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Truth or Dare

Chapter 2

By LaughingWolfGirl

"Ok, so whose gonna go for the booze? And whose gonna go find Squall?"

Selphie looked over at Irvine and Quistis with a certain gleam in her eye, "ok you two, your gonna go get the booze, your both older looking than the rest of us, get over to that store in Balamb and get the booze, get several different kinds, like Bacardi Breezers and Beer and any harder stuff you like!"

"What do you mean I look older!!!?" A coldly looking Quistis snapped

"Don't sweat it Quisty…its just you act a lot older", Selphie commented, while trying to look innocent.

"Hey who the heck is gonna pay for all that alcohol? I sure as hell don't have that much money darlin', I think we're gonna all have to pitch in here!"

"Well of course we pitch in, I wasn't gonna send ya with empty pockets!! Sheesh! And while you're both out, Zell, Rinoa and I will be getting to Squall and getting him into the spirit of the game," She calmly, totally unlike herself, reached over and punched Zell in the arm, "shut up, quit laughing, I'll get him to play and let us do it in his room, you just watch me!"

Meanwhile, in another part of the Garden, in a darkened room, two exhausted individuals lay side by side, sweat glistening on their naked skin; one was a short-haired blonde with a scar between his deep green eyes. He had one of his arms, placed behind his head, while the other was lying slightly on his partner's stomach, feeling the muscles quiver under his touch. The other, with dark chocolate hair, drenched and stuck to his head in disarray, had an identical mirror image scar across his face, his bluish-grey eyes half closed in bliss, had both of his arms, lying behind his head, his body still quivering from his pleasure.

"Damn I'm good, I hadja beggin' for it and wantin' it bad, baby!" The blonde stated arrogantly.

"Keep that up and I won't be letting you give it to me again!" The brunette answered coldly.

"Aww lighten up Squall, you know it was good, come on, tell me how good it was, how much you liked it!" He said with a smirk.

Squall got up from the cot and began to gather his clothes and headed for the bathroom.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response Seifer, you bastard!"

"I may be a bastard, but I'm the bastard that just had you twisting and arching in pleasure here not ten minutes ago, moaning ""Harder"", ""Faster"". I mean I don't see anyone else in my room, who could have had you moaning my name!" Seifer snapped angrily.


"Ya you do that silent shit in your head, you go on, have a whole conversation by yourself, butcha can't lie to yourself, you know it was the best damn sex you've ever had, you know we only keep getting better at this!!! So you go off and do whatcha gotta do, but you know you'll be back, you need this as much as I do, ya I admit it, you asshole!! Don't fuckin' tell me your not addicted to us, the fact that you keep coming back tells me differently!!!" Seifer yelled, while he went looking for his clothes all around the room.


"Hurry up and get the fuck out of my shower you dick."

Taking the fastest shower ever, he didn't even think he got all the conditioner out of his hair, he dressed as quickly as possible, used Seifer's comb and attempted to tame his mane, to no avail, he looked up into the mirror and watched as his hair just bounced back into his usual style, he threw the comb down disgusted.

He walked into the other room and noticed Seifer was lying on the bed, still naked, looking as if he were asleep, but then he must have made a noise, because Seifer's attention snapped to where he was standing.

"So, ya done?"

Squall stayed quiet for a moment, wondering if it was a loaded question, but then he decided that if Seifer wanted to know about more than the shower, he would have to be specific.

"Yes, I'm done with the shower." Squall answered coldly yet again

"That's not what I asked…ah who gives a fuck, if you want me you know were I am, like always!!! Ya know one of these days I'm not gonna be here waitin' for you, I'll get sick of this shit and that will be it, no admittance, no great sex, nadda!!"


"Ya I know, I know…whatever…fucker! So there's the door, use it!! I need a shower! Get the hell outta here."

Squall turned towards the door but as he was reaching for the knob, something made him turn back and look at Seifer, who looked nothing like his usual arrogant self; he looked as if someone had taken his puppy and kicked it around a few times. But instead of saying anything, he lost his nerve and left the room quickly.

As he walked back to his room, he hardly noticed the other people around him, the admiring looks from both females and males, all he could think about was Seifer, and why the look on his face as Squall was leaving would bother him as much as it was. Was he really beginning to fall for Seifer? As he continued his trek to his room, he took his thumb and index finger and held them to the bridge of his nose as if in pain, and in reality the thought of being in love with Seifer scared the daylights out of him, and gave him a major headache. Especially since no one knew about them. People still thought he had a thing for Rinoa, but that had gone by the way side, shortly after the whole Ultimecia thing.

He had tried to explain to her how his feelings had changed, how they were just too different. So far she really hadn't gotten the picture, but that was ok, most of the time, he still found he cared about her, just not romantically, and so he wasn't really willing to push the subject of them not being together. So as not to hurt her feelings, but he had to admit, if people still thought that he was dating her, no one would even think of him and Seifer, and that was convenient for both of them. Though Squall had a feeling that if it was left up to Seifer, he wouldn't give a rat's ass who knew, then again he could be wrong, but he didn't think so.

Arriving at his room, he went in towards his bed and threw himself down face first, tired of thinking about Seifer and his feelings. He soon fell asleep, only to be awakened twenty minutes later by a loud thumping on his door. Not in the best of moods, he whipped his door open and yelled, "What the fuck!!!"

Zell, who had been the one thumping on the door, fell back in surprise, with both his eyes and mouth hanging wide open.

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