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Truth or Dare

Chapter 13

By LaughingWolfGirl

“What the fuck did you ask that for, it’s none of your business!” Seifer fairly snarled at Squall for daring to ask his best friend such personal question.

“It’s a game isn’t it, I can ask whatever I want, now is she doesn’t want to answer that is her prerogative, she can take the dare if she likes!” Squall answered coldly while looking Seifer in the eyes, waiting to hear what he would say to that.

“You’re a cold-ass bastard, you know that, especially when you’ve been drinking!”

“So you’ve told me before Seifer, but whatever I am, it has nothing to do with this game now does it?” He looked over at the platinum-haired girl, arched his brows and asked, “So Fujin, are you going to answer or not, will you keep to truth or will you take a dare?”

The others just sat there mutely, wondering about Squall’s attitude. If they had asked Seifer he could have told them that Squall had felt cornered by his earlier question and was attacking back, unfortunately Squall would not necessarily attack him, at least not yet…no the bastard knew that the best way to attack an unapproachable fortress, was to attack the fortifications around it. Lure those in the fortress out and then attack. And that was what he was doing, knowing that going after Fujin or Raijin, would get to Seifer like nothing else. Seifer was determined more than ever to win this game, Squall would be his completely and everyone would know it by the end of tonight, or die trying.


“Good, so answer my question then!” He replied very coldly, while finishing his beer and going for another.


Selphie moved closer to Fujin, wanting to give comfort any way she could, Fujin seemed in control of her emotions, but that in itself was telling, the skin around her mouth had tightened considerably while she talked.

“You satisfied? She told you how she lost it!” Seifer growled to Squall.

“So you’re saying Fu that you and your mom were attacked by a red dragon and that’s how you lost your eye? Man you must have been young then, what about your mom?” Irvine asked in concern and curiosity.


“Oh man, Fu, that’s sad…I’m sorry!” Zell said while looking over at Squall in reproach.

Squall did feel a bit like a heel for having asked that, but how was he supposed to have known, and no one had specified that there was to be no personal questions asked. He refused to feel guilty about his question, and looked at the others with a cold, closed expression on his face, or at least the best he could do with his befuddled wits.

Selphie sniffed and looked around at the others, while trying to ignore the looks Squall was giving everyone. “I think we should drop this one and let Fujin take her turn!” With that said she patted Fujin’s knee in a proprietary manner, not realizing how this was perceived by the others. Quistis, Raijin, Zell, Irvine and Seifer nodded, all in agreement with Selphie while Squall merely drank from his new beer and resigned himself to their looks.

Fujin looked at the others and gave a quick smirk and said “RAIJIN, TRUTH, DARE?”

“Aw Fu, I’ll take a truth ya know, cause I’d hate to see what you might dare me, ya know, cause you got a wicked mind ya know, I can just see what you would come up with, probably something really crazy, cause you like to see that kind of stuff, ya know, but the-OWWW! Fu, why’d ya kick me ya know?”


Seifer and the others tried to contain their mirth, but seeing Raijin holding his shin and smiling about it, while at the same time grimacing with the pain was to much for the others and they too began to laugh…all but Squall, who just rolled his eyes at the others antics.


“Oh why did I want to become a SeeD, well cause for one, you and Seifer were here, and you guys are like the only family I got ya know, and two they got a great dental plan ya know.” He grinned good naturedly at them knowing that they understood what he was saying.

“So I guess it’s my turn right, well then I guess I’ll turn this back to you little man, ya know… I’ve been curious about it like forever ya know? Zell man, Truth or Dare, cause you can pick which ever and I won’t be bothered by it…got something for either one you pick ya know!”

Zell just kind of sat there wondering where the big man hid all his words…/man and people think I talk too much! / “Uumm... I’ll take a truth Raijin…”

“How old were you when you got your tattoo Zell? Cause I’ve always wondered about it ya know?”

“Oh that’s an easy question, I was 13,” He grinned at the others.

“So tell us man, what made you do it, and why that tattoo on your face?” Irvine asked with curiosity lighting up his face.

“Hey it wasn’t your turn there buddy…I don’t have to answer that one,” he answered with a devilish grin.

“Aw come on…I know it wasn’t my turn, but I couldn’t’ resist asking…come on give us a freebee…tell us!” Irvine demanded and wheedled all at once.

“Oh all right…I got this design cause I really liked it, but I got it on my face cause I was always getting’ picked on when I was younger cause of my smaller size, so I figured if I got it on my face it would make me look tougher and would make some of the bigger guys think twice about pickin’ on me, and it worked too, well except for Seifer here, who never got the hint!” He snorted while looking over at a smirking Seifer.

“Oh but I did get the hint…but you rise to the taunts so easy….that I couldn’t help myself, just had to tease ya there Chick…uh Zell!” He grinned cheekily down at the smaller blonde who stuck his tongue out at him, causing him to laugh.

Squall could feel his anger and jealousy rising at the close camaraderie growing between the two blondes, and was far enough with his drinks that he couldn’t really hide his feelings very well. Quistis watched his face start to darken while he watched Seifer and Zell and was slightly amazed at how much he seemed bothered by it.

“Hey since I did that truth I guess it’s my turn again and I choose you Seifer for laughin’ at me!”

“Well I’ll take a dare then, do your worst, I dare ya!” Seifer said very arrogantly while watching Zell’s eyes grow slightly at Squall’s very dirty looks that he was sending over to them, Seifer was so pleased at Squall’s reactions, knowing that he was very very close to his breaking point.

“Seifer I dare ya to kiss Squall there, he’s lookin’ pretty lonely over there, and maybe a kiss between rivals will cheer him up.” Zell said with an impish cast to his face.

Seifer would have laughed if it didn’t mean so much to him, that little weasel…good thing he was helping him with this, he would have hated to have had Zell against him here. He felt himself taking a deep breath and getting up on his hands and knees and closing the distance between himself and Squall.

Squall felt all the air leave his lungs, when he heard what Zell had dared Seifer to do, and then he thought this was his chance to show Seifer what a good thing he did have and wouldn’t need the blonde martial artist, so he too began to close the distance and began to kiss Seifer, feeling all his frustrations, and desires rising to the top, he lost himself in the kiss, lost all time and place, heard nothing of what the others were saying; he wanted to be close to Seifer, as close as he could get, nearly pushing the other back nearly crawling into his lap, kissing Seifer as if there was no tomorrow.

“Um Zell, your closest to them, maybe you should try and to get their attention and remind them we are still here!”

“No way Quisty, this is hot, man I knew I should have definitely brought my camera tonight, this blows Irvine and Squall’s kiss earlier to shame!” Selphie said excitededly.

“HEY! Darlin’ my kiss was just as good, and if I had let it keep goin’ it would have blown that one outta the water!

“Sure Irvy, sure” She giggled while her eyes continued to be glued to the two still kissing.

“I ain’t gonna try and break that kiss up, hell no, I like my life just the way it is thank you very much! My momma didn’t raise no dummy…maybe we should leave… there is obviously somethin’ goin’ on with these two!?”

While the others debated quitting the game, and Seifer and Squall continued to kiss, no one noticed that the door had opened and Rinoa came in and stood in shock.

“SQUALL!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! “Rinoa screamed finally breaking up the kissing duo.

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