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The Push It Arc

Part 8 - Push It Omega

By Iron Dog


I leaned against Hyperion, panting heavily. My students were silent and staring. Several were watching me warily. Anger rolled off me waves. Fuckin' GF's and free will. Fuckin' sneaky Training Center monsters. I had a nasty bruise formin' on my thigh and grat guts coating my left arm. Blood trickled from a split lip. I glared at my class and several stepped back.

"And that is why you should always try and keep a good relationship with the GF's you have. They will take their sweet-ass time comin' if they're mad at you."

"Instructor Almasy?" a student called with a raised hand.

"What?" I snarled.

"Why are your GF's mad at you?"

Several cadets snickered quietly. Most of the Garden knew that Squall and I were a couple. Most of the Garden also knew that something had happened between Squall and me. You'd have had to be a droolin' idiot to miss it. Squall was colder than he had ever been. I was stompin' around in a pissy mood. Neither one of us had been seen together in over a week.

"Because him and the Commander did something bad to one of the other Instructors and had a big fight about it, dumb-ass. I heard Instructor Dintch talking to another Instructor about it," said one of the other cadets.


"They're like together and the something bad was know," said the cadet with a vague hand gesture.

The cadet who first asked the question coloured and dropped his eyes to the ground. I closed my eyes and tried for patience. They were kids and they were only repeatin' what they had heard. Chicken-wuss never could keep his trap shut. I didn't care if the whole Garden knew I was sleepin' with Squall, which it did, but I didn't like the whole Garden thinkin' that Squall and I had done 'something bad' to another Instructor. Which, I guess, we technically did.

Not that Irvine had complained.

"We did not do 'something bad' to another Instructor. My GF's and I are just havin' a little misunderstandin'. I don't wanna hear that any of you are spreadin' the rumour that Squall and I did something bad to another Instructor," I said, proud of myself for not smackin' the kid upside the head with the flat of Hyperion.

"You and the Commander are, like, together? Like together together? But you're both guys," said the newest cadet.

Patience Seifer, patience. He's just a kid and new to the Garden. He doesn't know who he's talkin' to and why he's in danger of loosing his head.

"Yes," I said through gritted teeth. "The Commander and I are together. We're lovers. We fuck each other stupid every chance we get. We're Knights to each other and he loves me. Happy? That answers all your questions?" I hissed as I stalked the kid and shoved my face into his.

The kid turned whiter than paper and swallowed hard. He nodded his head and kept his lips firmly sealed together. Maybe there was hope for him yet. He seemed smart enough to shut the fuck up when it mattered.

"Um, Instructor Almasy?"

"What?" I snapped as I whirled to face the rest of my class.

There was a collective indrawn breath from my students as they caught sight of my face and they moved back as one. One girl, braver than the rest, spoke.

"Your gunblade is glowing red and I think your coat is on fire. Your eyes are glowing green too. Does having your GF's mad at you make that happen too?"

Oh, for fucks sake. It was happening again. I was loosing control of my magic and myself. Since I had been avoiding Squall, I had been havin' trouble keeping my cool. I realized now that I needed Squall for that. He was my balance. My anchor. Diablos cackled insanely in my head. He was no fuckin' help. He was tryin' to drive me mental. Then he'd be free. Bahamut refused to come when I called him and Ifrit took his sweet-ass time, thus the bruise, split lip and grat gut covered arm. Fuckin' GFs.

I dismissed the class with a snarl and watched them scatter. I needed to see Squall. This couldn't go on any longer. I had to get myself under control. And I wanted to see him. I missed him. I missed his snotty attitude when things didn't go his way. I missed the rare smiles I could sometimes get out of him. I missed having him close to me; wrapped around me, moaning in my ear as I made him come. Even more than the sex, I missed just having him in my head.

After Irvine unintentionally stuck my nose in the fact that both he and Squall believed that I loved him and I hadn't realized it, Squall had been gone from my head. At first I thought it was to give me space to work this shit out. Then when I had gone lookin' for him, he wasn't there. All I found was a wall of sheer grey ice where he usually was. I figured he was mad, so I let him be. He'd get over it eventually.

He had to, he loved me.

But now I needed him. I figured he'd have a harder time keepin' that ice wall up if we were face to face. Time to beard my lion in his den. I strode down the halls to his office. People moved outta my way like I had a repel spell goin' full bore. I knew why when I got a glimpse of myself in a window. I looked scarier than shit with brightly glowing green eyes and little points of blue-green flames lickin' along my skin. I stopped and smirked at my reflection. The first thing I was going to do when I saw him was kiss him hard. Then I was going to tell him I missed him and needed him. Then we were going to have some hard and sweaty make-up sex in that big leather chair of his.

My cock twitched to attention at that thought.

I banged through the outer doors to Squall's office and waved off the startled secretary as I pushed open the door to Squall's office. I came to a sudden stop when I noticed that Squall wasn't in the room but a bunch of political types were. Quistis was sittin' in Squall's chair and looked at me over the tops of her glasses with a disapproving frown.

"Where's Squall?"

"Not here. He said he had some personal things to look after. He left two days ago," Quistis said as she fixed me with a pointed look to get the hell out and leave her to talk to the stuffed shirts.

"Two days ago? Where'd he go?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that. Commander Leonhart said not to tell you. He said if you wanted to know bad enough, you'd figure it out," Quistis replied as she shuffled papers in front of her.

I hadn't known he had left the Garden. Little shit. He didn't want me to know he had left or where he was goin'. Anger started to burn through my brain. I was going to find out where he went. Somebody was going to to tell me or I'd let loose a world of hurt.

The men in the chairs gaped at me. Quistis' eyes widened and I felt the tingle of magic swirl around the room. Oh, so she wanted to play like that did she? Fine by me. I let my temper loose and it burst into the room. The papers in front of her flashed over and were ash in seconds. Smoke curled up from the desk and the flames licked higher along my skin still without burning me.

"!" I demanded. "You really don't want to see me loose my temper completely, Quistis. I haven't had the best of control over it lately."

Quistis pressed her lips together and gestured. I had time for a startled squawk before Leviathan appeared and a wave of water washed over me. I coughed and sputtered but remained standing. Diablos laughed at me and urged me to call him forth. Quistis frowned when she saw that I was still standing. The stuffed shirts had run behind her and watched with wide eyes.

"Where has my fuckin' Ice Princess gone, Quistis? You don't want me to let out Diablos on you. I still have one GF who comes when I call."

"You won't be calling him," I heard behind me seconds before all my muscles snapped rigid from the lightning attack of Quenzacotl. Water and electricity don't make a good mix was the last thing I thought before the blackness closed over me.


I was a patient man, but Seifer was seriously pissing me off. I thought a few days would have been enough for him to think about what he had found in his own head and heart and what he knew was in my head and heart for him. I was wrong. He was avoiding it, even starting to examine what he knew was there. Fine. Let him work it out for himself then. I had been willing to help him. Now, he could do it himself.

Fucking arrogant prick.

He was going to have to get through that wall of ice I had built up against him to even find out where I had gone. To do that, he was going to have to confront his feelings and use them to take down the wall. He wasn't the only one who could be a sneaky, underhanded bastard. I was taking a chance of my own here but I thought the reward far outweighed the risk.

It was hard though. Harder than I had thought it would be. I missed that fire in my head that was pure Seifer. I was fast becoming the cold man I had been before he came into my life again. He needed to get his shit together fast or what I had done was going to cost us both more than we could afford.

"Squall? Squall? Are you even listening to me?" came the voice from far away.

I rolled my head against the back of the chair to look at the man who was my father. He had seemed a little surprised to see me show up on his doorstep but he had welcomed me in without so much as a question as to what I was doing there. I knew he was curious, but he just showed me to a room and said it was mine for as long as I wanted it. Seems like that little period of grace was now over.

"Squall you know you can tell me if something is bothering you. I know this whole father-son relationship is a little hard to take in all at once and I don't expect you to just jump into my arms and start calling me dad. But at least talk to me. Something is obviously bothering you," Laguna said as he massaged his leg.

"I love somebody," I said as I crossed my arms and slouched further down in the chair.

"Really? That's terrific. Who's the lucky lady?" Laguna beamed.


"Odd name for a girl."

"Seifer is a man. Ex-Knight to Ultimecia."

Laguna stared at me with wide eyes. He closed and opened his mouth several times with out saying anything. He blew out a breath and looked up at the ceiling before speaking. "Well that's quite the little cluster of bombshells to drop on a person at once. Are you sure of it? I mean, not that you wouldn't know your own mind, but how do you know?"

"I've loved him for years. Even before the Sorceress War. It's only recently that we became a couple."

"But a man? And Ultimecia's Knight? I kind of thought we'd start this father-son thing with easier stuff like wanting me to buy you a car or something."

I smiled at that. I had to give him points for trying. Once I said what was weighing on my mind, the rest seemed to come out in a rush. I told him about Seifer and me becoming Knights to each other, the mind link, and the fiasco with Irvine and the past week and a bit without Seifer and how that made me feel. Laguna was taking it all far better than I thought he would.

"So you're hoping to do what by building this wall thingy in your head against him? Why is it so important for him to acknowledge that he loves you when you say you already know he does?"

It was a fair question. I didn't have a good, rational answer for him. It was just very important that Seifer tell me he loved me on his own. I don't know why but something felt unfinished between us. Like there was something just waiting to happen.

I shrugged my shoulders, said nothing and went back to examining the wall in my head to see if Seifer had tried anything yet. I frowned when it remained as smooth and cold and strong as the day I had erected it. I ignored the phone when it rang and continued to run a mental check. Nothing had changed. What was he waiting for? How long was it going to take him to notice I wasn't in his head anymore? Didn't he want me there?

I was pulled from my mental musings by the handset of a phone being shoved into my face.

"You had better take this call. It's from the Garden."

"He came into your office looking for you," Quistis said without any greeting. "He was extremely pissed when I told him you weren't here. He blew when I refused to tell him where you had gone like you told me to. Half your office has fire damage and he never even cast a spell. It just flowed over him and ignited things."

"You hit him with Leviathan and had Zell standing by with Quenzacotl like I told you?"

"Yes. I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking."

"You wouldn't be calling me if you had been seriously hurt. Irvine or Selphie would have called. You drew off his GF's and magic like I told you to?"

"Yes, exactly as you told me to. What's happened to you, Squall? You've become so cold."

"Both Seifer and I will be fine once we finish this. Don't tell him where I am, Quistis—that's an order from the Commander of Balamb Garden. He'll find me. Once he thinks about it, he'll know how to find me."

I hung up the phone without a goodbye. Seifer had made the first move, at last. Now I just had to wait for him to realize how easy it was for him to find me using those emotions he kept denying.


I woke up in my own room. My head was splitting and when I cracked my eyes open, I found Irvine slouched in the single chair I had. He noticed I was awake and nodded at me.

"Feel like crap don't ya?"

"Fuck off, Kinneas," I groaned as I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Where's Squall?"

"Don't know. He only told Quistis and she says she's under strict orders from Commander Leonhart to keep her mouth shut. I know you can be a prick, Seifer, but I think the way you've been treating Squall is pretty shitty. He loves you more than he loves his own life. I know. I was in his head and yours when we all had one of the best wank sessions of my life.

"Why are you being such an asshole to him?"

I glared at Irvine and felt the now familiar burn of anger. The only difference was that there was no maniacal laughter from Diablos this time. I did a quick mental check and found that my GF's were gone. So was all my stored magic. The anger burned hotter and I fixed blazing emerald eyes on Irvine.

"What happened to my GF's and magic?"

"Squall's orders. We were to strip you of all GF's and magic. If you want them back, you'll have to find him and ask him for them. You're supposed to know how to find him if you think about it."

That little fuckin' bastard.

Rage boiled through me. I knew, on some level, that it was way out of proportion with what had happened but I couldn't seem to stop myself. The barest flickers of blue-green flames licked along my fingers and began to crawl up my arms. Irvine's eyes widened and he scrambled from the chair he had been sitting in.

"You've got no magic. We drew it all from you. What the fuck, Seifer! First Squall turns into the human ice cube and now you start turning into the human bonfire."

I smirked at him and rose from the bed. I grabbed Hyperion—stupid of them to leave it out for me—and made my way out the door. I needed Squall and come hell, high water or even well meaning friends, I was going to find him. He wanted to turn this into some kind of game, then I was going to play along with him. I needed to be where I could feel the most memories of him and that meant his room. Irvine trailed a safe distance behind me. I may have been pissed over what Squall had ordered done, but I wasn't so mad that I didn't notice he had Exeter out and held casually by his side. He was my watchdog then.

Like he could really stop me if I truly blew my top.

I stopped in front of Squall's door and keyed the code. A hundred memories assaulted me as soon as I stepped over the threshold. There was the faint smell of gun oil, leather, vanilla and chocolate that I would forever associate with Squall. I moved into the room and lay down on the bed. I closed my eyes as I inhaled the scent of Squall that clung to the sheets. My body reacted to the smell by hardening. My brain reacted to the smell by slammin' itself against the ice wall in my head, tryin' to reach Squall.

I battered the wall with everything I had and I had a lot of raw power. I made cracks and divots but didn't come close to doin' any real damage. I stopped when I realized that I was just mentally exhausting myself. Squall told Quistis to tell me that if I wanted to know bad enough, I'd know how to find him. If I thought about it, I'd figure it out. What kind of fuckin' clue was that? Why couldn't he just tell me? Better yet, why did he make that wall between us in the first place?

Prissy little shit.

I sighed, angry and frustrated and ran my fingers through my hair as I lay on his bed. He was my prissy little shit though. I wouldn't give him up for anythin'. He wanted me to think about it. It had to be somethin' that I would know. It had to be somethin' I had already in my head. I just needed to go get it.

I let myself slide deeper into my own mind. I soon found myself in that dark corner of my head that held all the things that I'd rather not deal with. I was surprised to find that there was somethin' new going on there. That thing that Squall had unearthed and left for me to find had grown. It was big now. Who the fuck was I kiddin'? It was freakin' huge.

It had taken over most of that dark corner and was spreadin' to other parts like a fungus. It pulsed and moved and glowed with a bright light that almost hurt the eyes. Tendrils reached out to me and I backed quickly away. It followed me, movin' faster than I could out run it. I pulled back into reality and blinked rapidly. I was sweatin' like a pig and my mouth was drier than the desert. Irvine watched me from his position near the door.

Exeter was casually aimed at a non-lethal, but crippling area of my body.

"Just in case you get any funny ideas. I don't know where you got that fire magic from and I have no idea how you're making it crawl over you with out burning. I'm not taking any chances of you going nuts on me. No offence."

I scowled at him and wished for something to drink to take away the sandpaper feel of my mouth. I was sure that the answer was in my own head. Squall said to think about it and I'd realize how to find him. Throwing raw power at that ice wall hadn't done me any good and judging from the position of the sun, I'd been at it for a couple of hours with absolutely nothin' to show for it. I was getting' seriously pissed at Squall for doin' this.

I watched the blue-green fire crawl around my fingers and thought about that ice wall. Fire melts ice. If I could figure out how I was doing this fire magic when I didn't have any spells stored, I'd throw it at that damn wall and melt it down. I felt something surge in my head and did a quick mental check at what had just happened. The glowing fungus thing in my head had just doubled in size. Fuck. What the hell was it? I had never finished checkin' it out that first time Squall had smugly shoved it in my face.

I cautiously poked at it and moved too slow when a tendril reached out and wrapped around one of my arms. It was hot but it didn't burn me. It was more like feeling the noonday sun on your skin after days without it. It felt ... good. I let the tendril wind itself higher up my arm and never even noticed when it began wrapping itself around my legs. Before long, it was caressing my entire body. I moaned softly at the feel and let myself sink into the sensations. It felt vaguely familiar but I couldn't place where I had felt it before. I thought I heard Irvine call my name in a nervous voice, but this...thing felt too good. I was starting to feel a little drunk from the sensual heat of the touches and was completely unprepared for what happened next.

The warmth extended tendrils in front of my body and speared into my chest and brain. I tried to scream but had no voice. The rush of feelings and emotions was intense. In a blinding flash, I knew what it was. It was all the love that I had cut myself off from years ago. It hadn't been lost or burned away as I had assumed. It had simply gone to sleep until the right person came along to wake it up.

Squall was that person. This was all waiting for me to give to him. He may have known what it was when he found it, but he couldn't just take it. You can't just take love; it has to be given freely. This is what Bahamut had meant when he said that I was to return Squall's gift to him. He hadn't meant for me to give back Squall's love. He had meant for me to give Squall mine. It was official; I was a complete fuckin' idiot for not realizing this sooner.

As soon as I came to this conclusion, the fire of that long dormant love imploded into my chest and settled itself in my heart. Hot tendrils of that love snaked through my veins. I needed to give this to Squall. I remembered how I had felt when I got his and I wanted him to feel that same kind of happiness and belonging. I had been serious when I first came to him and told him I wanted to see him happy. Squall's love had made me unbelievably happy. Mine would do the same for him.

I turned my attention to that wall of ice. I felt the fiery warmth of this newfound love I had for Squall surge through me and eyed the wall. I knew how to get rid of the ice wall. It was so simple. I touched it and it vaporized under my hand. The whole thing gone in an instant when I had tried to batter at it for a couple of hours with almost no effect. I was giddy with the victory.

**Squall? I beat down that wall of yours. I win. I want to claim my victory prize** I shouted mentally.

**You got the wall down, but you haven't won yet** came Squall's cold voice in my head.

**Yeah, I have. I figured out what you wanted me to. Where the hell are you? I've got some stuff to say to you.**

**Tell me now.**

**No. I have to tell you to your face. And I want my GF's back. My magic too!**

**Come to the President's residence in Esthar. I'll be waiting there** Squall said before he was gone again. I could still feel him faintly, like a cool presence in my head, but he refused to say anything else to me. After a week of nothing, I was happy enough with that.

I blinked my eyes and noticed that it was now nearly dark in the room. How long had I been screwin' around in my own head? I needed to get to Esthar. I knew where Squall was now and I needed to see him. I sat up quickly and stilled at the sound of a round being chambered.

"I'm good now, Irvine. I found Squall. I'm going to him. I need to see him, talk to him."

Irvine looked me over suspiciously but finally lowered his rifle and stepped away from the door. I stood, picked up my gunblade and headed for the door. I had a ride to arrange and the quicker the better.


I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I felt the wall come down.

Seifer was coming to get me. That meant that he had finally faced what he felt. The wall wouldn't have come down for any other reason. I had felt him throwing power at it for a couple of hours. Whatever he had tossed, I had countered with my own. I was glad that he had stopped though. I had no idea he had such reserves. I was mentally exhausted.

I could still feel him in my head now that the wall was down. It felt so good I wanted to just let the feelings of his warmth surround me. I knew he was enjoying the cool of my mind over his. I had never been so aware that we needed each other now. I had become even colder and unemotional than ever once I cut myself off from him. Seifer had gone the opposite direction. He had become a creature of burning rage with nothing to cool him down. We were bound to one another by the Words we had spoken.

I knew it would take some time for Seifer to arrange a ship to fly him to Esthar. I needed a little rest after the mental workout he had put me through. I lay down on the bed in my room and fell asleep with the warm presence of Seifer in my head.

Alarms woke me from the heavy sleep I had fallen into. The first thing I noticed was that the gentle warmth I had gone to sleep with had turned into a raging firestorm. Something had happened to really piss Seifer off. I tried calling to him but got no response. Now I was worried. I ran from the room, grabbing my gunblade as I sped out the door and let our connection guide me to him. What I saw and felt when I found him shocked the hell out of me.


Seifer stood in the middle of the hall. Flames dripped from his body and coursed down his gunblade. His eyes glowed brighter than I had ever seen them. The bodies of at least eight guardsmen lay on the floor, twisted and charred. Laguna, Ward and Kiros stood across from him, blocking his path to my rooms. I could hear more guardsmen pounding down the hall as backup. I had the insanely rational thought that if they were SeeD's, like I had been urging Laguna to hire, Seifer wouldn't have gotten as far as he did. Weapons were raised as Seifer smirked nastily and started to advance, shedding flame as he moved.

"I want my Ice Princess."

I could tell that confused the people in the hall. Only Seifer called me that. Leave it to him to assume that everybody would be brave enough to do so. A murmur started as they tried to figure out whom he was talking about and how a crazed man had made it as far as he had into the Presidential residence.

He hadn't seen me yet.

This side of Seifer caught me completely off guard. I had known he was having trouble controlling his temper, but I hadn't known it had gotten this bad. I hadn't thought that it would get this bad if I cut him off from me. I should have. I stepped into the hall and drew the attention of the all the men.

"Squall," Seifer said with relief in his voice at the same time as Laguna shouted my name in warning.

Seifer and I moved towards each other, as Laguna tried to head me off from what I'm sure he thought was immanent danger. I side stepped Laguna and continued towards Seifer, speeding up until we were both running the last few steps. Heat and cold collided when the two of us made contact. Foggy vapour began to swirl up around us.

Seifer crashed his mouth down on mine in a hungry kiss that told me without words just how much he had missed me. There was a new flavour to his kiss. It was one I liked. It was what I had been hoping to accomplish when I had built that wall and forced him to examine his feelings.

"Don't ever do somethin' that fuckin' stupid again or I swear to all that's holy that I will tan your ass for more than just our mutual pleasure," Seifer ground out as he released my mouth.

"I had my reasons."

"Never again, Squall. Promise me. Don't ever do that to us again," Seifer said into my hair as he clutched me close.

"Don't make me."

**Little shit. I'm serious, Squall. Don't do it again. I don't care how mad you get at me. Please. Don't** came the soft plea.

**I won't. You said you had something to tell me?** I prompted, knowing what it was but still needing to hear it.

**I love you** Seifer said as he pulled slightly back from me to stare into my eyes. ** Come see how much.**

Seifer opened himself to me and I stepped into his mind. The small, dark, egg-shaped thing I had originally found had grown. It had changed as well. It was now bright and glowing and took up a fair chunk of the space in Seifer's head. It surged towards me and rushed over and through me. It took my breath away with the heat and fire and complex emotions that made up Seifer's love.

I let myself sink into the feelings. I was loved above all else. He wanted nothing more than to make me happy. It was fire and chaos of years of long denied feelings and all for me. I felt a burst of happiness and opened myself completely to Seifer. Our emotions rolled and twisted together becoming inseparable. A low growl began to rumble up from my chest as an answering roar started in Seifer.

"Let go of the President's son. Drop your weapon and face the wall with your hands behind your head," came the order from the guardsmen who had finally arrived on the scene.

Seifer and I both turned to look at the guards facing us. Neither one of us had magic stored nor GF's junctioned. I had removed mine when I realized that I was becoming dangerous without Seifer to balance me out.

"Holy shit! Do you know who that is?" said one of the guards nervously. "He's Ultimecia Knight. What is he doing here? I thought he was dead."

The hallway suddenly erupted into chaos. I was shouting that he was with me. Laguna was shouting for the guardsmen to stand down. Kiros and Ward moving to protect Laguna from running into the middle of what was fast becoming melee combat. Guardsmen were aiming their weapons and firing randomly; hitting the walls, floor and ceiling but, thankfully, no people.

I felt the anger flare in Seifer again as my own icy rage rose up to meet the battle call. The light fog around us that had started to dissipate began to thicken and swirl around us again. Blue-green fire shot out over Seifer's skin. I felt a layer of ice begin forming over my own skin and wondered how that could be when neither one of us had GF's nor magic. I filed the strange occurrence away for later examination as we faced off against the guardsmen.

"Squall is mine," Seifer hissed as his fire surged out and caught one of the guards in the chest. The man fell screaming as the fire rushed over him and flared sun-bright. When the light faded, a crisped corpse was all that remained. A guard shot at Seifer and I felt his pain as the bullet scored along his ribs. My anger crested and icy spears flew into the guard, pinning him to the ground. His pained, gurgling breaths could just be heard over the noise of weapons being fired.

"Stop!" yelled Laguna in a commanding voice that I had never heard before.

Everybody froze but Seifer. His arm cocked back and a sphere of fire formed in his hand. He was about to release it when I touched him.

**Enough Seifer** I said as I coasted the coolness of my mind over his.

Seifer let the fireball fade and slid his arm around me and pulled me close. He glared at the people in the hall. Anger still leaked from him, but it was subdued now.

"I'm guessing this is, Seifer?" said Laguna as he warily approached us.

Seifer held me tighter and the thought that he would do whatever he had too to get me out of this place whispered across my brain. I smiled and leaned into him. Laguna stopped a few feet away from us and waited.

"Yeah, I'm Seifer. Who the fuck are you?"

"Laguna Loire. I'm Squall's dad."

"Whoop-dee-fuckin'-do. He's not staying here. I came to get him and bring him back to the Garden with me. Squall is mine. I'm his Knight and he's coming home with me."

"What if I refuse to let you leave with him?" Laguna asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Then I kill you and whoever stands in my way. It won't bother me none and I'm sure Squall will get over it. He is mine and I never give up what belongs to me."

"You can't own a person," protested Ward as he began edging closer to Laguna, his weapon tracking Seifer.

"Why not? He owns me body and soul. I'm his Knight. Whatever he wants, I'll do."

"Why?" asked Laguna as he studied us standing side by side, gunblades drawn and ready to attack.

"Because I love him, and because he loves me. Why the fuck am I explain' this to you? Just get the hell outta my way so Squall and me can go home and have some hot and sweaty make-up sex."

Several of the guardsmen coughed and looked embarrassed. Ward and Kiros gaped as Laguna startled to chuckle. Seifer frowned and I felt his confusion. I was a little confused myself. Why was Laguna laughing?

"You got yourself a real firecracker there, Squall. He's your counter isn't he? Your opposite? I can see how happy being with him makes you. It's written all over your face. Take him back to your rooms and cool him off the best way you know how. If you had said he was coming, this whole ... mess wouldn't have happened. I'm not very happy about that, but we will talk about compensation later," Laguna said as he waved the stunned guardsmen away and gestured for us to leave.

Seifer saw the exit for what it was and began pulling me in the direction Laguna indicated. Now that he had me, the anger bled out of him only to be replaced with desire. I felt an answering surge of need rush through me. I wanted him.

**I know, babe. I want you, too. Where the hell are these rooms you have?** Seifer asked as he strode down the hall next to me.

I took the lead and brought him to the rooms I had been using. He barely spared a glance around the room before laying Hyperion on a table and taking Lionheart from me. He wasted no time in stripping me of the t-shirt and leathers I was wearing. He was still fully dressed and held me at arms length to stare at me.

**Fuck, you're beautiful. I really meant it when I said I love you. I wasn't just saying it 'cause I know you wanted to hear it. I have no idea what I did right to have you as mine, but I thank fuckin' Hyne that you are.**

**I know you meant it. I've loved you for years. I wished for you to love me back but I never thought I'd get that wish granted. Now I want you to get naked and fuck me hard because I've missed more than you in my head.**


Holy hopped-up Hyne! He was doin' it again. I was already aroused far more than was healthy and he goes and says shit like that. I was going to end up rushin' and hurtin' him if he said anything else even half as arousing.

//WANT, NEED, DESIRE, LOVE// Squall sent to me.

I was so fucked. He was doin' it on purpose I was sure. He knew my self-control was never spectacular where he was concerned. I was seriously thinkin' of just rippin' off my clothes, bending him over and driving into him.

**And the problem with that is ... what?** Squall asked as he moved closer to me and started stripping off my clothes for me.

Fuck it.

Squall wanted me naked and pounding hard into his ass, then that was what he was going to get. I caught the satisfied and pleased hum from Squall as I crashed my mouth down onto his. His busy fingers continued to work at the fastening of my clothes as I held his head still between my hands and plundered his mouth. I groaned low as he got frustrated with the buttons on my shirt, gripped the edges and ripped.

My lion was hungry.

More want filled my head as I continued to play with his mouth and tongue. Little mewling sounds were starting to come from his throat as he rubbed his hands over my bare skin. Heat licked at me wherever he touched. I was starting to loose myself in him and tried to keep enough control to remember to at least use lube.

**Squall, lube. Where?** I mentally gasped as his hands slid down into my pants to grip my cock and stroke it.

**Don't know. Don't care—I want you now.**

I pulled back from Squall breathing hard. He wanted me so strongly it was making my own considerable lust spike higher. I tried to slow Squall down, to make it last but he was having none of that. Squall slithered down my body and pulled my pants the rest of the way off before opening his mouth and swallowing me whole.

Fuck me, but that felt fantastic.

Squall was making happy little sounds as he sucked me. My hands ended up tangled in his hair as I started to pump his mouth. I groaned and just let him do what he wanted with me. He had won. I was his. Loosing had never felt so good.

Squall stopped his delicious oral torture when he felt my orgasm approaching. I growled at him and tried to snatch him back to finish what he had started. He dodged the hand and moved swiftly to the bed. He lay on his back with his legs spread and knees bent as one hand started playing with his cock while the other hand was busy pressing a finger into his hole.

I don't remember moving that fast in my entire life. I wanted to watch him jerk-off while he finger fucked himself, but the sight was just too arousing for my poor lust soaked brain. His desire and mine together with the visual was my undoing. I knelt between his legs and spit into my hand. I coated my cock with it and pulled his finger from his ass.

**This'll hurt, but I have to be in you now** I growled as I pressed my cock to his ass.

He arched his body against mine and hissed. I felt the pain from him and ground my teeth together at the combination of the pain of my entry for him and the pleasure I was feeling at entering his body. I managed to stay motionless for a few moments, allowing us both to adjust.

**Move, Seifer. I need you** Squall all but moaned.

I wrapped my arms around Squall and pulled him up until he was sitting in my lap. He moaned again and ground himself down on my cock. His hands gripped my shoulders. He opened desire heavy eyes and stared into my eyes. His swirled with that beautiful silvery light and seemed to spill from his eyes. I could see all the love he had for me there and I knew he could see the same thing shining from mine.

I let him set the fast pace he seemed to want. I knew he was feeding on my fire just as I was feeding on his ice. The desire built between us until I couldn't stop myself and gripped his hips hard as I pumped into him brutally. One of his hands slipped down to his own cock and pulled at it roughly. A high keening wail escaped from his lips as his orgasm rushed at him.

"Love you," Squall panted as he began to unfold in release.

"Love you, too," I groaned as the hot pulsing of his ass around my cock pulled me along to my own climax.

I rested my forehead against Squall's. He was truly mine now just as I was completely his. I could feel it in my head and heart. We were bound to one another. I could feel his heart beating to the same rhythm as mine and even though we were both breathing hard, our breath was synchronized. I didn't need to concentrate to send him feelings. They just flowed from me to him. All this should have scared me. It didn't.

It felt right.

"You knew about this, didn't you?" I asked him, too content and sated to even bother sounding irritated.

"No, but I guessed. I wanted it all, Seifer. Once I got a taste of what we could have, I wanted it all."

"You're happy now, Squall." I wasn't a question but a statement. I felt a thrill of warmth knowing that I was completely responsible for it.

//WARMTH, LOVE, HAPPINESS, POSSESSION// Squall sent as he eased him self off my cock with a groan and pulled me down to lie beside him.

I let myself be pulled down and felt a happiness that I never thought to experience fill me as Squall wrapped himself around me and sighed. Squall loved me above all things just as I loved him. I was once again a Knight but to someone who was worthy of my protection and devotion. I would never again be alone or abandoned. I don't know why this incredible good fortune had happened to me, but I was going to thank all the gods that be for giving me this.


Seifer was mine.

With the final act of admitting he loved me and giving me that love, he had completed the bond we shared. I was happy. I was loved completely. Neither one of us would ever feel alone again. I had guessed what would happen but I could have never imagined the feelings that would go along with a complete bond.

I knew Seifer would still do things to piss me off just as I was sure that I would do stuff that would drive him mental. But it was part of the package deal of being Knights. Besides, if this was any example, the make-up sex was more than worth any small annoyances. I smiled to myself as I inhaled Seifer's scent. It was always worth it to push it and see how far you could go.

It sometimes led to surprisingly good things.

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