someone has to have it…might as well be me, hey Squall want a job?”

Squall was having trouble staying awake and the abrupt subject change took him off guard. “Wha…what kind of job? What are you talking about Seifer?”

“You can be my blanket at night and keep me warm!” Seifer said and then pulled Squall on top of him as if he was a blanket. Squall made himself comfortable and laid his head on Seifer’s chest listening to his heartbeat.

“I could get used to this kind of job.”

After a few minutes of silence Seifer spoke again, this time there was some hesitation in his tone. “So this means that we are officially a thing now right… your mine, I’m yours and all that goes with it right?”

Squall laid there thinking for a second or two and realized that he liked that thought, liked the fact that others would know that this blonde was all his and vice versa. “Yes Seifer, we’re a couple, and I don’t care if everyone knows.”

Seifer smiled to himself and then couldn’t resist a last parting shot at Squall…”Squally…you’re a daisy; you know that...a daisy…but next time you get to do all the work… I’ll lay back and enjoy the ride!”

Squall growled and answered, “Call me Squally one more time and I’ll kick your ass from here to Esthar got it!!!

“Sure thing, I got it… Squally.” He laughed as Squall started to wrestle with him.


A short blonde with a tribal tattoo on his face smiled to himself and began to whistle walking away from the door where he had been listening, knowing that everything had worked out for the two inhabitants inside.

/Tomorrow is gonna be a great day! / He thought to himself while heading to his own room, thinking as well, how he could tease and get back at Seifer for all the years of taunts he had endured, and because he had helped the taller blonde, Seifer had to be nice.

/Yup, tomorrow is gonna be great! / Zell thought to himself.




A.N. If your wondering why Seifer calls Squall a daisy…well the only defense I have is that I watched Tombstone the other night, with Val Kilmer and Seifer took to that line like a fish on a hook. He couldn’t quit calling Squall that…it’s from the scene where Ringo (bad guy) is trying to drunkenly provoke a fight with Wyatt Earp, who is Doc Holiday’s (Val Kilmer’s role) good friend. Unfortunately Ringo is a faster draw then Wyatt, but not faster than Doc, so Doc, who was sitting on a porch comes off the porch and tells Ringo “I’m your Huckleberry” and Ringo tries to tell Doc his problem isn’t with him…but then decides to go with it anyways and that’s when Doc tells him “You’re a daisy if you do” basically telling him that if he can take him he’s good then. I know its old west slang…but I haven’t found the exact translation for that *grin*…that’s just my and my friends take on what is said *laugh* and Seifer loved it.

You know…the way Val Kilmer acts in that movie…it has Irvine overtones all over it… just the way I see him *grin*…if you’ve never seen the movie…it’s not the greatest movie…Val Kilmer is a must see in the movie though…he steals the show, which is supposed to be Kurt Russell’s show *laugh* anyways I’ve talked enough about it here.

I wanted to tell everyone THANK YOU again for sticking it out and reading this fic. It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it…The very first fic I wrote and finished…*throws confetti and candy in the air* Ok party time!!!!!!!!...I’ve got my boys doing strip teases…anyone got extra dollar bills *grin*

Zell: *dancing on a table in just his white muscle shirt and tight silky royal-blue briefs, while the others are waving money around, singing* “I’m to sexy…I’m to sexy for my shirt” *as he inches the shirt up his chest*

LWG: OOOps gotta go, gotta go add my drool…I mean money to his undies!


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