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Training Skills

Part 22 - Playfulness...

By Rain

I tapped my finger against the metal table as I waited for Squall to return from Nida's room. I had been sitting in the cafeteria for over an hour and my patience was growing thinner by the second.

What the hell was he doing?

I growled and took a sip of my water, glancing towards the doorway, hoping to see Squall's familiar face.

"Where's Squall?"

I looked up to see Irvine slide into the empty seat across from me.

I scowled. "None of your damn business, cowboy."

Irvine tossed me a lazy smile and tucked a piece of stray hair behind his ear. His usual cowboy hat was nowhere to be found, but he was wearing his familiar brown coat and chaps.

If I hadn't already been taken, I would have made a move on the fucker. . .

"So, Rinoa told us all about your lovers quarrel," said Irvine, who seemed to be begging for an ass beating.

"It's none of your damn business," I snapped.

"Whoa, take it easy there, man." Irvine held up his hands in surrender. "I'm just looking out for the commander."

"I can take care of myself."

Both Irvine and I looked up at Squall in surprise. It was the first time I'd seen Squall's face expressionless in a long time. His storm- colored eyes were focused on Irvine, silently telling him to back off.

"Relax, man," Irvine said to Squall, "I'm just giving your 'Knight' here the lowdown on how to treat you."

"He treats me fine," said Squall in that same monotone that drove me crazy once before.

"Okay, okay." Irvine stood from the chair. "I can see everything's perfectly fine since the Ice Prince has returned." He bowed before us, then walked away, winking at a few girls.

Squall slid into the chair Irvine vacated and looked at me. The coldness from his eyes had vanished and was now replaced by warmth. He offered me that shy smile and said, "Everything's okay now."

I raised an eyebrow at the abrupt change in Squall's personality. "What was that all about?" I asked, referring to what had just happened with Irvine. Squall frowned a little and said, "I don't want them interfering. I can take care of myself."

I studied him for a moment, noting the way his eyes had softened, and the way the tone of his voice changed. It was all for me. No one was allowed to see this side of Squall, except for me, and those he kept close to him. Rinoa was his first love, and she treated him with the love and kindness of a mother. Nida had nearly broken him, which is why he was so vulnerable towards him. And there was me, the one who somehow wormed his way into Squall's heart. I knew he cared for Quistis and the others, but he was still hesitant to show his true emotions around them.

"Let's go to your room," Squall said as he stood from the table.


Squall tilted his head to the right, slightly. I looked and saw Selphie, Irvine, and Zell crouched behind several plants, trying to hide.

I nodded and we headed towards my room.

Once we were inside, I locked the door and took a seat next to Squall on top of my bed.

"How did things go with Nida?"

"Fine," he said, "He forgave me."

I snorted. "Why did he have to forgive you?"

Squall sighed and began to recount the events that had happened between him and Nida. Once he was done, I growled and said, "Only _now_ he gets it?"

"He was just looking out for you. . ." Squall trailed.


"Don't bite my words," Squall said with a slight smirk.

I gaped at him, "Did you just make a joke?"


"Then what was that?" I teased.

Squall crossed his arms over his chest, looking away. I moved off the bed and stood in front of him with a smile on my face. Squall sent me a suspicious look, before I attacked him by tickling under his arms.

"Seifer!" Squall yelped in surprise. I tickled him mercilessly, while he tried to keep the laughter from his lips. He couldn't hold out for long, though. After several seconds, Squall rolled over on the bed, which left more areas of his body open to tickling.

"Stop. It. Seifer." Squall managed to gasp between laughter.

I smiled at the image of Squall. He was lying on the bed, knees drawn up to his chest, and his arms firmly attached to his sides. There was a genuinely happy expression on his face; his eyes were crinkled at the corners, and his mouth was dropped open in laughter.

I felt my heart warm as I burned the image into my mind. In all the years that I'd known Squall, not once had I seen that expression on his face.

Squall managed to break free, and he rolled over, standing on the bed with a smile still on his face.

I stepped up onto the bed, only a few inches away from him, and said, "You'd better run, Squally-boy." I wriggled my fingers, casting aside my pride for the moment, and silently threatened to start tickling him again.

"Seifer, stop." Squall hissed as his eyes grew wide at my threat.

"Then you'd better run," I said, giving him one last warning.

Another yelp burst from his lips as I dove forward. Squall stepped to the side just in time and jumped off the bed. I grinned as I spun around, seeing Squall dart across the room, looking for shelter.

I always knew there'd be a playful side to my lion. But. . . maybe he wasn't a lion after all. To everyone else he was, but to me, he was more like a kitten. My sultry-sex-kitten. My little kitten that looked like he was playing with a big ball of yarn right now.

"You can't hide, baby," I said, jumping off of the bed and trying to corner him.

Squall grinned as he ran towards my desk. And to my surprise, he managed to squeeze himself underneath it.

I knelt on the floor and reached for his ribs, tickling him. Squall squeaked as he tried to push my hands off him. It only encouraged me to do it more, and they air became filled with Squall's melodies laughter.

"Seifer," Squall gasped, "I. . . I can't breathe."

I seized my tickling and helped Squall crawl out from under the desk. My eyes widened when Squall sent me a smirk, before he jumped up and ran away from me.

He tricked me!

I easily captured him when he jumped onto the bed again. We collapsed against the soft mattress with me on top. Squall grinned below me, his chest heaving and his chocolate-hair plastered to his face. I pushed his stray bangs out of his eyes, smiling.

"I caught you," I murmured, gently stroking his flushed cheek with my thumb.

Squall smiled and turned his head, kissing my thumb with an audible kiss. He gazed up at me through his thick eyelashes, causing my cock to grow hard within seconds.

"So what are you going to do to me?" he whispered huskily.

I closed the distance between our faces and captured his lips in a hard, bruising kiss. I nibbled on his lower lip and sucked it into my mouth, bringing blood to the surface as I sucked on it almost painfully. He tasted so good - as he always did - but there was something a little different to his kisses. Instead of allowing me to take control, he pulled his lower lip out of my mouth, and then his tongue collided with mine almost violently. I had no complaints as our tongues moved together, hot, and wet, and slippery as they joined. I moaned when I felt him lick at every crevice of my mouth, his tongue becoming a slithery snake as it tasted and explored.

I was startled when Squall managed to roll me over. He offered me a sultry smile as he reached for the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head. In turn, I relieved Squall of his own shirt, feasting my eyes on his milky-white skin. I placed my hands on his waist, gently raking my nails up his sides, over his ribcage. His skin was as silky and smooth as a porcelain doll, never failing to satisfy my visual hunger.

"Seifer. . ." Squall moaned, his eyes growing half-lidded as he gazed down on me. The sunlight danced across his dark hair, bringing flecks of auburn to the surface. He was so entrancingly beautiful. His head was tilted forward, his hands were placed beneath my underarms, and he was seated on my crotch, his bottom rubbing deliciously against my arousal. "I want you. . ."

Squall was growing bolder with his entreaties. I smiled inwardly as I brought my hands to his pants button, undoing it quickly and sliding the zipper down. I was thoroughly convinced that Squall didn't believe in wearing underwear.

I didn't mind at all.

I watched as Squall lifted his bottom slightly, allowing me to slide his pants down his legs. I couldn't understand how Squall managed to appear fragile and dainty. I knew, first hand, that Squall wasn't someone who could be easily defeated. Yet. . . his body appeared to be so delicate. . .

"I borrowed something from Nida," Squall murmured, "I think you'll like it. . ."

This was definitely a Squall I wasn't familiar with. The last time I'd seen this side to him, he'd been purposely trying to hurt me. And if he borrowed something from Nida, I knew that it had to be something kinky.

"Oh? And what's that, Minky?" I asked.

Squall smiled his little smile and motioned towards the desk with his head. I turned to look, and for the first time I saw a large, vibrating dildo. My head snapped back to Squall immediately.

I stared at him.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Um," I said intelligently, "Do you know what that is, Squall?"

Squall nodded. "Nida explained to me what it was used for."

When I didn't bother to reply, Squall looked a bit hesitant.

"Did I do something wrong? Nida said you would like it." His face flushed as he looked down, avoiding my gaze.

"You're not planning to use that on _me_, are you?" I asked, doubtfully.

Squall shook his head quickly, causing his dark hair to swing from side-to-side. I had to smile at the child-like gesture. His cheeks were flushed a bright pink, and he was nibbling on his lower lip shyly.

I hoped that this innocent side to Squall would last forever, but I had a feeling that there was a kinky side to Squall. Of course, I had no objections. There was an endless amount of things that Squall was unfamiliar with. . .

Squall seemed nervous at my silence, so I leaned forward to kiss him. When I pulled back, I said, "Let me show you how to use it then."


To be continued. . .



AN: Um, I didn't _mean_ to end it there. . . it just. . . happened. ^^;;

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