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Training Skills

Part 11 - Truths Revealed...

By Rain

Three weeks had passed since the night Seifer took me. I never thought I could feel so happy. I never thought _Seifer_ could make me so happy. But I was in a constant state of bliss. Quistis and the others tried to ask me what was going on, but I had a feeling they were too afraid, or unsure, of how I would react. There was no doubt in my mind that they had heard the rumors about my relationship with Seifer. I decided not to tell them. If they wanted to know, all they had to do was ask.

I had a relationship with Seifer. The thought alone was enough to soften my features: not quite revealing a smile, yet obvious enough to state that I was happy. I reserved my rare smiles for Seifer's eyes only, although, whenever I was around Seifer, my smiles came easily.

Every night since the day Seifer took me, Seifer came to my room and made love to me. I didn't realize there was so many sexual positions, until Seifer began to show me, or rather, demonstrate upon me. I was disappointed that every position was from behind. I wanted to look up at him, to see the passion in his emerald eyes. It _almost_ made me wish that I had been born a girl. If I had, Seifer and I would be able to make love face-to-face.

After our first night together, Seifer hadn't said anything about my confession. I didn't mind, because I already knew that Seifer cared for me. He showed it to me in so many ways: his thoughtfulness and kindness. I didn't need those three words to be spoken to me. As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." I was content to whisper the words quietly to him, even if he didn't say it back. I knew.

"Talking to yourself?" Seifer's familiar voice asked from behind me. I spun around and smiled at him, noticing that I had been wandering around the dormitory. I walked up to him and resisted the urge to hug him; while I am unashamed of the relationship I share with Seifer, I still feel self-conscious about open displays of affection. The only time I consent to it is when Seifer makes the first move--which he does on rare occasions.

"Seifer..." I said, peering up at him through my bangs. He looked so gorgeous standing next to me: his honey-colored hair disheveled and hanging in his eyes. I tilted my head to the side, observing him. Then I blinked when I realized he hadn't gelled his hair--that's why his hair appeared to be disheveled. I lifted a tentative arm and brushed my fingers through his hair, marveling at its soft texture.

"Lets go to my room," he breathed huskily. I only nodded and followed him down the hallway.

When we entered Seifer's room, he was upon me: kissing my neck and rubbing my shoulders. I could feel him tugging at my clothing, and before I knew it, I was naked and sprawled across his bed.

"You're fucking gorgeous," he said, before he pulled off his shirt and settled himself between my legs.

I moaned when his mouth latched onto my right nipple. His tongue flicked at the hardened bud with hard, long strokes. Tingles of pleasure raced down to my fingertips, setting every nerve inside me ablaze. His tongue felt so good: hot and moist against my skin. I groaned and buried my hands in his hair, pulling at the short strands almost painfully.

"Gods," he mumbled around my nipple. "I can't get enough of you."

I felt two fingers circling around my entrance. My eyes fluttered closed as my body tingled in anticipation. Nothing could ever satisfy me more than Seifer's cock; it was almost a part of me.

Seifer pulled away from my nipple. His hands trailed up the length of my body, before they stopped in front of my mouth. I sucked his fingers into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I did to his erection. I nipped at it gently and tilted my head back, urging Seifer to kiss my neck.

He complied; his tongue lashing at the sensitive spot right below my ear. His fingers drew away from my mouth, and then pressed against my hidden entrance. One slick finger slipped into my passage, pushing in and out, slowly and torturously. I groaned and drew in a deep breath, pushing my hips down to meet his finger.

"You want my cock inside of you, don't you?" Seifer breathed against my ear. "You want it inside of you...pleasuring you...penetrating you..."

I cried out when his finger brushed my prostate. Another finger joined the first, stroking me in and out.

"Well, Squall?" He pushed his fingers in, hard. "Do you want it?"

"Yes!" I cried as indescribable ecstasy washed through me. I wanted him. I needed him. "Oh, God!" I craved him.

His fingers pulled out and he reached for something under his pillows. When I opened my eyes, I saw him lubing up his hard cock between my legs. I reached down and began to stroke my own erection, trying to alleviate the pressure between my legs. Seifer always made me so hot and hard...

Seifer flipped me over, onto my side. I was facing the wall, and Seifer settled on the bed behind me. I gave a soft whimper when I felt the head of his arousal pressing against my entrance. And then, the wonderful sensation of Seifer filling me washed over me. Inch by inch, my body swallowed his hard cock. Every time Seifer was inside me, it always felt like a part of me was returning home. I loved him so much. It was like our bodies had been split apart, and when our bodies joined like this, it was only then that we became whole again.

"I love you," I whimpered as he began to slowly thrust into me.

I stretched out my arm against the bed, so that I could rest the side of my head on it. Seifer intertwined our fingers, and I closed my eyes and smiled contentedly.

Seifer used his other hand to hold my exposed hip. He began to rock in and out of me, building up a driving pace that my body loved. Each stroke sent bright lights scaling across my line of vision. He didn't seem to be getting deep enough, because he pushed me forward, and up, so that I was seated on his lap. I could feel his erection sink into me deeper, spearing me, claiming me. I tilted my head back to rest on his shoulder, and began riding him.

My legs were spread a part, on either side of his strong legs. His arms wrapped around my waist, and helped me achieve the maximum pleasure. I lifted myself up and down, up and down, crying out as each stroke brushed against my prostate. Behind me, I could hear Seifer groaning against my neck; his breath hot against my skin. That was enough to make me crave my release. I pushed myself hard against his delicious arousal, and Seifer pushed his hips up to meet my frenzied thrusts.

Our lovemaking became hot and furious from there. Seifer drove his cock, hard, into me. While I pushed down and gripped at the arms around my waist. I moaned his name over and over, feeling as if I were about to explode.

"Harder, Seifer," I begged between gasps. "Oh...please! I need it harder!"

"As you wish, baby," Seifer groaned. He pushed me forward again, only I didn't completely leave his lap: my legs were still spread and straddling Seifer, but my upper body was pushed forward, with my hands supporting my weight against the bed. After that, Seifer began pounding me from behind. My moans turned into all out screams. The rapid thrust of his hips slammed against my bottom. He was pushing into me with fast, hard strokes. It felt like his erection never left my prostate.

Then, the wonderful sensation of climax came over me. Hot jets of liquid shot from my cock as each wave of ecstasy washed out of my body. I could feel my inner muscles working around Seifer's cock, and then the hot release of Seifer's cum inside of me.

I collapsed forward; my arms no longer able to support my weight. Seifer tightened his arms around my waist and settled on the bed behind me. I smiled and reached for one of his hands, bringing it up to my lips and kissing it. I snuggled against him and murmured, "I love you" before he could fall asleep behind me.

When I was certain Seifer had fallen asleep, I rolled over so that I could face him. He looked so content, lying on the bed beside me. Sunlight was streaming in through the windows, dancing off his golden locks, and shadowing one side of his gorgeous face. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his nose, before I rolled over and jumped off of the bed.

It didn't bother me that Seifer and Nida had had sex on his bed. I knew that Seifer was in love with me, and only me.

I dressed quickly and glanced at Seifer's sleeping form. When he's asleep, he looks so peaceful and vulnerable...

I love him so much.

I wanted to stay with him until he woke up, but I still had my duties as commander of Garden. I opened the door quietly and stepped out of his room, only to be confronted by a strange boy with dark hair.

"You're the one fucking Seifer, aren't you?" The boy said, slamming me against the wall beside Seifer's door.

I blinked at him in surprise.

"Stay away from him," the boy warned. "He belongs to Nida."

A hot flash of anger swept through me. I glared at him through narrowed eyes and said, "What?"

"You heard me," he said. "Nida got him first, so you'd better stay the fuck away from him."

I observed the strangers clothing, noticing that he was in civilian clothes. He must not have been part of the Garden, which was probably why he was so brave to corner me.

I was still uninformed about Seifer and Nida, but from what I gathered, they couldn't have been a couple. Seifer loved me, and only me. I knew that.

"Seifer loves me," I told him. Seifer wouldn't cheat on me, right? He loves me. Nida and Seifer couldn't be a couple.

"Has he kissed you?" The stranger challenged.

Of course he has.

I glared at him.

"On the lips," he added.

My glare only intensified, until my memories of Seifer came back to me. Seifer had kissed me, right?

I went through every single encounter, searching for that moment when Seifer kissed me.

But...I came up with nothing.

The stranger smirked at me in triumph, while I suddenly felt unsure of myself.

"You're in la la land, boy. If Seifer hasn't kissed you, or fucked you face-to-face, he doesn't love you." The stranger pulled away from me and laughed in my face. "Give it up, you dork. Seifer's already kissed Nida." And with that, the stranger left me in the hallway.

I don't think I've ever felt so terrified in my life. This couldn't be true, could it? Seifer would have his reasons for not kissing me. Or maybe, this stranger is trying to manipulate me. Seifer probably hasn't realized he's never kissed me. I've never noticed it before. That's what has happened, right? Seifer loved me. I know he does! He wouldn't do this to me; he wouldn't make me feel sad.

He wouldn't break my heart.

I turned around and pulled open Seifer's door. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. This couldn't be true. Seifer loved me.

"Seifer," I said, shaking him gently awake. His emerald eyes fluttered open, and he looked at me in confusion.

"What's wrong?" he said, noticing my expression.

See! He did love me! Why else would he be concerned?

"Nothing," I said, shaking my head. He sat up and looked at me strangely, but I was too relieved to offer an explanation. Instead, I leaned forward to kiss him; that would prove Seifer's feelings towards me. He would kiss me. I know he will.

"Squall," he said, backing away when I leaned forward. I looked at him in confusion, but he shook his head. There was regret in his emerald eyes, and it didn't take me long to understand.

Seifer didn't love me.

My mind seemed to shut down after realization hit. I could no longer feel the pounding of my heart, or hear the sound of it against my ears.

It probably stopped when my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

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