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Truth or Dare

Chapter 4

By LaughingWolfGirl

"Quistis, do you remember if Selphie mentioned what kind of Breezers she wanted, I can't seem to remember if she said anything?" Irvine asked, while holding two different kinds of four-packs of Bacardi Breezers.

"No she didn't mention what flavor she wanted, how much gil do we have?" She asked while carrying a 30 pack of Budweiser, and a 12 pack of Corona Long-necks.

"We'd better not forget to get limes and salt for the Coronas, Zell will kill us!"

"Ya well we only have $45 gil here, so I'm gonna get this lime flavor and strawberry flavored Breezers and gonna go pick out my favorite Galbadian whiskey… you go take those up to the counter."

Quistis walked up to the counter and started to place her stuff down, when she looked over at the magazine racks and saw Raijin looking at one. She immediately looked around for Fujin, the two were very rarely separate, but no one seemed to know if they were an actual item. People just took it for granted, no one wanted to ask. They were too afraid they would get hurt.

She didn't see Fujin around, and she was the more menacing of the two. She waited till Irvine came up and leaned over to whisper to him, "Didn't Selphie want to invite Raijin to play, he's over at the magazine rack, don't look, you'll make it obvious that we are talking about him, should we invite him or pretend we didn't see him and let Selphie hunt him down?"

"Well darlin', I'd say we pretend we didn't see him and let Selphie do it, but then knowing the girl as I do, she'd only send us out to find him anyways, so ya we should go invite him now." Irvine said as he started to walk over to where Raijin was.

When he got over to the magazines, he expected to see Raijin reading one of the girly mags, but was surprised to see him reading a popular computer magazine. Raijin looked up, with a surprised look on his face, from his magazine, and immediately started to smile.

"Hey Irvine, what's up man, how ya doin' ya know?"

"Hi there Raijin, I never knew you were into computers?"

"Ya, I've always had an interest, just never done nothin' about it, ya know!"

"Really, I would never have pegged ya as a computer geek."

"HEY!!! I ain't no computer geek, just got an interest in them, ya know!!!"

"Calm down, I didn't mean anythin' by it, actually I came over to invite ya to hang with all of us, over in Squall's room, we're gonna play Truth or Dare and get drunk!"

"Who's us, and who's' buying the beer, ya know"

"Well we've pretty much bought the alcohol already, Quistis is paying for it as we speak," They both look over and saw her at the counter standing as straight-backed and as stern as possible, so as to look older and not get carted, unfortunately this pushed her breasts out and that's all the clerk could see, so actually it worked out as the clerk couldn't get his brain in gear and even forgot to charge her for the whiskey.

"What were we talking about…oh ya, you wanted to know who was coming,…well there's Selphie, Zell, Quistis, Rinoa, Squall, we're playin' in his room, and me, and you if you wanna play, oh ya, if we see Seifer and Fujin, we can invite them as well."

"Hey that's what's missing, usually Fujin is with you, is she around we can invite her, do ya think she'll play?

"Well if ya get Seifer, for sure you'll get Fujin to play, she's over in the training center, she didn't come with me to town, I came to get the latest on some software for my comp and they just bore her ya know!"

"So ya wanna come with us?"

"Sure, ya know, the store didn't have what I was lookin' for, gonna have to go over to Esthar probably, ya know!"

/Man, no wonder he hangs with Fujin, she hardly says a thing and he just won't shut up! /

"Let's go help Quistis with the bags; I think she's done payin'."

He turned back towards the counter and grabbed one of the bags, not the heaviest though, but not the lightest either, while Raijin, who had followed closely behind grabbed the heaviest. Quistis, watched them head for the door and picked up the smallest of the bags. Thinking to herself.../well at least Raijin is a gentleman/, and continued out of the store.

As they were walking down the sidewalk, heading back towards Garden, Raijin stopped and asked, "Wait, how we gonna get this booze into the Garden huh, ya know?"

Quistis and Irvine stopped dead in their tracks, looked at each other with shock and looked over towards Raijin, who was nodding his head at them, looking back with an eager expression on his face.

"We didn't even think of that, how will we get this in?"

"Well hell, darlin' don't look at me, I don't have a clue!" Irvine snapped.

"Hey how 'bout we buy some canvas tote bags, get a couple of magazines or books or something, put the booze in the bottom, and cover them with the other stuff, ya know, and just hope no one looks to closely, ya know!" Raijin said, while looking at the other two astounded seeds.

"Raijin, you're a genius, I could kiss you for that that could very well work!"

Raijin blushed, but started to look hopeful towards Quistis, which made Irvine snicker behind his hand. Quistis immediately kicked Irvine and smiled over at Raijin and walked over, stood up on her tip toes and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Well boys, lets go get those bags," She said as she turned back around and headed for the stores, leaving two flabbergasted guys behind her.

Seifer headed to the cafeteria, looking neither left nor right, stomping. The other cadets quickly looked into his face and moved out of the way, fast. The scowl on his face said it all, *mess with me and your dead!* He couldn't believe he was still thinking about that pansy Leonhart!!

/Damn him!! Fuck it. I'm not gonna dwell on him anymore, at least for today! /

Smirking, he realized he was once again deep in thought and not aware of his surroundings.

/Well shit! The prick is starting to rub off on me; I'm starting to ramble in my head like he does! /

He found himself laughing out loud and noticed the other cadets around him giving him funny looks, just as he started to walk in to the cafeteria, another person ran into him nearly knocking him to the floor. He instinctively reached out and caught the person by the arms, to keep him and the other standing. As he looked down, he nearly groaned out loud.

"Seifer!!!! Just the person I was looking for!" Selphie said quite loudly as she bounced in place.

"Ya whatcha want me for?" Seifer asked with trepidation, while moving his hands away very quickly, before they were bounced out of their sockets.

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