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DEDICATION: To Caro, for sending me my first FF8 Yaoi fic.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is bad. And OOC. But mainly just bad.

Queen for a Week

Part One

By Angie

Squall stared in deadpan horror. "You want me to what?"

Zell was bouncing as usual. "So, we play house for a few days? That's it?" He turned towards Squall. "I don't see what your bitching about. This is the easiest assignemt we've ever had!"

Xu sighed. "You must infiltrate the town, and monitor it for a few days to insure that our terms have been met. We are not allowed to send any SeeDs in, however, so you must blend in."

Seifer, meanwhile, was staring at Xu as if she was insane. Then he seemed to ponder for a second, before bursting out in laughter. "So when do we leave? And who is my wife?"

Xu blushed. "Seifer, you and Squall will be ... together. Squall will be your wife. Zell, Irvine will be yours."

Irvine was leaning against the wall, head down. "I want to go shopping. If I have to wear dresses, then I refuse to wear something hideous."

Zell took a step back. "I'm stuck with *THAT* as my wife? Nani?!?"

Irvine lifted his head, glaring. "You aren't exactly a prize yourself, my dear Husband."

Squall just blinked, looking back and forth from the bickering "couple" to the hysterical Seifer, before settling on Xu.

"What the hell kind of joke is this? I am *not* wearing a dress, I am not his wife."

Seifer calmed his hysterics long enough to speak. "But, my lovely wife, don't you want to showcase your loveliness?"

Squall glared at him, thought for a second, and then promptly knocked him on his ass.

Seifer grinned, standing up. "We'd best go shopping. it is getting late, and defenseless ladies such as yourself shouldn't be out late. you need your beauty sleep after all."

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