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Truth or Dare

Chapter 10

By LaughingWolfGirl

“Ok Irvine, I’ll take a Dare…so do your worst!” The bubbly brunette said, while smiling hugely at the others.

Squall sat there, still slightly grinning over his kiss with Irvine, who knew that the cowboy could pack a wallop with that kiss. Ok, yes the guy had a reputation, but still he had never heard that Irvine was a good kisser, just that he was a skirt chaser. And watching Seifer’s reaction after the kiss, watching him trying not to show his jealousy was priceless. In Squall’s mind that was worth all the aggravation the taller blonde gave him. With those thoughts in mind, Squall took another swig of the whiskey, causing Rinoa to frown, and pout.

Seifer watched from the corner of his eye as Squall smiled and drank more of the whiskey. He continued to try and fight the jealousy that had assailed him, having to watch Squall and Irvine kiss, and to an extent he did fight most of it down, but that little bit of him, which wanted and needed validation from Squall, wouldn’t let go, and continued to whisper to him, what if Squall liked Irvine’s kisses better, what if Squall really didn’t care about Seifer, was just using him for sex, so many what ifs. Seifer knew that Squall cared about him; he knew it deep down, but that part of him, the part that always caused him to act before thinking, was doing a lot of talking at the moment and unfortunately for Seifer, he couldn’t get it to shut up.

“Ok here it is, Little Miss, I dare ya to take your top and bra off and run around the Hall!”

Rinoa and Quistis gasped, Zell nearly spit his drink out of his nose, Raijin and Squall looked amazed and Fujin glowered at Irvine, while Seifer just burst out laughing. Selphie just stared at the grinning cowboy, with her mouth hanging open not sure what to think or say.

“Wow, you made Selphie speechless I didn’t know that was possible! I can’t wait to see her complete this dare…didn’t know you had it in you there Cowboy…guess you can be devious with the rest of us.” Seifer stated while grinning unrepentantly at the others and watching Selphie try to regain her wits.

“Irvine, I don’t think that’s a good idea, maybe you can dare her something else.”

“But Quisty, darlin’ Selphie did say we could dare anythin’ as long as it wasn’t death-defying, and I don’t think that dare qualifies as dangerous so she has to do it…unless she wants to back out...or take a Truth?”

“Oh no way, I’ll take the dare, ‘cause I know you…if I don’t I’ll never hear the end of it, and I’m not ashamed of my body.” And so saying she stood and began to take of her blouse and yellow bra, leaving her in her yellow mini-skirt. The others simply ogled her, not daring to make any comments, afraid she would turn and attack them.

“There ya go girlfriend, you show them, let them know your not afraid of their dumb dares.” Rinoa stated, while looking over at Irvine, who rolled his eyes at her, and smiling at Selphie.

“Hey I’m not going to go running by myself; someone has to come to keep all the morons away from me. Any volunteers?”

Fujin looked at the others and caught Seifer smiling at her and winked back, unnoticed by the others. She stood up and agreed to go with the hyper brunette, trying vainly to keep her eye off the other’s bare chest.

“I guess that’s it then,” Selphie said and proudly walked out the door, with Fujin walking behind. The others held their laughter until she was gone, and then once they made sure she couldn’t hear them, began to laugh…except for Rinoa and Squall. Quistis was the first to recover and looked over at Irvine. “What made you even think of that dare, and why Selphie?”

“Selphie is a good sport, and I knew she would do it…no problems…and cause its harmless fun and just think of the cheap thrill she is giving all those horny cadets.”

“Well at least she has Fujin with her to keep them back.”

“Ya and Fujin will make sure no one, and I do mean no one will say or do anything towards Selphie.”

“I’ll take your word for it Seifer, you know her best. And she does always look very intimidating.

Selphie, walked out of the room with her shoulders back, head up, but as soon as she and Fujin were out of earshot, she quickly covered her arms over her chest and looked over towards Fujin, with a blush staining her cheeks.

“I can’t believe that I’m standing out here with no top on, luckily for me, it looks like there isn’t anyone around here, but no telling how full the rest of the hall will be. Do you think if I walk with my arms coving my chest, it would be against the dare, I don’t know if I can go the rest of the way bare-chested?”

“SELPHIE….” Fujin looked so indecisive, like she wanted to talk but was having a hard time. “SELPHIE, I…don’t think….it….matters….you’re still….topless….and they….didn’t specify….h...h...how you… had to …do it….and I…won’t tell…” She said rather stiltedly.”

Selphie stood there and just looked at Fujin, causing the other woman to squirm. Once she realized that she was making Fujin uncomfortable she quickly spoke,” Fujin, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak like that, I’ve always thought you had a speech problem?”

“WELL…I do sort…of, I get…very shy around people, e…es…especially those….that I…really like.”

Selphie smiled at Fujin and dropped her hands and said,” Ok then, well lets get this done as quickly as possible,” and so saying, she began to run as fast as she could stopping cadets in their tracks, all with a stupefied expression. Those that seemed to look too long or hard, or maybe were about to comment, received Fujin’s patented look of death and quickly averted their eyes. When she had run for what seemed forever, they arrived back at Squall’s room, and Selphie paused to catch her breath, looking over at Fujin, who didn’t seem to even be winded.

“Thank you Fujin, for going with me and keeping the perverts in line. I don’t think I would have actually been able to do that without your help. But you know it was slightly liberating, not that I would necessarily do that again!” Selphie laughed and while Fujin was also laughing, she quickly kissed the platinum blonde on the lips and opened the door and walked in, leaving a slightly flustered Fujin to walk-in behind her.

“Hey all, it’s my turn again to choose one of you as my victims…,” Selphie said as she began to put her bra and top back on.

“So tell us what it was like running around topless, how many people saw you and did they make comments?”

“Zell you are way too curious about things sometimes!”

“Aw, come one Sel…give us the juicy details…tell us what happened!”

“Ok, ok, I ran around…”

“You didn’t try and cover yourself did you?”

“You know if you want to find out what happened, then I suggest you keep quiet! As I was saying, I ran all the way around the hall, and yes several cadets saw me, though no one made any comments; Fujin made sure of that and here I am, safe and sound.”

“Wow that was very boring sounding.”

“Well Rin, since you seem to think so, I think that I’ll ask you now, Truth or Dare?”

“Who me, well I think I’ll take Truth, I certainly don’t have anything to hide.” Rinoa simpered, trying to snuggle into Squall’s side, while he covertly tried to move away.

“Really….that’s good to know Rinoa, cause I want to ask you who that guy was that you were hugging the other day at the coffee shop in Balamb?”

The others looked over at a very flustered Rinoa, including Squall, awaiting her answer.


“Oh that is so mature Zell!”

“Come on Rin, spill the beans, enquiring minds wanna know!”

“Well I think I’ll take a dare instead…not that I have anything to hide, but a dare sounds much more fun!”

Seifer was mentally laughing his head off at Rinoa’s predicament, she knew that she had been caught, but was going to play it out for all it was worth. Rinoa never admitted to any wrong doing, or if she did, she would attempt to take several others with her. That was one of the reasons that she and he had broken it off that summer a few years ago. Well that and the fact that he had admitted to himself that he was gay.

He could see Squall’s mental gears going, but with all the alcohol that that boy was consuming, it was getting harder and harder, and his poker face was flying by the way-side. He would have to try and get that bottle away from Squall soon, and try to keep the other booze away as well; Squall slightly buzzed would be good, Squall extremely drunk would not.

“Since you’re unwilling to say who he was then I’ll just have to dare you to…find Xu and kiss her, and not just a peck, you have to really kiss her.”

“But you know she hates me, she lets me know she can’t stand me every chance she gets, besides she’s with Nida, and I don’t think he would like for me to be kissing his girlfriend.”

“Well you’re just going to have to attempt it all the same.”

“I think that dare goes under the deadly ones, cause she’s gonna kill me for trying to kiss her. Squall you have to go with me and keep me safe, you just gotta!”

“Sure Rin, I’ll go no problem…lets get it over with.” Squall slightly slurred his words, while slowly getting to his feet.

“Hey I’ll go as well, just to keep everyone in line and make sure there is no blood-shed.” Seifer stated while keeping an eye on Squall’s slight wobbliness. None of the others had caught on to Squall’s tipsiness, none that is except Zell and himself. He looked at Zell and then at the whiskey and inclined his head slightly in Squall’s direction and Zell nodded and winked his understanding.

Squall was feeling no pain, but also knew that walking with his former flame, who still considered them together and his current lover, who had no patience with the former, was asking for trouble, but couldn’t get his thoughts to follow any logical path, so couldn’t extricate himself from his situation. Seifer was walking closely on his left, while Rinoa walked closely on his right. Now he knew what if felt like to be the ham, in a ham sandwich, pushed in close on both sides, no room for anything else.

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