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Truth or Dare

Chapter 1

By LaughingWolfGirl

Balamb Gardens finest were all sitting around a table in the cafeteria in various degrees of boredom.

Selphie, had her chin between both of her hands, elbows on the table, while her body leaned against the table. Irvine, with his head leaning back against the chair, long, lanky body slouched and hat pushed forward slightly covering his eyes, looked to be asleep. Quistis, with her back straight, body upright, sat with a pencil in her had, tapping the table periodically. Zell sat with his body leaning against the table, his forehead on the edge of the table, while he looked at his worn out shoes, (man did this boy need new shoes [Zell: HEY NOW!!! My shoes aren't that bad!!!!] {Trust me on this, they are bad!!! Now shush, I'm trying to tell a story here}) and Rinoa was swinging her legs back and forth, while twirling her hair through her fingers.

"Hey whatcha all wanna do tonight? I mean, I don't really wanna sit around and play triple triad again, I always seem to lose to Selphie!" Zell Said.

"Yup, ya do, 'cause you're a lousy player Zell, you can't seem to focus on the game!" Selphie replied.

Rinoa suddenly sat up, "hey how about that dance club that we went to a few weeks back? I thought that was pretty fun."

Quistis and Selphie just looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"What was that look for?" Muttered Rinoa, "I can't help it if those guys liked me more than their own girlfriends", she said while fluffing her hair and looking smug.

"Girl, pleeeeaase, the only reason those guys kept looking at you was 'cause you kept bending over and they could see up your dress, and then you would turn and smile at them. You're such a tease it's a pain trying to go to the clubs with you."

Rinoa angrily looked over towards Irvine, "shut up, just because I don't try and sleep with you, and for your information, the reason I kept dropping things on the floor, was 'cause I was clumsy that night, I wasn't doing it on purpose. And I wasn't smiling at them all the time, just once or twice" She said as she started the beginnings of a pout.

"Oh, both of you just quit it. So we're not going to the clubs and we're not going to play cards, so that leaves what?? We still don't know what we want to do tonight!"

"Well we could always fall back on the old game of Spin the Bottle, couldn't we?" Zell asked tentatively, while looking towards Quistis.

Selphie sat up with a mischievous look in her eyes, "Hey how about we play Truth or Dare? We could go find Squall an' Seifer and maybe Raijin and Fujin."

"Raijin, Fujin AND SEIFER??? Why the hell would we want them to play?" Zell snapped.

"I think it would be fun finding out stuff about those three and even Squall, I mean if they play then they have to answer or look bad and take a dare!" Selphie said, grinning like mad.

"I don't know darlin', asking those three to play might be more than we can handle"

"but Irvy, don'tcha think it could be interesting," asked Selphie, all the while bouncing in her seat, "I mean just think of all the things we could find out or even dare them to do!"

"Selphie, you mind is positively devilish, you scare even me at times." Quistis said, while giving Selphie a sardonic look.

"Well I think that that might be fun, I could dare Squally-poo to do all kinds of things to me."

"Hey, I don't think that Squall is gonna play, especially if you have him doing stupid stuff Rinoa!!!" Zell snapped.

"Squall is gonna have to agree to play, because he has the biggest room and we can all fit comfortably there, and I think if we bring the booze, we can get the other three to play. So is everyone in? Are we gonna do this?" Selphie asked as she looked over at the others, seeing them nodding their acceptance to play.

"Good, now first things first, gotta find Squall and get the booze!"

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