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Training Skills

Part 23 - Instructor Almasy...

By Rain

I stood from the bed and picked up the dildo, smirking a little at the width of the fake cock. It was about twelve inches in height and four inches in width. It bounced from side-to-side as I returned to the bed, holding the base in a fist and brushing the head of the dildo across Squall's lips.

"Are you ready to restart your training, baby?" I pushed the head into Squall's mouth gently, moaning a little when he sealed his lips around the flesh-colored plastic. "You've been ditching your lessons," I said with a shake of my head, "You've been a naughty boy; you need to be punished." I pulled the dildo out of Squall's mouth, unable to conceal another moan that rumbled against my chest. A trail of saliva connected Squall's mouth to the dildo for just a second, before breaking off and trickling down his chin.

"Let's see if you remember the lessons I taught you." I brushed the dildo - which was wet with saliva - below Squall's jaw, slowly. "What is the first lesson you learned?"

I smiled when Squall moaned beneath me; his body hypersensitive to the fake cock which rubbed against him. He dragged his fingers up his body, raking his short nails across his smooth torso. Red trail marks appeared on his milky skin, further arousing my lust-filled body. He moved his right hand up to his neck, rubbing his palm against the curve of his face, where his jaw merged with his ear and neck.

"Well?" I asked in a husky voice.

". . . You showed me how to. . ." Squall trailed off as a deep rose color tinted his pale cheeks. He swallowed and looked up at me through his eyelashes, embarrassed about saying something 'naughty'.

It made me love him even more.

Squall would always be my innocent sex-kitten.

"You showed m-me how to p. . . pleasure myself," he said.

I frowned; that hadn't been the word I was looking for. It was the correct answer, but I was thinking along the lines of, "Fingering myself", "Fucking myself", or "Touching myself" - not "Pleasure myself".

"How do you pleasure yourself?" I asked with a feral smirk. "Tell me and," I reached into the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of oil, "show me." I placed the bottle of scented oil into his free hand, urging him to sit up on the bed.

The blush that colored Squall's cheeks darkened, becoming a rose red as he leaned against the headboard. It made him look wanton, leaning against the headboard and spreading his slim legs wide open - all the while blushing like a schoolboy.

"What's the first thing I made you do?" I whispered, sitting back on my ankles as I sat in front of him. My arousal strained against the pants I was still wearing, revealing a hard bulge in the center of my lap. Squall seemed to notice it; he licked his lips and moaned a little, eyeing my clothed erection with hunger.

"Uh-Uh," I shook a finger at him, "that's not the first thing I made you do."

Squall trailed his right hand down the center of his stomach. He spread his legs wider, allowing me a clear view of his fingers brushing across the head of his cock. Below his balls, I could see his puckered entrance, still a light red from our activities on the beach. I smiled and placed my hands on my thighs, waiting patiently for Squall to put on a show for me.

"Y-You made me masturbate," he said in a soft voice. "Like this." He wrapped his hand around the length of his arousal, giving himself a light stroke as he bit his lower lip.

I groaned as he tightened his fist around his erection, creating a funnel as he hardened his strokes.

A drop of pre-cum beaded at the tip of his cock; a clear pearl of liquid that formed a rounded circle. His thumb pressed against the head of his erection, smearing the small drop across the flared tip. With each upwards stroke of his hand, another bead of pre-cum formed. Squall tilted his head back against the headboard, moaning as he started to stroke himself faster.

"What did I make you do afterwards?" I managed to ask, squeezing my thighs hard as I tried to restrain myself. The urge to bury myself into him right there was almost unbearable, but the need to see Squall touch himself outweighed my desire. It had been too long since I got Squall to do anything naughty, and I was going to make up for it this morning.

"You made me. . . finger myself," he moaned, breathlessly. Even in his state of arousal, he still managed to blush upon his words.

"Use the oil," I instructed.

Squall stopped stroking his arousal and managed to open up the bottle of oil. He poured some onto his fingers, looking up at me for a sign that he was doing it correctly. I nodded and he continued, smearing the clear fluid around the slim fingers of his right hand. The scent of strawberries filled the air, thick and heavy with its strong smell. Once there was enough oil on his fingers, he placed the bottle on the nightstand and looked at me.

"Do it," I ordered.

His hand reached down between his legs, not stopping until his index finger brushed across his entrance. The oil trickled down his fingers, dripping onto the wrinkled white sheets covering the bed. He spread his legs even wider, bending them at the knee and exposing himself to my eyes. As his finger dipped into his opening, his heels dug into the bed as he pushed against it.

"Shit," I groaned, feeling my arousal jump as I watched Squall work the finger deep inside of himself. When his index finger was in up to his knuckle and he started pulling the finger out of him, I almost came inside of my pants.

There was still cum from our encounter earlier inside of him. The white fluid dripped from his entrance as he pushed his finger in and out of himself, trailing down his skin and onto the bed sheets. I dug my nails into my thighs, fighting hard to maintain control over myself.

"Add another finger, baby."

Squall moaned and added his middle finger. His entrance stretched to accommodate his thrusting digits. The mouth of his channel gripped his fingers tightly, and the normally wrinkled skin surrounding his entrance became smooth as his body was filled with his fingers. As he worked the digits in and out, his skin began to shimmer as the oil was rubbed into it, glistening against the sunlight that streamed in through the windows.

"Seifer. . ." Squall gasped, tilting his head forward to look at me. "I-I need. . ." He was looking at me through his long bangs, panting. A thin sheen of sweat covered his face and forehead, causing stray strands of hair to cling to his skin. His storm-colored eyes were half-lidded in pleasure, pleading with me to give him something. Anything.

"What do you need?" I whispered.

"P-Please," he moaned, thrusting the fingers inside of him slowly. "I need _you_. . ." In an attempt to get what he wanted, Squall pushed his body down slightly, causing him to recline halfway against the headboard. His back was half on the bed and half pressed up against the headboard, while his legs were still bent at the knee and spread wide, bringing me a closer view of the fingers moving inside of him.

"Mmmm, I know you want me, baby," I said with a smile, "but we haven't finished our lesson review." I reached for the dildo and settled on my hands and knees between his spread legs. Squall closed his eyes and smiled when he felt my body heat, moaning and inching his body closer to mine.

I reached for the bottle of oil seated on the bedside table, and after pouring the thick fluid over the fake cock, I pulled Squall's fingers out of him and positioned the dildo at his entrance. Squall opened his eyes halfway, offering me a slight smile as I rubbed the plastic arousal against his opening, teasing him.

"We also haven't used our toy yet." With that, I pushed the dildo into his entrance and brought a loud cry from Squall's lips.

I didn't hesitate when I pushed it inside of him; I pushed it in hard and fast, burying it to the hilt and causing Squall to lift his hands and grip at my shoulders tightly.

"Oh, god!" Squall cried, gripping my shoulders hard and throwing his head back, exposing his throat. "Seifer!"

I smiled and kept the dildo buried inside of him, deep. I held it there for a minute, giving Squall a chance to adjust before pushing the small red button on the bottom. Squall's storm-colored eyes flew open in shock, meeting my gaze with startled eyes as the dildo vibrated inside of him.

"How does _that_ feel, baby?" I smirked as Squall's breathing increased. "Does it feel good?"

Squall tossed his head back and forth, rolling the back of his head against the headboard. He bit down on his lower lip, moaning as he moved the lower half of his body against the vibrating plastic.

"Seifer. . . Seifer. . ." Squall moaned over and over like a mantra. "Harder, please. . . fuck me harder. . ."

"Nnn, whatever you want, baby," I smiled.

I pushed the dildo in deeper and harder, but kept a steady rhythm as I moved it inside of him. Once I found his prostate, I kept the vibrating length deep inside of him, holding it in place as it vibrated against his sweet spot. Squall's lower body twisted as pleasure arched through him, becoming sweat soaked and bringing beads of sweat trickling down his chest. His hands clawed at my back, raking his nails across my skin like a kitten scratching a scratch post.

"Now," I whispered, pulling his right hand off me and placing it on the dildo, "do it yourself."

Squall gazed at me through his sweat soaked bangs, as if to say, "I'm not coherent enough to do this." I just smiled and sat back on my ankles, undoing the button to my pants and fixing my eyes on the dildo melting into his entrance.

I pulled my pants down my legs and lifted up a little to pull the material down. I settled back onto my ankles and wrapped a hand around my hard cock, giving it a stroke as I watched Squall's channel envelope the vibrating length. The skin surrounding the dildo was now a bright red, squeezing around the fake cock and swallowing its length over and over.

"Keep fucking yourself," I told Squall as I sat up on my knees and moved between his legs. He looked up at me and licked his lips when I rubbed the head of my erection against his glistening lips, which was wet with his saliva, and placed my hands on his shoulders. "I'm sure you remember this lesson," I said, "Remember the first time we did this? Inside the secret area?"

Squall nodded and licked his lips again. I could feel a tremble go through my body as a wave of warm air was blown across the head of my cock. I looked down with my chin pressed against my throat, watching as Squall pursed his lips and kissed the tip of my arousal.

"Don't stop touching yourself," I warned him.

Squall moaned and opened his mouth, swiping his tongue across the flared tip. A shudder of pleasure washed through my body. The press of that hot, moist tongue against my erection sent chills trickling down the length of my spine. I groaned when his tongue dipped into the slit, lapping up the pre-cum that was beaded at the tip. I felt the vibrations of his moan travel down my cock, causing my arousal to grow even harder. I pressed my erection harder against his mouth, urging him to take more of the hard length in.

"You taste good," Squall breathed, looking up at me through his sweat soaked bangs, before he swallowed my cock in one thrust. I gasped and gripped at his shoulders harder, unprepared from the sudden warmth that surrounded my arousal.

The cavern of Squall's mouth was warm and wet, squeezing around the hard flesh inside and sucking it in deeper. His tongue molded around the length of my erection, taking in more and more until I felt the back of his throat press against the head. He made swallowing motions, causing the muscles to squeeze the tip of my cock, the most sensitive part of my body. Pleasure pooled in my groin, already on edge from the talent Squall's mouth possessed.

"You're such a cock-lover, baby," I growled between clenched teeth. "You might as well admit it: you love cock."

Squall moaned in answer, sucking harder and tightening his lips around the flesh in his mouth. He looked so sexy sucking my cock. His cheeks were turned inward from sucking, his eyes were peering up at me through his long lashes, and his face took on a 'V' shape in order to keep constant pressure around my arousal. It made the lust inside me burn harder, especially when I could see my hard length disappearing in and out of his swollen, wet lips. Half the flesh was inside of his mouth whenever he brought his head up, only to disappear back inside when his head came back down. No words could describe how delicious Squall looked while sucking cock - especially when that cock was attached to me.

"God, I want to fuck you," I informed him. I could see his storm- colored eyes light up at the statement, begging me to act upon my words. I bit my lower lip and twisted the upper half of my body a little, looking over my shoulder to see Squall working the dildo inside of him. "Does it feel good?" I asked him, "Is it better than having my cock inside you?"

Immediately, Squall shook his head 'no' and I smiled.

"We haven't gone over all of our lessons, but. . ." Reluctantly, I pulled my cock away from Squall's mouth and sat back on my ankles. "We can go over them some other time." I reached for the hand thrusting the dildo inside of him and pulled it away, tossing the dildo to the side. I grabbed the oil on the bedside table again, coating my length with the thick, clear fluid. I groaned when the oil drizzled down onto my cock, warm from the sunlight that came in through the windows.

Sweat coated both of our bodies. I could feel droplets slide down my back and face, while beads covered Squall in round circles of crystal water. I imagined that my hair was in the same state as Squall's: wet and disheveled, clinging to heated skin from our sweat. Squall's cheeks were flushed a bright red, no longer from embarrassment, but from the heat of the dorm room.

"Fuck me, Seifer," Squall whispered as he wrapped his slim legs around my waist.

"Not like this," I told him, placing his legs back on the bed. Squall frowned a little, but I offered him a soft smile. "I want you to _feel_ me," I said softly.

Squall smiled and allowed me to flip him over so that he was on his hands and knees. He raised his bottom high into the air, teasing me with a view of his stretched entrance. Some of the oil from the dildo dripped down his thighs, along with a few whiteness that indicated there was still some of my cum in him. I massaged his smooth bottom with both hands, kneading the warm flesh before sliding my arousal deep inside him.

There was no resistance as my cock slid into his channel. Hot, wet walls gripped my erection every inch of the way, pulling me in deeper and grabbing onto me like a vice. I held the globes of his ass in both hands, pulling them apart as I watched my cock melt into his body. It felt so good being enveloped in tight, moist heat, inch by inch. I bit my lower lip and pressed a thumb right above his opening, massaging the stretched skin in gentle circles, bringing a loud cry from Squall's lips.

"Seifer. . . Seifer. . . Oh god!" he moaned, pushing back against me as I slid in the rest of the way. "Hyne, you feel so good!"

I smiled and continued to rub the skin surrounding his erection, sensitizing it with the pad of my thumb. His skin was still red from the intrusions that invaded his body, but Squall continued to moan my name, over and over, sensitive to the touch of my thumb rubbing against his skin.

I started thrusting into him slowly, using my free hand to keep his bottom stretched enough for me to see my arousal sliding into him, again and again. I moved my thumb around the tight hole of his channel, which was stretched wide around my cock, and massaged the sensitive skin all around. Squall pushed back against my thrusts, silently urging me to increase the pace.

"Gods, Seifer, nnnn. . . I love you," he moaned as his body trembled in pleasure. "Please. . . fuck me faster. . . fuck me harder!"

"Mmmm, I love hearing you beg for it," I growled, increasing the pace of my thrusts.

I pushed into him harder and faster, until he was being rocked forward from the force of my thrusts. I slid into him again and again, squeezing his bottom hard as pleasure arched through me. I continued to massage the skin surrounding his entrance, but I began to press against it harder and harder, bringing louder cries from Squall's sweet lips. I wanted him to feel me, to experience an orgasm that made his mind go blank with pleasure. I knew he wouldn't have the _best_ orgasm I could give him, but I wanted him to feel so good that he passed out.

"S-Seifer," Squall gasped, "I'm. . . I'm not going to be able to last. . ."

I grinned and increased the pace of my thrusts. I slammed into him over and over, pushing his body forward as I nailed his prostate again and again. Squall bent his head between his shoulders, crying out as each thrust brought him closer to the edge. His hands gripped at the wrinkled bed sheets, fisting them in his hand as pleasure washed through his trembling body.

Squall looked so sexy on his knees in front of me. His chocolate- colored hair clung to the back of his neck; beads of sweat trickled down his body; and his bottom formed an almost heart shape as he kept his ass raised high in the air. He was always so submissive towards me, offering himself without a second thought. While I wasn't ready to offer myself to him, I had a feeling he would always want to be bottom. Squall loved cock too much. Or maybe he was just addicted to my cock.

"SEIFER!" Squall cried, his body trembling as orgasm hit him.

I could see and feel his inner muscles working, clamping down on the cock still thrusting inside of him. I increased the speed of my thrusts, keeping constant pressure on his prostate. I could see the skin surrounding his entrance constrict as orgasm continued to race through his body. I groaned as my length melted into his tight hole, gripped by strong muscles that caressed every inch of my hard cock. It wasn't long before I reached my own climax, trembling above him as each shot of pleasure rushed out of my arousal, coating his inner muscles with my cum.

Pleasure rolled over me in waves. As each shot left my body, another wave of ecstasy traveled through my body. I gasped Squall's name as I released myself into him, continuing to thrust until every droplet left my cock.

After, I collapsed on the bed beside him and wrapped a sweaty arm around his shoulders. Squall said nothing as he continued to pant against the bed sheets with his arms tucked under him and his legs spread apart. I rolled over and draped a leg across one of his legs and pressed a kiss to his sweaty neck.

"How did that feel?" I asked him, pushing his damp hair back with a hand. "Squall?"

There was no response from my lover, so I pushed the bangs out of his face to see his eyes closed and his breathing evening out. I chuckled in amusement and shook my head.

Squall had passed out from orgasm.

To be continued. . .




AN: Whoo hoo! This fic is almost done! Don't worry, though - for those who didn't want this fic to end - I have a arc in mind to continue this fic. It'll be like a sequel, but not really a sequel. Did that make sense? ^^;;

~ Rain ~

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