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Truth or Dare

Chapter 9

By LaughingWolfGirl

Seifer and Squall watched while Zell got Ariel to lean over the desk and kiss her, then Seifer looked over at Squall, who was still wearing his black look, and asked “Hey Squall you ever gonna lighten up, or are ya gonna scowl through the whole game?”

“What do you care, you seem to be having fun with Zell!” At that Squall fell silent, knowing that was not what he had wanted to say, his mouth though had other ideas and spoke against his will.

“Temper, temper, if I didn’t know better I would say you were jealous, and I know the great Squall Leonhart doesn’t get jealous, cause he doesn’t have emotions now does he!”

“Shut up Seifer, I wasn’t jealous; I was just making a comment!”

“Oh was that what that was….I’m so glad you cleared that up, I would hate to think you cared enough to get jealous or something” Seifer sneered down at the Scowling brunette.

Suddenly a loud smack was heard throughout the library and all eyes focused on Ariel holding her aching palm and Zell holding his aching cheek. Seifer began to snicker, and even Squall tried valiantly not to smile in Zell’s situation.

“Why ya hit me Ariel, it’s not like we haven’t kissed before!” cried the indignant blonde.

“Because you know I’m working and its not appropriate behavior in the workplace, and secondly I don’t think you were giving me that kiss just because. There’s a reason and I want to know what that reason is!”

“Sheesh, did ya have to hit me so hard? And I like kissing you, do I gotta have a reason to do it?

Ariel continued to just look at Zell making no comment, which made the diminutive blonde squirm.

“Ok, ok, me and the buds are playin Truth or Dare and the others dared me to come and kiss you, satisfied!” Zell grumbled while looking down at the counter, all the while looking like a lost little boy.

Ariel always melted when he gave her that little boy look and today was no different. Reaching over the counter she grabbed his hand that still held his cheek and quickly pressed a kiss to it and smiled at him. “Well I guess you did your dare then right.”

Zell quickly grinned and answered,” I guess I did, and ya know, next time I want to kiss you, I’ll ask first, that way I don’t get my cheek knocked into the other one!”

“You do that love, it’s safer that way,” she answered laughingly.

“Well it looks like he got out of that one, damn that chicken has all the luck, which means that we better get him and head back, before the others are too drunk to play.” Seifer said as they walked over to Zell.

As they walked back to Squalls room, again Seifer and Zell lead up front, walking very close to each other, while Squall followed and scowled.

/Why do they need to walk so close to each other, I mean this walkway is plenty big, there’s no big crowd or anything, and what the hell do they have to talk about, they were never really friendly before, always antagonizing each other, so when did this buddy buddy stuff come along. And why the hell is this bothering me, I mean I know Seifer and Zell aren’t sleeping together, Seifer wouldn’t do that to me…..would he?/

Squall continued to watch the two striking blondes walk ahead of him laughing with each other and walking shoulder to shoulder or in Zell’s case, shoulder to spiked-up hair. Squall caught himself snickering quietly at that thought. They might be both good-looking, but at least he was taller than Zell and looked better walking with Seifer than Zell did. Crap, what the hell was he thinking, Zell was like his best friend and here he was thinking petty crap about his height. Squall took his left hand and pressed it to his forehead and shook his head negatively. Man did he need to sleep, all this thinking was getting to him.

Seifer and Zell continued to flirt with each other and casually look over their shoulders at the tortured brunette, and then grinning at one another at Squall’s reaction.

When they arrived back at Squall’s room, they found the others all laughing, except for Fujin, who was snickering behind her hand, at a joke that Irvine had told to pass the time while they were gone.

“Hey Irvine, ya gonna share the joke with us,” Zell asked while sitting back in his previous place, “I mean it’s only fair, since we missed it.”

“Naw man, I’ll tell it to you later, right now we wanna hear what happened with you and Ariel?”

“Ya well I took her in my arm and dipped her, and gave her the greatest kiss of her life, what did ya expect?” Zell grinned while telling this to the others.

“Zell quit exaggerating; tell the truth, ya know she kicked your ass all over that library!”

“Both of you are lying, Zell leaned over the counter and kissed her, and yes it was a deep kiss and then she slapped him, and then he talked to her and she smiled at him and we came back, mission over and done, satisfied!”

“Gee Squall that was the driest rendition I’ve ever heard, I liked my version better!”

“You would Zell!” Squall snapped coldly.

“Ok you two, let’s get the game going again, and since Zell completed his dare it’s his turn to pick someone.” Selphie smiled over at the hyper blonde waiting to see who he would pick.

“Hhhmmm….. that’s a tough one,” He said while looking over at the others speculatively, “I think that I’ll have to pick Quistis, cause she is looking mighty bored over there, so Quisty, what do you want, Truth or Dare?”

Quistis sat up straight and looked Zell in the eyes and answered “Truth.”

“Cool, ok answer me this, who do you think has the hottest bod in here?” Zell asked while puffing his chest out slightly, expecting her to say his name, while the others in the room all sat up straighter and also expected her to say their name, all but Squall who true to form was sitting there trying to be oblivious to the others, while Rinoa tried to sit as close as possible to him, nearly knocking over the whiskey.

“Well Zell, I believe that is easy,” and here she smiled enigmatically, “I would have to say Raijin, because he does have an impressive physique.”

Raijin smiled hugely at the others, while Zell and Irvine sputtered and Seifer smirked, Selphie and Fujin both grinned at the guys’ reactions, and Squall just shook his head while Rinoa, looked at both Raijin and Quistis with a confused look.

“Well I believe it’s my turn now, and I believe I will ask Irvine. Truth or Dare?”

“Oh well I guess I can take True!”

“Well then with your reputation as a ladies man, I want to know when you lost your virginity, if indeed you have.” She asked him with a grin.

“OOOH good question Quisty can’t wait to hear what he says to that one.” Rinoa said while leaning forward.

“I think I’ll take a dare” Irvine answered knowing that the others really wanted to know, but if he told them that he was still a virgin they wouldn’t believe him, so he figured that the dare would be better.

“Oh poo… I wanted to hear how old you were when it happened.” Rinoa pouted.

“Well since you chose to take the dare, then I dare you to kiss Squall.” Quistis replied while looking at the shocked look on their faces. She knew Irvine would consider that a difficult dare and this was her way of getting back at him for laughing at her earlier while in town.

“Quisty, you can’t have Irvine kiss my Squally-poo!!!!!”

Seifer couldn’t believe the Instructor would actually dare Irvine to do that, and he knew that he was getting slightly jealous, he didn’t want anyone kissing his man, and it was bad enough watching Rinoa hang all over him, but for him to have to sit here and watch Squall kiss another man was all together not cool. From his perspective at least.

Squall didn’t know what to think, but then here was a golden opportunity to get back at Seifer for getting all chummy with Zell, and he could feel his face starting to crack into a small smile.

Irvine, with his mouth wide open, merely looked at Quistis, and at her highly amused look, knew that he wouldn’t be able to talk his way out of this one, he would either have to kiss Squall, not that that would be a hardship because Irvine knew that he was at least Bisexual, but that he would have to do it in front of everyone. He had had a crush on Squall a while back, but now just thought of the brunette as a good friend. He looked over at Squall and saw the smile, and thought “what the hell” and got on his hands and knees and leaned in towards Squall.

Squall quickly shot a look at Seifer, who looked like he had swallowed something tart, and then disengaged his arm from Rinoa’s tight grip, who was pouting yet again, and leaned the rest of the distance to Irvine and began to kiss the cowboy. Squall had intended it to be a brief kiss, but Irvine had other ideas, he figured that if this was going to be his only chance to see if Squall was a good kisser than he better take advantage of it and turned the kiss deep, both tongues dueling with each other.

Zell could feel Seifer’s body tensing, like he was ready to jump in and break them apart, in fact he could hear Seifer gritting his teeth and decided to lean over to make sure Seifer didn’t do anything stupid. He took his elbow and slightly jabbed it in the scarred blonde’s side trying to attempt to get his attention. Seifer turned his head to Zell stiltedly, the look in his eyes angry and slightly hurt.

Zell leaned close and whispered, “don’t forget it’s just a game, if you do anything, Squall will never admit to feelings and will be totally pissed at you, maybe enough to break things off.”

“So I’m supposed to just sit here and not do a damn thing while my boyfriend frenchs some other guy?” Seifer whispered back urgently.

“Ya for the moment you do nothing, don’t worry your turn will come, and we’ve already gotten his attention, remember, he could be doin’ this in retaliation for our sudden closeness ya know, trying to get a rise outta you!”

Suddenly Seifer’s body relaxed and he whispered back, “Thanks chic…uh...Zell, I think you could be right.”

Irvine and Squall slowly pulled apart, each looking at the other surprised at the other’s kissing ability, and then they smiled at each other and sat back down.

“Whoo hoo you two looked hot kissin’ like that….I should have had a camera for that one, I think the room temperature went up several degrees.” Selphie laughingly told the others.

“Ok my turn, and I pick you little miss instigator, Selphie which do you want Truth or Dare?”

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