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Squall's Imprisonment

+ Prologue to the Game +

-Part 1-

A Pet’s Pet

By The March Hare

Squall turned without looking and grabbed the hand of someone in the crowd. Attached to the unwelcome and groping hand was a familiar, taunting face. He pulled the blonde up to his face and twitched while he screamed, "Stop, Seifer! Isn’t it bad enough I have to stay in your room? Do you have to humiliate me in public too?"

"Oh but dear little Squall, you know the rules..." Seifer smirked with malicious hunger.

"Damn the rules! I’m sick of being your pet! I’ll pass that fucking SeeD exam if it kills me, just to get out of your grip!”

Seifer’s finger trailed absently up to the scar across his face. “Soon I’ll have you marked as mine forever.” He smiled gentlemanly and leaned in to violently seize Squall’s lips in his teeth.

“Ow! Shit Seifer, what if Cid or Xu saw you?” Squall cried, pulling away and stepping back.

“They would call you a very bad boy. Then I would have to punish you again. Remember the last time you did something bad?” When Squall cringed, he took that as a yes. “Good, now behave before I call in The Disciplinary Committee.” Squall shuddered again and Seifer was gone.

Nobody had even looked at them; they just kept shoving past him in the crowded circular hallway. What a nightmare, he had to be alone now. First though, a shower was necessary to remove the unseen filth coating his skin and revolting him.

Squall ran quickly to the dormitory two doors down. If anyone had seen him, they didn’t acknowledge it. He didn’t care as he stripped and threw himself into warm water. It was temporary relief from his Hell. Here, he didn’t have to think about anything, nothing would bother him, and he was free for an hour.

Only one person had actually noticed the scene between Squall and Seifer. Squall was right, they would get in trouble if they were caught, but not thrown out. If there was anyone in Garden more feared than Seifer, Zell didn’t know him. Something needed to be done.

He sighed and ran a hand through his stiffly gelled hair. Soon he had regained his breath and was beginning to blend into the crowd again. One could become so easily exhausted by climbing the walls outside of Garden, and it was even more exhausting to see someone else unable to defend themselves because of the social structure that held up this boarding school.

Zell reached the elevator and took it up to the third floor. It was packed and he had trouble pushing back through the crowd, but eventually stepped into the carpet-lined hallway in front of the headmaster’s office. Making sure to straiten himself up to look a slight more dignified, he entered and the door beeped. How annoying, he hated that noise.

“Ah, Zell, you asked to see me?” Cid rose from his desk with a smile and walked around to lean on the edge.

“Yes sir, I was wondering if I could make a request for the upcoming SeeD Exam.”

“Okay, what is your request?”

“I’d like to be on a team with Squall Leonhart, I believe we’ll work well together and…” Zell stammered off for a moment, unable to produce the proper wording.

“…And you’d like to help him pass, right?” Cid finished for him.

“Yeah, I would. I think he’ll make a great SeeD, and it might get him out of the Garden for awhile.” Cid quirked an eyebrow up, “ Away from Garden? Don’t you mean away from Seifer and The Disciplinary Committee?”

“You know about them, sir?” Zell’s mouth fell open, and he stood there stunned.

“Think I don’t know what goes on in my own Garden, huh? I know a lot more about everyone than is assumed.”

“How could you just let him do that? Don’t you have any morals?” Zell began shaking with anger.

“You should talk. I know how you get your exercise.” Zell’s mouth fell farther open. It was impossible! He hadn’t even come to expose Seifer’s abuse, but instead his own perversion was being used as blackmail against him. This sucked. “I…err…umm…”

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll put you on Squall’s team. If you can help get him out of here, I’ll put you on the same missions.”

“Sir, thank you so much!” Zell danced to the door and waited for the beep. It didn’t come. He waited, and never a sound emerged. At that point it would have been pleasant and comforting, because it would have meant that the door wasn’t locked.

“Don’t thank me yet.” Cid smirked and it didn’t fit his character. He turned and pressed a button on his desk.

Another door on the side of the room slid open, one Zell hadn’t even noticed before, and Fujin and Raijin emerged. Zell’s eyes widened and he put his back to the closed door. He began sputtering and pleading unintelligibly for them to cease advancing in his direction.

“You want something from this school, you pay a price.” Cid clicked his tongue as the door slid shut again and the protests were out of range.

Only a few minutes into his watery escape, Squall was pushed against the wall when someone was carelessly flung into his shower. What was the world coming to when random people could pick the electronic lock to one’s bathroom and “accidentally” stumble in on one’s shower?

Another figure followed the first, but not stumbling. Seifer smiled and pinned Squall and Zell side by side, and shoulder to shoulder against the tile shower walls. Zell’s hair began to melt from its styled form in the water, and he whimpered from fear. Squall looked away, not amused.

“Seifer, you promised.” Squall kept his eyes downward in submission, but growled in his voice. “I lied.” Seifer’s tongue traced up Squall’s cheek, and he flinched away.

“What the Hell is going on?” Zell was freaking out and his voice was shaking.

“Turn around, both of you.” Seifer moved his hands from their necks, to the wall on either side of them.

“And Zell, if you try anything to stop me, I’ll make sure you never pass the exam.”

He whimpered in response and did as he was told. Squall obediently followed suit. They regretted it a once, because Seifer replaced his hands again, this time they went to each victim’s back and leaned them down.

“Seifer, you’re not…!” Zell’s voice was cut off by a gag, which was placed in his mouth and tied with a leather strap behind his head. How cute, he and Squall matched! Squall gave him a patronizing and apologetic look before his face was ground deeper into the white tiles.

“Listen to me Chicken-Wuss.” Seifer leaned in between them and put his face next to Zell’s. “You’re mine now. No matter how high your Seed rank, how far you go, how strong you are, how weak I am, whether you want to be or not, you belong to me.” He smirked viscously and turned to Squall. “You should be happy, I gave you a friend.”

How ironic that Zell had always wanted to be with Squall, but this was in no way close to what he had imagined. Zell had been watching him for awhile, and could guess what happened, but wanted more proof than assumptions. That morning he had borrowed some equipment from the Training Center and scaled down from his window to see in Squall’s.

Seifer was leaning over a bed, which Squall was sprawled on. His arm made a bar across Squall’s neck and prevented him from breathing. It was effectively distracting him while he removed both sets of clothes. While Squall continued to struggle for air, Seifer yanked his bare legs apart and propped them up. Finally getting a moment for breath, Squall began screaming for help.

Zell shuddered so terribly at the sound he almost let go of the rope he was suspended by. So many times he had woken to those screams. Intensifying the pitch of his voice, Squall continued to scream even as Seifer pushed into him. There was no consideration for pain, just harsh, brutal thrusts and blood went everywhere. Red trickled in streams down both their thighs and became thicker each time Seifer moved. With desperate force Squall tried to push him away. Why couldn’t he have just hit him? Later when Seifer mentioned “the rules”, it struck Zell, that those “rules” might prohibit unwelcome acts of violence to the dominator.

Seifer pulled him down and held him to the bed. Squall’s screams got louder when the thrusts became more desperate and random. It was coming to the end, and Seifer pushed himself completely in and straitened for a long time, making his body taught and his eyes fluttering. Even his tiny fangs stuck out as his smiled.

There were no more screams, only a soft whimpering. A smirk slithered up the corners of Seifer’s mouth and he refused to remove himself or let Squall up. Only after Squall had fallen into an exhausted sleep, and couldn’t show hurt anymore, did Seifer clean himself off, dress, and leave from sight. Zell didn’t want to see Squalls face when he awoke, it would be so shameful and hurt, and his heart would have torn itself open. Now he had a horrible feeling he would have to wake to that look each morning.

A sharp jar to his head brought Zell back to the present. Now it looked like his turn was coming. Squall was sagging against the wall with his head down, watching the blood run from between his legs to the drain in front of him. He looked dazed to say the least, and it would be hard to get the pinkish trail washed from the grout.

“Listen to me when I’m speaking to you, Chicken-Wuss!” Seifer yelled, pressing up to his back and into his hip. “Never do that again if you want to be able to walk for the next month!”

“Huh? ‘The Hell you talking about, Seifer?” Zell turned for a better look at the other blonde’s face. It was bloody and bruised. His head was slammed back against the tile and Seifer leaned in again. Forced to look at his own hands spread on the wall, Zell saw blood there as well. The knuckles were covered with it, but only one was split. There was too much blood, some of it had to be Seifer’s. His gag was also laying by his feet, one of the straps on it broken.

Apparently, when Seifer had shoved himself into Squall, he elicited a muffled scream. That scream made Zell go off. He had pulled Seifer away, and was beating the shit out of him before anyone blinked. The harsh jar that had brought him back from memories occurred when Seifer gathered enough strength to return Zell to the white ceramic wall.

“Zell…” The soft murmur could barely be heard over the pouring water, and both boys were straining to hear it.

Frozen in the moment of remembering Squall was conscious, let alone there at all, nothing moved but Squall’s lips and the hand that pulled away the gag.

“Zell,” he repeated clearly and looked up at his eyes. “You’ve never been taken before have you?”

“I…” Zell was stunned beyond comprehension. The words were sticky and heavy coming up, but they made it. “N-No, I haven’t.”

“Seifer, if you take him in the rage you’re in right now, you might kill him.” Seifer shrugged, so he continued. “Let me. It’ll hurt, but not so much as Seifer would.”

“Squall? Why would you do something like that for me?”

“It makes a difference for everytime it happens after that.” Squall almost smiled, but was still in too much pain to actually get past a neutral face.

A sudden knock on the door drew all the attention from the sympathetic moment. The remaining Disciplinary Committee came parading in. Seifer stepped out and wrapped a towel around him waist; snarling, he asked, “What?”

Raijin obviously cringed from the tone and left the “talking” to Fujin. “PROBLEMS. CID.”

“Damn that old bastard! What does he want now?” Seifer slipped into his uniform and shrugged on the dingy white trench coat he was notorious for wearing. He turned back to the shower and stuck his head in. “You children be good now while daddy’s gone.”

Zell hid the disgusted look on his face. Squall blinked and shrugged.

Seifer faced his crew again and left. The silence was almost too much to bear. The water had long since gotten piercingly cold and Squall reached up to turn it off. Zell caught his hand and made him look him in the eyes. “It doesn’t have to hurt, you know.”

“Show me.” Squall shot him a pained and serious glance before getting up and turning off the water, then walked into the bedroom.

Zell got up and clumsily followed him. Once within the generic dorm room, he noticed something that couldn’t be seen from the window. The wall was lined with restraints. Every single device one could be tied down with was sitting on one of the many shelves next to the window. A few steps closer revealed that all of them were worn and covered with blood. No wonder Squall always wore gloves…

“One of the first things you should know about being Seifer’s ‘pet’, is that you can’t fight back, and even if you tried, these…” Squall motioned to the restraints, “…would prevent you.”

“Why is this permitted? Doesn’t Cid know about this? Why?” The blood entranced Zell, he couldn’t look away, and it was too horrible. A more horrifying thought would be that his blood would soon be spread over it.

“It keeps the students in check and submissive. Better to train them for SeeD.”

“That’s no reason! If someone can’t sit down, how are they supposed to fight?”

“It stops hurting so much after awhile, even though there’s still blood.”

“And the screaming?”

“Well, mostly it’s demanded from Seifer for his perverse enjoyment, but it’s also in some small hope that someone MIGHT actually come to help.”

“How do you fight while it still hurts?”

“You don’t, you play cards.” Zell sweatdropped and didn’t think he even knew where his set of cards were. “How long will it hurt?”

“Depends on your partner and pain tolerance.” Zell could have fainted, but he was a boy, and boys don’t do that. “How long at the very least?”

“A month, but that is with a gentle master. With Seifer, try three.”

“How about with you?”

Squall coughed and looked away. “I wouldn’t know.”

Scrunching his eyebrows, Zell put on a confused look. “How long has Seifer been doing this to you?”

“I can’t remember when he wasn’t.”

“Because of the GF’s?”

“Or because I don’t want to.”

“Squall…” Zell tried to wrap his arms around the dark haired boy for comfort, but Squall turned his back and began inspecting the shelves.

He turned back around with a long, soft cord, and took Zell’s wrists in his hand. Leading them to the stained and messed bed, Squall flung him on his back. A brief flicker of fear passed into Zell’s eyes as Squall finished the knots securing his hands to the steal posts at the head of the bed.

“It’s ok, I’ll try to be gentle. It will hurt, that can’t be helped, but I’ll try.”

“I trust you.”

Squall stopped testing the knots and looked at Zell. “Why?”

Zell didn’t answer, he couldn’t, and he didn’t know himself.

Squall sighed and shook his head, then continued with his ministrations until a knock on the door startled both of them from a light haze. Without a moments hesitation, Seifer walked through the door smugly shouting, “Honey, I’m home…” He finished his cliché and cast a mischievous look to the two frozen on the bed.

“Seifer, no…” Squall swallowed hard and quickly began to undo the ties at Zell’s wrists.

“Aww, aren’t you going to ask me how my day was? I feel hurt.” Seifer was slowly strolling his way to them with his hands neatly tucked behind his back. Once close enough, he shot out a hand and grabbed a handful of Squall’s hair to pull him close. “Better make up for it.”

Squall swallowed again and tried not to involuntarily resist, but still flinched. “Seifer, please-“

He was cut off by a savage kiss that left his mouth bleeding. Seifer began to kiss him again, and Squall was whining to get away.

“Seifer! Leave him be!” Zell had gotten everything off from where Squall’s efforts had stopped, and was now about to throttle Seifer again.

Seifer broke the kiss and smiled cruelly at Zell. “Why? He likes it.” Seifer held Squall’s face toward Zell. “Go on Squall, tell the Chicken-Wuss how much you like it when I hurt you; or hit you; or fuck you. Tell him how much you love it. Tell him why you beg for more. ”

It took a moment for Squall to gather in his breath and make eye contact to Zell. “…Run. As fast as you can get away from here, just run. Forget your clothes, nobody would-“ Seifer backhanded him quickly to stop his speech.

Zell didn’t hesitate and was at the door before Squall’s head hit the mattress and bounced. Unfortunately, when he arrived there the rest of The Disciplinary Committee was waiting. Raijin scooped him up under one arm and held him squirming. Squall sighed in defeat and wondered what new sort of humiliation was coming.

What sort indeed…?

Apparently, The Garden was having a little trouble in The Training Center, and its new additions were not adjusting well. Cid had absolutely no clue as to what was troubling the Jellyeyes, so he consulted Seifer, he always had a solution, though not always practical. How was Seifer going to solve this one though? Suddenly, as though Cid had spoken of the devil, in came The Disciplinary committee with two very naked young men who were less than thrilled to be either there or in their state of nudity.

“Seifer! What the Hell are you doing?” Zell screamed and attempted freedom for the umpteenth time that hour.

“Zell, its no use. They’re bigger, stronger, outnumbering, and have the favor of the school. Enough said.” Squall admitted with apathy.

“Shimatta…” was the sighed reply from under the other arm of Raijin.

Seifer bent down and cupped Squall’s chin in his hand. “Finally learning to behave? Good boy.”

“Ahem, umm, Seifer? Aren’t you going to do something about there appearance? Public nudity is against school policy.” Cid stuttered, trying to think of how to deal with the obvious situation.

Students that had been the Jellyeye’s subject of attack could undeniably see what was happening. Cid quickly ushered them out to the clinic and sealed the doors with lock codes that only he and The Disciplinary Committee knew. He turned back to Seifer and raised a brow.

While Cid was busy averting everyone’s eyes, Seifer was already setting out to accomplish his objective with the Jellyeyes. He had locked the doors to the innermost part of the Training Center and Zell and Squall were inside.

“Seifer! Let us out now, we don’t have any weapons! We’ll die!” Pounding on the doors, Zell screamed uselessly.

“You won’t be needing them…” Came the muffled reply from beyond the door.

“Zell, turn around. I think we my have a problem…” Squall squeaked, and Zell turned to see why. Floating before both of them, were two Jellyeyes with an interesting hesitation to attack.

Zell gulped, “Okay Squall, don’t make any sudden movements, and slowly press your back against the door.”

They both did so, though Squall had no clue why. Then the Jellyeyes began their advance towards the boys.

“Umm, Mr.-Know-It-All-Zell? What do we do?”

Zell looked like he wanted to die, “Whatever they do, don’t resist. It’s their mating season and we’re apparently good targets.”

“I didn’t even think Jellyeyes had genders.”

“That’s because you’ve never seen a female, they’re very rare and often killed by an over-zealous male when trying to mate.”

“So what makes them think we’re females?!” One Jellyeye was wrapping itself around Squall like a sash and searching his body for orifices with its tentacles.

The other Jellyeye had Zell and was making similar movements. “Must be the legs. You’ve got damn nice ones.” Zell yelped as the Jellyeye began to lightly bite one nipple.

“Zell!” Squall was now facing the door on his knees with his legs spread apart and his hands as well as face were against the cold metal in front of him. The Jellyeye found what it was looking for and pushed a spiked tentacle into Squall’s ass. Its other tentacle was securely around Squall’s chest for leverage.

“Relax or it’ll get more violent! Don’t resist, no matter how much it hurts!” Zell’s situation wasn’t much better though. Knowing the Jellyeye’s intentions, he had parted his legs and lay on his back. The Jellyeye then inserted one tentacle partially in and began to probe.

“This is worse than Seifer or any of his toys! I’m sorry this has to be your first time!” Squall’s face twisted in pain as the tentacle inside him surged forward until it was nearly completely buried and had forced open several parts that Squall was sure shouldn’t have been. Colorful lights began appearing and the Jellyeye withdrew and started to morph. The vertical fans smoothed back and the single eye separated into two; next, male genitals emerged from above the lower fan, and the spike that sheathed the end of each tentacle split into three slivers and formed soft fingers.

Squall could only gape and hope he was having a nightmare; but if he was, it would mean waking up in a filthy bed under Seifer. He cringed; at least the thing didn’t talk.

Perhaps Squall had spoken too soon for the evolved Jellyeye’s thoughts crept into his mind. For a moment he was hopeful, because if the Jellyeye found out they were male too, maybe it would be disgusted and cease its advances.

Wrong again, for the Jellyeye seemed to relish in the idea and took it as a new initiative to screw him. This made it even worse, because now he knew that the Jellyeye was aware of what it was doing and how much pain it was causing him. Maybe it would be recorded that in this evolved state, Jellyeyes gain the ability of telepathy. It wrapped its tentacles around his waist and dove back in with it’s new mutation. Bigger and longer than any human male could hope to ever be, the Jellyeye pushed itself into Squall’s body until there was nothing more left to insert.

Squall was screaming as loudly as he could, for he found it was one of the few things that he could do in an occasion such as this. As predicted, the Jellyeye made its probing more violent and aggressive. Blood was streaming down Squall’s buttocks and legs where it could escape. The Jellyeye entered his mind again and searched for a solution to keep Squall from passing out, which he was about to do. Nothing was found, but instead by accident, the organ inside of him pushed something, and he stopped.

Squall drew in his breath at the intensity of the sensation change. It was like nothing he had ever felt, better than anything he had ever felt, and still it hurt.

Taking the new advantage given, the Jellyeye advanced inward harsher than before and as deep as it could press. The sensations continued to mix and Squall found his anatomy responding. His member rose quickly and ached to be satisfied.

The door in front of them opened and Squall lurched forward and was supported only by the Jellyeye’s tentacles around his waist. He was panting and moaning loudly and his vision was blurred. Zell’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut and his teeth were gritted and grinding against each other with the force not to cry or cry out, for the Jellyeye too had changed to accommodate his anatomy, but was also slightly over-proportioned.

Neither could see the figure lift his hand and cast two spells in rapid succession. Both were Death and took effect immediately, leaving the Jellyeye’s anatomy deep inside each boy with its gobs of white filmy liquid sloshing with every heaving breath.

“Well, looks like you boys had more fun than I did.” Seifer looked down at them with fake pleasance, then grabbed their arms and dragged both of them to their feet.

They left tracks on the grate of blood and dirt and cum, and their erections still bobbed in front of them. Either might have cared if they had been more conscious at the moment. Nobody was there but The Disciplinary Committee to see them, even Cid had gone to finish other work.

“SEIFER. PLAN?” Fujin questioned, referring to the dirty pair.

“Wrap them up in those emergency blankets. Head to toe, make sure no one can tell it’s them. Then carry them back to my room.” Seifer directed.

“Hey, Seifer,” Raijin asked as he began the task assigned, “Why do you call it ‘my room’ when it’s Squall’s and you hardly ever sleep there, ya know?”

“I own him, I own his room. It’s that simple. I own the clothes on his back and the blood in his veins. He is mine.”


Seifer gestured casually to the lump of cloth in which Zell was rolled. “No, I’ll just have him put in Squall’s half of the dorm. I don’t own him for myself, I own him for Squall. As much as I hurt Squall, he’s still my pet, and I have to keep him alive.”

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