Queen for a Week

Part Three

By Angie

Squall was scared. For the first time in as long as he could remember (which mind you wasn't very long due to his constant GF use), he was frightened out of his wits.

He was faced with rack upon rack of lacy bras and panties of various sizes and designs.

He fingered a cow print thong and bra set, wondering how it would feel against his skin. He entertained these thoughts for a few moments, smiling inspite of himself, before grasping control of his wandering mind.

//I don't see why *I* have to do this. I don't see why it has to be *him* of all people!\\

He scowled as his thoughts turned to Seifer.

//Damn him! He has to make light of this, he would! I wish he was in my position, even for a minute. He wouldn't be laughing then, would he?\\

A smile flitted across Squall's face, followed by a low moan as he thought of Seifer in his position. Seifer in a dress.

//Hell, he'd look good. He already looks nice now, *quite* nice, but...\\

He mentally stopped himself before he got too engrossed in his thoughts , which would cause a very ...interesting predicament.

"Ne, Irvy-chan" Zell said, quickly adopting a more suitable nickname for his wife. "What about this?"

Zell held up the item in question, a long, empire waist blue velvet dress. It was almost antique in fashion, but at the same time was definitely modern.

"Hai, that will do nicely." Irvine asked, practically frothing at the thought of the soft folds of velvet enveloping his body.

Zell handed the dress to Irvine, and walked over to Seifer, who was staring puzzled at the outfits on the wall.

"Something wrong?" he asked, fingering a long vinyl dress.

"Not really. I still haven't found the perfect outfit for Squall-koi. it has to be just right."

Zell motioned towards a lush red satin skirt, with a matching corset. "What about this?"

Seifer's eyebrows shot up, and a pleased moan sounded from deep in his throat. He looked at Zell, suprised. "You have suprisingly good taste when it comes to clothes." Seifer grinned, a dangerous glint to his eyes. "Why don't you try it on first, and see how it looks?"

"But Squall looks nothing like me!" Zell protested feebly, his eyes also lighting slightly.

"Yes," Seifer said, leaning his mouth close the Zell's ear. He whispered huskily, "but you would look so nice in it."

Zell grinned, nodding his consent. Seifer smiled broadly, and began searching through the racks. "What size are you?"

"..." Zell said.

"Well, this looks good enough for now." Seifer said, holding the red skirt and corset up against Zell. "Now go, and try them on like a good SeeD."

Zell winked happily as he skipped into the dressing room.

Squall pinked aimlessly through the racks of clothes, fingering materials and stopping to stare at some of the more interesting pieces.

He snickered to himself as he saw a shirt with the words Vinyl Vixen silk-screened across the chest. He picked it up, and grabbed a pair of pink leather bondage pants to go with it. Grinning, he made his way towards the dressing rooms where his fellow SeeDs were currently.

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