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Truth or Dare

Chapter 6

By LaughingWolfGirl

It felt like chaos had descended into his room, Zell and Rinoa were sitting there watching his TV, laughing at the stupid cartoon that was playing, and he couldn't even remember its name…something about a cat and a dog stuck together sharing the same body*… he put his head in his hands, wondering why the hell had he agreed to let them in. And Selphie, the brat, had left him here with these two, while off rounding up more players. He just hoped that she would not have any luck finding Seifer; he didn't think that he could take the whole crew and Seifer on top of it all.

He still had not decided his feelings for the gorgeous green-eyed, Nordic looking guy. What would he do if Seifer came and wanted to play, he could just see someone asking him a truth about what would be the perfect lover and Seifer announcing to all that he would like a "perfect Commander outside of the bedroom but a whore on the inside of the bedroom". What was he thinking…. he didn't need this aggravation. As soon as Selphie came back, he would kick the lot of them out the door and go back to taking his nap.

When Selphie saw the look on Squall's face, she knew she had to act fast or he would get the oomph to kick them out. So she quickly walked over to Rinoa and while Squall wasn't looking nudged Rinoa with her foot and inclined her head towards Squall, hoping and praying that Rinoa would get the idea. After a few seconds of confusion, Rinoa caught on and went to sit next to Squall and talk to him quietly while Zell continued to laugh at the cartoons and Selphie and Fujin got comfortable sitting on the floor near Zell.

"Squall, sweetie, what's wrong, do you have a headache, want I should get you some aspirin or something?" Rinoa asked with concerned look on her face, "you know we really appreciate you letting us play here and you know I'm just thrilled that your gonna play as well. It's been so long since you've done anything with us, we were getting worried about you."

"There's nothing to worry about, I've just been busy Rin, you know with my duties as Commander and all. I haven't had time to myself let alone time to do things with the rest of you. And thank you but no I don't have a headache or need any aspirin." He sighed, knowing that after her spiel he wouldn't be able to kick them out without feeling like a heel.

Selphie looked over at the two on the bed and saw with relief that Squall didn't look so harried, rather he looked resigned, which was fine with her, that meant they could still use his room to play. So she started watching the cartoon that Zell was watching, waiting patiently for the others to show up, but soon after watching, she realized that the cartoon was the dumbest thing she had ever seen and turned to Fujin, who had been watching her, she found herself blushing slightly and decided to talk to Fujin, hoping that she wouldn't come off as an idiot again and blabber to much.

Zell had become so engrossed in the cartoon that he hadn't realized that Selphie and Fujin were here, and had started to play with the hole in the toe of his shoe, making it bigger than it was.

/Darn it… I made it bigger, I really need to get new shoes…but hell I'm broke till payday and that's nearly a week away, oh well maybe I can get Squall to give me a loan or something./

Zell looked over towards Squall's bed and saw Rinoa talking to him, and realized that Selphie was back and she had Fujin with her. They were both sitting on the grey carpeted floor close to each other. In fact, Selphie was talking a mile a minute and Fujin seemed to be really listening to her. He decided to wait till later to bug Squall and to leave Selphie and Fujin to their conversation and go back to watching cartoons, laughing once more.

"So what do you like to do when you're not on duty Fujin?"


"Oh you hang with Seifer you mean?" at the other girls nod, Selphie continued to ask questions. "But what about when you're not with Seifer or maybe even Raijin, what do you like to do then?"


"Really you like reading…. what kinds of books do you like to read?"


"Hey me too, what kind of fiction do you like, I tend to go for the horror or romance type fiction"


"Wow, you like fantasy, huh? like with dragons and such? Who's your favorite author?"


"Ooooh I've read a few of her books, the series, The Last Herald-Mage*. That series was great, it had everything including Yaoi in it, did you like that series?"


A knock at the door halted their conversation as Zell jumped up with a smile and said "I'll get it, Squall, you just sit there with Rinoa and keep chatting." He ran the short distance to the door and opened it with a big grin, expecting Quistis and Irvine, but instead found himself face to face with Seifer who smirked back at the smaller blond.

"Well Chicken-wuss, that was a mighty big smile for just little ole me," He teased, " If I didn't know better I would think that you had a thing for me, hey quit swattin' the flies there, you might accidentally smack one right into your mouth, now move outta the way!"

He barged straight through an indignant Zell, who had become angry and speechless and had begun to act like he was going to box with Seifer, but was only boxing the air. Seifer quickly noted that Rinoa was sitting quite close to Squall and Squall didn't seem at all bothered by this and he found himself gritting his teeth at this. He walked over to Fujin and Selphie, really noticing how close they were sitting.

/Hmm… maybe Fujin would finally get her wish, and maybe she won't be so shy around Selphie and talk to her like she does with me, and if I act like Squall's not here, that will definitely bother him some, I hope./

"Hey you two, what are you doin' over here, mind if I join ya?"


"Sure Seifer, we don't mind, we were talking about books we like," She grinned impishly at him, "Do you read anything besides magazines?!"

He found himself grinning deciding to play along with the energetic girl, "Why Selphie I'm crushed, I'll have you know I only read "The Girl Next Door" for the articles, they have the most informative articles in there on just about anything."

"Sure Seifer, I believe you…..Not," She giggled and noticed that Fujin had the nicest smile she had ever seen.

Zell, who had seemed to be forgotten, had gone back to sitting by the TV, but instead of watching it he watched the others, listening to Seifer and Selphie banter back and forth, and watching Rinoa hang on Squall. Poor guy, he liked Rinoa and all, but that grasping and hanging on Squall had to get on the poor guys nerves after a while. While watching, he noticed that Squall kept looking over at Seifer, just little looks, but enough to be wondered about. And then he noticed that Seifer kept doing the same.

/Hmmmm…wonder what's going on there, those looks aren't what you'd give to your rival, those looks are the kind that you give to someone that you're interested in. Could Squall and Seifer be interested in each other, it stands to reason, just because they've always been rivals, the feelings might have been something more; they might not have known how to realize it. Well I'm just gonna have to sit back and watch these two. And people never think I use my brain…*mental snort*/


Author's Note: : ok, the first "*" is the cartoon called CatDog on Nickelodeon, my kids used to watch it all the time…it was stupid in my opinion, but you can't argue with kids *Grin* And Joe…you knew I had to use your line in here somewhere… Sorry folks inside-joke *Grin*

The Second "*" is Mercedes Lackey…The Herald-Mage books do contain Yaoi, in fact the main character is Gay…they are very good books I would definitely recommend them….they are as follows: Magic's Pawn; Magic's Promise; Magic's Price. They are just a drop in the bucket for the Heralds of Valdemar Series…the whole Series is pretty awesome.

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