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Truth or Dare

Chapter 11

By LaughingWolfGirl

"So Rin, how are ya going to approach Xu and give her the kiss?"

"Shut up Seifer, I have no idea, she probably won't even let me get within spitting distance of her, hey how about we walk around for a bit and then go back and tell the others that I did it?"

"Aw now that won't work, not fair, the others have done their dares, like Zell kissing Ariel"

"Ya but Seifer," Rinoa whined, "That's his girlfriend!"

"Well Selphie had to run around topless and she didn't complain and even completed her dare."

"Ya well, she doesn't really have a chest to speak of so it wasn't that hard for her."

"That's low Rinoa, even for you! And what about Irvine, he did his dare, kissing Squall."

"Yes he did and Squally-poo certainly looked like he was enjoying it a little too much!" Rinoa said with a pout while looking at a disgruntled Squall.

"He did, didn't he?" Seifer replied in an ominous tone all the while looking at Squall as well.

Squall looked back and forth nervously between both Rinoa and Seifer, his hazy mind not allowing him to come up with something to say. He wished he was anywhere but here, stuck smack dab in the middle of two opposing forces, and they were forces of nature; Rinoa, a quick tornado, tossing people about which ever way she pleased, and Seifer, a raging hurricane, lashing at those around him to get his way.

Squall swallowed nervously and attempted to speed up his walk, hoping that they might fall behind slightly, to no avail, they too increased their speed, still both glaring at him, awaiting his answer to their statements. "Hey I didn't choose to kiss him, he was dared to kiss me, not the other way around, and I was just...uh...well...uh...helping him with his dare!" Squall said quickly and disdainfully, attempting to regain his normal scowl and hoping that they would be satisfied with his answer, though he had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't suffice.

"Oh really, just helping the guy out, with your tongue down his throat, playing tonsil hockey...I'm supposed to believe got no enjoyment from that at all!"

"Seifer why are you so interested in his kiss with Irvine all of a sudden, I mean you actually seem kind if angry, and I think that's really weird, I should be the one angry, I'm his girlfriend ....oh I get sweet....Seifer I didn't know you still cared, and you're looking out for me aren't you." And with that she simpered at the tall blonde and looked like she was going to hug and kiss him.

Seifer was amazed at her tenacity at only seeing things set in *Rinoa's techno-colored dream world* where everyone loved Rinoa and lived to serve her. The fact that she looked about ready to hug and kiss him was something that he would prefer to avoid at all cost. Seifer was about to give her a scathing retort, but looked over at Squall and saw the grimace on his face and realized that if he said what he truly wanted to say, Squall probably wouldn't forgive him, he realized that Squall in some strange way still cared for the girl, not love necessarily, but he would stick up for her to a point and Seifer so did not want to get into an argument with Squall when he was close to finally getting the brunette to commit to him in some way, he could feel it. He was close, but he had to make sure there were no slip ups and an argument with Rinoa could be considered one.

So he smiled at Rinoa and just inclined his head lightly, as if in agreement, and looked back towards Squall. If Rinoa had paid attention, she would have seen that Seifer's smile didn't reach his eyes and that he really hadn't truly answered her. She would have also seen the hunger in the tall blonde's eyes while looking at Squall. But being lost in her own little universe she missed these details.

Squall felt that a major explosion had been averted and was very thankful with Seifer's forbearance to not snap back at Rinoa, because then he would felt obligated to stick up for her, she was no match for Seifer's biting wit and he knew that. He knew the others didn't understand how he felt about the girl, but she had become sort of sister to him, the kind of sister you stuck up for when attacked, but didn't necessarily always like, though even she refused to acknowledge that. He would have to sit her down again and attempt to get it through to her skull that they were not an item, not anymore. He could see that Seifer was getting fed up with the situation and if he didn't want to lose him, he better do something...

/Wait, did I just admit to not wanting to loose Seifer, but if that was the case, do I truly have deep feelings for the guy, man this alcohol is really getting to me, I am really thinking of having an open relationship with Seifer Almasy, and I'm beginning to realize that having the others know isn't really going to bother me. /

He would definitely have to think this through when he was completely sober. All these thoughts were jumbling around his head and making his head ache. Seifer could see that Squall had gone to never-never land in his head again and was talking to himself, the boy's eyes had a slight glaze to them and he was unaware of his surroundings or Rinoa's prattling about her clothes and what she wanted Squall to buy her later. He only wished he could be unaware himself, her constant chatter was really annoying him to no end.

"Does anyone know exactly where Xu could be; I mean I don't really want to be walking around in circles looking for the girl."

"I don't really know I was kind of hoping that one of you knew where she was, Seifer."

"Squall...Earth to Squall, you there buddy," Seifer said while waving his hand in front of Squall's face, smiling at the adorably obnoxious grimace, Seifer would never admit it to anyone, but all Squall's little quirks and looks were adorable to him, he was whipped for the guy, totally and completely whipped. That's what scared him so bad being vulnerable to another's whims. If he couldn't get Squall to make a commitment of some kind, he would be in for a lot of heartache.

"Yes Seifer, I'm obviously here, more to my misfortune, what do you want" Squall replied while swatting Seifer's hand away from his face.

"Well we were wondering "Oh Great Commander" if you would possibly know where Xu is at this time, it would make it much easier for Rinoa's dare if we could find her, rather than walk around in circles forever here, like morons."

"She's up in my office taking care of paperwork."

"Well there ya go, that's were we need to go, come on slow pokes we ain't got all day, and ya know you could have told us much sooner where she was there Squall."

Once they were in the elevator, Seifer turned once more to Rinoa and asked her how she was going to attempt to complete her dare, while trying to run his hand behind Squall to feel up his ass, and not let Rinoa catch on.

"I don't know yet, I thought I would like hurry over and while she wasn't expecting it, kiss her and then jump back quickly. What do you think?"

"Well I think that's the only way Xu will let you anywhere near her, what did you do to make her hate you the way she does?"

"Me, I didn't do anything, I was just being friendly and tried to tell her to relax and told her she needed to get better taste for her clothes, I mean all you ever see her in is in uniforms and her black skirt and white blouse, it gets boring seeing her in the same stuff, and she took offense, some people you know can't take constructive criticism sometimes."

Squall tried to keep Seifer's hand from pinching his ass covertly, while listening in amazement to Rinoa's little speech, he wondered where her brains where sometimes, the girl had no diplomacy, just came right out and said what she was thinking. He felt himself jumping slightly from the pinch that got through his hand and saw Seifer smirking, while Rinoa looked at him quizzically. Squall being Squall just stared forward and acknowledged neither of the two and as soon as the elevator doors came open, swooped through quickly.

As the trio came to Squalls office door, they stopped and looked at one another. "So Rin do you want to go in first or should we?"

"Um I think you should go first, and then I'll come in and hurry up and try the kiss."

"Sure thing and we'll just stand back and watch!" Seifer smirked while seeing the grimace on Rinoa's face.

Squall walked in and saw that Xu had been working on the reports in the computer and turned with a look of question on her face when she saw him, Rinoa walked in behind Squall and quickly and hurriedly walked over to where Xu sat with a cold, closed expression on her face when she saw the girl, she quickly bent down and placed her lips on Xu's and attempted to kiss her deeply. Xu was taken back in surprise by this, which gave Rinoa the chance to deepen the kiss, but soon Xu regained her wits and harshly pushed Rinoa back and let her arm swing with a strong right hook, which hit Rinoa on the bridge of her nose. They all heard the bone crack and Rinoa went out like a light.

The whole scene had played itself out so quickly that Seifer and Squall had no chance to react until it was all done. Xu looked down at Rinoa and then looked at Seifer and Squall with disgust on her face.

"Want to tell me what that was all about, and you might want to pick up Sleeping Beauty here, she's bleeding all over the rug."

Squall ran over quickly and cast Cura, which was all he had handy, but they all knew that Rinoa would need to go over to the infirmary to get the bones in her nose set and bandaged. So he lifted her in his arms and turned to Seifer.

"You explain to Xu and tell the others what happened, I'll be back after I get Rin to Dr. Kadowaki and we get her set."

"Sure thing Squall, you need any help carrying her; I don't think she's as light as she looks."

"Seifer shut up and no she isn't, but I can handle it."

"Well Xu, you got one great right hook, remind me to never get on your bad side," Seifer laughed while talking to the other Seed.

"Are you going to explain, or will you too be making the acquaintance of my right fist?"

"Whoa lady calm down, I'll explain, but you gotta let me have a little fun here, it's not everyday that I get to see Rinoa knocked out." Seeing the look of impatience flash across the other woman's face he quickly started to explain.

Squall carried Rinoa to the infirmary, earning some strange looks from the other cadets, there were a few that looked as if they were going to speak to him, but his glowering countenance stopped them cold. He carried her in, just as Dr. Kadowaki walked out of her store room.

"What happened to her, bring her in to the examining room and we'll take a look and fix it."

Squall explained what had happened and had to listen in silence while the good doctor lecture him about allowing something like that to happen, he made no comments and the doctor knowing his personality didn't really expect one.

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