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Squall's Imprisonment

+ Intermission from Plot +

-Part 3-

Lemonade Flashbacks

By The March Hare

“So you’re not angry with me?” Squall asked pensively.

“Why would I be? That’s what he gave them to us for, right? So why shouldn’t I have expected it to happen.” Seifer leaned against the wall and looked ahead of him. There was no expression in its normal place, but controlled anger stirred in his clenching and unclenching fists.

“But it was the first I ever… I mean, I’d never taken you before and…”

“Was I at least I good piece of ass? Tell me, did you enjoy it?” He whirled on the Squall giving his shoulders a good push to send the smaller boy back onto the bed. Moving to sit on his hips, he pinned him down and reached into the front of Squall’s pants. “Do you want more? Hmm? Let’s see how much Cid likes seeing someone other than him fuck me!”

“Stop it, Seifer! I needed you or else I was going to die! Do you want that?” As gently as he could, Squall removed the vice from his pants and used it to pull the blonde over him. “I don’t even remember what happened… but you looked…”

“I do. Actually, I can’t think of a time when I’ve so enjoyed someone inside of me.” Seifer said, calming down.

“Then why did you get so upset?”

“It’s a stupid reason. I’m sorry, let’s just find Zell and fuck or something until they announce the scores.” The blonde started to rise but was immobilized when Squall bear-hugged his back.

“No, you’re going to sit back down and tell me why, then we’ll go find Zell.”

“No…” he shrugged his arms out and Squall slid back down to the bed. “We’re going to find Zell, screw out each other’s brains, find out the scores, and I’ll tell you before the SeeD Ball tonight. Assuming there is one, of course.”

“Stubborn bitch.”

“You, my Pet, are MY bitch, and don’t forget it.”

“And didn’t you train her well?”

“I think it’s about time we checked up on that training of yours.”

“Where is Zell, anyway?”

Their eyes scanned the room, the adjoining ones, and the hallway, but their efforts returned fruitless. Further exploration ended them in the cafeteria wondering why the shortest of their group was begging for hotdogs. The looks and stance both Seifer and Squall projected scared away most of the students who saw either. Those who weren’t scared away were at the counter.

“Oh please! I get paid tomorrow and I swear by… those hotdogs! …That I’ll reimburse you then! We used up all our money on medical supplies!” Zell whined to an unsympathetic cook.

“Can I help you boys?” She asked, ignoring the one who most craved her attention.

“Nope, we just came to pick him up.”

“Thank God! Now take him away.”

Each took an arm and lifted the bouncy blonde off the floor. “Come on, Chicken-Wuss, we’ll give you something just as good.”

“Wait! No! I almost had them! I was so close!”

“If I didn’t know better, I would say you only liked their shape.” Squall laughed and shifted his weight.

“Right, but you both know better, so put me down and let me go try again.”

“I don’t think so.” By this time they had reached the hallway in front of the dorms.

“But!” Zell clutched the doorframe as they entered.

“No!” they said in unison and wrestled him inside.

“You can go bother that poor woman later, right now…” Trailing off in his sentence, Squall began undressing him to end the argument. Behind him, Seifer was working at the same pace to clear his body.

“You still owe me one from earlier… Feeling flexible?” Said blonde spread-eagled Squall over the mattress and ran his palm across the taught abdomen muscles tracing every line twice. He motioned for Zell to sit at the head of the bed while he took the end.

“Got SeeD?” Uselessly, Squall muffled his cry over Zell’s member as Seifer slid without effort into his hole. Arching his body into as much of backbend as he could manage, he forced both cocks farther inward, getting a moan in response from each.

A bead of sweat formed at the upper edge of Zell’s tattoo and ran down his face to land on Squall’s cheek far below him.

“Seifer, come back! It’s starting to rain! Matron will be angry!”

Squall stood high on the rocks halfway between the orphanage and the lighthouse. The sky held a menacing scowl of darkness and thunder, but it didn’t seem to slow the figure in front of him as it easily hopped from one rock to another away from the stone building.

Seeing that he had no other choice but to follow, he did so, but lost sight of the blue tanktop and white pants just after a particularly high rock. Squall ran faster and as he came to the same rock the light swung into his eyes, blinding him until the ground fell from beneath his feet.

Strong but small arms caught his body and carried him into pure pitch black and stone. Once inside, Seifer set him down on the ground and pulled off the baggy denim barely held up at his waist.

“What…? Seifer, what are you doing?”

“Be quiet! I just wanted to try something.” Thus saying he inserted his index finger into the spot between Squall’s legs.

“Ow! No, stop it! I’m gonna tell!” Squall tried to kick his way free, but Seifer used the little bit of his muscular advantage to keep his finger in its place.

“You’re not being very much fun. Hmm, I think I wanna… play with this.” Seifer grabbed Squall’s most tender flesh and pulled roughly. “Yeah. I think I’ll make this my new favorite game!”

Hiding his face with the bottom hem of his Charlie Brown shirt, Squall sobbed incoherently into it. “I want my sissssssss! I don’t like you anymore, Seifer, you’re really mean!”

“But… I don’t want you to not like me anymore, Squall. I’m sowwy… do you wanna try it?” He took his hands away and sat back so Squall could get up.

“I dun know, that really hurt. I don’t think you’d like it.” Sniffled Squall as he pulled up his jeans and buckled them.

“No! I wanna still be your friend, so I don’t care. Now go ahead and do it, ‘cause I like it however you touch me.”

“Umm, okay… I’ll try and see if it’s fun.” Squall untied the drawstring from Seifer’s pants and explored the new skin exposed. He finally got brave enough to push in a little bit of his finger to see what it was like to violate someone like he had been. The passage inside was warm and moist and tugged at his digit in a pleasant kind of way. “This… isn’t so bad. I guess you can do it to me again if you want. What’s this called anyway?”

“That’s okay, you said it hurt you, and that’s not nice, so don’t stop. I think this is how grown-ups play, but I don’t know what they call it.”

“Can I put more in? You feel nice.”

“…Okay, if that’s what you want.” Seifer took Squall’s wrist and moved it for him, going in a little, then coming back out again, while nudging himself against it. “Like that? Or more, still?”

“More, please…”

“Only if you do something else for me first.”

Squall looked up at his companion warily, “Like what?” Seizing both of his arms up, Seifer crawled back over him, stopping just above Squall’s face. “ I want you to kiss me…”

“How? I never kissed anyone but matron, and my mom and dad before.”

“L-like this!”

Zell groaned and pressed further down into the suckling heat. “Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh baby…”

Lost in his lucid dreaming, Squall wrapped his tongue fiercely around what was to him Seifer’s intruding tongue, and milked it farther into his mouth. A burst of bitterness accompanied by harder thrusts than a tongue was capable of brought him back to the bed in his room.

“Now, now, Chicken-Wuss, let’s be fair to everyone. Squall is deserving of some tightness, too.” Seifer paused in his own motions to remove Zell’s softening erection from Squall’s lips, holding just the tip there for every last drop to be consumed.

“Yummy… …Hey! I wasn’t done with that yet!” Squall pursed his lips and grabbed his pacifier back to devour it again. He gripped Zell’s hips tight enough to cause bruises and wouldn’t let them rise high enough to escape again.

“No, Squall, it’s your turn now.” Prying Squall’s fingers off, Zell moved down his body and knelt, facing Seifer, just over the other pet’s member. He supported most of his weight on Seifer’s neck and lowered the rest onto Squall.

Seifer became impatient and continued his thrusting as before, bouncing Zell through the wave of the movement. “Ohhh, Squall sandwich. I get the filling!”

“That’s not fair! I get seconds!”

“I told you it was the shape you were obsessed with.”

“I’ll make you pay for that, smart-ass!” Zell ground his hips down and ahead with each upward arch, forcing Seifer’s whole twelve inches deep into Squall. The room filled animalistic grunts, whimpers, and pain-filled screams.

“Seifer!!! Stop, it hurts again! I’m bleeding! Nooo…!”

“Shush now, little one. The pain is only temporary... And it has been so long since I was last covered in your blood… I suffered a whole day without being in you. Do you know the things I would go through for you just to know you’re not in danger?” Seifer withdrew a third and braced one hand on Squall’s sticky thigh, slowing their pace considerably, using the other hand to work Zell with a violent tempo.

“When I think of you two becoming SeeDs and leaving me for missions where you could possibly be hurt or killed… It rips me apart inside. So I return the favor.”

“H-huh? Squall? Why aren’t you in your bed?” Seifer sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

“I’m too afraid. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

He lifted up the edge of the blanket and nodded. “You know it’s only a storm. It can’t hurt you.”

“It reminds me of that scary lady with horns who hurt Matron.” Squall snuggled up close to him and rested his head on the tiny pillow touching nose to nose. Brushing a stray lock of dark hair away from the elegant features, Seifer planted a small kiss in its place. “I won’t let her hurt you, I promise.”

“What if she hurts you?”

“I still won’t let her touch you.”

“I still can’t sleep alone…” He whispering under his breath, every muscle within Squall tightened for his release. The torn muscles inside flicked over Seifer’s cock creating the sensation of butterflies hatching from their chrysalis and escaping through the choking tears falling down his beloved’s cheeks. Streams of light filled the fair boy’s body, creeping back down his legs in small rivulets where their cup runith over. The tears and blood soon thickened with the finishing additive, washing away the stains of their sin.

So rarely was his seed spilled, the force of the emotions embedded overwhelmed Squall’s consciousness and blanketed him in sweet oblivion.

“Yo, Squall, wake up! We’re not done yet, you’re forgetting desert!” Zell propped up Squall’s knees from his fainted position and arranged the brunette’s head to rest peacefully on the small pillow provided. He started mid-thigh and worked his way up each river, tasting all of Seifer’s cooling heat. At the same time, it put him in a perfect position for Seifer’s wandering tongue, picking up any trance of Squall he could find.

“Ah, you made an interesting mess all over his face. Should we leave it?”

“Well how would you feel if you woke up with blood down your legs and cum on your face?”

“What makes you think I haven’t experienced that abundantly?”

Zell cast an odd and horrified look at Seifer as his thoughts assembled and the image formed in his mind.


“That look is all too familiar, and yes Cid, but not just him. I guess I’m a good target. Everyone always tells me ‘You need to be taught a lesson, boy.’; then there’s a lot of dark alleys and nobody comes to save me.”

“Is that why you’re becoming a SeeD? So no one can mess with you?”

“Hardly, if Squall wanted to be a waiter for the rest of his life, we both know there would be no need for dishwashers.” Seifer got up and brought an extra blanket down from a shelf I his closet.

“I have an eerie feeling you’re right about that. G’night then.” “

I know.” Seifer nodded and clung to the unoccupied side of Squall’s body, falling instantly asleep.

“I can’t find sis.”

“Where did you look this time?” Matron turned around to see Squall standing in a large puddle, which grew as the salt water was wrung from the over-sized yellow shirt. He shook his brown hair furiously, sending water flying in all directions. “The beach? Oh dear… Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll tell you when lunch is ready.”

“Okay!” He ran off to the bathroom, unaware of his follower. Squall shut the door and turned back to the tub to see Seifer perching on the edge. “Eep! You scared me! What are you doing?”

The taller boy was staring at his bare feet, swinging them pointlessly. “I have to go away. They said I was bad for fighting with you.” Seifer looked up with sad eyes, “I don’t wanna leave, Squall. I wanna stay here with you. Who else is gonna play with me?”

“Where are you going? Can I come, too?”

“No, I asked that. They said you weren’t old enough.”

He let out a high-pitched wail that undoubtedly disturbed every nesting chocobo on the continent and rushed Seifer, knocking them both into the porcelain basin. “Why won’t anyone let us be together? It’s not fair! If you leave I’ll be all alone… Everyone else has a new family! Does that mean there’s something wrong with us?”

Matron stepped back from the closed door with a few fingers hovering just over her lips. “Oh Squall… I’m so sorry, I had no idea.”

“Don’t worry, Squall, I’ll always come find you.” Seifer stood up and poked his thumb proudly at his chest. “They can’t keep us apart for long.”

“Wakey, wakey, sleepy head. It’s almost time, ya know?” Raijin shook the sleeping bishonen’s foot roughly, and getting no response, moved to slapping his face; still no response other than a groan.

“Fujin, what are we gonna do, ya know? He won’t wake up.”

Red one red eye gleamed and she nodded to the body. “SHOWER.”

“Hey, you’re right, ya know? I bet a cold shower would work. What do you think they did to him? I’ve never seen him this bad, ya know?” He nudged the stained thighs apart to reveal the damaged area.

“CONCERN. INTENTIONAL?” A slight frown crossed her features. Seifer had always left her in charge of his pets’ safety, and this was not his usual style. Something was marring the barrier that had kept his sadistic side on a leash, even if it wasn’t a very tight one.

Raijin shrugged slung the blood-baked boy over his shoulder. “Who knows, ya know? We just gotta get him lookin’ decent for the crowd.” His dark arms released him and turned on the water, walking away when the expectant scream came.

“SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE THE HELL AM I?! Hmm, I don’t seem to remember falling asleep in the FUCKING SHOWER!!!” Squall sputtered as he attempted to stand, but slipped on the wet tile and hit his head rather hard in the process.

“Don’t slip, ya know?” Came cackling from the next room over. Soon, Raijin appeared in the doorway with soap and a washcloth in hand. His equally dark eyes soon caught the once-again unconscious form slumped back against the shower wall. “Crap, Fujin, he’s out again, ya know?”

She stepped in behind him and glared at the boy in question. “ANALYSIS?”

“I only left him alone for a minute. I guess he fell, ya know?”

“DAMAGE? Fuck, Raijin! His head is bleeding! Get the God-damned antiseptic and a lot of sterile pads.”

“Now this is the part where we at the administration welcome you to Balamb Garden and assign you to your room. Not entirely wrong…” Cid walked around his desk and stood right in front of Squall, who was sitting in a worn chair looking at his hands folded in his lap.

“We at Garden have a…different… set of rules then you might be used to. Don’t worry though, you should get used to it soon enough.” He reached out and cupped Squall’s chin in his hand, tilting it up to his inspection. Seeing the absolutely terrified look there, Cid smiled and gently patted the child’s cheek.

“Yes, sir…”Squall nervously studied his hands again. A well-timed knock at the door and a slightly older but more confident boy entered. He ran a leather-clad hand through his short, blonde field of locks. Pale, smooth lips parted at the sight of Squall’s hunched shoulders and shaking hands. It was him, the one person who could destroy every strand of his being to reduce him to a quivering mass of emotions. But who was this? A scared little boy who was afraid of a storm on a dark night? “Ah, I apologize, Headmaster. You asked to see me?”

“Indeed, my boy, I did. Would you be so kind as to show this new student around? The Garden is very large and we wouldn’t want him getting lost, now would we?”

The boy’s eyes gleamed with mischief. “Certainly not…”

Cid turned his attention back to Squall. “It would do you good to listen to Seifer. You are his from this point on.”

He shot to attention at that name. Until then he had never looked higher than Cid’s desk, but when he turned his head saw his childhood playmate… Tears flooded the corners of his eyes as they followed up from the steel-toed boots, up the lanky black-clothed legs, and the white cross spreading over his blue tanktop. He hadn’t seen the coat before, nor had did he remember the other’s hands gloved, even in winter. It didn’t matter though, it was Seifer. Something was different in his eyes; a sheen of sharpness and power that had never existed resided in the eternal depths.


“Yes? Why, Squall, and here I was thinking you had forgotten about me. Get your stuff, we’re going to our room.” He gave Cid a nod, turned on his heal and headed out.

“W-wait! Seifer, hang on!” Squall grabbed his small bag and ran after him out the door. He caught up with the blonde as the elevator door were closing, nearly missing it.

“Hmm, aren’t we the eager one? I suppose that means you don’t know yet, do you?” Seifer reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver chain with a loin’s head and a cross-sword. The chain was constructed of thick, wide hoops coming back on it’s self that made it look like… it was. A choke collar. Seifer handed it to Squall with a bland expression and stepped out of the elevator.

Barely catching it with a clink, Squall hurried after him, darting his arm back in to get his bag, and running to walk beside his guide. He looked up at him with a smile, drinking in every feature he could before being noticed. How long had it been since he last smiled? He couldn’t remember, but knew it involved the other boy.

From the corner of his aquamarine eye, the brunette noticed several of the shadows produced followers that trailed a few feet behind the pair, but gradually closed in the space. If his companion noticed, he didn’t show it. His face looked strait ahead and he walked stiffly, if not briskly, making Squall jog to keep up.

One of the shadowy followers approached Squall and reached for his right arm. Seifer grabbed at the wrist without even checking, and dragged the stranger up to his face. The poor man clutched at his arm and whimpered for forgiveness. “You wouldn’t wish to share your new pet? L-let us break him in? You always said the new ones were the worst. Heh, please?”

“This one is not to be touched by another. He is mine, and the penalty will be severe.” Seifer let him drop to the ground and stepped over his body. He grabbed Squall by his arm and walked faster to the farthest hallway, indicated by a gray streak running down the footpath. “You might want to wear that chain anytime you leave the room from now on. I didn’t think they would be this bad the first night. We have to make sure they know you’re claimed, you’re just too pretty for your own good.”

“What are talking about, Seifer? Who was that? Why are you acting so strangely?” Squall demanded, half running, half tripping and not doing a very good job of keeping up.

“Get a good grip on your bag.” He said and lifted Squall onto his shoulder, breaking into a run to escape the hollering and obscene noises of the fellow male students.

“Tell him what you’re really going to do!” Came echoing from one them.

Another barked, while his cohort yelled, “Down boy, down!”

“Give it to ‘em hard, Seifer! Paint that pretty face!”

Squall’s eyes widened and he clutched his black duffel tighter. “Seifer? What are they talking about? Where are you taking me?”

They turned one last corner and ducked into a room. Seifer slid down the back of the closed door and let Squall fall into his lap. Absently, his hands snaked under Squall’s white shirt and played with the nipples they found. “Are you still a virgin?”

“Ahh, Seifer… Please tell me what’s going on. I missed you so much.” He leaned into the touch, resting his head on the warm shoulder and nuzzling into his strong neck.

“You can’t call me that anymore. It’s okay when it’s just us, but around anyone like them…” His agile fingers moved to Squall’s belt and undid it. Seifer followed the same motions until he could lower Squall’s pants to his knees.

“I…I’m not ready for…” Despite his words, Squall was fully aroused and panting into the other’s pale skin. Seifer freed his own member and thrust it in. He had to hold Squall down to continue, as the boy struggled to escape. “I’m sorry, I have no other choice. As it is, the Headmaster won’t like me being even this friendly with you. I’m supposed to be beating and raping you, like some animal, then passing your body on to the next Master until you’re on the brink of dying. Consider it luck that I was called in first.”

“It hurts…It hurts so much… Why can’t you just stop, Seifer? This isn’t how it was supposed to happen…” Squall settled into an even, but slow pace with him, whispering his thoughts into the starched fabric of Seifer’s coat.

“It can’t be helped.” He said and wrapped his arms around Squall’s shaking shoulders. There was no more conversation during the coarse of their actions. Seifer rolled his hips up into Squall, thrusting deeply and purging him of virginity, of freedom, and of loneliness.

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