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Truth or Dare

Chapter 7

By LaughingWolfGirl

Quistis, Raijin and Irvine walked along the road, keeping an eye out. Staying on the road normally meant that you were safe from attacks, but every now and then a glacial eye, was known to stray onto the road and attack. An attack right now was not what they needed, not while each of them carried a canvas bag full of drinks, chips, candy, and the stray magazine that helped conceal the booze.

"So ya think that Selphie and the others found Seifer and Fujin, ya know?

"Knowing Selphie, she went and got Squall and used the others to hunt them down, whether they wanted to or not, then browbeat them into playing, again whether they wanted to or not." Quistis answered, while keeping an eye on both sides of the road.

"Now darlin' you know Selphie would never browbeat anyone, sing them to death, talk their ears off, but never browbeat them!" The Cowboy smirked, " But I bet she has found Fujin and Seifer and has them both in Squall's room ready to play and is just waitin' for us, when that little lady sets her mind on somthin' she generally gets it, there's no stoppin' that little ball of energy!"

"Hehehe, watchin' Selphie is fun, watchin' her get everyone jumpin' through her hoops. She's almost a better leader than Squall, cause she gets everyone to do what she wants and nobody realizes it until it's too late, ya know!"

Again both Seeds just looked at Raijin with a dumbfounded expression. Who knew that Raijin was so observant of others, people just assumed that he was this big oaf, at least that's what they had thought, but this walk back to the Garden was proving to be very enlightening, and they were starting to think that the game might prove to be fun.

"Well we're almost there, thank Hyne, this bag is startin' to get heavy." Irvine complained.

"Quit whining, Raijin has the heaviest bag, and you don't hear him complaining, now do you, besides you're a Seed, you're supposedly trained to go long distances while carrying heavy supplies." Quistis answered and looked over towards Raijin, who was beaming happily that he had been acknowledged as doing well again by Quistis.

As the trio arrived at the gates of the Garden, they each looked at each other and took deep breathes, turned towards the doors and began to walk very fast, slightly separate, as to look like they were not together. It had been decided on the walk that if one was stopped by any of the staff or the headmaster, the other two would continue on; and if the one that was stopped was found to have the liquor than they would take the discipline for it, while taking payment out of Selphie's hide later.

By the time they had gotten to the entrance to the dorms, they were all lightly coated with a fine sheen of moisture, having walked very fast and the slight anxiety of having illegal liquor with them. They soon arrived at Squall's door and knocked, hopping that someone would answer quickly, each looking around to make sure there was no faculty around.

Squall heard the knocks and quickly stood up to go and answer it, he started to take a step, when he realized that Rinoa still had a hold of his arm, as he started to tell her to let go, his eyes caught with Seifer's who also had been looking at the juncture of Rinoa's arms holding Squalls. Seifer did not look happy, and when Squall thought about it, he probably wouldn't be too thrilled if the shoe was on the other foot.

"Rin, I'm just going to the door to answer it, could you please let go, I'll be right back, and then you can have my arm back!" Squall told the grasping girl, all the while trying to look at Seifer through is eyelashes, hoping Seifer couldn't see him looking.

Rinoa giggled, but still had not let go of Squall's arm, "Squall your soo funny sometimes, I'll come with you to answer the door, I just want to be with you. Let's get the door!"

Squall rolled his eyes, but said nothing, just walked over to the door, with Rinoa clutching his arm to her chest.

Seifer had watched the whole exchange, feeling his anger grow, trying desperately not to let it show, that's all he would need, for the others to realize he had a major thing for Squall, not that he would actually care if the others found out, but he was not about to be the only one giving away his feelings here! He decided to play it cool, be himself, and act like he didn't have a care in the world. Let Squall stress about things, maybe he should pay attention to one of the others, let Squall see how it felt, watching someone hitting on him. That would teach Squall, that he was not the only one interested in him, Seifer Almasy! The problem was who could he get to play along, without it actually meaning anything, whoever it was would have to be informed, and how was he supposed to do that. As he looked over at the others he noticed Zell looking at him, with a speculative look in his eyes, he raised his left eyebrow, knowing it made him look arrogant, and waited to see what Zell would say.

He knew that the Chicken would become agitated with his arrogant look; he couldn't resist smirking at the shorter blond. But it didn't work like it usually did, it only made Zell smile slightly and look over towards Squall, who had just answered the door. Seifer sat up straight and looked at Zell, with a cold look on his face, waiting to see what the Chicken-wuss would do. Zell merely smiled again and came over to where Seifer was sitting and took the place Selphie and Fujin had just vacated.

Zell smirked, so unlike himself it was eerie, and quietly spoke, "I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but you and Squall got the hots for each other don'tcha? Don't bother denying it, I've been watchin' you two, both sneaking looks when you think the other or anyone for that matter, aren't lookin'."

"For a dumb cluck, your pretty observant there aren't ya, so whatcha gonna do about this new-found knowledge, cause ya gotta know, if I hear ya spreadin' tales, I'm gonna have to take Hyperion to your ass there Chicken, and it ain't gonna be pretty!"

"Well if it was only you, I would pretty much ignore the whole thing, knowin' Squall could take ya and wipe the floors with ya, but seein' as how he keeps givin' you the same looks, I'm gonna help ya out, only cause he's like my best friend, and you always help out friends. I seen the way you were gettin' upset there, what with Rinoa hangin' all over him. Now I won't do nothin' that would directly hurt the girl, so if you had anything like that in mind, you can forget it. But if you have another idea, I'm all ears."

"Just from a few looks, your gonna tell me that your willing to help me and Squall hook up, and I'm supposed to believe this why?" Seifer asked in disbelief.

"Well I told you I saw him givin' you the same looks, and I've seen him distancin' himself from Rin, and it also helps that I saw him come from your room the other night," At Seifer's shocked look, Zell smiled and continued. "Ya the other night after I was done in the library' I happened to be walkin' to my dorm and saw Squall come out of one of the rooms, now it took me a moment to remember whose room that was, but then I remembered, but I couldn't believe you and Squall were getting' it on, and he had the Lion Heart with him, so I just figured that you and he had maybe just finished training and had maybe been discussin' strategies. But watchin' you two just now, I know that isn't what happened."

Seifer was struck speechless, he didn't know how to respond, Squall and he had been seen, after they had taken great pains not to be. They had been seen, luckily by one who was devoted to Squall, unfortunately Zell was not always the best at keeping secrets. He was amazed the diminutive martial artist had kept that bit of information to himself.

"How do you know I'm what Squall wants, that I'm not out to just play with him."

"Dude, Squall's the best friend I have, no one is gonna play with him while I'm around, you may be able to take me down with Hyperion, but not before I give you a world of pain," Zell grinned showing his fangs, "But I know Squall, nearly the best of all of us, and if he was coming out of your room and with the looks he's been given ya, I'm pretty damn sure that your what he wants, just isn't willin' to let on. And as long as you don't mess with him, and can maybe quit callin' me Chicken-wuss, I'll help ya, I know you got some sort of idea goin' on in that noggin' of yours, so spill dude, and hurry while everyone's getting' their drinks."

Seifer after a moment of stupefied silence figured what the hell, it couldn't hurt to have Zell helping him and wasn't that what he was thinking earlier, so without thought, began to fill the smaller blonde in on his plan.

Squall, Rinoa, Selphie and Fujin, were at the table going through the canvas bags, along with the trio that had brought them. Squall looked over at Seifer and noticed that he and Zell looked quite cozy all of a sudden, he couldn't believe it, they supposedly couldn't stand each other, what the hell were they doing over there, the more he thought of it, the more confused he got, until he saw Zell put his hand on Seifer's knee, then he was swept with feelings of anger and outrage, never seeing that Seifer was watching him through his eyelashes. He tried to cover his feelings quickly so as the others wouldn't notice and turned back to the table and grabbed the Galbadian whiskey. Irvine noticed right away and his brows rose nearly into his hairline.

"Hey Squall, you know that's the hard stuff, you never drink the hard stuff, why don'tcha grab one of the beers or the Coronas?" Irvine asked, hoping that Squall would put the bottle down.

"No I'm in the mood for the whiskey!" Squall answered coldly, missing the smirks that Seifer and Zell had on their faces as they came over to the table to get their drinks.

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