Queen for a Week

Part Two

By Angie

Squall balked at the dresses Seifer was holding and motioning for him to try on.

"Seifer, I am *not* wearing those!" Squall protested, standing outside the Men's Changing rooms.

Seifer glanced at Zell and Irvine, who were also having troubles.

"I am not having my wife be the village whore! Go get some decent clothes!" Zell was screaming at Irvine.

Irvine just stared down at Zell. "I am not dressing like some 30 year old wench. This is what I'm wearing, whether you like it or not."

Zell glared for a few more seconds, then stomped off to find his wife some "appropriate" clothes.

Seifer was still having no luck with Squall.

"What would you rather, Squall-chan? More *leather*? I'm sure we could arrange that."

Squall glared back in response. "I. Am. Not. Wearing. Flowers."

Seifer threw the dresses on the ground, which landed in a floral heap of hideousness. "Fine, go get your own clothes! Then we will ask someone else." He glared at Squall one last time before walking off witht the intent of drooling over-- I mean... talking to Zell.

Zell was enjoying himself watching Irvine try on various outfits. First had been the leather pants, with a rather nice maroon sweater. Next came the long black skirt, a well-stuffed black satiny bra, and a black fishnet shirt over-top.

Zell couldn't believe his eyes. "Damn..."

Irvine grinned, spinning to show off his outfit. "Does that mean you like it?"

Zell drooled, unable to pry his eyes from Irvine. "Fuck yeah..."

Seifer was glaring at Irvine in a mixture of lust and jealousy. \\Who does he think he is? Mind you, he does look *quite* nice in that outfit.// Seifer grinned at his current train of thought.

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