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Truth or Dare

Chapter 5

By LaughingWolfGirl

Selphie, bouncing in place, smiled at Seifer, "I need you to come with me!"

"Like I said, what for!" He said, while starting to lose patience.

"Well see, we're all gonna get together, drinks some brews, and hang out in Squall's room, and we wanted you to come and join." She smiled her hopeful smile, making sure that Seifer looked into her eyes, so that if he wanted to say no, he would feel guilty about it.

"Whose we??? And how did you get Squall to agree to host it in his room?" he asked while looking skeptically at her.

"Oh well, Squall of course, and Zell, and Rinoa and Irvine, and Quistis, and maybe you, Fujin and Raijin, and then there's me! And we had Rinoa ask and he never says no to her." She bounced again.

"Selphie, I'm hungry, I don't think I want to come over right now!" He stated, all the while thinking that there was no way he was gonna go on over to the bastard's room right now, not after what had happened earlier!

"Aww...Please Seifer, we're gonna play Truth or Dare, it'll be fun, please say you'll come…if you don't I'll follow you all over the Garden singing to you! Real loud!" Selphie grinned at him, knowing that that should work; everyone knew Selphie was tone deaf.

He shuddered at that horrific image of Selphie singing. "Ok, ok, I'll come, but first I'm going to go get some food."

She bounced several times with her victory, so decided to be magnanimous, "ok Seifer, I'll just go find Fujin and Raijin and invite them to play."

"Fu will probably be in the training center, she mentioned that to me earlier, why don't you go there and look for her, while I go eat!"

"Sure thing Seifer, but if you don't show soon, I'll come hunting you and then you'll be sorry." Selphie said while giving him a devilish grin.

"Ya ya...i'll be there." He said while walking away into the cafeteria.

One down, two more to go, she thought as she headed towards the training center.

Walking into the training center Selphie realized that she had forgotten her giant nunchaku…and didn't have any GF junctioned…/Great one Selphie, you better head back out before some T-Rexaur comes along and decides you would be a good lunch snack/

As she turned to leave she saw a familiar platinum head by some bushes, so she figured she was safe and headed over to Fujin.

"Hey Fujin, whatcha doin'" she called out, just as she realized that Fujin was fighting a granaldo, trying to keep it's tail and spikes from getting near her. Just as she thought she might have to jump in and help with her fists, Fujin threw out her pinwheel and killed the beast.

"Hey Fujin, that was great…I thought I was gonna have to help you out there, but you did it all by yourself." She grinned at Fujin, who looked back at her condescendingly.


"Huh? Oh you mean what do I want?"


"Well you see, we're all getting together to play a game of Truth or Dare over in Squall's room and Seifer is gonna play and were gonna have drinks there as well and well I was wondering if you wanted to come as well and play?" Selphie knew she was rambling, but something about Fujin always made her ramble, she had looked up to Fujin and had a great respect for the other woman, but when ever she got around Fujin, she tended to get either tongue-tied or would talk forever, which she was sure, made her look like an idiot.


"Uuhhh??? Oh you mean whose gonna be there, well like I said, Seifer, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Irvine, Quistis and You, if you come and Raijin if we can find him. So are ya gonna play?" She asked anxiously


"That's great, well let's get going, oh by the way, do you know where Raijin is?"


"Oh did he go to town, hey well maybe Irvine and Quistis will run into him, if not we'll just have to wait till he gets back, do you have any idea when he might be back?" Selphie said, as they left the training center and headed for the dorms.


"Well that's ok, we'll just have to try and find him when he gets back, and Seifer is eating right now, so we won't be able to start the game, oh and even then we still have to wait for Irvine and Quistis and the booze, hey are you going to drink too? I don't think I've ever seen you buzzed, is there like a particular type of drink you like or do you just drink whatever's there?"

Selphie knew she was rambling and couldn't seem to help herself, being around the nearly silent Fujin just made her nervous, she wanted so much to have the girl like her, why, she couldn't understand, but she knew that she was making herself out to be a ditz here and it nearly depressed her, which was rare and only happened when she was alone for too long.


"Oh you like coolers huh, any specific brand?"


"Well Irvy is supposed to bring back some Bacardi Breezers will that be ok with you?"


"Well here we are, Squall's room." She stated, feeling very ditzy, she opened the door and she and Fujin walked in to see Squall with his head in his hands sitting on his bed and Zell and Rinoa were watching cartoons laughing away.

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