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Training Skills

Part 8 - Doing Lunch...

By Rain

"You're not bothered by the fact that Rinoa is getting married?" Seifer asked after he took a moment to get over his initial shock.

I shook my head 'no'. "Why would it bother me?"

Seifer raised an eyebrow and said, "Cause she's your ex-girlfriend. You guys have been through a lot together."

"It was a mutual break up," I said with a shrug. "I'm happy for her."

I felt my heart fall suddenly. Dread overcame senses when I asked, "Are _you_ bothered by it...?" I tried to keep my voice even, but even I could hear the slight tremble in my voice. Seifer gave me an odd look before saying, "Of course not. But...you know we have to kick Zone's ass if he hurts her, right?"

I smiled. "I told her that."

"Great minds think alike," he said as we resumed our walk to Balamb.

"So...are you going?" I asked hesitantly. It would be nice to have Seifer with me at Rinoa's wedding. I wouldn't feel so alone.

He thought about it for a while. Then he said, "Yeah...It's the least I can do for her."

I forced myself to stop my uncharacteristic smiling before Seifer grew suspicious. As much as I was enjoying the relationship growing between us, I was unsure of how Seifer felt, and I didn't want to scare him away.

The rest of the walk continued with idle banter. It was the first conversation we had since...everything. And with everything that I learned, I felt a void I hadn't noticed before, slowly begin to fill.

There was so much more to Seifer than cocky remarks, rude comments, and generally an asshole persona. He was an easygoing guy, after you broke through the barrier and met the real Seifer. I knew he hadn't opened up to me completely...but I was willing to wait, and perhaps one day he would. Maybe there was a part of Seifer that liked me. I forced myself to believe it when I looked up at his smiling face, so open and honest; it was like the opening of the heavens.

When we reached Balamb, Seifer let go of my hand and looked at his watch. I was disappointed at the sudden loss of contact, but kept my feelings to myself and looked up at him expectantly. He said he wanted a toy he and I could play with tonight...

"It's almost lunch time," he said as he scanned the town and settled his gaze on a diner in back of the weapons shop. "You wanna grab something to eat first?"

At the mention of food, my stomach growled loudly. Seifer and I started laughing, and I almost stopped from the strange sound coming from my throat. I don't think I've ever laughed before...but it came so easily, now that Seifer was here.

"I guess that's a yes," he said, and his eyes twinkled.

Could it be...? Did Seifer feel the same way about me? I felt giddy at the thought.

We were seated at a corner booth almost immediately. It seemed we beat the rush just in time, and we both picked up our menus and fell into a comfortable silence.

I don't know if Seifer ever noticed it, but I'm a vegetarian, or rather, a vegan. I won't eat anything that has any part of an animal in it. I won't even drink milk or eat cheese. It's just that I killed so much...I don't need to kill animals too. [1]

"What're you getting?" I asked as I set my menu down. I decided on a salad with no dressing or cheese.

"A hamburger and french fries," he said as he put his menu down. My face must have scrunched up, because he said, "What?"

I swallowed and turned my head away. "Nothing."

Already, images of cows being slaughtered filled my head. I looked back at Seifer to see him studying my expression.

"What?" he said again.

I bit my lip and looked at the table, unable to meet his piercing emerald gaze. "Idon'teatmeat," I mumbled hastily. Amazingly, Seifer understood what I said and leaned back in his chair.

"I'll have whatever you're having then," he said easily.

My head flew up and looked at him in shock. He didn't seem to be bothered by his submission. I felt giddy all over again, from the knowledge of the small token of kindness Seifer offered me. It was such a thoughtful thing...

"Thanks," I said, offering him a smile that didn't seem to be rare anymore.

During our meal, I could feel Seifer's eyes on me as I ate. When I looked up from my forkful of lettuce, I thought he was going to ask how I could eat this stuff without any dressing on it. But instead, I saw the familiar gleam in his eyes, which meant he was thinking about something other than food.

"Everything that you do is so sexy," he whispered huskily.

I immediately felt myself harden under his gaze. My fork wavered in my hand and he smiled in triumph.

"Follow me," he said as he stood up from the booth. Hesitantly, I complied. I followed him towards the back of the restaurant, noticing that we were headed for the bathrooms.

I felt myself harden even more.

Once inside, Seifer looked around to make sure it was empty, before he locked the door and began stripping me of my jeans. They were fitted, dark denims, and Seifer had to tug a little before they settled around my thighs.

I hadn't been wearing any underwear, which revealed my hard length that jumped against the cool air.

"It won't be long before I'm inside you." Seifer spoke around the two fingers he placed in his mouth. Then, he told me to turn around and bend over.

I braced my hands against the porcelain sink in front of me. My groin tingled as I raised my ass high in the air, far more comfortable with my own half-naked body now, rather than before.

Then, I felt Seifer push something into my mouth, before it wrapped around my head and was tied securely behind me. I blinked and moved my mouth around, noticing it was some sort of handkerchief.

"I don't want you making any noise while we're in here," he said as he rubbed the cheeks of my ass with both hands.

I felt a tongue press against the crevice of my bottom, before trailing a wet path down to my entrance. I groaned in delight, feeling my skin tingle from the cool air that met with my wet skin. His tongue circled my opening for a brief second...and then left before I could register the sensation.

"Seifer," I tried to mumble, but the cloth muffled my voice. I had no idea what he was doing behind me, but my skin was hyper alert to any sudden touches he might suddenly give me. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on my breathing. That was when something slim slipped pass my tight ring of muscle. But it wasn't a finger or a tongue, and I was certain that it wasn't Seifer's cock. I was still trying to figure out what it was, when it started _vibrating_ inside of me.

"Nnnn!" I groaned as waves of continuous pleasure arched through my body.

Oh God, what _was_ that?

"It's called a vibrator," said Seifer, forever my mind reader. If I had been able to think rationally, I would have been overwhelmed with the knowledge that Seifer was able to read me so clearly.

"I stole it from Nida a few nights ago," he said. "Don't worry, I sterilized it thoroughly."

A part of me wondered how he had stolen it from Nida, but when Seifer pushed the vibrator in further, its lazy vibrations sent all thoughts out of my head.

"How long would you last if I..." Seifer pushed the vibrator hard up inside me, striking my prostate and leaving it there to vibrate. "Kept this right here?"

I screamed. It was the only thing I could do. Waves of ecstasy washed over me again and again. It felt so good, the constant pressure against my prostate, I thought I was going to die before I managed to cum. Then, Seifer took mercy on me and withdrew the vibrator, only to shove it back into me, hard, again and again.

"God...do you know how sexy you look? Bent over the sink, ass raised nice and high...mouth gagged...hair ruffled...a vibrator buried deep inside your ass..." Seifer moaned and started thrusting the device into me like his fingers. I leaned back into his thrusts, begging him silently for more, harder, faster.

He complied, shoving the vibrator into me so hard, and so fast, it almost felt like the vibrator never left my prostate. I gripped the porcelain sink so hard; I fancied that I could hear it cracking.

Over and over, Seifer rammed the vibrator into me harder, and faster, and deeper with each stroke. My mouth couldn't fall completely open, but strangled sounds erupted from my throat, vibrating against the cloth, which gagged my mouth. It was so good. I could imagine Seifer behind me, eyes fixated between my legs, where the vibrator melted into my body, over and over again.

I wanted so much more than that vibrator deep inside of me...

Then, his hand wrapped around my swollen cock, stroking me in counterpoint to his hard, deep thrusts. All thoughts of Seifer's cock briefly left my mind as the pleasure coursing through me increased ten-fold. The vibration of the vibrator had me panting and sweating, overwhelmed by its sheer pleasure. It felt so good...when Seifer took me...I wanted it to be fast and hard.

When Seifer struck my prostate with the vibrator again, I fell over the edge, coming so hard I felt tears prick at my eyes.

Pulse after pulse, white-hot liquid shot from my cock. Waves of indescribable ecstasy shot through me. The pleasure was so deep, and so incredibly mind blowing, my thin legs nearly crumbled beneath me.

"It's a good thing I brought this along," Seifer said as he withdrew the vibrator and rinsed it in the sink--which I was still clinging to. "I had a feeling it would come in handy."

I tried to move my jaw, but found that it hurt a little. The cloth must have overworked my muscles when I was moaning. I reached behind my head and untied the cloth, handing it to Seifer and looking at him almost dazedly.

I felt so sated from my orgasm; all I wanted to do was fall asleep in his arms again. But I could tell he was still hard, so I moved forward to reach for his pants, only to have him stop me in the process.

"You're tired," he said.

I looked at him in surprise.

"Besides," he added slyly, "you'll give me so much more tonight."

I shuddered with anticipation.

I tried to straighten myself up, but my muscles felt like jelly and Seifer had to help me pull my pants back on. When we finally got it buttoned up, I felt a bit steadier, but still had to lean on Seifer for support--which I didn't mind at all.

Seifer forced me to wait in the diner while he went to an unknown shop and picked up whatever he came here to get. I was too sleepy to pay any attention.

When Seifer returned with a brown paper bag, he wouldn't show me what was inside. He said it was a surprise.

I almost dreaded the walk back to Balamb, and was about to suggest we rest in the hotel a bit, when Seifer gestured towards the rental car in front of the diner.

"I figured you were too tired to walk back," he said as he led me to the passenger side of the vehicle.

Again, he showed me the gentle, caring side, which made up Seifer Almasy.


To be continued...

[1] Heehee. I made Squall a vegetarian.

AN: I'm sorry this part took kind of long. I've been suffering from insomnia, and while I _have_ been writing, it's hard for me to revise this story properly because I'm so tired! *dies*

Anyway, the next part is practically done, so it won't be long before the next update. And I'm really sorry if this chapter seems sloppy. ^^;;

~ Rain ~

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