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Truth or Dare

Chapter 12

By LaughingWolfGirl

“NO FUCKIN’ WAY” Zell exclaimed while trying to close his mouth, which had fallen open and wouldn’t seem to close.

“You are of course joking Seifer, you don’t really expect us to actually believe that Xu broke Rinoa’s nose, because of a kiss!” Quistis replied while giving Seifer a glare of disbelief.

“Believe what you want, I’m just tellin’ you what happened, and I’m not joking, not about something like this, this is too funny, no way I could even come up with a joke this good.” He replied with a smirk coloring his face.

“Seifer this is not funny, and you’re not being very nice about it.”

“Ya, and…so what’s your point?  Who ever said I was nice, though you got to admit, it was hella funny.  Don’t worry Quistis, ya she had a broken nose, I heard that crack plain as day, but Squall used a cura, which took care of anything that might have been really serious.  So she’ll live, no worries” he gave her a cheeky smirk and continued, “she’ll just be a bit black and blue around the face.”

“So does this mean we have to vacate the room so that Squall can bring her here with him to take care of him?” Selphie asked the group in general, hoping that the answer would be no, not that she wanted Rinoa in pain, just that she wanted to continue to play, the game was really starting to get interesting now.

“Hell no, we ain’t vacating, this game is still on; Squall said he would be back as soon as he took the princess to the infirmary.”

Quistis just shook her head and looked over the rest of the group, knowing that the others wanted to continue to play as much as she did, while a tiny voice in the back of her head continued to whisper that she should go and see how Rinoa was doing, that a good instructor would do so, but she quickly strangled that voice in favor of the smile that Raijin had just given her.

“So do we wait for Squall to come back or go ahead and figure out how we are gonna work this, I mean, Rinoa did officially complete her dare, but I truthfully don’t think that she is gonna be back to play, the good doc will probably keep her under observation for a bit, so she won’t be back to play anytime soon, so who gets to do the next round?

“Well Selphie darlin’, since you were the one to dare her, you should probably be the one to pick again.” At this, the others quickly nodded their agreement.

“Ok so we’ll wait for Squall or go ahead without him?”

The others slowly began to fidget and Zell was the first to show his impatience, “You know we don’t know how long he might be, I think we should just go on with the guy, unless it was him you were hoping to dare there Selph,” he said with an unabashed grin.

“Naw, I was just wondering if I should be polite and wait or just go on without him.” She said cheekily.

“I say go ahead and start, don’t worry about Squall, he won’t care if we start or not,” Zell smiled at the others when they all seemed to agree with his comment.

“Ok then I’ll ask…um….Seifer, Truth or Dare?”

“Oh Selphie…I’ll go with Truth don’t cha know!” Seifer told her with a false southern accent while batting his eyelashes exaggeratedly.

“Ooh Mr. Smart-mouth, ok well here is the question…since I have never seen you with either male or female, what’s your sexual preference….hhmm? 

Squall chose that moment to walk into his room, hearing the last of Selphie’s question and nearly walked back out.  He just knew that Seifer was going to say something to the effect of “neither…just Squall” or something like that.  He looked over at Seifer, seeing that the blonde was looking at him as well and Seifer gave him a small smile and turned to Selphie and answered. “Males!”

“Hold it, didn’t you used to date Rinoa, so when did’ja find out you were inta guys?”

“Well cowpoke, I’ve known for sometime, but that wasn’t the question now was it.”

“Man that’s just strange, you ain’t into any of us are ya? “ Irvine said while lifting his hat and scratching his head.

Seifer sat straight up and lost his smirk, while beginning to look deadly and spoke in an even-toned voice, “No I’m not interested in you, and you got a problem with my sexuality, wanna take it outside pretty boy? I’m willing to wipe the floor with your face!”

Irvine realized that he had opened his mouth and inserted his foot, so he held up his hands, palms out and was about to try and smooth things over when Zell interrupted,

“Hey guys quit with the crap, this is a game, oh hey Squall how’s Rin, she gonna be ok?”

Squall walked over and sat back down looked at everyone but Seifer and told everyone about Rinoa’s condition and how Dr. Kadowaki was going to keep her for observation.

“So she is ok, just bruised and slightly unconscious, but it’s nothing serious to worry about?”

“Quistis, since when can a person be slightly unconscious? And it’s my turn and I’ll ask Mr. Freeze himself? So Squall Truth or Dare?”

/Squall felt his heart beat stop, he was sure of it, could he possibly use that to get out of this stupid game, maybe even pass out, no he never passed out in his life...oh well there was that time in Time Compression, but that didn’t count, should he take Truth, and if he did what would Seifer ask him, would he put him on the spot, what if he took Dare, ye gods, Seifer could dare him to do just about anything, Seifer was devious that way! What to do, what to do? /

“Earth to Squall, earth to Squall, come in Squall? Hey this isn’t rocket science, just a simple question…Truth or dare???”

“TRUTH damn you!”

“Oooh feisty aren’t you…well here’s your question, Are you in love with Rinoa?”

Everyone in the room gasped and then became quiet, waiting for Squall to answer in the positive, all, that is except Seifer and Zell, both knowing that he wasn’t in love with the Asian girl.

“Of course I love her Seifer, what a thing to ask, everyone knows I do!” Squall answered very surly trying to cover his real feelings.

“No Squall, I asked if you were “IN” love with her, not if you loved her, loved her like a family member or something, and remember you are obligated to tell the truth!”

Seifer knew he was taking a big gamble here, Squall could hide behind the technicality of the word and not answer truthfully, but he was hoping that Squall would be truthful with himself.  If he wasn’t, Seifer could very well lose it all, but maybe in a way that would be better than all this game playing now.  Seifer felt himself getting into one of his morose moods and looked over towards Zell for help, which the smaller blonde seemed aware of and sat close and put his hand on Seifer’s arm, not realizing that Squall had caught the movement, which pushed him into revealing more than he wanted to.

“NO I’m not “IN” love with Rinoa, I haven’t been for sometime!”

The others sat back in shock and amazement, while Seifer felt like a load had been removed from his shoulders. He quickly smiled at Zell, who also smiled back and then looked over at Squall, while the others peppered him with questions, but the look Squall gave him was deadly, and Seifer realized he had seen the smiles shared by himself and Zell.  He wasn’t sure how to respond to Squall’s look; maybe they had taken their flirting a bit too far?

Squall looked at the others, who were oblivious to what was going on under their noses, but kept asking him about Rinoa and himself and he quickly got up to get the whiskey bottle, which he couldn’t find.  They continued to ask him about his situation and he finally got fed up enough that he turned and answered, “Get off my back, I’m only obligated to answer Seifer’s question, the rest of you give it a rest, as soon as I find my whiskey I’ll ask someone else a question for the game!”

He got up and continued to look for the drink, not knowing that Zell had taken it and hidden it in the pocket of his shorts.  Squall soon gave up and got a beer to drink and came back to sit, once he sat he looked at all the others, waiting to see if they would bug him some more, when no one seemed want to push the issue, he looked over at Fujin and asked her “Truth or Dare”?

Fujin seemed a bit surprised at this but quickly recovered and answered “TRUTH!”

“How did you lose your eye?”

“SQUALL!” Quistis cried, “That is rude!”

“Yeah, Squall, you can’t ask her that!” Selphie said angrily.

“I thought the purpose of the game was that we find stuff out, well I’ve always wanted to know, and now I can ask!” Squall replied gruffly while taking a big gulp of his beer.

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