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Training Skills

Part 24 - Seducing Seifer

By Rain


I shifted in my chair, trying to find a comfortable position. My rear-end was throbbing from the night before. Every time I shifted, it brought more pain to the surface. If I had to, I could ignore such pain. But when I spend hours upon hours in my office, comfort is a top priority while doing paperwork.

I wasn't sure whether Seifer was aware of how hard he took me last night. I didn't mind the pain; it was a reminder of the claim Seifer had over me. I just wished I had a pillow to sit on, or some other comfortable appliance.

I'll give you something to sit on . . .

I shook my head, trying to get rid of Seifer's voice in my head.

After spending more and more time with Seifer, I was beginning to understand the rebellious blond. He loved to dominate people and have a strong hold over them, but deep inside it was to prevent himself from being hurt. If he could hurt them first, they wouldn't be able to hurt him. In a lot of ways, Seifer and I were exactly alike. Perhaps that is why we were always rivals. And maybe that's why we get along so well.

I turned on my computer and waited patiently for it to boot.

Memories of the night before came back to me in glimpses. The look on Seifer's face when he saw the sex toy was one of child-like surprise. Of course, it faded into a lewd gleam, but for that split-second, I saw genuine surprise and happiness. I wanted to see that look on his face again.

Earlier in the day, I had lunch with Nida. We discussed new ways to "turn Seifer on" - as Nida had put it. He had suggested a lot of vulgar-sounding things, like various sex toys that could be used anally, strip teases, and something that had to deal with stealing Quistis' whip (I didn't ask). But for some reason I could imagine Seifer enjoying everything Nida had said. Whether that made him strange or not, I couldn't decide. It was just . . . everything Nida said seemed to be Seifer approved.

Eventually, we decided on seduction. I had played the dominant role once before, but that was when I had been angry with Seifer. Nida and I had gone to Ryuichi's room to see if he had an outfit I could borrow. It took quite a while to pick an outfit. I didn't care what I wore, but Nida and Ryuichi kept telling me to try on more things. Even when we did find an outfit, Ryuichi continued to dig through his closet and forced me to try on different articles of clothing. The more I put on, the smaller the clothes became. When Ryuichi held up a tiny scrap of underwear for me to put on, Nida pushed me out of the room and called Ryuichi a pervert. I'm not sure why that is, though. What did clothes have to do with being a pervert?

After we left Ryuichi's room, we parted ways and I had to look around Garden for Seifer. I found him in the cafeteria with Selphie. They were discussing Rinoa's wedding, which was coming up soon. And while Selphie went to get a refill on drinks, I invited Seifer to my dorm room for the night.

I leaned back in my chair and stared blankly at the computer screen. I still had a couple more hours of work, then I could return to my room and prepare for the night.


Time passes slowly when you're waiting for something to happen. I spent most of the day fighting in the Training Center, but fighting those Grats was like swatting flies. The T-Rexaurs seemed to be in hibernation. I hunted around the Training Center looking for them, but I only found one and the fight lasted a little over fifteen minutes. Eventually, I lounged around my room for the rest of the day, staring at the clock and waiting for my time with Squall to arrive. I wasn't sure what he had planned, but if it was anything like the night before, it'd be very interesting.

A smirk began to curve at the corners of my mouth. Squall was such an innocent sex-maniac. He didn't even realize it. He is so oblivious to his sexuality and his desires. I wouldn't be surprised if he believed all couples had as much sex as we did. Granted, most couples fuck a lot in the beginning of their relationship, but the desire eventually fades away in a few months. Especially for me. Who would've thought I'd fall in love and still have a raging hard-on twenty-four-seven? I guess that's the power Squall has over me. I submitted my heart to him, the same way he submitted his heart to me.

Rolling over on my bed, I stared at the water-stained ceiling with unfocused eyes.

When did I develop a sappy side?

I shook my head and sat up, looking out the window.

Squall is beginning to rub off on me. I could feel an impending headache from all the thinking I've been doing.

I crawled out of bed and smoothed out my hair, deciding to take a walk along the beach like the sappy old man I've become . . . but if I could be a sappy old man with Squall, I didn't mind at all.

At a little past ten o'clock, I knocked on Squall's dorm room door and straightened out the fitted gray shirt I was wearing. The shirt accentuated my muscles, and the loose black pants I was wearing made my butt look bigger.

Squall isn't the only good-looking one in our relationship.

But my outfit was nothing compared to what Squall was wearing.

A black long-sleeved turtleneck hugged every curve of his lithe body. It was made out of cotton, so I could just barely see the outline of two pert nipples.

As I trailed my eyes down to his legs, shiny leather pants clung to his legs - black, of course. He was bare-footed, but I could see a silver toe ring wrapped around his middle toe. And someone had painted his nails a glossy black.

"Seifer," he breathed, in a tone I'd never heard him use before. He grabbed the front of my shirt with both fists, pulled me into the room, and slammed the door with his foot.

"Squall," I managed to gasp, before he crushed our lips together.

Warmth spread from my mouth down to my toes. I could feel Squall clench my shirt tighter as our tongues collided.

Squall's aggression wasn't entirely new, but there was something different about the way he tore my shirt over my head. As I held my arms up in the air, to help Squall remove my shirt, he locked me in that position by pulling my shirt tightly behind me. I couldn't see anything because my shirt was covering my face, but my mouth was exposed, and Squall took advantage of that.

Hard kisses were placed against my lips. I could feel the tip of Squall's tongue tickling the corners of my opened mouth. His breath was warm as he dragged his lips across my cheek, pressing his body tighter against me as he did so.

As much as I loved an innocent Squall, an aggressive Squall suited me just fine.

I could feel the line of his arousal pressed against my cock. He gave an experimental thrust and a moan burst from my lips.

"I'm going to fuck you long and hard tonight, Seifer," Squall breathed, moaning as he rubbed against me again.

The dirty language didn't suit the Squall I knew, but the promise that dripped from his voice turned me on. Besides, if I was correct, Squall was just playing a role. He wanted to turn me on - and it was working beautifully.

Squall finally released me from the confines of my shirt and tossed the clothing somewhere across the room. When I managed to focus my blurry eyes, I could see Squall's blood-red lips, swollen and glistening with saliva.

"You're going to fuck me?" I asked him, taking an intimidating step towards him and smirking when he stepped back. "I don't know about that, baby." I yanked him towards me, the same way he yanked me into the room, and brought our faces close together. "I think I'm the one who's going to fuck you." With that, I captured his mouth in a deep kiss, and pushed a hand under his shirt to tweak a nipple.

I could feel Squall fighting for control as he melted in my arms. He didn't want to give up control, but I'm not the kind of person you can resist.

As I ravished Squall's mouth with my tongue, he grasped my shoulders, digging his nails into my skin. A hiss escaped my lips as he dragged his nails from my shoulders down and across the center of my chest. There was a sweet burning sensation left in its wake, undoubtedly leaving a trail of red scratch marks across my golden skin. In return, I stepped back to pull his shirt over his head. Then I leaned forward and bit down on the sensitive part of his neck - the area that rested right below his earlobe.

"Seifer," he moaned as he tilted his head to the side, giving me more access to his sweetened skin. I used my tongue to soothe the area I had just bitten. As my tongue slid across the sensitive wound, the indentation of teeth marks was apparent.

"Please, stop for a moment." Squall kept a firm hold on my shoulders. Each time I sucked the sensitive skin of his neck, his hands tightened the rounded muscles on my shoulders. "Please, just give me a second."

Reluctantly, I released my hold over Squall. I took a step back and ran a hand through my hair, smirking a little when I noticed the dark red spots covering Squall's pale skin.

The next second, the smirk was wiped from my face as Squall pounced. He pushed me backwards to land on the bed behind me. A small grunt escaping my throat as I landed on the soft surface.

Squall crawled over me with a seductive smile on his face. He was on all fours, looming over me. The Griever pendant dangled from his neck, swinging from side to side and catching the light. That small bit of jewelry made Squall a hundred times sexier. He looked gorgeous with just his tight leather pants and silver necklace on - not to mention the dark red marks covering his neck, a clear symbol of the claim I had over him.

"Seifer . . ." he breathed, licking his ruby-colored, kiss-swollen lips.

At that moment, Squall reminded me of a cat licking its mouth after having a large bowl of warm milk.

I smirked when Squall tossed his head to the side like a filly. His chocolate-colored hair bounced and glittered from the movement, and he wiggled his hips in large round circles. He reminded me of a stripper performing for the crowd. He tossed his hair, shook his hips, and crawled over me until his bottom pressed against my clothed arousal.

I no longer cared about who remained in control, as long as Squall kept the heat building within my body.

"Mmmm," Squall moaned. "I can't wait to feel you inside me . . ." He sat on his knees, one leg on either side of me, and began to move his ass, forward and back, against my confined erection.

I reached behind me to grab a large pillow and folded it in half before placing it under my head. Then I raised my legs on top of the bed, bending them at the knee to press against Squall's back.

"Does that feel good?" Squall asked as he moved his hips in hard, delicious circles. I could feel the crack of his ass melting around the hard line of my arousal. The fabric of my pants bringing me more friction, but not enough pleasure.

I placed both hands on either side of his waist, holding his hips still so that I could rub against his bottom, harder and harder. Squall moaned and leaned forward, raking his nails across the hard plains of my abs, his dark hair falling across his half-lidded gray eyes.

"Take off your pants," I instructed, unable to resist the urge to plunge into his warm depths. I never thought a lap dance would break me so easily, but the feel of Squall's firm bottom against my cock caused a wave of need to crash over me.

As Squall scrambled off me to rid himself of his clothing, I tore my pants down my legs and reached into the bedside drawer to grab a bottle of scented lotion.

When I opened the cap, the scent of vanilla wafted through the room, filling my nostrils. I rubbed a descent amount of it on my cock, and then threw the bottle across the room to re-take my position on the bed: pillow propped up beneath my head; arms to the side; and my legs straightened out against the soft mattress.

Squall stood at the end of the bed watching me. He looked beautiful with his disheveled brown hair hanging in his eyes; his swollen mouth glistening with saliva; and the Griever pendant that hung on the center of his smooth chest, accentuating his flawless-pale skin. As my eyes traveled down the faint lines of his muscles on his stomach, I nearly moaned when I realized he had shaved his hair. Everywhere. The only hair on his body that remained was the hair on his head, his eyebrows, and his eyelashes.

". . . I-Is this ok?" he asked, becoming the shy, innocent boy I had first fallen in love with.

"It's better than fucking 'ok'," I growled. "You look fucking sexy." That earned me a small relieved smile, before Squall remembered that he was supposed to be acting seductive.

He crawled onto the bed on all fours, his ass raised high in the air, forming a snowy-white heart shape. I moaned when his thighs brushed the outside of my legs, the soft skin melting against me as if it was butter on a hot surface. The Griever pendant hung off his neck again, swinging from side to side until Squall stopped and leaned down, pressing his lips hard against my mouth.

Our tongues collided in a head on collision. I rubbed my tongue in fierce circles against Squall's, earning a low purr that vibrated in his throat. I kissed him like he was an oasis against the desert sun. The taste of him was so sweet, so Squall, it made my head spin. His soft hair brushed the side of my cheek as we kissed, and I could smell the sweet scent of his strawberry shampoo, before the scent mixed with the smell of vanilla hanging in the air.

As I ravished Squall's mouth, I placed my hands on his bottom and spread his cheeks wide, exposing his entrance to the warm air of the dorm room. Another moan came from Squall, due to the sensation of the slight burn that was caused as I spread the globes of his ass even wider.

Squall broke the kiss with a gasp and sat back on his knees, gazing at me through half-lidded eyes. He moaned and licked his moistened lips with a pink tongue before he reached behind him and wrapped his hands around my hard cock.

It seemed Squall never minded not being prepped as he pressed the tip of my arousal against the wrinkled skin of his entrance. He used his right hand to keep my cock straight as he lowered himself onto me, while he used his other hand to rub against a light pink nipple.

The moist, warm walls of Squall's passage gripped the length of my erection like a velvet vice. Every inch of his silken body accepted me into him. I could feel the throb of his muscles as I melted into him. Each time I slipped further into his entrance, his muscles clenched tight around me, grasping me.

"Oh, God, Seifer," Squall moaned, his voice quivering from the sensation of my cock filling him. "God . . ." his head tilted backward just as he lowered himself on to me completely.

For several long seconds, Squall refused to move, his body reveling in the sensation of being filled. And then, Squall tilted his face forward, a silly, half-dazed smile on his lips. He began to move his hips up and down, soft moans echoing in my ears as he found pleasure with my throbbing erection.

I watched his expression as he rode my cock faster and faster. His lower lip was trapped between his teeth, and sweat began to glimmer across his pale skin. He had placed both hands on my stomach for support, using it to push himself up and down, faster and harder. Pleasure clouded my mind from the moistness clamped around my length. Squall's entrance pulled me in deeper and deeper; the tight ring of muscle protesting every time my cock slid out of him. I wanted to see the wrinkled, reddened hole of Squall's passage wrapped around the thick length of my arousal, but with Squall in control of our lovemaking, I would have to do without the visual stimulation . . . not that I needed it. Squall looked gorgeous as he rode my cock, little mewls of pleasure bouncing off the walls of the dorm room.

I began thrusting up into the warmth of Squall's passage. I knew I struck his prostate when a near scream came from Squall and his inner muscles clamped down on me. With a smirk on my face, I began thrusting up, harder and harder. The friction against my cock bringing waves of pleasure washing down my spine. As I continued to nail Squall's prostate with every thrust, he eventually fell forward, unable to maintain his sitting position any longer.

I took control over our lovemaking while Squall whimpered against my chest, his arms tucked under him and his body weight resting upon me. I grabbed hold of Squall's rounded bottom and began thrusting into him, harder and deeper. Squall moaned for more, his voice cracking every time I gave him what he wanted. His nails dug into my skin again, and he began to clench and unclench his muscles around me.

I spread the globes of his ass wider, driving into him with abandon. My thrusts weren't as powerful, given the position we were in - me on my back with Squall on top of me - but Squall seemed to find more pleasure in the position. I could feel myself sink deeper into him, and my cock left constant pressure against his prostate.

Soon, Squall sat up again and began to meet me thrust-for-thrust. His hips slammed down onto mine so hard, I was certain that there would be bruises on my hips the following morning.

Squall squeezed his inner muscles so hard around me, it wasn't long before I felt the sensation of my impending orgasm.

Grasping Squall's hips tightly with both hands, I pounded into his velvet-lined channel until orgasm crashed over me and I came. As I spilled my essence deep within Squall, I focused on his face and moaned when he wrapped a hand around his neglected erection. He continued to ride my cock as I came, seeking as much pleasure as he could, and just as I finished coming inside him, white-hot heat poured out of his arousal.

Drops of his orgasm spilled over my stomach. As the pleasure washed out of him, he smiled at me sleepily.

"That was nice," he said in a tired voice.

"It was," I agreed, highly amused by the look on his face. His chocolate colored hair was in complete disarray; his eyelids were drooping; and the silly smile on his lips made him look adorable.

Reluctantly, Squall slid off my cock and laid next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist, not caring about the cum still splattered there, and buried his face against my shoulder.

I wrapped an arm around him and smiled, reaching over to turn off the bedside lamp.

"Goodnight," he whispered, his voice scratchy.

I chuckled. "Goodnight." I kissed his forehead and went to sleep.

To be continued. . .




AN: Only two more chapters left! I'm sorry the lemon wasn't too good. I'll try to make it up in the next chapter. ^__^

~ Rain ~

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