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Squall's Imprisonment

+ The Opening +

-Part 2-

The Exam

By The March Hare

“Rise and shine, children!” Seifer announced striding into the bedroom and clucking his tongue at the two stirring figures on the bed by the wall.

“Oh shit…” Squall lifted his head and immediately regretted it. Sitting up as slowly as he could, he turned to his companion and shook him awake, then he turned back to Seifer. “What the Hell do you want? Normally you get your morning romp in just after breakfast, and it’s only 7:15, they don’t even start warming the ovens yet.”

Zell stretched his arms and legs out and then propped up his head under his hands. “I haven’t slept that well in a long-“ He finally noticed the figure in the door and cursed himself and the world. “Nevermind, I thought the nightmare was over. My mistake.”

“Well, not having had anything to last night…” Seifer eyed the bed, “I started thinking.”

“Congratulations.” Interrupted Zell with a smirk.

“Shut up!” Pausing to regain his composure, the white-coated disciplinarian continued, “As I was saying…. I’ve been thinking, and both of you would have just a ~little~ less vehemence towards me if every now and then I gave you the chance to try and defend yourselves. So I pulled a few strings, bitch-slapped Quistis a few times, and spent some time in Cid’s ‘office’. Get up Squall, we’re gonna go train.”

Everyone’s jaw dropped. “You bitch-slapped our instructor?” Zell’s voice came out very calm but still shook, despite the effort.

“Of course not, you think I wanna fail? I may be on the Disciplinary Committee, but I don’t run the school.” Seifer sneered.

“Why can’t I have the opportunity to kick your ass?” Stumbling out of bed, Zell winced with every step. Rolling his eyes and noting the slight twitches and hesitance in Zell’s movement, Seifer walked up to him and gave him a tiny push on his lower back. Zell immediately arched his back and yelped in pain. Seifer clucked his tongue again and walked to the bed.

“That’s why. You can hardly stand, try playing cards.”

As the other blonde approached him, Squall scurried up and was almost standing when Seifer pushed him back into a sitting position. “Leave me alone, let me get dressed in peace, and don’t touch me.”

“Make me.”

Squall reached up far too slowly and grabbed Seifer’s shoulder. With hidden force, he drew himself to Seifer’s height, which meant pressing against him in a very suggestive manner, and stared into his eyes with shaking rage. Then, ever so delicately, Squall placed a tiny kiss on his lips before he engulfed them into a long, wet, suckling submission of his tongue. Slowly, he withdrew his mouth from Seifer’s smirking one, but kept their noses touching and his eyes downcast. “If I loose this, I’ll never complain about public displays of ownership again. If you loose, you’ll never attempt it with either Zell or me. Deal?”

Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall’s back and leaned him over the bed, keeping their faces together, and rubbed his hips provocatively against the two bony points of Squall’s pelvis. “Deal, but let’s raise the stakes a little, eh? If I win, both of you have to wear collars and leashes and play the full part of pets. If you win, I’ll switch roles with both of you for twenty-four hours each. Still up for the deal?” One more push made the final word have a definite punctuation that was hardly discrete.

Checking the spiked blonde’s reaction, Squall gave a small nod and put his knee where Seifer was swelling up and digging in. Before Seifer had the chance to curl up and fall back, Squall cradled him and held him still while he whispered in his ear between licking the rim lightly and blowing in it. “Deal.”

Trying to gain a little of his dignity back, Seifer stood (well, sort of) and walked out, just pausing in the doorframe to call back, “It’ll be all that more painful when you and Chicken-Wuss have to willingly and positively submit to my every whim.” Then he called out louder to make sure they could hear him, “See you on the training grounds in fifteen minutes. If you’re one minute late, I win.”

The wind cooled his skin and a dramatic rush of sakura petals drifted by. He glanced at them for a moment with bewilderment, then shrugged and rolled his shoulders; he was going to need concentration for this fight. Actually it was only supposed to be a training exercise, but both of them knew that if the chance arose there would be no hesitations toward killing the other person or dying. Intense blue eyes swirled with emotion as they looked upon their opponent. Every feeling went through them until an eccentric glitter from a set of green eyes staring at him made them still over one emotion, one vibration that soon possessed Squall’s whole body. Revulsion was there, anger, and finally contempt.

Seifer stood at one end of the barren rock littered arena and smiled pleasantly at him. The look hardly met the perverted and malicious smirk that was poised beneath it. He held his gunblade out before him in a defensive posture and when Squall took the invitation, he twisted and brought the blade down at Squall’s right side.

He barely had time to think, but at least he had his reflexes, and blocked Seifer’s swipe. They clashed again and battled strength for a moment before pushing back. The gleam in the other’s eyes became stronger and more infuriating. It was a disgusting stare; full of unsaid innuendoes that few would ever know existed. Squall’s limit had broken. He surged forward and gave one attack after another that Seifer barely, but surely, managed to block. He threw himself back and took a breath. Squall held up a hand as he charged again, but this time, Seifer held up a matching hand and cast fire, sending him to rock back on his haunches, stunned.

Then Seifer signaled him with the same black gloved hand and beckoned him to come again for more. Letting his smirk slip loose, he brought his gunblade in a downward arch at the advancing pet, aiming for an opening that Squall hadn’t even known was there. It threw Squall off balance and left a huge diagonal gash that matched Seifer’s to a perfect mirror.

As he knelt over the ground, Squall panted and wished the world would cease to spin beneath him. It was almost over, he would pass out soon, and he wanted to give the pain back before he did. Gathering his fury and shreds of dignity, Squall rose and rushed once more towards Seifer. He brought his gunblade up in the same arch that had given him the blow and delivered it to Seifer. The scar that ran across his face reopened and they fell together. Neither knew of the soft blue eyes that watched them or the young blonde who ran for help. The lightening in the sky was the only thing that lit the dimming morning.

Seifer woke slowly and groggily as the rain began to pour over him and wash away the blood that splattered on his face and the ground. He was alone, but knew that wherever Squall was, he wasn’t awake yet. He had gotten knocked out? But how? Did that mean he lost? No, they both fell at the same time. It was a draw. Damn it! This was supposed to have been easy! Just kick the kid a little and put him back in line, maybe make him afraid of you. It didn’t matter anymore… he had better bait.

Standing up, Seifer wobbled a little before he regained his balance then began to head back to The Garden.

The lights were harshly bright in Squall’s eyes as he opened them and found himself in The Garden’s clinic. He would have sat up, if he could have, but unfortunately there was a hand on his arm distracting him.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Can you say your name?” Squall jumped and tried to cover his face by baring his arms across it. The last time he had been asked his name was when he had been brought to The Garden for the first time. As soon as he had met Cid, Squall had watched him decide and dictate to the blonde that he now belonged to him. That night Seifer had repeatedly asked him what his name was and every answer that included “Squall” had gotten him raped again. Finally, he had learned the answer that Seifer was looking for and was able to fall asleep… tied to the headboard and pinned under the other’s body with his legs spread.

It was only the doctor though, and there were no threats of rape or torture. So he could answer with his given name, “Squall.”

“Why don’t you just ignore Seifer?”

“I can’t just run away.”

She went on jabbering about scars and teachers and then left, but all without noticing the face that stared at them through the glass of the next room. The sunlight must have been at a queer angle, because neither Squall nor the mysterious female visitor noticed him either. In the time that spanned between one girl’s visit and the next, Zell, to his surprise was noticed. This was actually a first for him, Zell was the best lurker on campus and so far only Cid had caught him.

Squall smiled as he stared into the soft blue eyes through the glass. Never tearing his gaze from Squall’s, Zell got up from the cot he had been sitting on and held out his hand to sign “I’m sorry.”

His smile turned slightly pained as he sat up and reached out a hand to his partner. Hearing a noise from the next room over, Squall quickly returned the sign language by placing a hand at his chin and slowly lowering it into an open palm. Then he followed by mouthing the expression before he got up and left behind his oblivious instructor. “Thank you.”

“It was all I could do, but I wish it could have been more…” Zell sighed to himself and slipped out of the clinic when the doctor wasn’t looking, and back to his room he now shared with Squall. In his other dorm the double had been empty, so he didn’t mind Squall’s company when it was forced upon him, in fact it was often… enjoyed. As long as Seifer’s cruel presence wasn’t known, he was happier than before, but then there were other time when he wanted to return to the privacy and silence of isolation and dreams.

Squall followed Quistis down the hallway to his classroom, ignoring her incessant chatter, and barely replying when he had to. Walking past the other sections of The Garden, he had never really noticed how happy everyone else was or how beautiful everything there seemed. Just how many other students were tortured by having “Masters”? He knew there were other pets, but he had never met one.

Soon they arrived at the classroom on the second floor and there wasn’t one single person that didn’t notice Squall’s wound and how it matched Seifer’s perfectly. He silently made his way to the back and kept his eyes glued to the floor, trying in all honesty to keep the shame from his face; there was no denying his title now.

Quistis started listing out her reminders about the SeeD exam, but Squall was still hiding his face behind his computer. Suddenly a message popped up on everyone’s screen from Seifer reading: “Squall, I told you I would mark you as my pet…” Absolutely mortified by the message, Squall hid his face in his folded arms for a moment before replying to the message on an equally public board. “I will NEVER belong you or anyone else, even if it kills me.”

A couple of students turned toward to the back to look at their faces, and saw Squall glaring death at Seifer, and a satisfied smirk in response. Seifer hit the enter button to deliver his next message. “Don’t fear for your life, there are so many worse things that can happen.”

Squall paled, but responded. “That’s only liable for so long. Bet you can’t wait till I pass the exam.” Quistis walked behind her desk and briefly read the text of their conversation. “And Seifer,” All heads snapped to attention, “Do NOT injure your partner.” His nostrils flared and he slammed his fist down on the panel and glared at Squall. He quickly typed in, “Don’t worry, I will.”

Sending a glare that would kill anyone else, Quistis typed in a response in the message, “I MEAN IT!” Then dismissed the class.

Seifer got up after Squall stood and came up behind him, reaching into his front pockets and pulling him close, he whispered, “Hurry back to the room, the longer you make me wait, the more I’ll make sure it hurts. And even though neither of us won the fight, I’m still going to flaunt my possession of my prize… which means you’ll get to meet a few of my fellow masters. Just know that these are more of the lives I control. You should feel lucky that you get so much of my attention, when I’m such a busy man. I don’t like it when you show your resistance to others, it gives them ideas, and worst of all, hopes that shouldn’t exist.”

He reluctantly leaned back against Seifer’s firm body and purred back with disdain, “I’ll never have anything more than hate and disgust for you, so don’t go getting your hopes up, *Master*.”

“You know the only thing I’m getting up, and it IS for you. So be nice or I’ll make you share.”

“You can’t make me do anything.”

“We’ll see about that…” Seifer moved his hands up and held Squall’s arms by his side while he bit his neck hard enough to leave a red welt. “I’ll be waiting.” Quistis stared in horror at the bully as he walked by and out of the room, blowing Squall a kiss before the door shut. She stopped Squall as he got up to follow his tormentor. “Squall, have you done the prerequisite, yet?”

I was going to this morning, but Seifer… “No.”

“You have to have it to take the SeeD exam, so I’ll meet you at the front gate whenever you’re ready. Just page my room before you leave.”

He didn’t reply, was too preoccupied to, but he did manage to get a few jealous glares from Quistis’s fan club as he walked out the door. Not paying attention to anything but hurrying to his room, Squall smacked into a girl on his way to the elevator who was screaming something about being late. She bounced off of his lean body and sprawled. She smiled as she sat up and acted as if it was her hobby to fall every five seconds. After apologizing she asked if he could show her around because this Garden was much bigger than her old one. Squall’s eyes got wide at the thought of keeping waiting Seifer another minute, and he shook his head, running past her to the elevator.

He ran to the dorms as fast as he could, but it was already too late for Zell. The poor boy was chained to the bed by his ankle and hiding as best he could against the nearest wall, while Seifer and a nasty looking crowd advanced on him.

“Leave him the fuck alone, or I swear to a God that I don’t even believe in, that all of you will regret it.” Squall hissed too quietly. He darted across the room and cradled Zell’s whimpering form as he undid the shackle.

“This, gentleman, is my most prized pet.” Seifer motioned to Squall, who was helping Zell gather his clothes and ushering him into the next room, telling him to lock the door and not to come out no matter what, until he said it was safe. “He puts up just the right amount of resistance not to be a bore, but does what I tell him to regardless. Not to mention he’s a screamer, even after years of use.”

All the creeps gave an awed and appraising expression to Squall as he returned to the room. He glared back and began to remove his clothes and set them folded on top of the two-drawer dresser next to the bed. Next, he slowly bent over and reached into the top of it and pulled out a jar. He handed it to Seifer without a word, and knelt down before him on the floor with his head down and hands on his thighs, waiting. The crowd nodded its approval and looked to Seifer for the next move.

“Very good, Pet, but what is this?” Seifer eyed the jar with criticism.

“I ran all the w-way here as soon as Quistis excused me. I was just hoping you might spare me the slightest bit of pain, since you’re going to be so v-violent. I’ll d-do anything you ask as long as you don’t take Zell for show, and you take him g-gently, Master.” Squall’s voice shook with submission, but Seifer knew it was only for the crowd. However, it seemed to be working, because they were impressed. Seifer cracked an arrogant smile, “You scared, pet?” He hesitated and swallowed loudly, then nodded, but deep within them he was laughing his ass off. This had to be one of his worst impressions of the protocol Pets were to follow, and the crowds were buying it! At least he knew Seifer wasn’t.

“Liar. You’re not scared, but you should be. You don’t even know what scared is, Pet, would you like us to show you?” Seifer propped one of his boots up on Squall’s shoulder and leaned in, spinning the jar on the tip of his finger.

In the other room of the double dorm, Zell huddled under the covers of Seifer’s bed and pretended not to listen to the conversation coming through the walls. He tuned on his side and flicked the radio on. He wouldn’t think about Squall, or the things he had saved him from, or the things he would endure in his place; he would just curl up and escape to dreams.

~I memorize the basics,
Making strange faces,
Tread slowly for I know
There’s a thousand miles to go.~

“You want me not only to spare the Chicken-Wuss from pain and humiliation, but reward you for good behavior, too?” Seifer scoffed, “Well, sorry to tell you, kid, but pick one or the other. That’s your reward.”

Squall glanced up briefly with a pained expression, then put on his trained mask and looked at the floor again. “My tolerance holds out longer when you give some preparation. I was only thinking of your interests.”

“Hmmm… yes, I remember. Don’t correct me again. You hurt my feelings saying things like that, Pet, I’m insulted that you would think no one would offer you foreplay.” Seifer smirked and motioned for a member of the crowd to come forward and take the jar.

~Without blinking,
Gravitate spacewards find a home
For the head from my basement,
No darkness left.
This is the night,
This is the sound,
Here comes the warm machine.
Such a warm machine.~

After handing over the jar, Seifer moved his boot farther up on Squall’s shoulder and pushed him down until his cheek touched the dirty floor. But, as many of the crowd saw, Squall had the slightest hint of a smile on his face. He parted his legs and held still even when someone other than Seifer tied his wrists behind his back with fishing line.

With drooling anticipation, the stranger gathered some of the contents from the container on his fingers and tentatively touched the base of Squall’s spine, tracing down until they found entrance. Two fingers smeared the substance as deep as they could and as thoroughly as they could within Squall. They were almost as bad as the Jellyeyes, everytime he squirmed or let out even the slightest whimper; it caused more pain as another finger was added. When four were moving within him, and Squall was thrashing every few moments, Seifer stopped him.

“That’s good, but he needs more than that before we REALLY take him.” Seifer pointed to Raijin. “Bring him to the kitchen area and set him on the counter. If everyone will follow him, I’ll be there in just a moment.”

Doing as he was instructed, Raijin scooped up Squall and carried him out of the room. When everyone had left, Seifer ducked over to the next room, staying on the outskirts of the mass, and unlocked the door. He stepped inside and causally roused the figure sleeping in his bed. Causally, as in, throwing back the sheets, turning up the radio, pulling down Zell’s boxers, shoving the smallest cock-shaped piece of metal he had into the awaiting space, and turning it on. Before Zell could scream, his hand was over the other blonde’s mouth to prevent him. He lay down on the bed next to Zell and whispered, “Keep it in, or I’ll equip you with something bigger. I’m only doing this because Squall bargained with me to be gentle and not make a show of taking you, like I am for him, so don’t scream.”

Zell nodded, but looked like he was going to cry. He turned to face away from Seifer.

“I don’t really know what they’re doing to him right now, maybe nothing, maybe everything. But I do know that he’s taking it because of you, can’t think why though.” Seifer began to slowly move the object inside of Zell with a gentle pushing and pulling motion, never putting it fully in or taking it fully out. When he could feel that Zell had relaxed completely around it, he pushed it in a good amount, and lit up a cigarette he had retrieved from his pocket. Zell tuned and lay on his back, still choosing not to look at Seifer. The mattress was shaking a little from both his body and the warm machine within.

~Feeling warm,
Some days are playful,
Making play faces.
But we will not let it through,
The darkness and the sense,
Of being born to loose.~

As he lay spread on his knees like a stuffed turkey, Squall assessed his situation and figured it could possibly be worse, but not by much. He had a mouthful of stranger, two hands working him into something he was sure he shouldn’t be feeling, and his back was being licked clean of the melting whipped cream placed there only moments ago. But the part he was most aware of, and which kept making him nip the stranger that was in his mouth, was the banana that was where it absolutely shouldn’t be, and deeper than it should be, must it be placed there. Not to mention the fact that someone was either moving it in and out or placing it half way in and paddling him until he worked it all the way into his body. They had cut the fishing line around his wrists so he could use his hands in whatever they demanded. When there was nothing left of the fruit to be seen, someone’s over-sized organ was inserted and used as roughly as possible.

There were only a few ways to deal with the situation he had chosen. Squall took the easiest route and simply drifted away from his consciousness into a few treasured childhood memories.

~This is the sound,
This is the night,
Here comes the warm machine.
Such a warm machine.~

Seifer finished his cigarette and dropped it to the floor. They had lay there for almost ten minutes in near silence while Seifer waited for Zell to stretch wide enough. Now he got up and snuffed out the glowing tip on the floor with his boot before taking off his jacket and the rest of his clothes. He climbed onto the bed and pulled Zell’s boxers down again, throwing them to the floor by his clothing. Moving slowly, so as not to frighten Zell or make him uneasy, Seifer lifted his knees and parted them. Then, remembering something else, he pulled a tube of oil from the shelf above them. “Are you ready? I told Squall I would be gentle, and I’m trying my hardest, but understand it ain’t easy.”

“I think you care about him more than you let show to anyone.” Zell whispered and gasped as the vibration between his legs stopped and the thing was quickly withdrawn. Only two fingers replaced it, with cool oil sliding them both in easily. Suddenly a warm mouth enveloped him and began to suck with a pulsating rhythm that joined the fingers’ movements. A tongue traced around his tip, and teeth gently bit as far down as the warmth covered. Zell moaned and clutched the sheets next to him, barely daring to move. Would Seifer really do all of this just for Squall? It was obvious he didn’t keep all of his promises or bargains to him, so was the pain that Squall was enduring as opposite as the pleasure Seifer was presenting? The questions in Zell’s mind faded away as he came close to the edge, and he shook Seifer’s shoulder, afraid to anger him by cumming either too soon or in his mouth. Pulling his face away from Zell’s groin, Seifer kissed his way up to his neck and rested his chin there while he pulled out his fingers and put the aching end of his cock to the swollen spot. “Okay? ‘Here comes the warm machine’.” Seifer chuckled quoting the song that had come on again.

Zell laughed throatily and nodded, “Okay.” Pinning Zell’s arms to his side to keep him from moving, Seifer pushed the head slowly in and waited a few minutes. Inch by inch, he entered the lithe boy, until he hit the spot within him that caused mind-strangling pleasure. Zell wrapped his legs around Seifer’s waist and urged him to push farther, but instead Seifer pulled out and hit it again, making sure not to go past that one spot.

“Please,” Zell mumbled into Seifer’s neck, “Please never stop, it’s so wonderful…”

“I’ll do this for as long as I can.” Seifer used the same pattern of deep and slow thrusts on Zell’s member to help him achieve release first. However, his stamina was longer than the winning chocobo’s during a race. It went nice and even, and then a burst of power toward the end. Seifer finally let Zell swallow him completely up as he reached his climax and panted hard to keep his brutal and malicious side down while he spilled all of his seed into him. The screaming echoed horribly as his self-control slipped and he made a bloody finish.

~This is the life,
This is the ground,
Here comes the warm machine.
Such a warm machine.~

This was the counter, and that was the clock, which read that it was three hours after he had left the classroom, and one since he had passed out. Little evidence remained of the event. Squall ALWAYS hated Seifer’s little ‘meetings’, and he always hated his ‘friends’, and he always regretted – where was Seifer anyhow?

Squall got up and walked towards one of the two sounds coming from the dorm room. One was coming from the bathroom, and the other was coming from Seifer’s bedroom. Squall headed for the bathroom. Opening the door, he found Zell and Seifer on the floor, Zell draped over Seifer’s lap and crying softly. Seifer was cleaning up the bloody mess that covered both of them.

“Look, I said I was sorry. I didn’t mean to, I just lost control. I’m not very good at that sort of thing.” Seifer said around a half-burned cigarette.

“Hold still, I’m almost done.” He took another sterile pad and blotted it with rubbing alcohol, then applied it to Zell’s biggest wound. Seeing that the bleeding was NOT stopping, he threw away the bloody bandage and propped the barely responsive Zell up and leaned forward to take him again. “Well, if you’re not going to talk to me, I’ve already broken the deal with Squall, and you’re already bleeding… another round won’t make a difference.”

“Ahem. You broke the deal, Seifer?” Squall stepped in and gathered Zell up into his arms. He set him in the shower and turned it on, but when Squall tried to get up, his arms wouldn’t unlatch themselves from around his neck. “Shhh, it’s ok, Zell, it’s ok. It’s all over, no more.” When he still wouldn’t let go, Squall turned around to see Seifer almost about to jump him. “What the Hell did you do to him? Is this poisoning? Why does it look like Doom? Hmmm?”

~If we never know
We can only feel,
I’ll take the help,
I’ll take a slice,
Warm all right now
‘Cos I feel all right.
I memorize the basics.~

Seifer wasn’t listening; he just pounced on Squall and pinned him to the ground outside the shower. As soon as Seifer had moved, Zell had fled to the farthest corner of the shower, which was only a matter of feet, and huddled there, too scared to even watch. Struggling with the little amount of strength he had left, Squall was fighting back, but failing. “Seifer! Are you going to break anymore of your promises while you’re at it? I entertained your little ‘party of friends’ just so you wouldn’t hurt Zell, and you made me suffer for NOTHING? How cruel can you get, Seifer?”

Sighing, Seifer rolled off of the protesting boy, getting up to head for his room. He glanced back at the two once more and licked his lips. “Someday I’ll show you, I PROMISE…”

~This is the night,
This is the sound,
Here comes the warm machine.
Such a warm machine.
Such a war machine.
Such a war machine.~

The Fire Cave hadn’t been hard at all, just tiring. It was the same old song and dance from Quistis: flirt with Squall, second-guess every word out of his mouth, and try to psychologically dissect him while he half listens with no interest. Blah. One thing she had said stood out among the mindless drool, “I guess I was right. You and Seifer are in a class of your own. You both have amazing strength and potential.”

Squall wondered if he looked as sick and nervous about his exam tomorrow as he felt. It would be all right…. He would just go make dinner, take a shower, and find Seifer. Nothing was a better stress reliever than being raped and beaten. Well, maybe that’s not true, but it worked for forgetting things.

He reached his room and found Zell asleep in their bed. With quick and simple ease he made food and left a plate in the fridge for him. After showering, Squall dressed and grabbed a peach from the fruit boll, tucking it into his pocket on the way out.

Before he allowed the others to see him, he waited and listened to their conversation. Squall leaned against the potted tree in the Quad’s courtyard and bit into his peach, tearing the skin as he pulled away. One of the men, he barely recognized him as one of the visitors from earlier, flipped a switch on a small black box next to him and a song came on softly to drown out the white noise. He turned back to the man he had been talking to and motioned that he should continue.

“So, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this bitch, as far as he knows, and here I am taking him everytime he speaks! Heh, no wonder he’s so quiet now. Pretty soon, I’ll have that chicken kid licking my boots, too.” undoubtedly Seifer’s voice. Squall waited for his entrance cue.

~This is my answer to everything.
This is my answer to everything.
None are made before their time.~

“So how many years ago was that?” his ‘friend’ replied with amused interest.

“Since The Garden first opened I’ve been here. He came here a few months after Cid sent out word to start gathering orphans.”

“What are you gonna do if he does pass the exam tomorrow?”

“He won’t… trust me. Anyhow, he’ll be lucky if he can walk after what I’m gonna do to him tonigh-“ Seifer let his voice die when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Squall walked up by his side and smiled genuinely before plopping down in Seifer’s lap and continuing to eat his peach. He leaned his head against Seifer’s shoulder and felt him tense at this unexpected attitude.

“You want something, Pet?” Seifer stroked Squall’s hair as he admired the boy before him. His friend looked on with wide eyes, knowing what had gone on earlier to Squall.

~Now you know this could never be justified.
Now you know I could never be satisfied.
Now you know you can’t love me if I can hide.
Now you know that this little child is terrified.~

Reaching up slowly, he offered the blonde a clean bite from the fruit that dripped down his scarred wrist. After cautiously checking it for a trick, Seifer took it. When it was finished and the pit was thrown over the side, he turned around and straddled his master’s legs, inserting his sticky fingers one by one into Seifer’s mouth, he finally whispered, “Only you, koi…”

Choking and shuddering some, Seifer looked to each side before grabbing Squall and running off towards the dorms. The man was left on his own to stare at the empty space. He had been taken by Seifer at least once and couldn’t remember enjoying the experience at all. How could Squall possibly stand that after what they had done to him only hours ago? He must be inhuman… or a masochist.

~This is my place to hide from everything.
This is my place and time for everything.
None are made before their time.~

Frantically tugging at Squall’s clothes, Seifer straddled him on the bed. Lost buttons and torn zippers later, Squall’s hands were being cuffed together at the headboard. Seifer froze just before tearing into his bent over body. “Wait, this is just too easy. Tell me why, unless you’re trying to trick me, that is. What’s going on here, Pet?”

Squall looked back confused, “Well… This will probably be our last night together, so I thought I’d be selfish and spend it all with you.” He eyed his position sarcastically, “…Or you might say, spend it all under you.”

“No, no, no. You’re trying to get something; distract me from something, maybe…” With a thoughtful expression, Seifer sat back and placed a finger on his chin. He began tapping it very slowly, completely ignoring what was in front of him. “…Could it be you are trying to save Zell from further pain before tomorrow? No, he’s already going to be limping a little. Hmmm, trying to suck up from better grades? No, you don’t need any help there… You… figured I would take you anyhow and finally learned it’s just easier to be willing?”

This could take awhile… Squall interrupted. “I just couldn’t possibly be telling the truth? I had actually hoped that you wouldn’t hurt me tonight. It made me jealous when you did that for Zell, and I know it was me who asked you to but… I never thought… I mean, you never did anything like that to me. I always felt like a helpless animal. It always hurt. Just once I thought…”

~Now you know this could never be justified.
Now you know I could never be satisfied.
Now you know you can’t love me if I can hide.
Now you know that this little child is terrified.~

Seifer quirked an eyebrow, “Hmm? Didn’t hear you at all just then, I was completely lost in thought, but I think I figured it out.”

Squall sweatdropped.

“You were just jealous of Zell, right? I made it seem like I actually cared. Heh, guess I out did myself to convince him. You know the only reason I did it was because you asked me to. The reason I lost control was because I was jealous. You give up everything to keep him safe, but I have to use violence if I even want to spend time with you.” Seifer sighed and rested a hand on Squall’s back.

He looked up confused and slightly startled. “Sorry, what was that? I was concentrating on picking the lock in these handcuffs. Everything below my wrists is turning numb.”

“Hey, just wanna do this like normal people?” Seifer unlocked the handcuffs and pulled Squall into his lap.

“You would treat me like a real lover? Wow, wonder what that’s like…”

“I’ll be happy to-“

The intercom broke in and they both jumped. “Sorry to wake everyone, but this is Cid. I have some important information that will affect tomorrow’s exam. I need Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, and Seifer Almasy to please come to my office immediately. If any of you are late, I’m sending the Disciplinary Committee after you.”

“CONFIRMED.” Fujin’s voice came in from the background.

Squall groaned and started to get up, but Seifer caught his arm. “They’re under my control, I can make them wait until morning…”

He shook his head. “No, we can wait, this sounds important. I’ll get Zell.” He looked down and realized how painful it would be to wear his pants.

“Umm… what do we do about…”

Laughing, Seifer got up and collected his clothes. “Nobody will see us in the hallways, it’s too late. And Cid won’t care, he’s done worse to the whole Committee.”

Squall’s green-blue eyes went really wide and it was a little easier for him to walk. In fact, it made him want to crawl… under the bed and hide. He left the room and got Zell up.

“What was that you were saying about an empty hallway?” They stepped out into a knot of people, most of which noticed they’re ‘problem’.

“Jesus, it’s more crowded out here than during the day. You’d think more people were heavy sleepers.”

Zell was shuffling in front of Squall, who was shuffling in front of Seifer, who was pushing his way forward in front of a disturbingly familiar girl with obnoxious flippy hair and a yellow dress. The mass surged toward the center with an unexpected jolt. Suddenly, all of them were in a crowded elevator going up very slowly. Zell half-turned his head back to whisper to Squall, “I hope that’s only your gunblade digging into my thigh.”

A bright blush spread over his face. He didn’t even have to lean forward or whisper, but he did both. “It’s a tightly packed metal box, Zell, how many people do think just heard you? And at least you don’t have the Dollet Comm Tower rubbing into your hip.”

Seifer blushed now, and replied without bothering to whisper. “You’re the one who said not to wait. We could’ve taken care of this problem and been there in a few hours.”

“Is it just me, or are these things smaller than the showers?” Zell wondered aloud, trying to change the topic.

“Yeah, but a lot harder to clean up, right Squall?” Seifer nudged him and chuckled causally.

Squall really wanted to die, and looking around, he saw half the males had nosebleeds, so he wanted to die even more. Zell had a pained look in his eyes as he tried to not make it noticeable that the door now had a dent in it. Squall swallowed hard and looked down. “I’m surprised all the blood came off the carpet.”

“It didn’t, you’re just standing in a particularly large patch of it.”

“Ah… and what about the walls and ceiling?” Almost everyone gulped and looked up.

“I’m pretty sure it spread evenly.”

The door dinged and slid open. The knot moved slowly out, and as they passed by the door Squall pointed to half of a handprint marked in dried blood. “They missed some.”

“Well that’s pretty good for a week later.” Seifer nodded, but all the human beings in the herd paled.

“Do you think that’s your handprint or mine? I think it’s too big for my hand.”

“Nope, it’s yours. The skin just dragged a little so it looks bigger. My hands were soaked, but you had most of your glove on.”

~It’s glorified,
It’s sanctified, in you, for you.
It’s purified, I walk inside
The truth, the truth.~

The hallway was silent after that. It was only broken when the door beeped and opened. Zell started backpedaling and ran into Squall. “I… the last time… Cid, the Disciplinary Committee…”

“It’s ok… I think.” Squall pushed him into the office, but never let go of his arm. A frightening tone appeared in Seifer’s voice. “It’s alright, boys, I’m here…”

Squall leaned back against the hardness in Seifer’s pants, which had grown larger since they entered, and held his free hand out next to him for Seifer to take it. “Please protect us. We’re yours.”

His look matched his tone and he didn’t take the offered hand. Squall pulled away and stood up strait like he’d been trained. Seeing the professional stance, Zell copied it, but whispered to him, “It’s going to hurt isn’t it?”

Nodding, Squall snapped to attention when Cid finally rose from his desk and paperwork.

“It looks like we’ve found a way to junction humans as GF’s, and you three seem to be our best test subjects.”

“What? You’re going to treat us like rats? How is a human even supposed to compare with a GF’s power?” Zell blurted and received the death glare.

“With the best weapons and right training, a human can be much more powerful than a GF. You see it wouldn’t simply be a normal attack, but a limit break. In summoning the GF, you would also cast Aura on them, and the result is a much more powerful weapon that can be healed in battle.”

“Would you be summoning someone from your party or from a separate junction?” Seifer asked seriously.

“Ah, you get to decide. Even if you junction someone in your party, they can still fight when they’re not being summoned, and are defending both of you while you’re working.”

“While you’re working? What do you mean? It’s just like casting magic, right?” Seifer wasn’t the only one being sickeningly serious; Squall was just as eager. “No… it’s a little different than magic, although some might disagree, and that’s why I’ve picked all of you.”

“What about memory space?”

“Takes less than half of a GF’s, and it only applies if you’re summoning someone from beyond your party. Now, let me run you through a tutorial on junctioning, followed right after by one on summoning.” He punched in a few buttons on a nearby panel and the tutorial faded in around them.

~Now you know this could never be justified.
Now you know I could never be satisfied.
Now you know you can’t love me if I can hide.
Now you know that this little child is terrified.~

“Junctioning a human being is completely different from junctioning a GF.” It droned, “In fact, it’s a very intimate act, and could be easily mistaken for intercourse.” All eyes went to the screen. It showed a device that was shaped in such a similar way to the contents of the bulge in their pants, that it could have come strait out of Seifer’s chest of toys.

The metal object rotated for a view of every angle and showed how it attached to the front of the belt. The entire object was inserted into the person’s anus and connected to the junctioner with coated wires, and when junctioning a non-party member, the device had a remote system that could transport that person to the selected fight. Not more than one could be junctioned into a person, but there was no limit to how many someone could summon. Before the battle starts, each party member is given an open window to choose which person to junction it into, and the thing is inserted at that point or sooner. During the battle, if the device is not active, but present, it will simply remain still; but if a person is junctioned, the device will vibrate softly. Any questions were to be directed to the headmaster. End of tutorial.

The lights came back up and Cid took out a wooden box. He opened it to reveal the very first models of the Netu.s. “If you would, lower your pants and lean over the desk.”

Zell and Squall obeyed, but Seifer rested against the wall to watch. Cid motioned for him to join them, and had to use several different signals for him to comply. He bent over next to Squall. “Nice leashes, eh?” His voice cracked a little when Cid put the cold metal quickly into him with no sympathy. He repeated this action to the other two, and watched them all squirm.

“Hmm, it’s been a few days since you were last in this position, Seifer, feel any better with your underlings here?” Cid patted his back, making him jump. “I…” Seifer bit his tongue to keep from getting himself into trouble. “No, sir, it makes me feel more vulnerable because I have to watch over them like children.”

“What a sick analogy. You make it sound like you’re as big a pedaphile as he is.” Zell whispered.

Cid furrowed his brow and tilted inward between Squall and Zell. Without a word he forced the Netu.s’ completely inside of both boys. They whimpered. Seifer could feel his shoulders tensing with stress. He would be next… it was horribly frightening to think that this large-hearted old man had a side personality that would use his power and position for perverted and sick purposes.

With one hand Cid pushed lightly at the silver end in Seifer and pulled him up for a kiss with the other. It was so against Seifer’s nature to be submissive in any situation that he couldn’t help but resist and try to pull away. Cid made a fierce jab with his hand, delighted when a salty streak graced Seifer’s cheek.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like me anymore? Why, just yesterday you were groveling for the chance to… oh, I see. You only let me touch you when you want something. Looks like I’ve taught you well.” Cid dropped his arms from around Seifer and backhanded him. “Fucking prick! That’s all you’ll ever be used for… but at least you’re -“

“I belong to you! That’s it! I’m not yours because I’ll never have more than hate for you!” Seifer turned to Squall for a moment; “Sorry for stealing your line, but it’s a damn good one.”

What did that matter? Did anyone else realize what this meant? Seifer was treating them in such a cruel manner because it was feedback from how Cid had treated him the whole time at The Garden. Squall sighed and shook his head. “I’d like to get on with this, we need sleep for tomorrow’s exam.”

It was silent again. Cid turned away from Seifer to Squall. “Yes, I suppose I should show you how to summon, shouldn’t I?” He pressed the same set of buttons and another tutorial came up. “It only gets better from here…”

“To summon another human that has been junctioned to you, one must actually sodomize the intended.” Zell paled, and looked at Seifer and Cid for a moment, then quickly turned back to stare at the empty desk. “Instead of building to a climax, one would be building to the attack. Present example, now.”

Without warning, Seifer came up behind Squall and yanked out the Netu.s. Moving as if controlled by an unseen force, he twisted one leg around Squall’s and forced himself into the space.

Since Squall was putting up defense, and Seifer’s eyes were pretty much glazed over and blank as he pumped into the other, Zell was the only one to see Cid push another button and release two Bloodsouls into the room. They approached slowly, and just as they were about to attack, Squall’s eyes rolled back and went dark. His inanimate body dragged itself to hang between the enemies and his hands shot out and broke their spines with very loud SNAP. If he had chosen to bring his Gunblade the outcome might have been less brutal, but empty-handed, the attack was registered as ‘Talk To A Wall’.

The limp form returned to rest against Seifer until he replaced the Netu.s. Mere moments later, they both resumed normal behavior. Cid began to applaud.

~Now you know.~

“Squall…Squall, get up!” Zell shook his arm very gently; no response. “Wake up! The SeeD Exam, remember?”

His eyes opened and he shot strait up in bed, fully awake. “How long have I been sleeping?”

What an odd question, didn’t he remember? Oh shit… What if he didn’t…? “Since last night in Cid’s office. After your limit break, you said ‘I’ll never be able to escape him now…’ and just sorta passed out.” He paused and looked up to see what he was most afraid of. “You remember all of that, don’t you?” “Only-“

Seifer stalked in with a tired look. “…Up to the point when I removed the Netu.s, right?”

Casting his eyes down, Squall nodded.

“Same here. I…” Seifer was gripping for almost any words he could find. “I’m sorry for anything that happened. I’m sure that if you wanted to know, Zell was there the whole time. I wouldn’t suggest asking Cid, and if you are ever called to his office, don’t go alone or with me. Y-you won’t say something about the way I acted, will you? It would leave a really big scar on my reputation.” He slumped in the doorframe clutching his head. Without glancing back, he got up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later water was running.

“Nothing happened.” Zell said, changed, and left the room.

“Right…” Shrugging, Squall stretched and began to get dressed.

“Oh, and don’t forget!” Popping his head in the door, Zell displayed a really fake smile and pointed to the open wooden box on the dresser, then disappeared again.

One eyebrow pointed upward, Squall lifted the Netu.s in his hand and weighed it carefully. It could wait, the exam couldn’t. He put it with the rest of his items and ran for the front lobby.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, all the students within sight of him cast knowing looks. One girl stopped to talk to him before running past like the others. “Are you C-R-A-V-I-N-G someone?” She said then giggled and dashed.

That had to be the last thing he needed. Slipping in nearly invisible headphones, Squall cranked the volume and jogged the rest of the way.

~How does it feel to treat me like you do,
When you lay you hands upon me
And tell me who you are.~

When Blue Monday came blaring into his ears Squall almost fell into the manmade river that circled the center column. Must have been one of Zell’s CD’s. It was too bad he left all of his in the room, but he could deal with it… In a way, it reminded him so much of Seifer…

“Ah! Squall, over here!” Quistis called out and waved.

Yeaugh, how unendingly obnoxious! Squall trotted his way over anyway, hiding the earphones when her back was turned. “…”

“Let’s see, you’re squad partner will be…Zell Dincht. Quite a lively fellow.”

“Lively? He’s just loud. Can’t I switch members?” v“I’m sorry no changes can be made.”

Damn, now how was he going to avoid talking to Zell? Squall had absolutely no desire to find out what happened the night before, and Zell was gonna tell him anyway.

After Quistis called Zell, he finished his exercise with a few backhand springs, landing perfectly and gave a smile as he saw Squall. “Whoa! I’m with you!?” He wiped his sweaty palm over the leg of his pants and offered it to him in a casual way.

My God! I knew he was athletic, but never that flexible! Squall was too afraid to move for fear that every drop of his blood would exit his nostril at once. His mind was reeling with the possibilities of Zell’s body movements.

Noticing the blank and distant look, along with the tiny bit of dribble at the corner of Squall’s mouth, Zell took his hand away thinking he would probably get slobbered on otherwise. The movement seemed to snap Squall back to reality. He changed the subject. “You don’t get along well with Seifer, do you?”

Squall snorted and didn’t even bother to reply. “…”

“Heard he whooped you pretty bad yesterday.” It was Zell’s own quiet way of asking if he was all right since they hadn’t had the chance to speak about it yet.

Quistis gave a strange look to both of them, wondering what she was missing within the conversation to make her so confused.

Finally, Squall understood that no one knew they had met before. It wasn’t known widely yet that Zell had been taken, seeing as it had only been yesterday. “We weren’t fighting. We were training.”

Zell nudged his arm and winked, “I bet you he doesn’t think so.”

This drew a shudder from the taller boy.

~I thought I was mistaken.
I thought I heard your words.
Tell me how do I feel?
Tell me now how do I feel?~

“Look, Seifer’s just being a pain in the ass. All you have to do is ignore him.” Zell tried to make up his slip.

“That’s none of your-“

“-Business!” Quistis finished for him. Sometimes she could be really annoying as Hell. “That Seifer you’re talking about… He’s your Squad Leader.”

His plan of protecting and helping Squall were dashed upon Centra’s shores at those words. Zell screamed, “SAY WHAT?”

“It can’t be changed. Seifer, are you here?”

Quistis’s voice echoed through the hallway, causing several people to stop and look at the source. Three bodies moved out from the crowd, one was blonde, one had gray hair, and the other flanking Seifer had black. They formed a slight curve facing the pets so they had no chance of making it past the entry gates. Squall rolled his eyes and held his arms about his body protectively. Fujin and Raijin tagging along as usual… Guess that makes up the whole Disciplinary Committee. He held himself tighter.

Placing a false, but professional smile across her lips, Quistis turned to the boy in the gray trench coat. “You’re the Squad Leader. Good luck to you.”

“…Instructor. I hate it when people wish me luck. Save those words for a bad student who needs them, eh?” Seifer’s gave slid to Zell.

“Ok then. Good luck, Seifer.” Quistis broke her professionalism with a smirk that matched, if not overcame, his.

He shook for a moment with rage before flinging an arm back at Fujin. “Add Instructor Trepe to the list…”

A flicker of concern passed through Squall. The list…? What is it? Squall was lucky for his imagination, because he got to miss out Quistis’s generic speech on teamwork. However, he didn’t miss Seifer’s edging towards his at a pace that would have made a snail laugh.

“Listen up! Teamwork means staying out of my way! It’s a Squad B rule. Don’t forget it!” Seifer no doubt would have gone into a more humiliating speech if the Headmaster hadn’t been approaching. He quickly dropped his arms from around his pets’ waists and looked at the floor. Squall hadn’t even noticed it, used to the tall man’s touch by now, but Zell on the other hand…

“Everyone here? Blah, blah…Blah, blah, blah.” Squall shook his head trying to pay attention to Cid. “…And obey the SeeD accompanying you.” The headmaster finished, with very few still listening.

They nodded and headed for the parking lot.

~How does it feel to treat me like you do?
Tell me how does it feel, to treat me like you do?~

Quistis drove, leaving the pets alone with their master, who had been looking unusually sullen since Cid had slapped his ass on the way out. Seifer’s eyes were clouded and barely open as he stared at his hands folded in the space between his sprawled legs. The change in character made both boys consider that Seifer might have schizophrenia.

“I…” Their master began, but set his face tougher and changed the unspoken topic. “Did you remember you Netu.s’?”

“Yeah, you?” Zell made an attempt with a suddenly down tone.

Seifer nodded and looked next to him where Squall sat next to him, slumped in close to the same position his body was. He reached over and put a non-threatening hand on the brunette’s thigh. After staring at the accepted gesture for a few moments, Seifer looked up and met burning blue-green daggers being stared at him.

“Something you want?” Squall took out an earphone at glared seriously at Seifer. He mimicked the motion inside when Seifer’s face flinched.

“Yeah…” Swallowing his regretful side, Seifer slid his shaking hand down to Squall’s knee and looked away. “You two be… careful…ok?” He patted the shorter candidate twice in friendly gesture before leaning back and absorbing the ceiling.

Squall was a mess inside, and just concentrated the exact opposite of where Seifer was looking. What had that been all about? It wasn’t like Seifer to suddenly get mushy on them like that. But there were two things that might have contributed to this factor…they were alone and about to encounter a very dangerous and influential test. There had never been a time when Seifer had let any serious threat near him. There was even that time in the training center when he was hurt… Damn GF’s, now the memory was just a cloud passing through his mind.

“Yo, Squall. Show me your Gunblade, will ya?” Zell nudged him tenderly in the arm.

“…” Lost in his thoughts, Squall didn’t even hear the blonde.

“Come on, man!”


“I’ll show you my ‘Gunblade’, Chicken-Wuss.” Seifer chuckled, making a tugging motion above his groin. He looked up at the sudden change in his master’s behavior and found no hint of softness, but only the met undressing eyes. About to make a quip about Cid being the one to teach him to use his Gunblade, the harshness wavered to weariness for a moment, as if warning him that a wall was being put between Seifer and the world. He turned back to his non-schizophrenic friend and let the blonde’s comment go.

“Tch, fine! Why you being so selfish? Scroooooooooge!”


“Say something will ya?! W-what’s on your mind?”

“Yeah, Squall. What IS on your mind, eh?” Seifer sneered, jabbing him with an elbow.


Unable to take the thick tension settling in, The tattooed blonde rose and started throwing punches just above Seifer’s head.

“Stop that…It’s annoying… Chicken-Wuss.”

“What did you call me?” Zell ceased his throws long enough to shoot Seifer a bird.

“Knock it off!” The instructor’s blonde head peered around the corner and scowled.

“Instructor… Who was that girl in the infirmary this morning?” Squall’s voice interrupted the squabble. She had been so familiar, it struck him in a deep way. As if I child could tell their mother’s voice from a swarming crowd.

“Was someone there? I didn’t notice anybody. Is there a problem?” Shaking her head she turned back to concentrating on driving.

Zell rolled his eyes. He had seen the girl there, but no one, save Squall, had seen him. People at the Garden were SOOOOOO observant…

“No… not really…”

“This is great… I have a Chicken-Wuss and a guy who just reached puberty in my squad…” Seifer scoffed, still looking at the ceiling.

Once again, Zell rose to flick him off.

“If I reached puberty a little late it would only be your fault, Seifer.” Squall laughed and climbed out, immediately stricken with the sight of their carrier. It was a newer model, but still the same, of the boat that had taken him across the seas to Balamb. If only he could remember where it was he had been taken from…

~Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations.
From the past until completion,
They’ll turn away no more.~

“So that’s the vessel?” Squall pointed a shaking finger to the harbor.

Showing one of his sincerest smiles, Seifer turned and embraced Squall, “Ain’t no turning back now, huh? You scared, too?” He broke away and headed for the boat. vSquall was left paralyzed. Whenever Seifer showed him any kind of affection it always threw him, but having this much in one day was terrifying.

“Hey! You guys are the last! Hurry up and get in!” Called a random Garden faculty member.

“Don’t disappoint me now.” Seifer catcalled over his shoulder.

“Come on, move it! Hurry Squall!” Quistis practically pushed him into the boat and closed it up. Did she always act like Zell in a high-stress situation?

Making something like a “oomph!” sound, Squall landed right across his upperclassman’s lap. He looked up cautiously at Seifer, who pulled him up into another tight hug.

“Uh...Seifer? You do know Squall’s not a teddy bear, right? Did you hit your head in the car? I mean, the roof was awfully low…”

“Shut up, Chicken-Wuss. Anyhow, he is so! Have you ever seen him in a teddy?” Seifer whistled and smacked Squall’s ass.

“Hey! You may not wanna pass, but I’m sure they do! How many times has it been now, Seifer?” Xu emerged from the shadows.

“Oh, I just love these exam, Xu.”

“Now, getting on to business…” She walked up to a screen and began explaining their mission. Many minutes of boredom later she finished and everyone was half-asleep, except for Squall who was dodging Seifer’s amorous hands.

“Sounds important.” Zell yawned, not even looking up.

“Sounds boring. So what do we do?” Seifer made another grab for the front of Squall’s pants, which he dodged, but only by leaning into Seifer more.

Xu explained their part with even less enthusiasm than before, leaving everyone even more lethargic. Even Quistis had calmed down enough to look like a normal person again.

“So what you’re saying is, we do all the little, dirty work…” Another grab for Squall’s waist, this time successful, and as Seifer mentioned the word “dirty” he ground his hips up into the brunette’s.

“…Oh it hardly needs to be said, but… The order to withdraw takes priority. Do not forget. We’re almost there, and anticipate a battle as soon as we disembark. Just be prepared. That’s all, any questions, talk to Quistis.” With that, Xu finally returned to whatever shadows she had emerged from.

“Oh that’s too bad…” Seifer mock pouted, “What if I don’t want to withdraw? I like it in here.” He smirked and bounced a less-than-happy Squall in his lap.

Zell rolled his eyes, “What a pervert.”

“We’ll be landing pretty soon, be ready.” Working back to her teacher mode, Quistis was ignoring Seifer’s antics.

“Alright.” With great skill and patience, Squall freed himself from Seifer once again and sat down across the aisle.


“Yeah, yeah… Well then, Squall.” Seifer reached for his close companion, forcing him to stand in order to stay away. “Go see what’s going on outside.”


“Good. Because it’s MY order.” He managed to get one more pop in as Squall scooted by.

“You’re really getting off on this leader thing, huh?” The shorter blonde murmured as he watched Squall disappear up the hatch.

“Yup, and you can help…”

After a few moments, Squall came tumbling back down the ladder, landing back in Seifer’s lap, as the vessel launched itself over a ramp and onto the beach.

“Let’s move out!”

~And still I find it so hard
To say what I need to say.
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today.~

So they waited by the fountain, looking for trouble and trying not to disobey orders. But some were not content to just sit and rest…

“Well then, we’re on standby till the enemy comes. Standby… How boring…” Seifer leaned against a black iron table and swung his gunblade dramatically.

Shots and gunfire began sounding louder in the unseen distance. “Sounds like it’s starting.” Still baffled by Seifer’s constant switches, Squall was more interested on his next move.

“Bring it on!” his angry yell echoed the abandoned streets. Seifer turned his anger towards a dog and swung aimlessly at it with his weapon. “Get out of here! Scram!” Once the dog obeyed and retreated, he refocused on the emptiness. “Hey! Galbadian soldiers! What are you waiting for? Come show me what you got!”

“They can’t hear you, they’re probably doing something important… like fighting.” Zell mumbled.

“You wanna do something important? Hold still while I-“

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Then what did you mean?” Squall asked blandly from his seat on the edge of the fountain.

“So you’re on his side now?” Fuming, Zell began his stress exercise.

“I didn’t say that…”

“You all but did. What are you thinking about, Pet?” He put a comforting arm across Squall’s shoulders and nibbled on the edge of his ear.

Leaning into the warmth of Seifer’s body heat, the other sighed and relaxed. “…Nothing.”

“Still keeping us waiting…? That’s it…! I can’t take it anymore!” Seifer stood, letting an off-guard Squall fall over and roll to the ground, and kicked at the returning dog. “What is this? Some kind of dog training?”

The creature howled in response and brought their attention to the upcoming footsteps.

“It’s the enemy…” Seifer whispered under his breath, kneeling next to Squall.

Three men in soldier’s uniforms crept across the square opposite from the boys.

“Where the Hell they goin’? Hey? What’s that up there?” A gloved finger indicated the silhouette of a satellite tower at the top of an overlooking mountain.

“Our next destination.”

“But that’s against orders!”

“Weren’t you just saying how bored you were?” The captain pointed out.

“Squall!” Zell pleaded.

“I stand by the captain’s decision.”

“…Captain’s decision? You wanna wreak some havoc, too, do you?” Seifer slung an arm around Squall’s waist and pulled him close.

Rolling his eyes and looking into blue ones, Squall added as much sarcasm to his voice as he could manage at that point. “It’s a good opportunity to test out my training. Thanks to you, I feel I can take on anyone. Even if they do fight dirty like you.”

“Dirty, eh?” The blonde’s eyes lit up. “You’ll thank me when the time comes.”

Zell stepped back from the scene in astonishment. “What the Hell… I thought you guys didn’t get along? You’re like all buddy-buddy now.”

“You know what they say: ‘Friends are forever, but buddies sleep together’.” Seifer nuzzled the younger boy’s neck gently.

“You can’t tell me that you’re enjoying that, Squall?”

He shrugged, “It could be worse, I pictured he would try something like screwing me up against the wall while nothing was happening.” vSeifer looked up for a moment. “I considered it, but I don’t wanna risk taking that thing out of you again.”

A shiver ran up everyone’s spine.

“Listen. This is no ordinary battle. It’s an exam, an important one. I’m tellin’ ya, we have to stick to orders.”

“Then you stay here. I don’t need any boy scouts.”

Zell’s reaction was his usual shaking. “What was that?!”

“Don’t take him seriously, Zell. Seifer, if we’re gonna go, let’s hurry.”

“The enemy is headed for the facility. We, Squad B, are to secure the summit. Move out!” Instructed the captain.


With a sigh of resignation, Zell slumped his shoulders and agreed. “Tch… Fine.”

As they began to walk away, Seifer stopped, letting the others run into his back. “I…”

“What is it?” Zell asked, looking over to him.

“I just…need to tell you both something.”

Squall arched an eyebrow; “You have a terminal disease and only have the rest of tonight to live so you’re blowing the exam on purpose, taking the rest of us with you?”

“No…Look, whatever. Nevermind.”

“You stole my line again!” He huffed in return and strode past him.

“I think you’re both starting to freak out.” Zell followed the brunette.

Soon a dying soldier invaded their tracks at the beginning of a set of stairs and informed them of the abundance of monsters breeding in the area, before being ironically pulled away and eaten by one.

“Monsters, eh?” Squall said to the fresh carcasses that held the man’s remains.

“That sucks.”

Seifer laughed and ran ahead for new kills. “More fun for us. Come on…”

“Fun? Pu-lease…” Zell whined.

Upon reaching the top, the candidates laid their bodies next to their captain’s and listened in on the soldiers speaking at the door below them.

“Repairs?” Brushing himself off and standing with the others, Squall looked to Seifer.

“Who cares. This must be your first real battle. You scared?”

“…I don’t know. I try not to think about it.”

Seifer spread his arms out and twirled like a child in their first snowfall. “I love battles. I fear nothing. The way I look at it, as long as you make it out of battle alive, you’re one step closer to fulfilling your dream.”

Squall stepped back playfully as Seifer reached for him, but froze at one word. “What?! Your dream?” Never had his master mentioned anything like this before, and he was desperately afraid of the answer, but he didn’t know why.

His beautiful face fell into a frown and he dropped his arms. “You have one too, don’t you?”

“…Sorry, but I’m gonna pass on that subject.” Because he didn’t have one. It was his dream to stay as he was, maybe become a SeeD, but ultimately never to leave Seifer’s side or bed. Squall was far too ashamed and embarrassed to admit it. Maybe someday.

Zell bounced over. “Yo! Let me in on it, too!”

“Mind your own business.” Seifer shoved him out of the way as he went to stand on the edge of the cliff.

“Frickin’ Hell…” He fluffed up to his master and began hitting the air in front of him again.

“What’s the matter, Zell? Swatting flies?”

“Damn you…”

“There you are!” A cheerful voice interrupted the rest of Zell’s curse and a familiar young girl with familiar flippy hair tumbled down a pile of rubble and introduced herself as Selphie. She was looking for their captain, who had taken the opportunity of averted attention and run down to the tower’s door. Before he charged the steal and guards, Seifer turned and waved to his pets. “One of these days, I’m gonna tell ya about my ROMANTIC dream!”

Selphie sighed and chased after him, soon followed by the remaining candidates.

~I see a ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey,
But if it wasn’t for your misfortune
I’d be a heavenly person today.~

Seifer reached the beach along with a knot of different squads all rushing for their vessels. He immediately recognized his and ran inside, flopping down on the narrow seats. The soft clicking of heals on metal forced him to open his eyes and look at Quistis.

“Where are the others?” She glared.

“Right behind me. I cleared the whole path down here for them. I’m surprised I don’t hear them now.”

“You just LEFT them? How could you be so insensitive, Seifer? What if they’re in trouble?”

“I’m sure they’re fine. I raised Squall well.”

“Is that how you think of it? As ‘tough love’? That’s sick.”

He shrugged and closed his eyes again. Quistis huffed and went to sit on the weaponry platform to watch for signs of the last to come.

~I thought I was mistaken.
I thought I heard you speak.
Tell me, how do I feel?
Tell me, now how do I feel?~

One attack after another and still the mechanical beast would not fall. It was pushing them closer and closer to the beach, but Squall still had doubts over their future existence. All of his GF’s were out of HP and the inventory was clean of medical supplies of any kind. Zell and Selphie each had a GF going with more hitpoints then everyone put together. The last option was a hard one, and Squall would rather crawl on his belly, begging for mercy, hoping that the metal spider could understand instead of using the Netu.s. Since Zell still had his GF, it meant Seifer would be summoned and… Squall swallowed hard and took another Ray Bomb from the thing.

Thirty HP left, his limit break not being very effective, and no options left. Squall began summoning his master. A transparent figure appeared before him with a vaguely confused look and a fresh scar across his face. “I’m so sorry, Seifer. I don’t want to die.” The figure solidified and Squall took him in his arms, carefully reaching down to Seifer’s sides.

Holding Hyperion before him, the blonde cast a thick shield of magic in front of him, partially obscuring his scantily clad form. Summoning had changed his appearance greatly. Though still equipped with his Gunblade, Seifer now wore a layer of golden scales over the majority of his groin, which draped graciously down his legs and melted into the dermis as armor. However, the rest of his body was left exposed, and his large muscles, normally kept hidden, were there for the fighters to see. His hair rose and joined in thick horns spiraling behind his head. The fingers that gripped Hyperion didn’t end in blunt tips, but long blackened talons. Seifer was even more beautiful.

There were no sounds from either but their heavy breathing as Squall penetrated Seifer’s new body and lost his consciousness to the forces he was calling on.

Zell could only look on with awe before the couple moaned in unison and continued to move together as if they’d never been separated. “Christ…That’s inhuman.”

“Umm… Is that Seifer?” Selphie asked, looking sick. The aforementioned boy opened blank eyes and floated forward to the machine. Stabbing his Gunblade into main piece of it, he sent a surge of dark purple, blue, and black along the engraved blade. The X-ATMO92 was reduced to zero hitpoints. Seifer wearily trudged to his summoner and soon disappeared. The attack would later be registered as Dark Knight.

~Now I stand here waiting…
I thought I told to leave me,
While I walked down to the beach.~

Their legs couldn’t run fast enough to reach safety unpursued. Selphie and Zell made the jump onto the sand with no problem, but Squall’s body was thrown over the edge. He stumbled, but regained his footing and a full-force run for the last leaving boat. The tattooed blonde beckoned him with urgent calling and motions, but it did nothing to slow the chasing metal spider. Quistis emptied the few bullets present into the seared, already damaged front. One wild leap barely connected Squall with the vessel, where Zell helped him climb out of the water before the entrance finished closing. He looked over his shoulder and saw an explosion signaling the execution of his threat. Warm arms captivated his from behind and he stiffened, immediately knowing whom it was. Then one arm left for a moment and Zell was shoved up next to him. His fellow pet looked just as clueless as he was and they turned to see Seifer nearly in tears bracing himself on their shoulders. “A-Are you okay? Seifer? What’s wrong?”

“I was so worried. I should never have left you alone. It’s all my fault!” He half sobbed, half whispered.

“S-Seifer? What are you talking about…” Seifer smothered out his question into a deep kiss. The arm bracing his other pet pulled him in after the first breath. Moving his mouth between the two orifices, the blonde devoured them both at once.

“I’m sure you missed them for the whole twenty minutes you were apart, but you’ll have to wait until I grant you free time before you do that.” Quistis interrupted as their instructor.

Seifer broke away from them, leaving both swaying and feeling slightly dizzy. “Fine, Instructor.” He sat down again and set Squall on his right leg and Zell on his left. Pulling them close as he had before, Seifer held them like small children.

~Tell me, how does it feel
When your heart grows cold?
How does it feel?
How should I feel?
Tell me, how does it feel
To treat me like you do?~

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