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Training Skills

Part 9 - Seduction...

By Rain

When we arrived back at Garden, Seifer told me I could rest in his room while he went to the cafeteria and got something to eat. I don't think the salad he had for lunch was enough, and I don't think he wanted to eat any meat in front of me.

I had to smile. I'm beginning to like this side of Seifer more and more. I wondered if Fujin and Raijin had seen this side of Seifer; maybe that's why they stood behind him so much.

I felt guilty suddenly. If what I was seeing was the real Seifer, would he have really wanted to see Balamb Garden destroyed? I wanted to ask him about Ultimecia, but I'd feel as though I were overstepping my bounds. It bothered me, though. If Seifer _had_ been manipulated by the sorceress...why hadn't I helped him? It would mean I just...left him...alone. Fujin and Raijin were the only ones there for him.

I became overwhelmed with guilt and laid back against Seifer's bed. I curled into a fetal position and faced the painted white wall. The smell of his shampoo resonated on the pillows, and I pulled the pillow closer to my face, inhaling deeply. It smelled just like him: musky, sweet, and masculine.

My stomach gave an odd curl when I remembered the last time I'd been inside Seifer's room. It was the day I walked in on him and Nida. And they were...

I jumped off the bed as if I'd been stung. The weariness from before disappeared almost instantly. I stared at the bed, feeling unusually jealous and betrayed--which I couldn't understand since I hadn't been interested in Seifer at the time.

In my happiness, I forgot all about Nida and Seifer. I still wanted to know what was between them. And at the diner, hadn't he said he stole the vibrator from Nida? Were they still sleeping together? Were they a couple? If they were, Nida would have heard the stories about Seifer and I. And Seifer didn't seem to be bothered by the gossip.

I don't think they're together...but neither were Seifer and I, right? Seifer could still be sleeping with Nida.

An emotional pain arched through my chest. I slumped against the wall and slowly slid down, until my bottom hit the floor and I pulled my knees up to my chin. I worried on my lip at the thought of Seifer being with someone else. I know I didn't have the right to be protective, but I thought there was some part of Seifer that cared for me. There was, right?

The door to Seifer's room opened suddenly, and I looked up from my spot on the floor to see Seifer enter, holding a can of apple juice in his hand.

He gave me a puzzled expression when he noticed me sitting on his floor.

"What're you doing?" He handed me the unopened can, and I accepted the cold drink gratefully.

Yes, there had to be a part of Seifer that cared about me. He just can't say it, the same way that I can't say it. Right?

"Nothing," I replied. I glanced at his bed again, and said uncertainly, "Do you...mind if we go to my room?"

I had a feeling we would be doing something other than talking, and I wasn't exactly comfortable with Seifer's bed. It's inconvenient, yet I blamed it on my newfound emotion called jealousy--it wasn't a hard thing to recognize.

There was that smirk again.

"What do you plan on doing there, Squall?" He tried to look innocent, and failed miserably.

I stood up, and with a confidence I had been lacking before, I ran the tip of my index finger across his jaw line seductively, and whispered, "Why don't you show me?" My voice came out huskily, dripping with lust and desire. I felt like I was watching a movie again, but the words had rolled off my tongue so easily, I was in no way embarrassed. I had Seifer's undivided attention, and I could feel his hungry eyes on me as I left his room and walked down the hall.

We entered my room, nearly at the same time. Seifer had followed me after he grabbed his brown paper bag, and was already hard from the look of things. I remembered that he hadn't climaxed in the restaurant, and my body was nearly humming in anticipation.

I locked the door behind him and settled onto my bed, spreading my legs wantonly. I felt more confident in my own room than his; he was on my territory now. But from the expression on his face, it was apparent that he would be in control of everything.

I didn't mind. The look on his face was one of animal hunger and lust. Emerald green eyes had gone dark with passion. His short blond hair appeared to be slightly ruffled. And the way he was standing over me, unbuckling his belt, I gave in to his dominance and offered myself completely to him.

He kicked his blue jeans to the side. Then he proceeded to throw off his white shirt, revealing hard, lean muscles covered by flawless golden skin. It was the first time I really examined Seifer's body...and I wasn't at all disappointed. Compared to my thin, almost delicate looking body, Seifer looked like a God who could easily crush me with a punch. Of course, we both knew better than that.

I started rubbing myself through my dark denims, watching as Seifer reached for the paper bag and pulled out something long and in the shape of a...

"Seifer?" All of my seductiveness was replaced by uncertainty. I didn't feel confident, like I had earlier. I retreated to my confusion and gave Seifer a questioning look.

"It's called a 'dildo', Squall," he said, holding the artificial cock in his hand. "It's just a little something I want to watch you play with."

I swallowed, feeling uncertain. "...What?"

"I think you heard me," he said. He looked around the room for a minute, then entered the bathroom, in search of something from the sounds he was making. A minute later, he returned with the toy in his hand, no longer inside the plastic covering that had surrounded it.

"I washed it for you." He tossed the dildo onto my stomach, and I reflexively jumped away from the offending object.

"It's not as big as my cock," he said proudly. "But I'm sure you'll find pleasure with it."

He's kidding, right?

//Finger yourself// his voice echoed in my mind--that first time I felt something inside my body.

He wasn't kidding.


A bottle of oil was tossed onto the bed beside me. I picked it up and examined it, noticing that it was for body massages and relaxation.

"Remember what I taught you about fingering yourself?" he asked.

I nodded hesitantly.

"Do it again."

I blinked.

"You need to stretch yourself," he said. "Otherwise, that artificial cock will tear you apart."

He pulled out the chair in front of my desk and took a seat, wearing nothing more than his black boxers. His emerald green eyes fixed themselves on my fingers, and it was only then that I realized I was removing my pants.

"You're a fucking wet dream, you know that?" Seifer murmured as I threw my pants across the room. I looked at him in surprise, and then smiled when I saw his hard cock pressing against his boxers.

A part of me that had remained hidden, until now, emerged. An overwhelming sense of desire and seductiveness washed over me ten-fold. The determination I felt before was nothing compared to how I felt now. I wanted to see Seifer lose control. I wanted to see him desperately wanting me. I wanted him to take me and make me cum, over and over.

I wanted to be a better lover than Nida.

I sat up on my knees and spread them apart. I slowly tugged my shirt over my head, stretching out my upper body in an attempt to draw Seifer's attention. When the shirt was pulled free and tossed away, I met Seifer's eyes and moaned with desire.

Seifer's mouth had gone slack, and it looked like he had stopped breathing. I moaned again as I ran my hands up and down the length of my upper body. I wanted to give Seifer a show he'd never forget. I wanted to seduce him.

While I'm not familiar with this kind of act, I simply let my body take control and relaxed my mind. I tilted my head back as I ran my right hand across my nipples, immediately hardening them into hard nubs. My left hand roamed over my lower stomach, allowing my fingertips to brush against the soft skin right below my belly button. And even though my eyes were closed, I could feel Seifer's eyes hot on my body.

"Mmmm, Seifer," I moaned, abandoning my nipples and trailing my hand up to my mouth. I brought my head forward again, opening my eyes just a bit. When I met Seifer's emerald gaze, I sucked my fingers into my mouth, and gently rolled my tongue over my digits.

I was rewarded with a slight gasp.

Smiling, I lowered my eyelashes and wrapped my other hand around my arousal, stroking my erection slowly, yet firmly.

"Jesus..." I heard Seifer murmur.

I smiled again and closed my eyes completely. As my head tilted back, I slipped my fingers out of my mouth, leaving a wet trail of saliva down my chin and over my throat. The touch of my own hand had my body shuddering for more. For a second, I forgot about Seifer and concentrated on my pleasure. I let my wet fingers roam down my throat, over my chest, and trailed a wet line down the center of my stomach. All the while, the speed upon my arousal hadn't quickened at all.

"Do you want me to touch myself?" I heard myself whisper hoarsely. It didn't feel like I was in my body anymore. All I could think about was the divine pleasure racing through me. My shyness and inexperience were pushed to the sidelines as another part of my mind stepped forward and took over. It didn't matter if this would embarrass me later. I was determined to make Seifer lose control. I wanted to make him scream like how he made me scream.

"Fuck...Squall..." I heard Seifer groan.

I opened my eyes and met his gaze again. My fingers trailed over my belly button, before moving lower, and lower, until they slipped pass my balls and circled my entrance.

"Do it, baby," Seifer growled.

I spread my legs further and sat up a little higher; all of my weight settled against my knees. I didn't pull my eyes away from his lust-filled gaze, even when the first finger slipped inside my entrance.

"Nnnn," I moaned, biting down on my lower lip, and letting Seifer know just how good this felt. "You wanted to watch me touch myself, didn't you?"

The soldier side of me could hear his breath hitch; his breathing becoming fast and heavy. I moaned again as another finger joined the first, sliding in and out of my body with ease. It seemed I hadn't completely tightened since the restaurant episode, and it made it so much easier to slide inside.

I groaned and pushed my fingers deep inside of me, searching for that special spot that turned my world into molten lava. My hips moved up and down, rocking against my thrusting fingers. I pushed another one inside; all three stretching and searching my passage. I don't think anything could feel better than having something deep inside of you, moving, and stroking, and sending sparks through your body. I sped up the speed of my thrusting fingers, pushing up into me harder and harder.

I whimpered from the onslaught of pleasure arching through me. The hand around my erection tightened with each stroke. I bit my lip and gazed at Seifer through half-lidded eyes. He was sitting on the chair in front of me, rubbing the hardened bulge through his boxers.

"Use the dildo," Seifer ordered. I was pleased to notice the fire in his eyes; a burning flame that hadn't been there before.

I shivered from the look alone.

Reluctantly, I withdrew my fingers and reached for the massage oil and dildo. I poured some of the liquid onto my hand, before taking the artificial cock and spreading the oil over its length.

It wasn't too thick; about the size of my wrist. When the dildo was glimmering with the massage oil, I twisted my arm in back of me so that I had the dildo in position.

"Do it," said Seifer through gritted teeth. "Fuck yourself with it."

His words sent fire racing through my groin. I quickly braced myself and shoved the hard cock deep into my body.

It was needless to say that I screamed from the penetration. Seifer wasn't even touching me, but he still had the power to make me moan and beg. Although, the artificial cock was in _my_ hand, I knew that Seifer held control over my movements.

"Oh God," I panted, stilling my hand as I felt the plastic toy nuzzle my passage. "....Seifer...." I peered at him through heavy eyelashes, begging him wordlessly to come onto the bed and take me, over and over. It seemed my plan of seduction had backfired, and I had returned to begging and submission.

"I want to watch you," Seifer said, reaching into his boxers and wrapping his hand around his cock. I licked my lips, remembering the taste of him, and gave myself a tentative thrust.

"Ohhhh!" I cried, immediately pushing my hips against the intrusion. I pushed the dildo into me hard and fast. The hand I had wrapped around my cock fell to the bed, bracing my body as it rocked against the cock inside of me.

"Mmmm, you like that, baby?" Seifer whispered. I could barely hear him through the fog covering my mind. All of my senses were focused on the intrusion; the blunt tip of the plastic toy bumping against my prostate, over and over again.

"Yessss," I hissed.

It felt so good.

I wanted more.

"Seifer..." I pleaded, managing to open my eyes which had slid shut. This was too much. I couldn't take the teasing anymore. I needed something bigger, thicker, and alive inside of me. ".....please...."

"Please what?" said Seifer, standing from the chair and stepping out of his boxers. His hard, gleaming length stood tall and proud, daring my body to impale itself upon it. "What do you want, baby?"

"You," I answered immediately.

Only you, I added mentally.

I'm willing to give him my heart, body, and soul.

"Seifer...?" I moaned. I managed to raise my eyes and meet his lust-filled gaze; an almost impossible task since I still had the dildo moving inside of me.

The look in his eyes was one of utter arousal and passion.

I had a feeling that this was finally it.

I'd give Seifer everything I had to offer him.


To be continued...

AN: I'm still suffering from insomnia, but I don't think this chapter was as bad as the last one. Yet, I have this feeling that insomnia will be the least of my problems after ending this chapter like that. ^^;;; *goes into hiding and refuses to come out*

~ Rain ~

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