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The Push It Arc

Part 6 - Push It Senary

By Iron Dog


The shock of Seifer's pain dragged me out of the light sleep I had been in. I struggled with the covers and then cursed softly when I discovered I had no clothes on under the sheets.

//FEAR// **Seifer, what the fuck is going on? **

**Little knife wound. I'll be fine once the doc takes a look at it. **

He didn't sound fine. I felt him starting to fade from consciousness and that scared the shit out of me. He had taken more serious wounds from me when we had fought. Seifer shouldn't be suffering that badly from a knife wound unless it had hit something major. I shoved the sheets back and forced myself from the bed, naked or not.

**Seifer? ** I got no response.

**Seifer! ** I mentally shouted as I searched the room for something to put on.

As I found a pair of doctors scrubs pants, I heard Rinoa's voice yelling for the doctor. I yanked them on and stepped out to find Seifer hanging off of a tall, dark-haired man I had never seen before. Seifer was unmoving and a dark red stain was spreading from the knife still sticking out of his back.

"Rinoa. You had better hope like hell that you didn't have anything to do with this," I growled as I stalked to Seifer.

"I was on my way to my room when we found him. I wouldn't do something like this Squall. I thought you knew me better than that."

I knew I had hurt Rinoa's feelings, but at the moment, I didn't care. All my focus was on Seifer. How had such a small wound caused so much bleeding? Who had done this and why?

I yelled for the doctor and eased myself under Seifer's other arm. I glared at the man holding Seifer up and he moved out from under his other arm. I almost staggered from his dead weight but managed to half carry, half drag Seifer to a bed.

Dr. Kadowaki came running. She took one look at the spreading blood stain and shoved me out of the way. Nurses came running at her call. The knife was removed and the bleeding increased. Dr. Kadowaki cursed under her breath and fixed a look on Rinoa.

"What happened here?"

"I don't know. He was staggering down the hall when we found him. The blade was charged with Demi and when I tried Cura, it only seemed to make things worse. He passed out shortly after that," Rinoa said as she darted glances between Seifer and me.

The doctor cursed again and called for a Megalixer. Seifer was becoming frighteningly pale from the blood loss. His trench coat and shirt were cut off him and I had the crazy thought that he was going to be pissed that they had done that. Megalixer was poured directly over the wound and I breathed a sigh of relief when it began too, ever so slowly, close up.

"He'll need some rest due to the blood loss. Even with the Megalixer, he'll be feeling a little woozy for a couple of hours. You should be resting as well Squall. You've both had nasty shocks to your systems today."

"I need to find out who did this. I can't let something like this go unpunished," I said as I felt the beginnings of an icy cold rage gather in my body. Shiva began to stir in my head and I welcomed the junction.

"You say you had nothing to do with this Rinoa, but how do I know that? I know you're not happy that I've refused to go back to being your Knight. You know that's because of Seifer. It would be one way of taking care of the competition."

"I know you're upset right now Squall, so I'm going to pretend that you didn't just accuse me of trying to kill Seifer just to have you back as my Knight. I'm going to my room now and I will be expecting an apology from you when you calm down and see reason."

Rinoa turned on her heel and stalked from the infirmary. The man who had helped to get Seifer there gave me a sketchy salute and followed her. I scowled at them both before turning my attention to Seifer. His bed was wheeled into a room and I trailed after it. I dragged a chair next to the bed and laced my fingers with Seifer's. I didn't want him waking up without me there. I also needed to ask him some questions before I hunted down the person responsible for attacking him.

Doctor Kadowaki came into the room once and started to reprimand me for not getting rest myself. One cold look from me was enough to send her back out of the room, grumbling about how she wasn't going to be held responsible if I suddenly collapsed from exhaustation. All I could do now was wait for Seifer to wake up so I could ask him who had knifed him.


I can't believe Squall accused me of having something to do with Seifer's injury. It was true that I wasn't happy that Squall wasn't going to be my Knight anymore. It was also true that I wasn't happy that it had been Seifer who had caused the break with Squall. But I wouldn't do something to hurt Squall; and hurting Seifer would hurt Squall.

I kicked a chair as I made another pass around the room I had been assigned. The chair skidded to a stop against Viljo's leg. I scowled at him when he pushed it back into place without a word. He folded his arms across his chest and stared hard at me before speaking.

"It would seem that you need to work off some of the mad you've got going. There are two things that I think would do the trick, but I know you'd only go for one of them," Viljo said with a smile.

"Since you seem to know me so well, what is it you think I should do to work off this mood I'm in?" I snapped back at him, mad that he was right.

"There is a decent Training Centre in this Garden. I would suggest that you and I go kill some monsters."

"What if I don't want to do that? What's the other thing you think would burn off this anger?"

"Long, slow love-making with me. But I don't think you're ready for that just yet," he said with a lazy, sensual once over of my body.

I know I was staring at him in shock. I hadn't expected that kind of answer from him. To cover the way his bold gaze was making me feel, I grabbed my weapon and headed for the door. I heard him chuckle behind me as he followed me out of the room and to the Training Centre.

Now, I was mad at Squall and confused by Viljo. I hadn't realized that he even noticed me in that way. He was a good looking man by anybody's standards. It seemed to almost be a requirement for SeeD's. He oozed sensuality. It wasn't that he made suggestive remarks or hit on every woman he met. He just seemed to be sex on legs. I had spent a good portion of our time together ignoring that fact. That last comment of his made it impossible now.

Viljo was over the six foot mark with a face that was all planes and angles. Thick, sleek hair the colour of dark molasses. Eyes of the darkest brown that reminded me of expensive chocolate. Skin tanned from the sun and muscles toned from his training as a SeeD and regular morning work outs. A voice that hit the lower registers and rolled along your spine with a soft caress and just made you want to lean in closer to listen too.

Or maybe just to nuzzle his neck.

Now where did that thought come from?

I tried to concentrate on monster slaying, but now that my brain had decided to wander down the sexual path, I couldn't seem to stop it. I started to hang back and let Viljo take on the monsters just to watch him in action. He was poetry and like no other fighter I had seen before.

He used a weapon he called Yuen Yang Razors and moved in a deadly dance with them. They were a close contact weapon and he had to move like silk and venom to avoid the monster attacks. With one bladed and spiked weapon lying across each forearm, he almost appeared to dance with the monsters he killed.

I could feel his excitement as we moved further into the Training Centre. I pointed him in the direction of the secret area and waited for the T-rexasaurus to put in an appearance. The wait was never long and I felt a little thrill of excitement at the battle I was about to witness.

Viljo seemed almost pleased to see the T-rex and began his deadly ballet with it. I watched in wonder as he glided in and out of the monster's range, inflicting deep stabs and cuts with each pass. The T-rex was becoming enraged and several times it snapped down on the space that Viljo had occupied just seconds before. This went on for a good ten minutes before Viljo seemed to tire of the obvious game he was playing with the T-rex.

With a primal yell, he ran at and part way up one of the walls and pushed off to land on the thick neck of the T-rex. A forceful thrust down and a bellow from the T-rex happened at almost the same time. The monster snapped its jaws once more before beginning a slow topple to the floor; dead from a severed spine before it hit the ground.

Viljo had leaped from the creatures back as it began to fall and landed a neat summersault before me. He looked up at me from where he knelt at my feet with a challenge in his eyes. I felt my mouth go dry as I looked at him. He was covered in monster gore and sweat and I thought that I had never seen a more desirable sight. He must have realized it because his manner changed and became strangely formal.

"I have proven myself in battle for you. I will die for you. I will kill to protect you. I will be the one constant in your life. I will be your anchor. Will you accept me as your Knight?"

I was speechless. Squall and I had never done anything like this when he became my Knight. It just happened with no words being exchanged. How was I supposed to respond? Not knowing why, I reached out a hand to touch his face and was stunned to feel a shock of my magic flow down my arm and into Viljo as welcoming warmth flood my brain.

**And I was worried that you'd refuse me. **

I tried to snatch back my hand only to have it gently trapped by Viljo. Mental communication with Squall had taken months to accomplish and was something we had done only rarely. The warmth was a new feeling as well. With Squall, it had always felt like being dipped suddenly into a cold lake whenever we had touched minds.

**He didn't love you and you didn't love him. He kept himself apart from you. That is why this feels different to you. **

"Stop doing that. I don't want you in my head," I said confused as to how it had gone as far as it had so quickly.

"But you do or it wouldn't be possible for me to do it. You recognize me on an instinctual level as your Knight. I am the one meant to be your anchor, your protector. Come inside my head and see what I've been waiting for you to notice since you first came to the Research Facility almost a year ago," Viljo suggested in a soft voice.

Against my better judgement, I felt myself slipping into Viljo's mind. It was a bright, warm place that made me feel welcome like nowhere else ever had. All his different emotions and feelings were laid bare before me. It made me feel all powerful and humble at the same time.

He had seen me that first day when Squall brought me to the facility and felt an instant connection to me. After watching Squall and I together, he had realized that we were friends but not lovers. It didn't matter to him that Squall was my Knight. He wasn't the right person to be my Knight. Viljo made up his mind that day that he would win me away from Squall and set out to learn as much as he could about Sorceresses and their Knights. When Squall's link was broken with me, he had insisted on being my protector.

Because he loved me.

I backed out of his mind as gently and quickly as I could and simply stared at him in wonder. I had been an absolute pain in the ass to him and bitched him out more times than I could remember and he still loved me. We hadn't even kissed and yet he loved me. I needed time to work it all out.

**Take whatever time you feel you need. I am your Knight. I am with you because I want to be not because I have to be. **

I felt tears gather in my eyes and quickly turned and began back the way we had come. Viljo followed a half pace behind me. He felt my upset and confusion and wisely let me be to work it out on my own. We walked back to our rooms in both mental and verbal silence. At my door, he stopped me from entering.

"I will wait awhile for you to work out what you feel; what you know is true in your heart. Just to help you along, here's a taste," he said as his lips covered mine.

He was dirty, sweaty and covered in monster gore but none of that registered over the feel of his mouth on mine. It was firm and sensual and filled with a heady heat and passion that was all for me. His tongue played along the seam of my mouth and I found myself opening it under his gentle assault. Feelings of arousal began to creep from him to me and I gasped. It had never felt like this with Squall; or Seifer for that matter. This was more than I ever thought possible and I wanted it. I felt Viljo laugh quietly in my head. It felt like sun warmed honey; sweet, sticky and decadent.

"Think on what this will mean to you, to have me as your Knight. It's what I want, but I want you to be sure you want it too. I'm going to hit the shower to get cleaned up," he whispered, inches from my lips.

I watched him key in his room code and slip inside. I drew in a deep breath and licked my lips. I could taste him lingering on my skin. A warm tingle was winding in my belly. I think I needed a shower to. A cold one. That warm honey laughter sounded in my head again and I beat a hasty retreat to my room.


It was dark and hot wherever I was. The last thing I remembered was Rinoa and that ex-SeeD finding me in the hall as I was trying to get my injured ass to the infirmary. I remember Squall screaming my name in my head. That's about as far as I got before I woke up here.

"I brought you here to keep you safe," said a voice behind me.

I whirled to find Ifrit standing with arms crossed, looking at me. I had to be dreaming.

"Not dreaming, just deep in your own mind. You took a nasty wound and I thought it would be best that you come here for a while. You were getting close to dying."

"Should have let him. Then we'd be free," said a rough, menacing voice.

I looked over to find Diablos coming towards us with Bahamut striding regally behind him.

"And give up the ecstasy that can be felt when the Lion and Malice come together? Not even freedom is worth that price," Bahamut said in a deep booming voice.

I didn't know if I should be pleased that my fucking Squall made the GF's so happy or insulted that I had just been referred to as Malice. This was all just too weird for me to deal with. I needed to let Squall know that I was okay.

I needed to find the little prick that had knifed me and make him pay.

"This has been fun and all, but I'd like to get back to the land of the conscious. How do I leave here?"

"You may leave whenever you like. We are not holding you here. You are consumed with thoughts of your Lion aren't you? Even more than the desire to hurt the one who hurt you. Do you know why?" Ifrit asked curiously.

"I don't want him to worry. He has enough shit to deal with."

"But why don't you want him to worry? Why is it so important to you? Have you considered that question?"

I felt my temper begin to slip at the prodding of Ifrit. What business was it of the GF's? What Squall and I did concerned only us. Diablos had been watchin' me carefully and began his own prodding when he noticed how irritated I was gettin'. He was always a difficult GF.

"Yes, Malice, tell us how you feel," he taunted and made kissing noises.

"Fuck off. It's none of your business. Just stay in your little corner of my head and come when I call you like you're supposed to. And stop calling me Malice," I snarled.

"Do you not want to feel even more bliss when you join with your Lion? You can if you open yourself to him. Take what he offers you freely and return it back to him honestly," came the deep rumble of Bahamut.

Okay, I admit that comment intrigued me. It was already mind-blowing to fuck Squall. I'm a glutton for pleasure so I just had to ask.

"What do you mean? What is he offering me? If he's offering something to me why would I have to return it to him?"

"If I must tell you, then you aren't ready to accept the gift. Soon, I think though. When you do, it will be glorious. We will all be stronger for it," Bahamut said as he turned and disappeared into the dark recesses of my mind.

"You really want to know? I can tell you; for a price," offered Diablos slyly.

"Bahamut said he wasn't ready. He will understand on his own or not at all. You must go now," said Ifrit quickly.

There was a moment of disorientation before bright lights blinked into my eyes. I squinted and saw that I was in the infirmary. Squall was slumped over in a chair, his hand tangled with mine. He snapped to full wakefulness almost as fast as I came awake.

//RELIEF// **Seifer, thank Hyne. **

"The doc wasn't sure how long you'd be out. I need to know who did this to you."

There was frost in Squall's eyes. I knew it wasn't for me but for whoever had attacked me. I hadn't seen him this pissed in a long time. Since before the Sorceress War had ended. I didn't have much to tell him. I hadn't seen my attacker. I had only heard what had been yelled. I repeated it to Squall and watched as those beautiful grey-blue eyes of his turned to the colour of a winter storm.

The frost had become dark and dangerous ice.

"Don't do anything without me. I wanna get a piece of the bastard who stuck me. Find him. Tell me when you do. I don‘t want you having all the fun," I demanded.

Squall said nothing. He rose from the chair and kissed me hard on the lips. Again I felt that confusing emotion I couldn't quite pin down. It was seriously starting to piss me off. I needed to ask Squall about it, but I knew better than to ask him now. He wouldn't have answered me anyway. He was focused on his new mission. Finding the asshole that had stabbed me.


I reviewed the security tapes of the hall that Seifer had been in when he had been attacked. The attacker either didn't know the halls were monitored or didn't care. He was plainly visible on the screen and easy to identify. I pulled his file and found he was a transfer cadet from another Garden. Records said he had been moved for disciplinary problems. I had the brief thought that there may be other cadets sent here under the belief that having Squall Leonhart as the Commander would straighten their delinquent asses out. That would have to stop. I could see to that after dealing with this.

I punched the intercom and ordered my secretary to find Selphie and send her to my office; now. Something in my voice must have come through, because Selphie showed up ten minutes later, a little out of breath.

"What's up Squall?"

"Set up an assembly in the quad in one hour. Every single cadet had better be there. This is an order from the Commander. I'll need a large viewing screen hooked up to play one of the security tapes. Get it done. Dismissed."

Selphie just stood in front of my desk with her mouth open in shock. When I looked up into her face, whatever she saw there made her pale slightly. She stuttered a "sure" before leaving my office faster than she had arrived.

I had an hour to wait. I knew Selphie could do what I had asked her to. She was a wonder at organizing things. I felt the icy cold anger filling me as I waited. Shiva sang in junction. Somebody was going to be hurt by the time I was done. I smiled coldly at the thought.

The noise in the quad was the low hum of hundreds of voices talking quietly at once. I walked up to the podium and looked over the assembled students. A sharp silence had descended at my appearance. Selphie, Irvine, Zell and Quistis stood off to the side and waited to see what I was going to do. By now, the news of what had happened to Seifer had spread through the Garden.

"There was an unprovoked attack on Instructor Almasy earlier today. It was caught on security video. Cadet Milshoun step forward," I said into the mic as I cued up the video to play.

All eyes turned to the screen and watched as the cadet threw the knife into Seifer's back, shouted something and ran away. They all watched as Seifer slumped down from the sudden attack and then got back up. I froze the tape on the frame with Seifer staggering down the hall, bleeding, and the bloody hand print on the wall in the background.

The crowd parted as if by magic so that cadet Milshoun was left standing in a human circle.

"Explain," I demanded in glacial tones.

"I saw him kiss you in the cafeteria and drag you away. He's a fag. My dad said all fags should die. They attack regular guys and turn them gay. They‘re un-natural," Milshoun said with defiance in his voice.

"You attacked a SeeD, one of the instructors of this Garden because he kissed me? I want to know where you got the weapon you used. It could have killed Instructor Almasy."

Milshoun looked frantically around him for support. The other cadets around him moved further away. They wanted no part of what was coming. I stepped down from the podium and advanced on the cadet. I couldn't ever remember being this angry. I could feel coldness radiating out from my body. When I stopped in front of the cadet, my breath was puffing out in little clouds of frozen vapour.

"The weapon. Where did you get it?"

"I stole it from the armoury of the last garden I was at," he said, too scared to lie to me now that I was standing in front of him.

"Cadet Milshoun, you are hereby dismissed in disgrace from Balamb Garden and banned from all other Gardens."

There was a heavy, waiting silence. I stared coldly at the cadet for a few more minutes before I spoke again.

"That was for official purposes. This is for personal reasons," I said as I snapped out a fist and plowed it into the cadet's face.

Ice shards flew when my fist made contact with the cadet. Milshoun cried out as his nose broke and blood spurted. He scrambled backwards as I stalked him. Quistis ran towards me, intent on stopping me from further attacking the cadet.

"Don't make me cast Break on you Quistis," I threatened without turning as I began the gesture for the spell.

**Squally-boy, don't you start this party without me, ** Seifer warned in my head.

**You want some; you come get your ass down here. I'm not waiting for you. **

I heard a nasty chuckle in my head that was pure Seifer. He was coming for his own pound of flesh. Until then, I could beat the shit out of the narrow-minded asshole for attacking the one I loved.

I followed the cadet around the circle of people, punching and kicking him relentlessly. Ice coated my fists and frosted the air around me. Shiva's laughter skated around in my head. Griever and Eden both responded to the trained killer rising in me and clamoured for release as well. I was tempted, but I didn't want to kill the cadet; yet. I wanted him to hurt, a lot, before he died.

**Aren't we the cold-blooded little killer? ** Seifer snickered maliciously in my head as he walked into the quad. He had stopped along the way to collect Hyperion and was dragging the tip along the ground, striking sparks and making it screech along the nerves. Heads turned to watch Seifer come stand by my side. Several of the cadets moved nervously away from an obviously angry Seifer.

He had gotten down here faster than I thought he would have been able to. He came to stand beside me and reached out with his free hand to touch my cheek gently, at odds with the rage burning in his eyes. It was an intimate kind of caress and was noticed by all the people present.

**This the little shit who stuck me? Nice job. Broke his nose on the first punch, I think. The ice is a nice touch. **

I could feel the heat and chaos of Seifer's anger clashing and mingling with the ice and calm of mine. Fog began to curl around our bodies as the hot and cold air met. Hyperion began to take on the red tinge of fire magic as Seifer gave his anger free reign. I watched his eyes flare even brighter with the combination of his magic and our link and turn into a hot green flame. I could feel the power and rage flow through him and into me through our link and I suddenly, irrationally, wanted him. I reached up and grabbed Seifer by the back of the head and pulled him down to me for a quick, hard kiss.

//WANT, NEED// **When we're done here, we're going back to my room where you're going to fuck me stupid. ** I told Seifer.

**Anything you say babe, anything you say. This'll only take a minute. **

Both Seifer and I turned to stare at the cadet cowering on the ground. He was covered in blood and ice from the far too short beating I had given him. Seeing me kiss Seifer like I had made him glare at us and sway to his feet.

"The Commander of the Garden is a fag too? The great hero is a fag? Why do they let you run the Garden?" the cadet asked in bewilderment.

**Stupid little fuck ain't he? Which hand did he throw the knife with? **

**Right hand. **

"Aren't you going to say anything? Deny you're queer?"

"Technically, Squall is bi. He likes women too. I'm not gay. Maybe bi ‘cause I like women; I‘m not sure yet. I don‘t want to fuck any other guy but him," Seifer smirked as he brought a now glowing Hyperion up to rest on his shoulder.

**Seifer, do you mind? **

**Lettin' people know that I'm bangin' your ass? Not really. I'm staking my claim here. Besides, you started it with that kiss. **

Seifer let Hyperion slide off his shoulder and whirled it once before slashing out at the cadet. There was a heavy plop seconds before the screaming started. Cadet Milshoun dropped to his knees and screamed while clutching the stump of his arm. His hand, cleanly severed at the wrist, lay inches from his knees. The fingers twitched spasmodically a few times before laying still. The smell of slightly charred flesh filled the air. A cadet in the crowd was noisily sick at the sight and smell.

"You forgot who you were fuckin' with boy. You should have made sure I was dead before you ran away. I was Ultimecia‘s Knight. I am the nastiest bastard you will ever meet. I coulda taken your head. I could let the Lion of Balamb call up Shiva. He has Eden beggin' to be summoned so she can eat you alive. But you know what he really wants to do? He wants to beat you to death with just his fists. I'm tempted to let him. You really have no idea what shit storm you unleashed, do you?"

The cadet was now watching Seifer with wide, pain filled eyes. Fear was warring with the pain and as Seifer continued to talk, the fear started to win.

"Squall wants to kill you in the most painful way he can think of and he can really be creative when he wants to be. Diablos says he wants to eat your soul. He's whisperin' to me how good it will taste. I'm thinkin' of lettin' him. Did you know that the Guardians give you a special name? You know what they call me? Malice. Right now, I think Diablos has a great idea. Should I feed him your soul piece by piece? It will make my GF stronger and I‘m all for that."

The cadet's eyes rolled back in his head from the pain and fear and his body slumped forward as he passed out. Seifer snorted in disgust and cleaned off his blade on the cadet's uniform.

"Wuss. Like Diablos would really want to eat a soul as worthless as his."

"Get him to the infirmary. Don't give him anything for the pain. The hand is not to be re-attached. As soon as he wakes up, throw him out of the Garden," I ordered in a voice like winter.

When nobody moved, I said "Now," in a deadly quiet voice. Quistis, being the closest, motioned for several of the stunned students to help her get the cadet to the infirmary.

"There will be no repeats of this cadet's mistake. If you have the same type of problem he did, request a transfer. It will be granted immediately. Dismissed."

The quad cleared out in record time until it was just the Orphanage gang left. A cold look from me had them clearing out as well. I knew they'd expect an explanation from me later. They had never seen me act the way I just had. I was a little surprised myself.

"Aren't you gonna tell me it was wrong to chop off the little shit's hand?"

"No. I wanted to kill him. I still want to kill him. That should bother me. It doesn't."

"It doesn't bother me, but I'm an amoral bastard. Why doesn't it bother you? I've never seen you this mad. Not once. Not before the Sorceress War when we always fought each other or during it when I betrayed you and joined with Ultimecia. What's going on in that beautiful head of yours babe?" he asked softly, all the anger gone from him with the act of cutting off the hand that had thrown the knife and getting his literal pound of flesh.

Seifer was a hot presence in my mind. I took his face in both my hands and looked him straight in the eyes. His were still shining a brilliant green. I didn't know how much longer I could keep my love from him. It was becoming too exhausting.


I struggled against the need to tell him how I felt. I opened my mouth several times and shut it without saying anything. Seifer watched me struggle to say something and waited not so patiently. I opened my mouth again and suddenly had words pop out that came from Hyne knows where.

"I have proven myself in battle with you and against you. I will die for you. I will kill for you and with you to protect you. I am the one constant in your life. I am your anchor. Accept me as your Knight."

I had only said the first few words when Seifer started matching me word for word. He looked as surprised as I was to be saying what we were. Neither one of us could seem to stop saying the words. The words had the ring of Power to them. I suddenly knew that they, or something similar, were what I should have said to Rinoa when I became her Knight; but never did. I could see that Seifer realized they were the type of thing that he should have said when he became Ultimecia‘s knight, but didn‘t.

We both reached out to touch each other at the same time. Warmth flowed from Seifer into me. I felt some of the coolness in my body leave me and slide into Seifer. I relaxed into the heat that filled my brain that was pure Seifer. I watched through half-lidded eyes as Seifer was soothed by the cool touch of my mind along his.

It was like sensuously rubbing our souls together. It was an unbelievably intimate thing. It was what we had both missed out on as Knights to our Sorceresses. Seifer reached for me and pulled me into his body. We both groaned at the contact. Seifer's lips descended on mine with a bruising force that I welcomed and returned.

**Let's go to your room so I can fuck you stupid. Fighting always makes me horny. ** Seifer mentally smirked as he pressed our groins together.

**A breeze makes you horny. I want to feel you inside me. **

Seifer broke the kiss and began dragging me after him in the direction my room. I went willingly with him. I couldn't help but remember our last encounter and how aroused Seifer had made me from tying me up and using my own belts on my ass. I wondered what he was going to do this time and felt a shiver of desire.


Squall was beautiful and after those words we had exchanged, completely mine. I had no idea where they came from or what prompted me to say them. Once I started, I couldn't seem to stop. It was almost like a compulsion. I hate to be pushed into doing anything but this felt right. Now, I had Squall all to myself, wanting my touch, needing my touch.

I pushed Squall's jacket off and pulled the t-shirt over his head. I trailed my fingers over his shoulders and down his arms. I dipped my head down to lightly kiss his lips and trailed them over his jaw and down his neck. He arched and turned his head to allow me more access and I nipped a line down to the join of his shoulder and neck. Once there, I bit down gently and sucked the skin into my mouth, leaving a bright red mark.

I sank down to my knees before him and traced my hands over his chest, stopping to tease his nipples to hard little peaks. He moaned softly and brought his hands up to tangle in my hair with gentle pressure. I dragged my tongue down the centre of his chest and over his muscled stomach. I smiled when the muscles jumped and twitched.

**What are you doing to me Seifer? ** Squall asked in a need filled mental voice.

**Relax and enjoy it. I haven't yet had the chance to really show off my bedroom skills to you. **

I licked at his exposed belly button and smoothed my hands over that incredible ass of his in tight leather. Squall's hands drifted down to my shoulders and gripped them hard. I set to work on the belts around his waist and popped the button on his fly. I pulled the zipper down and smiled in wicked delight when I found he hadn‘t put any underwear on.

I parted his pants and blew warm breath over his partially exposed cock. The fingers on my shoulder tightened and he tried to pull me closer. Instead, I began placing small kisses over his hip bones, ignoring his erection. His little gasps were erotic music to my ears.

I stood and shed the shirt I was wearing. My pants and boots soon followed until I was naked before Squall. I let him look his fill of me and see the effect that he had on me. I was hard and ready for him, but I was determined to take my time with him. I wanted him to feel like he was special to me, because he was.

//WANT, NEED// Squall sent as he reached out to pull me to him.

//DESIRE, NEED, AROUSAL// I sent back at him.

I moved to stand behind him and began kissing the back of his neck while plucking at his nipples. Squall groaned and let his head fall back onto my shoulder. I kissed and nipped at his shoulders and pressed myself into his back. My cock was pressed against his leather-clad ass and I had to remind myself that I wanted to keep this slow and sensual. I brought my fingers to his mouth and traced his lips; waiting for him to open and take them into his mouth. As soon as I thought it, he did it. I was the one who gasped as he sucked them strongly and swirled his tongue around them.

I removed my fingers from his mouth before I had a change of mind and just threw him down on the bed and fucked him stupid like he had demanded earlier. He had way more talent with his mouth than a person legally should.

**What if I want you to fuck me stupid? ** Squall asked with a heavy note of desire in his mental voice. **If you like what I did to your fingers, just think what would happen if you let me at your dick. **

**We're doing this my way. I've wanted to do you like this after the first time together. I want to enjoy your body. **

//TENDERNESS, AROUSAL, NEED// Squall sent to me with the relaxation of his body into mine. I had won this round.

I began licking a line down his spine as I pulled his pants down to his ankles. Small little nips were impossible to avoid. He had the nicest, firmest butt I had ever had the pleasure to see and it just demanded I take a taste. As I explored his ass, I let my hands wander over his stomach and tease lightly at his cock. When I finally wrapped my hand around it, both of us groaned at the pleasure.

Now, I concentrated on feeling what Squall was feeling as I began to lazily pump him and lick at the crack of his ass. My own cock throbbed and because of our link, it felt like I had a hand stroking me as well. I stopped the motion of my hand and smiled at the little protest that escaped Squall. I helped him out of his boots and pants and lead him to the bed where I pressed him onto his back.

I leaned over Squall and nuzzled his neck before taking the lobe of his ear gently between my teeth and sucking on it. He moaned at the action and began tracing random patterns over my chest. My breath hissed out of me sharply when his short finger nails grazed my nipples.

"You do know that it makes me want shove my cock into your ass and pound away when you do that, right?" I whispered into his ear as I rubbed my cock against his thigh.

"What's stopping you?" Squall asked in a sultry voice that I knew I was the only one to ever hear.

"Humour me Squall. I want to make love with you," I whispered in his ear as I continued to nibble on his earlobe.

Somehow, I had startled my lion. I don't know what it was I did or said, but suddenly the emotions I was getting from Squall had deepened and when I looked in his eyes, they glowed a brilliant silver, brighter than I had ever seen them. I trailed kisses down his chest, over his hip bones and around his thighs. I inhaled the musky scent of his arousal before licking a long line up his cock. Squall groaned and pushed his hips up against my lips. I was glad to take him into my mouth.

Strong hands tangled in my short hair as I rolled Squall's cock in my mouth. It was like the softest silk wrapped around hot iron. Pre-cum leaked from the tip and coated my tongue. I slid more of him into my mouth and began to roll and pull gently on his balls. Squall's hips jerked up and pushed more of his cock into my mouth. Little noises of encouragement escaped his throat and he started to thrust his hips.

**Seifer, I want to taste you too. Let me suck you. **

**If I do that, I won't last nearly as long as I want to. You're just too fuckin' talented at it. **

I felt Squall's cool mental laughter wind around my brain seconds before the remembered sensation of having Squall work my cock with his mouth flooded my groin. I was really gonna have to get him to teach me how he did that shit.

**Squall, that isn't helping. **

**Please Seifer. **

There was a note of pleading in his mental voice that I just couldn't deny. I was comin' to realize that there was very little I could deny Squall. So this little session might end sooner than I wanted; neither one of us was leaving this bed until we had to go to work the next day. I could always wake him up during the night and have my wicked way with him again.

**I'm only doing this because you begged, ** I relented as I swung my body over Squall's and positioned my groin over his head.

Squall's hands gripped my hips and pulled them down towards his face. I shivered at the first touch of his tongue along my hard cock. When he took the head in his mouth, little bursts of pleasure exploded in my brain. I had to resist the urge to push myself fully into his mouth and concentrated instead on giving Squall the same kind of bliss he was giving me.

Squall tilted his head back and pulled me even further into his mouth. Using the strength in his arms from hours of practice with the heavy gunblade, he slowly lifted and lowered my hips, helping me to fuck his mouth. I groaned around the cock in my own mouth and let Squall's feelings wash through me and guide me in what he wanted most.

He wanted me in him. There was no way to mistake that sending he was aiming at me. I wanted to oblige, but Squall didn't want to give up my dick in his mouth. I let his cock slip from my mouth and slicked my fingers with spit before taking Squall back into my mouth. I rubbed my wet fingers down the crack of his ass and slowly pushed a finger inside him.

His reaction was electric.

His hips jerked up off the bed and he pulled my hips roughly down until my entire cock was down his throat and his nose was pressed against my balls. Little moans of pleasure escaped him as I moved my finger slowly in and out of his ass.

//DESIRE, NEED, LUST// Squall sent as he clenched his muscles around my finger.

**More. Put another finger in me Seifer. ** Squall demanded his mental voice heavy with lust.

I did what Squall told me to and was rewarded by him sucking hard on my cock. I swear I was seeing stars when he did that.

**I won't last long if you keep that up, ** I warned Squall as I tried to keep pace with him.

**I know. I don't want you to. I said I wanted to taste you and I meant it. **

Fuck it. If Squall wanted it and it was in my power to give it to him, I did it. His fingers held my hips in a bruising grip as he raised and lowered them. I could feel the pressure building in my balls as they drew up tight to my body.

Squall was nearing his own release; moaning and rolling his hips under me. I gave a helpless little groan when Squall pushed a finger into my ass. It was too much for my poor brain to process. My arousal and the talent of Squall sucking my cock. His cock in my mouth and his nearing climax. I couldn't hold it back my release any longer.

It ran through my body like wildfire, almost painful in its intensity. Squall moaned around my cock and sucked it greedily as his own peak hit him hard and had him shooting his seed down my throat. The hard twisting of our desires together left us both gasping and shaky.

I let Squall's cock slip from my mouth and dragged myself off of him. I kissed him and tasted myself on his lips. I smiled and pulled him against my chest. I was suddenly exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. I pulled the covers up over us and nuzzled his hair. Squall wriggled his ass into my lap and sighed. He took my hand, laced his fingers with mine and held our joined hands against his chest. Feelings of contentment and that something else I kept gettin' from him every now and again swirled around in my brain.

His breathing quickly evened out and deepened. He was as tired as I was from the adventurers of the day. He was on the edge of sleep when I decided to ask him the question that had been buggin' the shit out of me since that day in the Training Centre.

**Squall, what the hell is that feeling I keep gettin' from you? **

**Tell you later, love, ** was his drowsy reply.

Later. Always later. When he woke up, Squall was gonna answer me. He wasn't leaving this bed until he did.

I almost hoped he didn't answer me.

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